Eyebrows before microblading with Leonardo de Vince frame on the top and below after done microblading eyebrow tattoo

Features of Microblading Eyebrow technique

The essence of technology is to simulate the hairline in the eyebrow area. It is created with the help of manual filigree tattooing: with a special scalpel – “handle” with the thinnest (micro – small) disposable blade – needle (blade – blade) 0.18 mm thick, the pigment composition is brought into the upper layers of the skin.

Since only the upper layers of the dermis are affected, it is possible to draw thin, clear strokes, which are rather difficult to distinguish from natural hairs – they are visible only upon close careful examination.

The work is very delicate, filigree, almost jewellery, it requires many skills and abilities from the master, thoroughness, and patience. It is not for nothing that in the West this technique is called eyebrow embroidery, which means “eyebrow embroidery”.

Tattooing (permanent makeup) of eyebrows, lips, eyes, and eyelids will allow you to maintain a flawless appearance at any time of the day. You will feel equally confident, both in the pool and on vacation or at a party, because you will not need to waste your precious time applying makeup. Tattooing allows you to improve facial features in a fairly short time at your own discretion.

The Face Figurati Studio studio offers shallow cosmetic tattooing for the purpose of creating conventional makeup, including lip, eyebrow, and eyelid tattooing. The selection of colours is carried out exclusively on an individual basis and invariably gives results that are as close as possible to the natural shade. Tattooing is performed exclusively under anesthesia.

The stability of natural pigments can be maintained for a period of one to five years. The exact timing depends on the degree of saturation and the place of tattooing. After the specified period, the pigment disappears without leaving even the slightest trace.


After the procedure, as a rule, there is no edema, and healing occurs rather quickly. The final result and color are fully developed in about a month. By this time, the crusts will come off and complete regeneration of the skin will occur in the treated areas. Then the wizard will determine if microblading correction is needed. Manipulations are performed strictly in the interval between 30 and 45 days after the first session.

In the post you will find the 10 reason for cosmetic tattoo

10 reasons to do a cosmetic tattoo

Why you should come and see Us in Face Figurati Studio?

Currently, we will introduce the reason for a cosmetic tattoo in Melbourne takes a leading position in the beauty industry.

In the post you will find the 10 reason for cosmetic tattoo
  • The half-hour that you spend on makeup every day is now completely yours! You can luxuriate in bed all this time or calmly drink coffee while watching the morning news.
  • It is necessary if you always want to be on top: even steamed after beach, bath, sauna or pool. Your image remains flawless even deep at night during sleep! It's like you just got up from the chair of a star makeup artist.
  • A lady's handbag will noticeably lighten because now you do not need to carry lipsticks, pencils, eyeliners that make the bag heavy. Lip tattooing before and after the procedure is incomparably better and does not require constant tinting.
  • 4. If you tend to cry with happiness, then you don't need to hide your emotions and worry that the eyeliner will flow at the most crucial moment. Inter-eyelash tattoo creates a perfect contour, and the arrows will not smear for 1-3 years!
  • It is ideal for girls and women who are prone to allergies to cosmetics. No itching or painful search for the right mascara or lipstick. Permanent make-up of the eyelids will make the look languid or open, and the tattoo of the lips will not add contour and colour, but also additional volume!
  • If you are worried about any imperfections or asymmetry of the natural lines of the face - tattooing of lips, eyebrows and eyelids will correct it in an instant and for a long period.
  • Permanent make-up is able to hide possible scars or scars that could remain from operations or as a result of a burn. Even with complex diseases like cleft lip or vitiligo (lack of skin pigmentation), women can look flawless.
  • When the eyebrows are sparse, there are problems with hair loss, then a permanent (for example, 3D hair tattoo) is the right solution!
  • You feel sorry for the time spent in beauty salons, you can visit a tattoo parlour once every 1-3 years.
  • If not everyone really decides to get a tattoo, then tattooing is something that suits all women, regardless of age, occupation, lifestyle. After all, it just makes it easier for women to always be at their best, to look well-groomed in any situation!
Coronavirus affected COVID-19 Australia Melbourne

Cosmetic Tattoo affected COVID-19 2021

How COVID-19 affected Cosmetic Tattooing industry in Melbourne?

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist applying hand sinitizer on the hand before permanent makeup treatment

How the cosmetic tattoo industry has Affected since COVID-19?

The raging pandemic of coronavirus infection has left a serious imprint not only on the health care system. Moreover seriously affected Cosmetic Tattoo industry. The measures taken to combat the increase in the incidence have somehow affected all spheres of people’s lives.

During the quarantine, which operated alternately in most countries of the world. Cosmetic tattoo artists and other beauty specialists had to temporarily stop working. But as restrictions eased in some countries, salons began to open doors for clients. Changing the format of work by new requirements.

What does the post-coronavirus tattooing industry look like? And what should be prepared for people who have not yet had time to return to full-time work? How the new safety rules changed, dictated and adapted to the conditions of the pandemic.com

A few words about coronavirus

To understand the features of the current restrictions, you should first figure out:

  •  What the coronavirus is?
  • And what is the reason for its spread?

For the first time, information about atypical pneumonia, which was later associated with COVID-19, was received by WHO. From the Chinese province on December 31, 2019 and already on March 11, the outbreak of the disease. Which spread around the world with lightning speed, took on the character of a pandemic. Which, unfortunately, is becoming larger every day.

Coronavirus affected COVID-19 Australia Melbourne

Coronavirus distribution map in Australia

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist making photo after Microblading permanent makeup in Face Figurati Studio

The high contagiousness of COVID-19 allowed it to cover more than 190 countries on 5 continents in just a couple of months. The virus is transmitted by contact-household and airborne droplets. And since a vaccine against it has not yet been developed. The basis for prevention is the precautions proposed by WHO:

  • regular hand washing with soap and/or thorough treatment with an antiseptic containing at least 70% alcohol;
  • keeping a safe distance (at least 1.5 m);
    respiratory hygiene: use of disposable wipes for sneezing and coughing, minimum contact in case of cold symptoms;
  • coughing, minimum contact in case of cold symptoms;
  • compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, relevant for a particular region.
Based on these rules, recommendations have been developed for cosmetic tattooing studios and masters who provide services privately. In different countries of the Australia, Europe and America, restrictions are slightly different. But they are all aimed at the only important criterion – preserving the health of customers and employees of the beauty industry.

The European experience in mitigating quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic swept Europe much earlier than Australia. So quarantine measures in most European countries are in their final stages. This does not mean that life is back on track. To reduce the likelihood of a “second wave”, the authorities have completely changed the approach to providing services to the population. And also include in the field of cosmetic tattooing industry.

For example, salons in Germany resumed their work on May 4. Exhausted by the long wait, clients literally rushed to storm their favourite artist of cosmetic tattoo. To put themselves in order after a long quarantine. Such excitement made it possible to quickly fill out the record for several weeks in advance since it is now forbidden to accept on a first-come basis.

Beauty salons in Poland and Belgium have opened their doors on May 18. True, now they will have to strictly monitor the disinfection of the premises. Regularly measure the temperature of visitors and employees, and, as far as possible, observe the mask regime.

On the same day, the range of permitted services was expanded in Lithuania. Now residents of the country have access to not only basic procedures with minimal contact but also makeup, cosmetic tattoo, massage and even a solarium. The only condition is the total disinfection of the premises after each client.

Italy, which has almost recovered from coronavirus fever, has also reopened most salons since 18 May. When providing services, craftsmen must be in a mask. Monitor their health and follow the recommendations for antiseptic treatment of hands and work surfaces.

The requirements that are relevant in most European countries are almost identical since they are based on WHO recommendations. Moreover, they apply not only to stationary cosmetic tattooing studio but also to private masters who provide services on an individual basis.

Post-quarantine innovations in the world of Cosmetic Tattoo Industry


After a long lockdown, many girls, fearing a repetition of the scenario with various restrictions, reconsidered their views on beauty and began to give preference to procedures with a long-lasting result. Thus, interest in permanent makeup has significantly increased.

The appointment with the TOP Artist’s was filled almost instantly, and not only thanks to regular customers who had to postpone the scheduled session due to quarantine – many women decided on the procedure for the first time, so that in case of repeated quarantine they look 100%, even without being able to regularly visit a beauty salon.

The list of the most popular services in the post-quarantine season has remained practically unchanged:

  • Powdery Eyebrow. The trend is soft tones, selected in accordance with the phototype of the appearance, slight negligence and smooth lines that imitate pencil ones.
  • Neat Eyelash cosmetic tattoo. Subtle drawing emphasizes the shape and shape of the eyes, makes the eyelashes thicker, and they look – more expressive.
  • Airy Aquarelle (watercolour) on the lips. Cosmetic Tattoo in a translucent watercolour technique makes the lips more plump and seductive, and at the same time looks completely unobtrusive.

Photo of cosmetic Tattooing in Face Figurati Studio

also our work, as a result of which you will forget about cosmetics for 2 years

“Home mode”, during which most of the girls abandoned daily makeup, strengthened the popularity of the nude range, which, on the one hand, looks very soft and delicate, and on the other, it neatly emphasizes natural features, making the appearance more perfect without a hint of decorativeness.

A wide palette of pigments from Perma Blend allows you to choose the right shade down to the slightest undertones for any skin type. The high quality of professional formulations guarantees the richness and depth of permanent makeup, which will last at least a year and a half, or even more. Our Cosmetic Tattooing Studio use only certified pigments.

Coronavirus trends in the domestic cosmetic tattooing industry

Unfortunately, the pandemic has not spared the ossie either – in the country, the incidence has been registered since the 25 January 2020, and since on July 8 , when the criticality of the situation began to grow, a self-isolation regime was announced, which completely paralyzed the work of beauty salons and private masters.

Similar restrictions have affected most of the Austarlie space. Many permanent makeup artists in Australia had to temporarily stop the practice, but everyone understood that this measure was temporary.

However, not all representatives of the beauty industry took the restrictions seriously – some tried to work secretly, serving only regular customers or taking them home. To eliminate this possibility, Australia has introduced into the code significant fines for individuals and legal entities that violate self-isolation and thereby endanger the health of their clients.

Since late November, Melbourne has begun to loosen austerity measures, focusing on the extent of COVID-19 spread across Victoria. So, November 23 on this day, the capital’s beauty salons and hairdressing salons were opened, and the australians were allowed to move freely around the city. This means that private permanent makeup artists who serve clients at home can also return to work, but only in masks.

The work format should now be built in accordance with the recommendations of the government:

  • Before opening an institution, you should carry out a general cleaning and disinfection of the premises.
  • For masters and visitors, there will be an “inlet filter” with mandatory temperature measurement.  Employees will be suspended from work until they are fully recovered if there are respiratory symptoms,
  • The mandatory list has been expanded to include a mask, gloves, a medical gown and a cap, of which there must be at least a five-day supply.
  • Now visitors will not be offered tea or coffee during a long procedure – any meal in the salon is prohibited. The restriction also applies to masters who can only eat in a specially designated room.
  • Pre-registration in time is required. The absence of queues, accompanying and casual visitors will minimize the number of contacts, and therefore reduce the likelihood of infection.
  • Another new procedure is air disinfection using germicidal lamps. Together with regular ventilation, it will allow you to clear the room from viruses.
  • After each client, it is necessary to take a 20-minute break. During the break, wet cleaning and disinfection are carried out.
 Most of the cosmetic tattoo and permanent makeup studios have already reorganized to a new format of work, alerting clients about current changes. Yes, and private craftsmen now have to observe the current precautions. Social distancing, masking, and strict disinfection rules have now become a daily reality. That helps keep both craftsmen and their clients healthy.
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Microblading done by maniple pen. Lines with high precision and volume. The procedure was done in 2 hours.

How long does microblading last?

How long does microblading last?

Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows every day is every woman’s dream. Modern cosmetology opens up ample opportunities for fashionistas, one of which is permanent makeup. Many are interested in how long microblading lasts After all, it is this procedure that today is one of the most popular in beauty salons.

What affects the duration of the result
On average, the result of microblading will please about two years. But the durability of the pigment depends on many factors. You should know that a month after the first procedure, correction is necessary in most cases. Often the pigment is pushed out of the skin by the lymph, so some areas of the eyebrows will lighten a few weeks after the procedure. This is the norm.

The durability of the microblading result depends on the following factors:

  • individual characteristics of the skin;
  • pigment quality;
  • the professionalism of a cosmetologist;
  • the age of the woman;
  • correct skincare.

If the depth of pigment injection during the procedure is chosen incorrectly, you should not count on a long-term result. An experienced craftsman will select the optimal depth depending on the skin type. If you’ve entrusted your appearance to an amateur, the result can be unpredictable.

Cheap dyes from dubious manufacturers can lighten or significantly change their shade over time. A good master works only with proven pigments that will retain their original color for a long time.

In young girls, metabolic processes in the skin are more active than in middle-aged and older women. That is why the effect will last less for young women. Owners of oily skin should not count on a long-term result. The pigment is gradually pushed out of the dermis along with the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Skincare is also important. In women who use fatty creams, they are in the sun for a long time without the use of protective agents, they actively remove the crusts formed after the procedure, a significant part of the pigment is removed from the epidermis.

If you choose an experienced permanent Artist and follow all his recommendations, you can forget about daily makeup for 2 years and enjoy beautiful, perfectly straight eyebrows with a natural texture. Microblading is the perfect solution for women looking after their appearance.

Permanent Makeup Artist Olha Pokatilova work on the lip tattoo in shading technique.

How microblading is done?

How microblading is done?

Microblading – is a modern procedure that allows you to perform the most natural, long-lasting eyebrow makeup. The manipulation is low-traumatic, it allows you to correct the eyebrows by applying individual hairs with the help of persistent pigment. The technique differs significantly from tattooing and permanent makeup. Let’s take a closer look at how microblading is done, what are the features of the execution technique.


You should be completely healthy during the procedure. Exacerbation of chronic pathology, fever, viral infections, and inflammatory processes are the reason for postponing the manipulation to another day.

On the eve of the procedure, consult with a professional who will help you choose the color and shape of future eyebrows.

Do not consume alcohol, antibiotics, blood thinners, or products containing caffeine before microblading.

The first photo before the procedure, the second - the first course of the microblading eyebrows tattoo procedure, the third photo - retouching after a month. This technique is suitable for those who want naturalness and fine lines. The artist applies a pattern of lines to the entire browbone area for a natural and esthetic look.

Microblading technique

Before the procedure, the master applies the contour of the desired eyebrows, removes excess hairs, and treats the area of intervention with an antiseptic. To avoid discomfort during microblading, anesthetic gels are used topically.

The procedure is performed using a special spatula-shaped instrument. The cutting part consists of several needles connected together, which allows you to make the finest cuts and control the depth of pigment injection.

A specialist draws the outline of each hair by hand. If you have chosen microblading in the European technique, all strokes will have the same length and direction. When using the oriental technique, the drawn hairs differ from each other in thickness, length, shape, and direction of growth.

The average duration of the procedure is 1.5 hours. After the procedure, there is swelling in the area of intervention. This phenomenon soon goes away on its own and is the norm.

After the procedure, be sure to follow the recommendations of the beautician. This will avoid complications and get the desired result. A month after the first microblading, consult a specialist again for correction. Some of the pigments will be removed from the skin naturally, so it is necessary to fill in the lightened areas with dye.

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