Girls who decide to do cosmetic tattoo their eyebrow feathering or powder brow tattooing write reviews about all kinds of “pitfalls” encountered along the way. They often complain about “crooked” masters who can spoil the shape of the eyebrows, choose the wrong colour of the pigment (everyone can interact with a specific type of skin in different ways), or work the surface unevenly. Many find it challenging to tolerate the pain during the procedure and in the first days of healing. There are complaints that over time, such eyebrows can change colour to blue or blue-green and generally look like an old tattoo.

Therefore, the advice outlined in the reviews boils down to one thing: the choice of a master is the key to a successful procedure and getting exactly the look of the eyebrows that will delight the client. Have a look at our cosmetic tattooing studio reviews Face Figurati in Melbourne and Brisbane based. In addition, we always recommend reading the terms and conditions page before you will apply for any tatttoing treatment.

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  • Thanks for the service Olha! My friend loves your work! Keep it up! will recommend this place to all my friends!

    Lukman Razak Avatar
    Lukman Razak

    Excellent work done my Olha my girlfriend was very pleased with the work .....highly recommended

    JJ JJ Avatar
    JJ JJ

    Had a great experience. Olga was amazing! Would highly recommend

    Sushma Kollu Avatar
    Sushma Kollu

    Olha is very meticulous and attentive in her approach and takes the time to work out the... read more

    Olga W Avatar
    Olga W

    I have enjoyed this experience doing my eyebrows. I can tell that Olha is a very skilled cosmetic tatto professional,... read more

    Elena Bellzy Avatar
    Elena Bellzy
  • I came for the correction of a not very successful microblading eyebrow tattoo, made by another person. Olha did a... read more

    Alla Kostenetsky Avatar
    Alla Kostenetsky

    Olha makes amazing changing on face. After visiting her studio I started to look more beauty. I really appreciate her... read more

    Julia Sedova Avatar
    Julia Sedova

    Olha makes amazing changing on face. After visiting her studio I started to look more beauty. I really appreciate her... read more

    Julia Sedova Avatar
    Julia Sedova

    I found Face Figurati through an online search and contact them because of the good reviews. I spoke with Olha... read more

    Elfido Zafra Avatar
    Elfido Zafra

    I was looking for the best place to do my eyebrow tattoo and after searching I found the best... read more

    Vico Hernandez Avatar
    Vico Hernandez
  • OMG Olha is super professional, skilled and communicates each stage of the procedure very thoroughly!!!! She is passionate and strong... read more

    Евгений Сергеевич Avatar
    Евгений Сергеевич

    Olya did permanent makeup for my eyebrows and eyes! She did an amazing job! My eyebrows look fantastic! Exactly how... read more

    Olena Mykhailova Avatar
    Olena Mykhailova

    Olha was professional, friendly and precise. She did a great job of my eyeliner tattoo and also checked up on... read more

    heidi lee Avatar
    heidi lee

    I had my eye-liner, lips and ombre brows tattoed by Olha. She is very professional and skilful. I highly recommend... read more

    Landy Chua Avatar
    Landy Chua

    My visit was for Microblading. Clean equipment, wonderful and very professional artist. I was very pleased with the result.

    Svitlana Nikandrova Avatar
    Svitlana Nikandrova
  • Cosmetic tattooing Studio in Melbourne specialising on Microblading tattoo eyebrow, Powder tattooing eyebrow, Lip Tattooing, Eyeliner Tattooing, Lip Contouring Tattooing,... read more

    Денис Покатилов Avatar
    Денис Покатилов

    Ohla is amazing!!! She gives you suggestions on what best matches your face and she chooses aesthetics over trends. She... read more

    Kimmei Yamada Avatar
    Kimmei Yamada

    Today, I went back to Olha for a touch up. Olha was very professional and precisely corrected according to my... read more

    Isabella Tsang Avatar
    Isabella Tsang

    Olga amazing master and wonderful person, she looking for you best style,i made lips and I’m very happy!

    Динара Айзятулова Avatar
    Динара Айзятулова

    My visit was for Microblading. Very clean environment. The artist, Olha, was very professional and friendly. She ensured I understood... read more

    Debbie Li Avatar
    Debbie Li
  • I am happy to know this permanent makeup artist ! It’s very important to me to waste less time every... read more

    Elena Ratkina Avatar
    Elena Ratkina

    I am feeling 100% satisfied with her permanent makeup, painless! She is patient and the most competent. All I can... read more

    Ирина Матвейчук Avatar
    Ирина Матвейчук

    I am very happy with my eyebrow and lip tattoos, the service was amazing and incredible. I am happy with... read more

    Марина Торохтий Avatar
    Марина Торохтий

    Thanks Olga! You have created very beautiful eyebrows😍 I can't get enough of it😊 Your hands are golden! I will... read more

    Вика Нестеренко Avatar
    Вика Нестеренко

    I did eyebrows at Olga's, it was cozy, clean, she explained everything clearly. I am satisfied with the result the... read more

    Nadiia Guts Avatar
    Nadiia Guts
  • Thank you very much Olga for the excellent and accurate work. Now, I don't have to spend a lot of... read more

    Татьяна Кучеровская Avatar
    Татьяна Кучеровская

    Thanks a lot for a great job. Now you have beautiful eyebrows! Excellent professional of a high level! wait for... read more

    Мартина Просяник Avatar
    Мартина Просяник

    Olga is a perfectionist, I am very pleased with her work! very attentive and nice person)) Highly recommend👌

    Lena Lazutina Avatar
    Lena Lazutina

    Olga is amazing she's incredibly friendly while remaining professional! She will explained the entire processes from start to finish so... read more

    Oksana SNITSARENKO Avatar

    I am very grateful for such beautiful eyebrows. I feel like a queen! 🤩 Olya is the best permanent master... read more

    Karolina Rom Avatar
    Karolina Rom

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