Girls who decide to do their feathering eyebrows or powder brow tattooing write reviews about all kinds of “pitfalls” encountered along the way. They often complain about “crooked” masters who can spoil the shape of the eyebrows, choose the wrong colour of the pigment (everyone can interact with a specific type of skin in different ways), or work the surface unevenly. Many find it challenging to tolerate the pain during the procedure and in the first days of healing. There are complaints that over time, such eyebrows can change colour to blue or blue-green and generally look like an old tattoo.

Therefore, the advice outlined in the reviews boils down to one thing: the choice of a master is the key to a successful procedure and getting exactly the look of the eyebrows that will delight the client. Have a look at our cosmetic tattoo studio reviews Face Figurati in Melbourne and Brisbane based. In addition, we always recommend reading the terms and conditions page before you will apply for any cosmetic tattoo treatment. 

Cosmetic Tattoo Reviews

Feedback from our beauties

Why important reviews?

Cosmetic Tattoo becomes especially popular according to Google statistics in Melbourne in the past few years. The procedure gets popular each year based on its many benefits. Tattooing does not wash out and allows you to maintain a flawless image at any time of day or night and in any weather. With the help of this cosmetic procedure became possible to correct facial features and hide aesthetic flaws.

Numerous reviews show that girls are increasingly turning to beauty salons these days for an eyebrow tattoo treatment. The treatment involves the subcutaneous injection of a colouring pigment. The materials used include hypoallergenic and safe components. Face Figurati Cosmetic Tattoo Studio artists use only professional and certified tools with replaceable sterile needles. The professional equipment allows the creation of a vivid design without fail.

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Various palettes of pigments are available, to create the most natural look. The choice of shade is made by your colour type. If correction is not done in time, the pigment will gradually disappear, not turning green, as happens with low-quality materials. The studio’s masters use unique author’s pigments, the shade of which does not change over time.

Today you can see negative comments about the consequences of permanent eyebrow tattoo on the Internet. Unwanted results after the procedure may be due to the wizard’s mistake or the use of poor quality tools and material. Individual characteristics of the body also play a role. Girls with nearby blood vessels and high lymph flow have to undergo correction more often.

The experienced masters of the Permanent Make Up eyebrow tattoo studio will adjust the technique according to your wishes and colour type. 

Cosmetic Tattoo can achieve the following results:

  • Make the eye more expressive;
  • Hide scars and scars;
  • Create a more harmonious look;
  • Correct the line of the eyebrows;
  • Permanently forget about make-up;
  • Correct asymmetry of the eyebrows;
  • Restore eyebrows in case of complete hair loss.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, so there is no need to worry about possible discomfort. Our masters use first-class anaesthesia, which completely stops the pain. The microblading eyebrows tattoo procedure does not usually cause swelling.

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Many girls are afraid that over time, the tattoo will look unnatural and lose its shape. No need to worry about this, because modern materials and techniques do not allow the pigment to remain under the skin for life. The innovative pigments used by masters of the Face Figurati Cosmetic Tattoo Studio delicately tint the right areas of the skin.

According to feedback from girls, up to the age of 25, the correction of permanent eyebrows or lip blushing has to be done every two years. Older women may have the procedure done once every three years. The regularity of the procedure depends on the individual body.