Girls who decide to do cosmetic tattoo their eyebrow feathering or powder brow tattooing write reviews about all kinds of “pitfalls” encountered along the way. They often complain about “crooked” masters who can spoil the shape of the eyebrows, choose the wrong colour of the pigment (everyone can interact with a specific type of skin in different ways), or work the surface unevenly. Many find it challenging to tolerate the pain during the procedure and in the first days of healing. There are complaints that over time, such eyebrows can change colour to blue or blue-green and generally look like an old tattoo.

Therefore, the advice outlined in the reviews boils down to one thing: the choice of a master is the key to a successful procedure and getting exactly the look of the eyebrows that will delight the client. Have a look at our cosmetic tattooing studio reviews Face Figurati in Melbourne and Brisbane based. In addition, we always recommend reading the terms and conditions page before you will apply for any tatttoing treatment.

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