Cosmetic Tattoo Price in Melbourne and Brisbane

Eyebrow Tattoo Price: why it is so expensive and what do you pay for?

When looking for a permanent makeup artist or studio, you analyze the prices for services of Eyebrow Tattoo Cost. You have probably noticed that the price range is extensive. You can find the same service with a price difference of 10 times. Of course, the lower price will interest you. But do not rush to apply for a cheap procedure. The cost of permanent makeup is based on many criteria, including the experience of a specialist and the studio’s reputation where he works.

How is eyebrow tattoo cost formed?

The service cost formed traditionally: cost + margin. The eyebrow tattoo cost of permanent makeup, on average, is about 600 AUD. This amount includes the cost of consumables used during the work of the master, the price of permanent equipment that needs to recoup. While the margin is the studio’s income, it broke down into various bills. First of all, this is the salary of the foreman (if he works at a rate), payment of utility bills, payment of rent for premises, payment for advertising, etc.

  • A disposable cap, you must wear before the procedure, that the hair does not interfere with the master and does not fall on the face;
  • Also, A disposable master’s cap (according to the same principle) and a sterile mask, which the specialist must wear;
  • In addition, Shoe covers for you;
  • A cling film that wraps the device;
  • Sterile needles;
  • Moreover, Anesthetic;
  • Dry and wet wipes;
  • Applicators (micro brush);
Eyebrow tattoo cost in Face Figurati Studio Melbourne and Brisbane

Dear clients, for all cosmetic tattoo price in Melbourne studio we recommend to call us to have additional advice and correct cost. Would you please look for the Messenger icon in the right corner or by contacting us by phone? Your call is significant to us, and we are ready to help you with pleasure. We will put all our prices for the cosmetic tattoo as soon as possible.

Most of the time we provide special discount prices, that is why we kindly recommend making a call to know better about the current sweet price.

Face Figurati studio employs specialists of the highest categories. Master with at least 3 years of experience, completed individual training in Europe. Besides, TOP masters Anastasia Petkov with over three years of experience, holders of international diplomas in cosmetic tattooing. Moreover, Master Trainer – Olha Pokatilova, a certified coach of the studio, an expert in the field of permanent make-up, 5+ years of work experience.
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10% discount on the service when booking a prepaid time.

Cosmetic Tattoo Correction, retouch or Removal

The cosmetic tattoo removal base on tattoo age: the older the tattoo, the more difficult it is to withdraw. More time has passed since the session than the more expensive the correction will be. Therefore, removing lip tattoos is more costly, and eliminating eyebrow and eye tattoos is cheaper. It all depends on when you did the tattoo. If less than three months have passed, you will need to pay half of the original price. If from three to six months – 75% of the current price. After six months, you will have to pay the total cost.

Lip Tattoo Price

Lip tattooing is more complicated than eyebrow and eye tattooing, so the price is higher. The cost of lip tattooing depends on the area, that is, on how plump and large your lips are. There are several techniques: contour with shading, watercolour, lipstick effect, etc. The prices are the same.

Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyeliners are the most prevalent eye tattoo technique. They can be classic or shaded – and they cost the same.

Cosmetic Tattooing Package

Why is it more profitable to take a package of services than one treatment?

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Cosmetic Tattooing Discount Offers %

Olha Pokatilova is a certified and licensed artist of Cosmetic Tattoo who has brought Melbourne her European experience.
Pokatilova Olha

Cosmetic Tattoo Artsis in Melbourne

International eyebrow tattoo artist. Olha is the head of the studioโ€™s cosmetic tattooing school teacher. Also, she provides expert seminars for skilled artisans. Moreover, she uses unique authorโ€™s techniques based on years of experience.

Olha has been two years as an amateur before got into a professional cosmetic tattoo in 2017. She is a specialist with a delicate approach to every element. Also, her style emphasizes the individuality of each image. You can quickly tell her that she is a creative person who strives for excellence in her work. The motto is an art, a hobby, a profession, and a way of life should be at the same time in your life.

Are you still looking for the right lipย cosmetic tattooย artist in Melbourne or Brisbane? You are on the right track. Olha is the best artist in this business.

permanent makeup Artist in Brisbane

Anastasia is a certified and licensed artist of Cosmetic Tattoo who has brought Brisbane her European experience. Her passion is to enhance natural beauty, revealing each woman’s uniqueness using Cosmetic Tattoo’s art.

“I put all of my heart and soul into my work, providing you with luxury comfort and ensuring you get the results that exceed your expectations.I believe that each face is unique and beautiful. I will emphasize your beauty by providing you with all Permanent Makeup benefits, choosing the perfect shape and colour.
My luxury studio is filled with a friendly, relaxing atmosphere providing you with the highest standard services”.

Anastasia keeps up with modern technologies using the most innovative and advanced industry techniques and the best equipment.

Anastasia Petkov

How much is Cosmetic Tattoo cost?

The price for tattooing depends on the level of the master, as well as the place and technique. For example, shading is a little cheaper than a hair shading technique. When shading, the master paints the outline without clear boundaries and thus creates an eyebrow pencil. The hair technique costs a little more because it is more detailed work. In this technique, the master draws fine lines and creates the missing hairs.

If you have already applied for a tattoo procedure or are interested in the price of an eyebrow tattoo or any other permanent makeup, you might have concluded that the service is not cheap. At the same time, the price range for the service in Melbourne and Brisbane varies: you can find a tattoo for 319 AUD, and you can search for 2000 AUD. The price eyebrow tattoo or any cosmetic tattoo formed from several parameters:

  1. Firstly, quality and quantity of consumables and basic materials included in the price. Face Figurati studio use only premium pigments and needles.
  2. Secondly, experience reputation of the cosmetic tattoo artist.
eyebrow tattoo before and after in Face Figurati Studio

What is the price of an eyebrow tattoo service?

The cost of the procedure depends on the quality of the pigments and the tattoo machine’s price, which the master seeks to recoup by performing the procedure. Therefore, the low cost of tattooing formed:

  • Therefore, low-quality dyes used in work (with all the resulting disadvantages in the form of a poor result)
  • Secondly, an unprofessional machine used. Therefore the price of an eyebrow tattoo understated.

Most importantly, Note! Dishonest master does not always use the pigments demonstrated to you before the procedure to save money on the service. On average, the net price of permanent make-up at cost ranges from 100-200 AUD. Included in cost:

  • Firstly, the disposable protective cap for the client;
  • Secondly, pigments;
  • Thirdly, needles;
  • Fourthly, disposable master respirator;
  • Also, sterile gloves for the master;
  • Sixthly, cling film;
  • In addition, shoes covers;
  • Besides, primary and secondary anesthesia;
  • Protection for tattooing machine and wire;
  • Pencil for sketching on the skin;
  • Moreover, wet and dry wipes;
  • Microbrush.

Above all, all those items provided to the client free of charge. However, the master purchases it on his own at his own expense. Logically, the price of consumables included in the cost of tattooing.
Moreover, if the procedure performed within the framework of a beauty studio, where the masters work at a rate and not on a percentage of income, then, in addition to purchasing consumables,

Anastasia Petkova doigng eyebrow tattoo for best price in Brisbane


  • Premises rental;
  • Communal;
  • Payments Marketing (advertising) costs;
  • Salary for the foreman and service personnel.

Therefore, it is the standard pricing practice that implemented around the world. Also, the price based on the experience of the craftsman. Highly qualified artists, experienced in their path, and regularly undergo training / advanced training will not work for a penny a priori. In addition, the master seeks to recoup his time and effort, skills, and abilities invested in his work. In conclusion, the price of an eyebrow tattoo depends in part on the level and prestige of the salon. The higher its status, the higher the cost of services.

Why then do you pay money for permanent makeup?

Why, then, the final price of tattooing in Face Figurati is so different from its cost. For instance, you pay:

1. Safety

We are responsible for the safety of our customers and adhere to all hygiene and sanitation rules. Also, We provide the client with complete protection using disposable consumables.

2. Comfort

We are responsible for the safety of our customers and adhere to all hygiene and sanitation rules. We provide the client with complete protection using disposable consumables.

3. Professionalism of the master

We do not employ beginners or amateurs. Each master is a professional in his field with at least one year of work experience and a diploma. 

4. Perfect result

Only professional tools used in work. Top-quality American-made pigments used. We do everything to ensure that the result is perfect and you are perfect.

Please do not skimp on the permanent makeup service because your beauty depends on it. Want to look your 100%? Sign up for a tattoo at Face Figuratiย now!

Find out the cost of Tattoo in time of free consultation

We will help you decide on the tattoo technique during the consultation and calculate how much the work will cost. We can sketch the session, that is, a sketch of the future tattoo. If you want to get a tattoo done in Melbourne or Brisbane studio Face Figurati or find out its cost, call us.