Cosmetic tattoo treatments duration no more than 2.5 hours. And it lasts from 6 months to 1,5 years. It does not need to be washed off. It retains its original shape and successfully emphasizes the advantages of the face. In this article, we will tell you everything about permanent makeup in Melbourne city that you would like to know. We will disclose the features, advantages and disadvantages of the permanent makeup procedure for each zone. And we’ll show the before and after photos of the finished work.

What is cosmetic tattoo in 2022?

Cosmetic tattooing (permanent make-up) is a cosmetic procedure to correct the natural lines of the eyebrows, eyes and lips, creating the desired contour and tone. The tattoo can make individual facial features more luminous and expressive’ to create a harmonious look and hide natural facial flaws.
There is nothing to worry about – the artist will inject the pigment into the uppermost layers of the skin. The depth is not more than 0,8-1 mm. It reduces the duration of the effect. Over time, the pigment is gradually resorbed, becomes dull, and the dye is broken down by the body and removed naturally. The result is a “long-lasting” make-up that artfully accentuates your face.

after lip tattoo
what is cosmetic tattoo

Is it any difference between classic tattooing and cosmetic tattoo (permanent makeup)?

The Cosmetic Tattoo has been known since the 90s. Sometimes permanent makeup is called a “cosmetic tattooing” out of habit. They are the same procedure. But now, experts try not to associate permanent makeup with tattooing because people have unpleasant associations with the latter.
It’s connected with the fact that before the Classic Tattoo, the pigment was placed deep (more than 1 mm) into the skin. Because of the depth of the introduction of the dye after the procedure formed heavy crusts, the tattoo’s healing process was long and painful. And although the stain remained there for a long time, sometimes for life, it inevitably spares time in a different colour. You have probably seen the consequences many times: blue, purple, grey eyebrows, blue lip liner, grey arrows on the eyelids.

With cosmetic tattooing, things are different. Since the pigment is introduced only in the uppermost layers of the skin, the body can easily cope with them and eventually breaks them down—bottom line: no colour migration. The shade gradually fades and becomes completely invisible in a few years. In addition, the cosmetic tattoo doesn’t involve the formation of crusts – instead, there is some light flaking. And the skin heals quickly and smoothly. It’s the difference between permanent makeup and classic tattooing.

lip cosmetic tattoo before and after

The advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo before after

To begin, let’s discuss the actual pros and significant cons of cosmetic tattoo, per se. Before deciding to do cosmetic tattoo or not, consider all of its sides. Both the positives and the negatives.

The pros of cosmetic tattoo

Why should you get a cosmetic tattoo procedure? There are several good reasons.

The effect is long-lasting and practical.

With an eyelash tattoo, cosmetic lip tattoo or eyebrow microblading eyebrows, you don’t have to wear make-up every day. It is very comfortable. Applying precise contours does not cause any problems or discomfort. The correct shape and colour beautifully emphasise the condition of your eyes, lips and eyebrows. It perfectly highlights the contours of your face, works on your virtues and hides imperfections. The effect lasts from 6 months to 1,5 years, and in the case of arrows, it can last even longer. It depends on the chosen technique and zone. So, anything that used to embarrass you causes difficulties or cause discomfort will be eliminated entirely.

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Why do many girls decide to get cosmetic tattoo? Because it makes them feel more confident. In fact, knowing that the colour of the lips after eating won’t change, the lipstick won’t fade, and the arrows won’t rub off even after the pool completely changes the perception of themselves. Caught in the rain, every woman worries if makeup did not leak, did not leave dark circles under the eyes. Permanent tattooing helps to forget these worries during the full effect.

Also, financial savings should be added to the benefits. You may not even have thought about how much money you spend on buying cosmetics. Here, other cosmetics are not required at all. Once make a tattoo and correction – and you look good always and everywhere without using pencils, glosses, lipstick and the like.

Powder Eyebrow before after

A cosmetic tattoo not only makes you more beautiful. It will help to hide most of the visible flaws. This can be pigmentation, scars, gaps in the eyebrows, blue lips, asymmetry. Lip blush tattoo visually enhances the lips through colour without the use of injections.
You know how makeup can transform a person if it is done correctly. It’s the same with cosmetic tattoo. It can help to conceal reliably and permanently what you used to hide with conventional makeup.

Disadvantages of cosmetic tattoo

Sometimes, even the cost of a cosmetic tattoo can be a disadvantage. For example, you might have several times a touch-up if you have greasy skin. As subcutaneous fat pushes out the pigment, the effect’s visibility is significantly reduced and can make your microblading hair stroke blurred. That’s why the Face Figurati brow bar never suggests making feathering eyebrows for greasy skin and would rather reckon ombre brows or powder eyebrow tattooing.

Another disadvantage is that a permanent tattoo session is not suitable for everyone. There are several contraindications:

  • The client must be over 18 years of age. At 16 years of age, minors are allowed to undergo the procedure in the presence of a parent. In our studio, we don’t perform cosmetic tattooing on children.
  • The disease of poor or slow blood clotting.
  • Diabetes provided that insulin is taken.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Mental disorders.
  • Oncology.
  • Skin diseases, inflammations.
Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne

“Attention! One of the most significant drawbacks of cosmetic tattooing can be choosing a non-professional tattoo artist. Before selecting a future artist, we recommend you google cosmetic tattoo reviews and explore the artist’s portfolio.” – cosmetic tattoo artist Olha Po.

There are also relative contraindications – those because of which the cosmetic tattooing procedure must be postponed. These include any ailments, viral infections, pregnancy and lactation. However, some semi-permanent make-up procedures can perform on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. For example, powder eyebrow tattooing can be performed without anaesthesia, which is strictly prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Melbourne Cosmetic Tattoing Artist

Olha Pokatilova

“Face Figurati cosmetic tattoo studio offers a wide variety of before and after cosmetic tattoo procedures. We have trained professionals who specialize in cosmetic tattoos, which means you can ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

If you’re considering a cosmetic tattoo, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our trained professionals. We will help you determine which cosmetic tattoo procedure is right for you and answer any questions you may have.” – Olha Po

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Stages of the Cosmetic tattoo procedure

The cosmetic tattooing procedure includes the stages of performance:

  • Consultation. First, the master will introduce himself and answer all your questions. He will work with you to choose a shade of pigment and recommend the most suitable one. This can be a single colour or a mixture of colours to get the best shade suiting your colour type, hair and eye colour.
  • Sketching. The technician will draw your future permanent face design in pencil or pen. This way, you’ll know what to expect and what shape the result will be. The creation of the sketch is a severe stage of the work. So do not hesitate to discuss it and make changes if you do not like something.
  • Application of anaesthetic (anaesthesia). Anaesthetic and the frequency of its application depend on the area of the tattoo and the chosen technique. For example, the drug is used twice for the arrow tattoo: before the procedure and after the first pass. For lips or powder eyebrows – once after the first run of pigment.
  • A cosmetic tattoo session is performed according to a pre-designed and approved sketch.
  • Treatment of the area with antiseptic and, if necessary, application of healing cream.
  • Consultation, make an appointment for correction. During the consultation, the doctor will explain in detail about permanent make-up care and give a reminder. It is essential to follow the recommendations to heal the skin quickly and get a beautiful result.
cosmetic tattoo stages before and after

If you are unhappy with your eyebrow cosmetic tattoo, there are several ways to fix it. Firstly, you can also try laser tattoo removal, which will help cover the tattoo. If it still doesn’t work, you can always get a new tattoo to cover up the old one. Just be sure to find a reputable master who can help you achieve the look you want. Read our popular article “How to fix a bad eyebrow tattoo?” to find the solution.

In addition, to learn more about the future desire for permanent makeup we would love also, we highly recommend read our article to know the “ten reasons to get a cosmetic tattoo“.

How to prepare for the cosmetic tattoo?

preparation before cosmetic tattoo treatment lip tattooing

If you have decided to have a cosmetic tattoo and want the result to be just correct and beautiful, you should prepare for the cosmetic tattoo procedure. Preparation does not imply any unique and complicated steps. Mostly, it is necessary, but the recommendations may differ depending on the area to be tattooed. The basic recommendations for preparation include:

  • Exclusion of any cosmetic, cosmetic procedures involving skin trauma: scrubs, peels, injections;
  • Suspension of taking antibiotics and blood thinners;
  • Avoid alcoholic energy drinks for 1-2 days.
  • If you are planning to have a classic eye tattoo, the recommendation is to remove the artificial eyelashes. Also, if you wear contact lenses just before permanent make-up, remove them.
  • Also, don’t pluck or shave your eyebrows.
  • In addition, if you are planning a lip cosmetic tattoo and know there is a possibility of herpes infection 2-3 days before the procedure, it is recommended to take anti-herpetic medication. Continue this for another 2-3 days after the permanent make-up procedure. 

Cosmetic tattoo aftercare

aftercare microblading

The question of aftercare is a fundamental one. We have written about aftercare in detail here. You should follow the recommendations of your maitre d’.

Aftercare includes basic recommendations:

  • On the first day, if there is an abundance of ooze, remove it with chlorhexidine or liquid baby soap and moist baby wipes with low Ph. It is recommended not to do this on the second day and beyond. This is the beginning of “dry” care;
  • Never peel off crusts or scabs that have formed. Any mechanical contact with the tattooed area should be avoided so as not to disturb the delicate skin and re-traumatize it by causing lymphatic secretion;
  • Avoid steaming the skin. This includes long hot baths, steam rooms, saunas, baths and swimming pools;
  • Avoid any procedures involving skin trauma;
  • Do not use cosmetic oily creams.
  • During the first week, the skin heals and then recovers. The entire recovery period lasts for 28-30 days. During the healing period, do not traumatise or expose it to other products: decorative, skin-care cosmetics. Especially those containing alcohol. During the healing period, it is already acceptable to use decorative cosmetics. However, skin steaming is prohibited for the whole period. 30-45 days after the first cosmetic tattoo procedure a correction is necessary.
after eyebrow tattoo
cosmetic lip tattoo in Melbourne
tattooed eyeliner before and after

Do I need a touch-up, retouch of the cosmetic tattoo?

No one can force you to have your tattoo cosmetically corrected. It’s your face, and it’s up to you to decide. However, all masters recommend a correction 1 or 1.5 months after your first permanent make-up procedure. Because:

  • The microshading eyebrows technique involves light shading. The beautician can make a “trial” cosmetic tattoo to see how the pigment behaves during the skin recovery and what shade is obtained after the healing process. During the correction, the beautician will saturate the tattoo with colour to achieve optimum colour and long-lasting “wearability” of the permanent make-up;
  • The correction prolongs the effect by an extra pass of colour. Without discipline, the impact of the permanent make-up may be detached;
  • With the help of correction, any slight imperfections formed during the healing process can be corrected and the shape updated. For example, make the eyebrows wider, the arrow thicker and even change the colour to a brighter one.

Corrections are essential if you want a beautiful result that will last more than 1-1.5 years.

after correction eyebrow tattoo

Types and peculiarities of Cosmetic tattoo depending on the area where performed

The tattoo procedure is completed in the area of the eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Depending on the zone, there are different techniques. The techniques are numerous.

Note. Some masters, for promotion and advertising, call the same technique by different words. Ombre Lips – powder lip tattoo, Ombre brows – pixel eyebrows. This gives the impression that the techniques are innumerable. In fact, there are only a few basic and most popular eyebrow tattoo techniques.

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

amazing transformation of eyebrows after tattooing at Anastasia Petkov

The cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is the most topical and popular procedure. The eyebrows require constant care, and cosmetics make it challenging to maintain their shape and colour. In addition, permanent eyebrow make-up solves several problems:

  • emphasizes the form and helps to create it if the native structure is sloppy, asymmetrical, chaotic,
  • preserves the beautiful colour, highlighting the face, the eyes, and the shape of the face;
  • conceals imperfections: gaps in hair loss, scars, micropigmentation, etc.

Permanent eyebrow make-up is available in several techniques. The most popular are three.

Powder brows

Powder Brows Melbourne

The top technique, a favourite of most girls. It is performed by point introduction of the pigment, creating the effect of shrinking. It’s the most painless technique of all existing.

The powder eyebrows give a natural look. Precise edges and overly bright shades do not characterize them. In this case, the technique guarantees gentle and smooth gradient transition and naturalness. More about powder brows tattooing we have already written.

The peculiarity of the technique:

  • Ideal for girls with light natural eyebrows, as well as girls whose eyebrows quickly burn out under the influence of ultraviolet light;
  • maximum natural look, as if eyebrows were painted with shadow or pencil;
  • The minimal period of healing of the skin is due to the spot superficial introduction of the pigment. The formation of crusts is excluded. Maximum – a slight, hardly noticeable flaking. The skin heals faster. Read about the stages of healing in the article;
  • Minimal painful sensations. The permanent makeup procedure can be performed without an anaesthetic. This makes it accessible to women in pregnancy and breastfeeding young mothers;
  • It looks beautiful in any colour type and shape of the face, suitable for women of any age.

The procedure has no disadvantages except for the common ones, which include standard contraindications to permanent makeup.


In eyebrow microblading, an artist makes incisions in the skin in the shape of hair growth and fills them with pigment. It’s a classic version of the most modern technique in Australia. At Face Figurati, we have been skilfully and confidently producing eyebrow tattooing and microblading for the past two years. Eyebrow Feathering is identical to microblading, but the working principle is different. Eyebrow Feathering performs with a manipulator (small spatula), as in the case of the microblading technique, but with a regular machine. The needle draws the hairs, imitating their growth. It ensures the safety and proper healing of the skin.

brow feathering
Eyebrow Feathering before and after
microblading brows before and after

Features of the technique:

  • The best option is if natural hairs are falling out, wholly or partially absent;
  • Helps to create a defined shape – looks great in situations where natural eyebrow hairs are growing haphazardly, in different directions and unmanageable.

Note. Microblading is unsuitable for oily skin due to the risk of transpiring fine hairs.

Combro Brows

Combo brows include two treatments: powder eyebrows and microblading (hair tattoo). Less often chosen by girls because of its relatively good effect.

Peculiarities of the technique:

  • If no eyebrows are present, this is ideal, of course;
  • Suitable for those with ‘thin thread’ eyebrows and who want to make them visually thicker.

The higher costs of the technique, compared to previous ones, and the more extended treatment of permanent make-up are worth mentioning. It’s because the cosmetic tattoo artist does two styles in one.

Combo Brows
microblading brows tattoo

Eyeliner tattoo

Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo eliminates the need to apply makeup daily to your lashes. This cosmetic tattoo is for those who are used to drawing an arrow on their eyes or emphasizing the look to make it more expressive. Particularly the arrow pattern.

Benefits of eyelid tattooing:

  • Absolute aesthetics. It not only emphasizes the eyes but also makes them more open, creates an accent on the eyes, and visually lengthens the lashes;
  • Visual correction of the eyes. Correctly chosen form of arrows can correct the shape and cut of eyes;
  • Ability to hide minor flaws in the eyelid area: small scars, visually raise an overhanging eyelid;
  • Everyday convenience. No more makeup applications. Eyeliner can be used as another type of makeup without adding shadows.

Cosmetic eye makeup offers 3 techniques: eyeliner or eyelash line tattoo, classic eyeliner and eyeliner with shadow.

cosmetic eyeliner tattoo melbourne

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Eyelash or lash line tattoo

Eyelash tattoo is one of the best eyelid cosmetic tattooing techniques. In this technique, the inter eyelash space is filled with pigment. This technique makes your eyes look entirely natural. The neat inter eyelashes look nice and don’t force you to apply mascara daily, making your lashes look thicker and longer.

Advantages of the technique:

  • Painlessness of the procedure. The entire area of the lash growth line is not affected in places where the lashes are not growing. That is, partially. This reduces the pain to a minimum. Taking into consideration that the cosmetic tattoo procedure involves the use of anaesthetics, any discomfort is excluded;
  • The naturalness of the image. The intracorneal arrow is not prominent. It is not conspicuous. It has a sophisticated look. Its purpose is to frame the eye without a hint of pretentious make-up;
  • The weave doesn’t force you to dye your lashes. Even without painted lashes, the arrow looks beautiful and effortless.
  • Note. The false eyelashes will not help to visually correct the shape of the eye and will not hide flaws. This is due to the principle of its performance. Learn more about the technique in our article.
eyelash tattoo
eye lash tattoo

Classic arrow eyeliner tattoo

Do you like broad arrows on your eyes? A classic permanent eyeliner tattoo is for you. It accentuates the eyes, corrects the shape and accents the look. It can have any shape to choose from, length and free edge curve.

Peculiarities of the technique:

  • Optimal for masking any imperfections. It securely hides scars, and visually raises drooping eyelids;
  • It perfectly corrects the shape of the eyes with a correct choice of the arrow width and length.
  • Important. If you choose a wide arrow shape, you will have to paint your lashes daily. But it is enough for full daytime makeup. Arrow + black lashes = a firm classic.
eyeliner permanent makeup

Eyeliner tattoo with shading powder technique

permanent eyeliner styles

Shaded eyeliner tattoo are the least popular cosmetic tattoo techniques on offer. Few are in demand as the tattoo is noticeable. Suitable for those who are used to drawing an arrow every day and applying shadow or shadow eyeliner/pencil to the eyelid.


  • The best option for concealing imperfections;
  • Looks smart and attractive;
  • Makes eyes look bigger and gives them a great accent.

Lip Tattoo

Apply lipstick or gloss every day but get tired of touching your lips throughout the day? Lip tattooing eliminates this problem. The perfect pigment colour combined with visually enhanced lips gives an incredible effect.
Lip cosmetic tattoo not only provides colour and a lovely, beautiful shade. But also able to change the shape of the lips, make them visually more plump and lush, and hide flaws: scars, sinusoids, asymmetry. Today, lip make-up can be done in 4 popular techniques: lip blush, watercolour, lipstick technique and lip tattooing.

lip tattoo

Aquarelle, Watercolour Lip tattoo

The trendiest aquarelle lips tattoo procedure is a simple introduction of pigment and its gentle shading. The technique aims not to conceal imperfections but to give lips a fresh and lush appearance without being pretentious or over-emphasising the colour on the face. Hence the additional name, powder lips. Nude shades often use pastel tones (hence the other word ‘nude lips’).


  • Firstly, the most natural effect. It’s undeniable. The watercolour technique gives a natural look. Lips look more voluminous, and their colour is soft and feminine;
  • Secondly, there are minimal pain thanks to the gentle dilution of the pigment;
  • Lastly, suitable for women of all ages.

Note. The loose introduction of pigment does not conceal blemishes on the lips or severe blue lips. Water colouring is not able to cover the previous unsuccessful tattoo. We have already written about the technique in more detail here.


Lip lipstick tattoo simulates the effect of lips painted on with lipstick. The main difference is the ability to hide imperfections, visually enlarge the lips and give them volume. The pigment injection is more density. Often saturated shades are used: from subtle pinks and corals to bright reds.

The benefits:

  • The cosmetic tattooing technique allows you to ‘play with’ the shape of your lips. You can visually enlarge them and raise the lowered corners of the lips to make the “Cupid’s arch” more expressive. It is the safest and most painless way to reshape lips without injections;
  • perfectly conceals any imperfections;
  • Available in two versions: with and without contouring;
  • Lipstick lip tattooing allows varying the colour. You can use one shade or several, creating a beautiful transition with an ombré effect.

This cosmetic tattooing technique makes the lips stand out. And suitable for those who are used to using thick lipstick.

To summarize. What is cosmetic tattoo for you?

Cosmetic tattooing is a beautiful, modern alternative to decorative make-up. It’s a great way to get rid of the need for daily make-up with the effect of at least one year.
In addition, permanent make-up is an opportunity to hide obvious imperfections that make you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable. This simple procedure will effectively hide scars and unwanted facial marks. It will accentuate the virtues, highlight the expressiveness, and add femininity.

Objectively, the process of tattooing can be uncomfortable. In addition, time is required for the skin to recover. It is necessary to follow the recommendations to prepare for a cosmetic tattoo session and take care of the skin. It seems to require a lot of time and patience. The most straightforward manipulations and a little responsibility will give unprecedented comfort. That is why permanent make-up is chosen by celebrities and young women who value their time and want to remain attractive in every situation.

You always have the opportunity to get a consultation from our masters about cosmetic tattooing. Our masters will give you qualified assistance with any questions. If you have any questions or concerns and you haven’t decided whether to get permanent make-up or not, contact us.