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How much is Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo cost?

The price for tattooing depends on the level of the master, as well as the place and technique. For example, shading is a little cheaper than a hair shading technique. When shading, the master paints the outline without clear boundaries and thus creates an eyebrow pencil. The hair technique costs a little more because it is more detailed work. In this technique, the master draws fine lines and creates the missing hairs.

Microblading done by maniple pen. Lines with high precision and volume. The procedure was done in 2 hours.

Price for Eyeliner tattoo

Eyeliners are the most prevalent eye tattoo technique. They can be classic or shaded – and they cost the same.

Eyeliner tattoo with low price in Face Figurati studio


Lip tattooing is more complicated than eyebrow and eye tattooing, so the price is higher. The cost of lip tattooing depends on the area, that is, on how plump and large your lips are. There are several techniques: contour with shading, watercolour, lipstick effect, etc. The prices are the same.

How much cost of Cosmetic Tattoo Correction

It all depends on when you did the tattoo. More time has passed since the session. The more expensive the correction will be.

If less than three months have passed, you will need to pay half of the original price. If from three to six months – 75% of the current price. After six months, you will have to pay the total cost.

The eyebrows on the bottom are after one month of healing. Top brows after second session correction


With the withdrawal, the same story: the older the tattoo, the more difficult it is to withdraw.

The lips are both harder and longer to do and take out. Therefore, removing lip tattoo is more expensive, and the removal of eyebrow and eye tattoo is cheaper.


We will help you decide on the tattoo technique during the consultation and calculate how much the work will cost. We can sketch the session, that is, a sketch of the future tattoo. If you want to get a tattoo done in Melbourne or Brisbane studio Face Figurati or find out its cost, call us.