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We Melbourne based Cosmetic Tattooing Studio. Our service is to provide high-quality European cosmetic tattoo: Microblading,Feather Stroke Tattoo, Ombre Brow, Powder Eyebrow or Shading Tattoo technique, Mixed Technique. Talk to our Permanent Makeup Artist, call 0434424000

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Welcome to Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne studio specializing in Permanent Makeup including:

Eyebrow Tattoo 

Microblading, Feather Stroke, Feather Touch, Semi-Permanent, Hair Stroke, Ombre Brow, Powder and Shading technique, Mixed Technique,

Lip Shading Tattoo, Aquarelle Lip Tattoo, Lip Contour Creation,

 Classic Eyeliner Tattooing, Shading Eyeliner Technique, Lash Line Tattooing. 

Our mission is regularly to learn new technologies and innovations in beauty face tattoo industry to provide our modern techniques for our clients with the safest, most effective cosmetic treatments. 

We focus on emphasizing and enhancing your natural beauty and providing advanced European techniques of permanent makeup. Face Figurati Studio work only with professional premium equipment and only with high-quality certified pigments: Perma Bland and LIK.

We are looking forward to making our first appointment with You. 🤏 


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    Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Studio in Melbourne Face Figurati

    Welcome to cosmetic eyebrow tattoo Melbourne studio specializing in permanent makeup including: microblading, feather stroke, feather touch, semi-permanent, hair stroke, ombre brow, powder eyebrow...
    Certificate has been granted in an International Permanent Makeup School
    Certificate of Permanent MakeUp Artist was given to Olha Pokatilova and prooved that she is Certified Cosmetic Tattooist of Permanent MakeUp
    This is to certify that Olha Pokatilova has passed the certificate under the Beauty Salon Standard Committee Standard Systems and gained the following skills level: Master off Permanent Makeup, 6 (base level) Specialisation: General Certification Commission number № PM-133
    International Certificate of Permanent MakeUp Artist was given to Olha Pokatilova and prooved that she is Certified Cosmetic Tattooist of Permanent MakeUp by Nataliia Lesab School
    this is certify that Olha Pokatilova has completed the Microblading Course of Manual Tattoo 6D and has been qualified as a Master
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      Eyeliner Tattoo

      How long do does cosmetic tattoos last?
      How long does permanent makeup last?

      Cosmetic tattoo, Permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyelids, lips) lasts from 1 to 3 years. How long does it last? Depends on many factors:

      • Depend on the immune system (if the client rarely gets sick, the immune system works well, it removes pigment faster);
      • Based on the type of skin. In other words, oily skin holds worse than dry.
      • Ageing (for the reach age people, the longer the PM lasts);
      • Colour of the pigment also important. For instance, light tones last less and bright tones last longer;
      • Affect by exposure to the sun / in a solarium (UV rays hurt a cosmetic tattoo, in a solarium, it is necessary to use protection stickers for tattoos, in the sun – a cream with SPF 30, 50);
      •  Sport (swimming pool, training, sauna cosmetic procedures – peels, cleansing contribute to the rapid removal of pigment).
      The artist holding hardware machine in hand and putting a needle in the pigment

      How much does cosmetic eyebrow tattoo cost in Melbourne?

      If you soberly assess all the advantages of that cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne studio Face Figurati. Therefore, the cost will not seem too high for you. Could you imagine? How much time and money you will save on cosmetics in the few years? Above all, if you are a public person and the opportunity to look perfect 24 hours a day. Moreover, time is more expensive for you than any money. However, let’s see if it’s worth the money?


      According to a study commissioned by cosmetics company Nephria, the average woman spends three years of her life dressing herself up beforeHappy model next to cosmetic tattoo artist after eyebrow cosmetic tattoo leaving home. During the investigation, experts also found that men spend a total of three months of their lives waiting for their wives or girlfriends to clean up. 

      According to research, a woman spends a total of an hour and 12 minutes getting ready to go out. The average woman takes 22 minutes to shower and shave her legs. Seven minutes to apply moisturiser or self-tanning products. Twenty-three minutes to dry and style her hair. Women spend an average of 14 minutes on it and dress up in 6 minutes as for makeup. According to statistics, it takes 40 minutes for the fair half of humanity representatives to get ready on an ordinary morning before work. 

      In conclusion, according to the study. Every tenth relationship breakup occurs because a man is annoyed with the need to wait for a woman to clean up or make purchases. 


      For instance, applying permanent makeup takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity. After that result lasts for 1-5 years. The term depends on the intensity of the colour and the stain’s density. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you do not save on tattooing. The final result depends on the professionalism of the master. There have been cases when an unprofessionally performed procedure did not give the desired effect and damaged the skin. Causing irritation, inflammation or even leaving scars.

      You can order a set of treatments, as most of our clients’ do. Or separately. If you know what results in you, want to achieve with the help of tattooing. It will not be challenging to choose the necessary procedures.

      The offer is relevant for those impatient to see their more perfect reflection in the mirror as soon as possible. Want free cheese, be ready got to mousetrap. I am not a big fan of rodent hunting, so I have no such dubious proposals. Urgent makeup will cost double the amount, which is entirely justified. If you have an extra bill in your wallet, why not please yourself with such a gift? Or maybe someone has long wanted to do something nice for you? Sum up, shouldn’t you hint about your little whim?


      For example, let’s say the average price of a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne is about AUD 600. And it will last for two years. We divide $ 600 into 24 months and 30 days in a month. Therefore, our flawless beauty cost four times less than a cup of coffee bought anywhere. Meanwhile, add to all this the value of your time. You spend every day on makeup and purchase expensive decorative cosmetics. Plus, I don’t believe you’re buying cheap allergically cosmetic. Moreover, full of chemistry and depress your skin. 

      Sum up. The choice always remains for you to trust a real professional in your field. Or every morning to spend your precious time on another experiment with your beauty.

      Is cosmetic tattooing permanent?

      Permanent makeup (from Lat. Permanens – permanent) – micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing contour makeup, feather stroke. Unlike traditional tattoos, which remain for life, permanent makeup is performed with impressive, natural dyes (pigments) and lasts from 6 months to 3-5 years. The pigments design so that they are “processed” by skin cells and absorbed until they disappear entirely. That is why you will not need a tattoo removal. 

      So, with the help of permanent makeup, you can:

      • Firstly, enlarge and correct the shape of the lips. Outline the natural contour and make shading, eliminating pencil and lipstick’s daily use.
      • Secondly, correct and emphasize the shape of the brow. At the same time, the eyebrows will look natural. In permanent makeup, specially developed brows pigments are used, based on natural hair colours. Your brows will not be affected by the procedure. As permanent makeup is done in the skin’s upper layers, its hair follicles grow much more profound.
      • Thirdly, create the effect of thick eyelashes.
      • Moreover, make them look fancy or correct the shape of the eyes.

      In conclusion, corrective tattooing is indispensable for allergies to cosmetics. It allows you to preserve the primary makeup when visiting a bath or pool and in Australia is hot summers. It saves time, which is especially important for businesswomen who have to line their eyes, lips, eyebrows more than once during the day.


      In our studio, the procedure is very comfortable. We use various types of anaesthesia, after which the model practically does not experience pain. Moreover, some of the models even can felt asleep while the artist works on her brows.

      Immediately after the procedure, slight redness and swelling of the skin appears, which is a natural reaction. The resulting crust is an inevitable reaction of the body to damage the skin, and with the correct procedure, it is fragile, often resembles just peeling and heals quickly enough. After the process, the skin’s recovery time is, on average, 7-10 days.


      In the Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne based studio Face Figurati, treatments carried out using only certified pigments and equipment. Stains are Perma Bland and Lik.

      What is a cosmetic tattoo?

      The art of tattooing is perhaps as ancient as humanity itself. Its main goal is to decorate your body, to make it unique. Moreover, in the modern world, tattooing is becoming increasingly popular among the general population of different ages and social groups. More and more often, there is a separate direction in tattooing. Besides, cosmetic tattooing is one of the traditional tattoo areas, intended mainly for women and fulfilling the same purposes as decorative cosmetics.

      For instance, as with traditional tattooing, a dye – pigment – is applied directly to the skin with a tattoo. Firstly,  tattooing does not last long (from 6 months to 2-3 years). Secondly, the dye is injected shallowly (up to 1 mm). How is tattooing convenient? First of all, there is no need to renew makeup daily. Any woman wants to look great every day. However given the rhythm of modern life, there is no time for this. Besides, applying the right makeup can take several hours. A cosmetic tattoo is a professionally made makeup that will remain on the face for a long time.

      Benefits of cosmetic tattoo

      He is not afraid of rain, tears, swimming in the sea or a pool, eating. In some cases, tattooing is an alternative to plastic surgery. With its help, you can visually enlarge specific face areas, smooth out natural asymmetry or the consequences of an accident (scars). Therefore, tattooing will be merely necessary for women who are allergic to traditional cosmetics. Applying permanent makeup using cream anaesthesia (if required) complies with all safety rules.

      What is the difference between Microblading and cosmetic tattooing?

      Artist is holding two different tools for a cosmetic tattoo: Maniple Pen and Hardware Tattooing Machine

      Cosmetic tattoo, microblading, micropigmentation, microshading, feathering are the long-term application of pigment to the skin.
      Tattooing divided into manual (microblading and microshading) and hardware. Manual uses the handle of a maniple with a needle only by the hands of a master. Hardware tattooing using a special apparatus powered by electricity.
      To understand the difference between tattooing with a machine and microblading, you first need to know how one and the other procedure for micropigmentation of the skin occurs.

      Hardware tattooing

      the hand hold the hardware tattooing machine
      The artist holding hardware machine in hand and putting a needle in the pigment

      Hardware tattooing is a method of injecting pigment under the skin using a particular electric micropigmentation machine.

      In procedure use the thinnest needles 1RL (single, or welded into bundles or rows). The movement of the machine is translational. It takes 60 to 140 skin punctures per second.

      The method originates from tattooing. At the very beginning, pigments used for the procedure and a tattoo machine. Accordingly, the depth of injection of the dye was the same as that of the classic tattoo. Over time, it turned out that different colours of pigments removed from the skin in different ways. And deeply injected dye leaves an orange, purple, grey or blue colour on the skin. On the face, this method is unacceptable.

      Therefore, special micro-pigments developed for face surface. They are removed from the body without residue after a few years.

      Empirically, it turned out that the depth of tattoo and permanent makeup should be different. As the face is subject to ageing effects, its features change. Tattoo on the face needs to be periodically corrected.

      With the help of hardware tattooing, you can draw hairs, create an eyebrow pen or shadow effect (pixel and powder eyebrows, pencils and shadow techniques, eyebrows using the spray technique and other names are the same). The mixed technique can make hairs and shadows.

      Maniple Pen

      Microblading (“micro” – small, “blade” – a blade) is a manual tattoo that creates an imitation of hairs on the skin. The master makes it by hand, not with a typewriter. Procedure performing with nano-needles: the master clogs the pigment under the skin in the brow area to a depth of 0.2 mm. The effect lasts for one and a half years. Microblading gives a natural shape to the eyebrows and gives the effect of almost every hair’s visibility. And this is a great way to strip yourself of your daily eyebrow makeup using your usual tools – eyebrow pencils and eyeliners.

      True, immediately after the procedure, a swelling appears on the skin. It disappears in the first two hours. After microblading, the brows retain their natural look and rich colour for a long time. It is essential to care for the eyebrows properly. Moreover, result to stay a long time after visiting the salon.

      The hand holding maniple, to use for to drawing feather stroke on the areas of the brows

      What is the difference between microblading and hardware tattooing?

      Microblading technique
      • The diameter of 1 needle 0.17-0.3 mm
      • 1 pass with a special blade made of microneedles welded together
      • Clear thin even lines of hair stroke (microblading)
      • Ability to make microblading with hairs with shading
      • Only tattooing of the eyelid zone is possible
      • Ability to make lip tattoo with fill without a clear outline
      • The natural result immediately after the course. The colour disappears by 20% after healing.
      • Saving the result for 1-1.5 years
      Hardware Technique
      • The diameter of 1 needle 0.25-0.4mm
      • From 90 to 140 punctures per second.
      • vibration makes hairline blurry.
      • To make brows tattooing with the effect of shadows, spraying, hairs with shading, in watercolour technique.
      • Ability to make a tattoo of the eyes of an arrow with clear contour lines, and arrows with shading (shadows)
      • Possible to perform lip tattooing with clear contour lines.
      • The bright result after the procedure. The colour goes away by 30-70% after healing.
      • The result long lasting 1-2 years.

      Similarities between microblading and hardware tattooing.

      We examined the differences between microblading and hardware tattooing.

      Now about what these methods are similar:

      • The pigment used is about the same. The microblading consistency is slightly thicker.
      • With proper care, crusts in both methods are minimal.
      • Rehabilitation (time for the crust to pass) 5-7 days.
      • Minimum injury to the skin, as the depth of pigment injection, is the same 0.2-0.8 mm.
      • Artist can assess the final result after 30 days.
      • To achieve a high-quality drawing and preserve it for a long time – carrying out the correction.

      which tattoo method is better?

      Each method has its advantages. If you know what you want from a tattoo treatment, it is easier for a master to choose a styling method for you. Competent tattooing will give expressiveness to your face, accentuate the curl of the eyebrow, correct the face’s asymmetry, make the look more expressive and brighter, and the lips juicier. Permanent makeup tattooist can always complete if you are doing evening makeup.

      10 reasons
      why you should choose a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne studio Face Figurati

      • 5 years of European experience.
      • 95% of our clients come on the recommendation.
      • We don't make an elephant out of a fly, but we know how to make sexy beautiful faces.
      • Name and reputation important than any money.
      • We use only European tattoo techniques.
      • In the studio we practice just premium certified pigments that have been proven over the years.
      • Aussies put in trust in us. We honest about cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne.
      • Constantly improving our qualification.
      • Our specialists never do permanent makeup just for money.
      • We do not do like everyone else. Face Figurati studio is different, fashion, modern cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne.

      The most important rule in our studio to be NATURAL!
      Cosmetic Tattoo is NOT a CHANGE of decorative makeup.
      This is the BASIS for it.

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      Permanent Makeup Artist Olha Pokatilova work on the lip tattoo in shading technique.

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