Cosmetic Eyeliner tattooing: features of the technique, sensations during the procedure

Permanent makeup is considered a virtually painless procedure with almost no adverse effects. But to minimise the risks, it is best to consult a certified technician. This article will tell you the procedure, how to prepare for it, if it hurts to do an eyeliner tattoo, and how to avoid possible complications.

Today, cosmetic tattoo refers to applying permanent pigment with fragile needles into the superficial layer of the skin. Modern permanent eye makeup does not require renewal for up to a year but is easily corrected and removed if you want to change the image.

Does it hurt to get an eyeliner tattoo?

Do many people worry about whether it hurts to get eyelid tattooing? These fears are natural, although in vain. Of course, much depends on the specialist’s skill, the tools used, the chosen technique of permanent eyeliner makeup, the area of skin coverage and the body’s characteristics. But in most cases today, the masters use numbing creams, applying them to the skin before and during the procedure. Lidocaine, part of such preparations, has an immediate effect and completely relieves the discomfort.

Does it hurt to get an inner lash line tattoo? The delicate and delicate skin in this area may be sensitive, but modern anaesthetics are excellent, and the procedure is also completely painless. If there is discomfort, you will not have to endure it for long, as an experienced craftsman requires a small amount of pigment and very little time to create a perfectly straight arrow.

But the level of comfort during the treatment depends not only on the skill of the expert tools and materials used. Individual body features play an essential role as well. Girls with high pain thresholds can easily tolerate even long sessions. At the same time, those with sensitive skin may feel discomfort, in which case the specialist uses a more significant amount of anaesthetic.

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Who has contraindication to the treatment?

Strictly prohibited eyeliner tattoo, eyebrows and lips are in the presence of certain medical conditions. The list of contraindications includes the following:

  • cardiovascular disease;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • malignant tumours;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • infectious diseases;
  • acute respiratory infections;
  • epilepsy;
  • conjunctivitis.

Does it hurt to get an arrow tattoo during pregnancy? As hormonal changes can affect skin sensitivity, it is generally not recommended to have the procedure done during this period, even during the breastfeeding period.

How to minimise unpleasant consequences?

Your first meeting with the artist will not only tell you if it hurts to get an eyelid tattoo but also how to minimise any possible complications. There are several rules to follow before, and after getting tattooed, so you won’t be disappointed with the result.

Preparation before permanent eyeliner tattooing make-up:

  1. The day before the procedure, do not drink alcohol.
  2. On the day of the session, avoid coffee and energy drinks.
  3. Do not use a sauna, do not sunbathe for a week.
  4. Do not take any medication that affects blood clotting three days before the procedure.
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Eyeliner tattoo aftercare:

  1. For the first few days, do not wet the skin in the tattoo area.
  2. Do not touch the face with your hands.
  3. Apply dry cold to reduce swelling if necessary
  4. On the third day, the pigmented area’s skin will start peeling. Don’t remove the “Crusts”. It must fall off on its own.
  5. Within a few days, you can treat the skin with chlorhexidine or other antibacterial agents that do not contain alcohol.
  6. Bathing, beach, and sauna are not allowed for a fortnight.
  7. Before and after complete skin healing, do not go out in the sun without a hat and sunglasses. Be sure to apply sunscreen before going outdoors.
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Possible complications

natural permanent eyeliner before and after

Any treatment involving disruption of the integrity of the skin can have adverse effects. Therefore, choose a suitable artist and a permanent make-up studio carefully. The experience of the specialist directly depends not only on whether it hurts to do an eyelash tattoo but also on whether there will be complications. Professionals always open the package with disposable sterile instruments in the client’s presence and work in a mask and gloves. All this minimises the risk of infection.

Many people think that swelling is one of the signs of complications. However, the accumulation of lymph under the skin is a natural reaction of the body to the intervention. It will completely disappear in a few days after the session. There will constantly be swelling after the tattoo, even if the procedure is performed by a professional. In rare cases, an anaesthetic may provoke an allergic reaction.

Does it hurt to get classic arrows tattooed by the Face Figurati Permanent Makeup artists? Not! Our studio employs specialists with years of experience who use modular machines and the finest sterile needles that cause minimal damage to the skin. Clients of the permanent makeup studio Face Figurati speak positively about the procedure and say they doze off during the session. In rare cases, they feel a slight discomfort that manifests in a slight numbness of the area treated with an anaesthetic gel or ointment.

In addition, our artists use author’s pigments, which are certified and completely safe for your health. Thanks to their wide range of shades, they create natural-looking looks for wearers of all colourtypes – quickly, painlessly and without ill effects!

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Eyeliner Tattooist in Melbourne

Olha Po

Olha Po, head of Face Figurati cosmetic tattoo studio in Melbourne. Olha has been an eyeliner tattoo artist since 2016 of European experience.
Since 2017, Olha was an amateur for two years before moving on to professional cosmetic tattooing in Europe. She is a specialist with a delicate approach to each element and uses unique signature techniques based on experience. Her style enhances the individuality of each face. One can quickly realise that Olga is a creative person who strives for perfection in her work. Her main motto is that art, sport, profession and lifestyle should be simultaneously in your life.

“Are you still looking for the right cosmetic tattoo artist in Melbourne? You are on the right track! Face Figurati, the premier studio of microblading in Melbourne!

We offer a variety of eyebrow tattoo services to help you achieve the perfect look for your unique features. Whether you’re looking for natural-looking ombre brows or microshading tattoo or something more dramatic, we can create a look that is tailored specifically for you.” – Olha Po


Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo price in Face FIgurati Studio

If you’re looking for a lip tattoo in Melbourne, Face Figurati is the place to go. We offer a variety of lip tattoo designs that will suit your style and personality. Whether you’re looking for something simple or more elaborate, we can help you find the perfect lip blush tattoo.

ProcedureTimePrice in Melbourne
Olha Pokatilova
Price in Brisbane
Anastasia Petkov
Classic Eyeliner Tattooing1,5 hour399 AUD399 AUD
Shaded Eyeliner Tattoo Technique1,5 hour399 AUD399 AUD
Lash Line Tattooing1,5 hour349 AUD349 AUD
Eyelash Tattooing1,5 hour349 AUD349 AUD

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Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo looks best within one year. But it always depends on the pigments. It can last up to two or three years before you start thinking about touch-ups. Over time, the pigment will naturally fade until all the mineral dye has dissipated.

The procedure is entirely harmless and carries no potential health risks. It has absolute and relative contraindications, like any tattooing technique in all areas. But otherwise, it can be done by any woman who wants beautiful arrows on her eyes without having to draw them every morning.

Depending on the category and experience of the artist, the cost of an eyeliner tattoo ranges from 349 AUD to 599 AUD.