Cosmetic eyebrow Tattoo in Brisbane, Melbourne Face Figurati Studio's

Accentuate your beauty, hide scars or imperfections with eyebrow cosmetic tattoos in Brisbane or Melbourne studio Face Figurati. Practically painless procedure that will help create an exact contour, correct and natural shape, add density to your eyebrows. Only 1.5-2 hours of work of the artist and two years of practical and uncompromising result without daily maintenance.

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We perform technicians professionally cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

Create a natural, elegant look and reveal your personality. Choose a service that will lead you to absolute happiness.

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo Is an opportunity

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For 1.5 hours
Make your eyebrows perfectly defined, thick and beautiful. And save up to 30 minutes in the morning every day.

24 hours
24 hours a day to be confident that the shape and colour of your eyebrows are perfect

2 years
Without using a pencil or eyebrow shadows, look well-groomed and beautiful 24 hours a day.

Photos before and after the eyebrow tattoo procedure

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Become more expressive with a beautiful eyebrow tattoo

Emphasizes naturalness and femininity

Permanent eyebrow makeup to create emphasis on facial contours, making them more expressive. The image will become stylish and feminine, and the appearance will be more seductive.

Will give you free time in the morning.

Even in the morning, as soon as you get out of bed, your eyebrows will look perfect. And this means that you no longer need to waste your so precious time in the morning on makeup.

It will create a perfect shape for your eyebrows.

The shape of the eyebrows after the permanent makeup treatment becomes more precise and more defined. It gains density, visual volume and creates an emphasis on the eyes and gaze.

Make your brows flawless in any situation.

There is no longer a need for a cosmetic bag and a mirror to constantly monitor the appearance. Wherever you are and whatever you do, your eyebrows are always in perfect condition.

Eliminates allergic reactions

Allergy to cosmetics won’t bother you anymore. You will forget about redness, irritation, clogged pores and the resulting visual imperfections.


Will reliably cover all defects.

Permanent eyebrow makeup will completely hide any visible congenital or acquired imperfections and defects in the brow arch area: post-acne, scars, trauma, bald patches.

Anastasia Petkov

Meet an international of EYebrow TAttoo Artsis in Brisbane Studio Face Figurati

Anastasia is a certified and licensed artist of Cosmetic Tattoo who has brought Brisbane her European experience.

Her passion is to enhance natural beauty, revealing each woman’s uniqueness using Cosmetic Tattoo’s art.

“I put all of my heart and soul into my work, providing you with luxury comfort and ensuring you get the results that exceed your expectations.
Moreover, I believe that each face is unique and beautiful. In addition, I will emphasize your beauty by providing you with all Permanent Makeup benefits, choosing YOU the perfect shape and colour.
My luxury studio filled with a friendly, relaxing atmosphere providing you with the highest standard services”.

Anastasia keeps up with modern technologies using the most innovative and advanced industry techniques and the best from the best equipment.

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    Prices for permanent eyebrow tattoo in Brisbane, Melbourne

    Face Figurati studio employs specialists of 2 categories. TOP masters with over 3 years of experience, holders of international diplomas in cosmetic tattooing. Master Trainer is a certified coach, an expert in permanent makeup, 5+ years of work experience.

    Complex with up to 30% discount. Sign up for cosmetic eyebrow tattoo + any other area and get a 15% discount

    10% discount on the service when booking a prepaid time

    Eyebrow Tattoo

    ProcedureTimePrice in Melbourne
    Olha Pokatilova
    Price in Brisbane
    Anastasia Petkov
    Microblading1,5 hour499 AUD none
    Feathering Eyebrows1,5 hour499 AUDnone
    Feather Stroke1,5 hour499 AUDnone
    Feather Touch1,5 hour449 AUDnone
    Powder brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
    Pixel Brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
    Eyebrow Shading Tattoo1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
    Mixed Technique (Microblading + Powder)2,5 hours559 AUDnone
    Ombre Brows2 hours499 AUD449 AUD

    Retouch or Correction

    1,5 hour

    50% from price

    50% from price

    Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio

    2,5 – 3 hour

    +150 AUD to the procedure price

    +150 AUD to the procedure price

    Cover old tattoo

    1,5-2 hour

    +100 AUD to the procedure price

    +100 AUD to the procedure price

    Retouch up to 1 year

    1,5 hour

    80% from first procedure

    80% from first procedure

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      We give four guarantees on a beautiful Eyebrow tattoo in Brisbane & Melbourne studios

      Lady with beautiful eyebrow on the dark background

      Security guarantee

      The room where the procedure performed is sterile. The work uses only disposable consumables. The masterworks in disposable sterile gloves.

      Painlessness guarantee

      Before the procedure, the master must apply an anesthetic ointment to reduce pain. Thin needles, specially selected for the technique of eyebrow tattooing, guarantee only a slight tingling sensation.

      Liability guarantee

      No arbitrary decisions to the taste of the master. The shape and colour are discussed in detail with the client. The image is selected based on your appearance, features. Before starting work, the chosen technique discussed with a detailed description of its specifics.

      Guaranteed naturalness

      The work uses mineral-based pigments. All shades are as close to natural as possible. The use of premium paint eliminates blue discolouration as it fades.

      8 professional steps to beautiful eyebrows

      We advise at the first meeting

      To answer your questions, show a photo of the eyebrow tattoo done by us

      We select a sketch

       Focus on the shape of the face and eyebrows. We select the correct technique, colour based on hair colour and skin tone. We coordinate every step with you


      Apply anesthesia

      A permanent eyebrow tattoo is not painful. We use quality pain-relieving ointments

      Preparing for the procedure

      We open new needles in front of you, take out instruments from the sterile box, treat the working surfaces of the tables with an antiseptic

      Draw a sketch

      Create a shape, draw a contour, look at the reaction of the skin

      Reapply anesthesia

      Reapplying the pain-relieving ointment to minimize your pain threshold

      We create beauty

      Moreover, emphasize the shape, fill the eyebrow with pigment following the selected technique, draw out the contours.

      We finish the work

      We advise on care, consult

      Answers to popular questions about Eyebrow Tattoo in Brisbane and Melbourne Studio

      Answers to popular questions about eyebrow tattoo


      To enjoy the reflection in the mirror and wake up every day in a good mood is not enough to make permanent makeup. It must preserve. Some recommendations aim at painless healing (after all, this is a small operation) and maintain and consolidate the result.

      How much water should you avoid? The main recommendation of the master is that the eyebrows should not be wet for the first 4-5 days. In addition to directly washing, you can not also rub your eyebrows with a wet sponge, go to swimming pools, go to baths, saunas and hammams, take a shower.


      Firstly, it is worth explaining what is fraught with neglect of the advice of the master and why the eyebrows can’t wet. The fact is that right after the permanent makeup procedure, small punctures remain on the skin. Secondly, small, they are plentiful, making the skin vulnerable and open to infection and dirt. The first day after the procedure, the skin swells as the body tries to cope with microdamage, but this swelling usually quickly subsides. After that, when the body “realizes” that nothing terrible has happened, it directs forces to heal punctures.

      In the healing process, the very crusts formed, which, like an ordinary sore, should dry out and fall off by themselves. Exposure to water softens the crusts. They become weak and can be easily touched and accidentally torn off. And mechanical removal of crusts leads to the formation of spots and voids since the pigment could not correctly fix in the skin.

      If you wet the tattoo area, in the best case, the pigment will not fix, and you will have to go to the permanent makeup master again so that he interrupts the eyebrow again, and how much time, effort and money. In the worst case, a scar or scar may remain in this place, which will be much more difficult to remove. Also, under the influence of water (especially hot), the pores expand blood coagulability decreases, which means that infection can easily penetrate unhealed wounds, which will lead to an additional inflammatory process. Bath and sauna are also prohibited.

      That is why you should heed the advice of experts. To prevent the worst from happening, it is easier to trust the master and follow the recommendations. It is not difficult.


      Learning to take a shower and swim without the risk of wetting your eyebrows after permanent makeup is not difficult. Make a little more effort than usual, and be patient.

      Most importantly, you need to wash your hair, not in the shower, but bending over the bath: your head should lower as low as possible. It will be better if someone helps wash your hair, holding a shower over your head or directing water from the tap. In addition, you can cover your eyebrows with your free hands just in case.
      Avoid high temperatures. Even if you have developed the habit of washing your hair in hot water for a long time, you will have to give it up for a while. It is a fact that the steam rising from the water also penetrates the skin, like the water itself, which means that the whole point of protection is lost. You can make the water lukewarm or slightly lukewarm and wash your hair normally.

      It is advisable to wash your face with cosmetic wipes or cotton pads. You can also pat your skin dry with a wet towel. In principle, any tool is suitable with which it will be possible to regulate the washing area independently.
      If water does accidentally get on your eyebrows, it’s okay: you can quickly blot the permanent tattoo area with a napkin or dry towel.


      Neat eyebrows in a measure of bright colour, impeccable shape, thickness and density are a trend. A cosmetic Tattoo will help you find the perfect image, hide flaws, highlight all your face advantages, place accents in places where you need them, and feel more confident. Eyebrow tattooing creates beauty: modern techniques imitate naturalness as much as possible, give eyebrows brightness and colour, change their shape.

      Thanks to permanent eyebrow makeup, you will forget about decorative cosmetics for two years, and you will feel 100% under any circumstances. No pain, no unwanted consequences. Only an exceptional and uncompromising result! Eyebrow tattoo performs with a thin needle, injecting pigment into the skin layers to a depth of 1 millimetre. Modern eyebrow tattooing is a safe, painless procedure. For permanent tattooing, hypoallergenic pigments are used, which, due to their composition and surface input, are gradually washed out. The effect of permanent eyebrow tattooing lasts, on average, two years. During this period, the need for the use of other cosmetics was eliminated. The eyebrows always look neat, and the shape is corrected. The procedure takes only 1.5 hours. This time is enough to make the eyebrows perfect and you charming. Just choose the correct tattoo technique and experience all its benefits. 

      In our Studio Face, Figurati Price for an eyebrow tattoo is from 399 AUD to 699 AUD / Duration 1,5 – 2 hours.

      Bored of your tattoo, want to get rid of it forever? Does an old or ugly tattoo spoil your appearance? Get laser removal of permanent makeup or tattoo, forgetting about discomfort forever. Laser removal is the most effective way to remove pigment. With the help of a picosecond laser, it is possible to remove up to 95% of the pigment, regardless of its colour and volume of the pattern in the case of a tattoo and 98% in an old deep tattoo. No other method of tattoo removal or permanent makeup gives such a good result.

      Permanent Profy uses a state-of-the-art laser machine, which has been proven to be the best tattoo removal machine on the market. It selectively affects only the dye, destroys microparticles and removes them from the body naturally. The skin around the pattern is not affected and remains intact. The uniqueness of the device lies in the ability to select the length of the laser beam manually. It is selected depending on the tattoo’s age, the shade of the pigment and the depth of its injection. As a result, you get clean skin much faster and more efficiently.

      Benefits of laser removal of permanent makeup and tattoos

      The laser can altogether remove unwanted colour on the body and face, as well as partially. For example, to cover an old tattoo with a new one. Either option guarantees a flawless result. The service also ensures:

      • Firstly, instant effect. Unlike other existing methods of launching, the laser is effective the first time. After it, the result is visible. The colour becomes lighter;
      • Secondly, absolute security. The service is harmless to the dermis and health. The dermis around the pattern will not be affected or damaged. The skin where there was a tattoo or permanent makeup will slightly swell and redden, but these consequences will go away on their own in 1-2 hours after the session;
      • Thirdly, minimal contraindications. Laser removal cannot be done in the presence of damage in the tattoo area, pregnancy and lactation (due to painkillers), and diseases of the blood and its low coagulability. In other cases, the procedure has no contraindications and is allowed to everyone;
      • Also, getting rid of a drawing of any complexity. The laser has no equal when it comes to removing dark colours: black, grey, blue, brown and other shades. The beam penetrates to a depth of 5-6 mm and breaks down the dye of any shade, even if it injected deeply;
      • In conclusion, painlessness. An anesthetic applied to the discolouration area before and during the service. It reduces any sensations to a minimum. People with a low pain threshold may experience a tingling sensation. Otherwise, the process is imperceptible.

      It is important to note that the service has two significant drawbacks:

      1. Removal of permanent makeup and tattoos is quite painful without the use of professional anesthetics. Therefore, their use is a must;
      2. The laser is ineffective for removing light shades: yellow, white, flesh. In this case, it is better to choose a different method of desaturating the picture.

      How pigment removed under the influence of a neodymium or picosecond laser?

      The laser beam removes the pigment of permanent makeup, tattoo by a photomechanical method. The device generates a laser pulse, which selectively affects only the dyes, resulting from them disintegrating into nanoparticles. After that, they entered the bloodstream and excreted through the lymph naturally. During the session, the laser beam quickly acts on the dye through the dermis. The dermis does not have time to heat up in a split second, but the pigment disintegrates instantly. Therefore, the service excludes the formation of burns, scars and other injuries on the skin.

      The period of complete withdrawal of the pattern depends on its type: size, colour, depth of introduction, and even the kind of colouring composition. Tattoo inks take longer to fade, permanent pigments faster. After each session, the disintegration process continues for a month. Therefore, the final result is not immediately visible, and the following procedure must perform no earlier than this period. Depending on the characteristics of the tattoo or permanent makeup, the period of getting rid of it can be 3-12 months, and the number of sessions may exceed 5-6, reaching 8.

      Essential nuances of laser tattoo removal

      The rate of pigment disintegration during laser removal influenced the quality equipment and master and metabolism professionalism. Therefore, during the period of dye removal, it is recommended to accelerate your metabolism. It recommended to do this with a selected diet of proper nutrition, playing sports, visiting the pool.

      The master will indicate the number of sessions required for complete laser removal. He will evaluate the work result after the first session and show how long it will take to obtain the desired effect.

      Skincare after tattoo removal or tattoo removal

      After each procedure, the skin turns red – this is its normal reaction to the laser beam. Rarely, swelling may occur (individual response). Redness and swelling go away on brow own in 1-2 hours.

      To eliminate the adverse reaction of the skin to its effect after the sessions, it recommended:

      • Do not touch the formed crusts (if any), do not try to peel them off. Try not to wear tight clothes that can spontaneously peel off the crusts;
      • Do not steam the skin. Do not go to the pool, sauna, solarium;
      • If itching appears, try not to scratch the area to avoid inflammation;
      • Apply a cream with a high UV protection index to the laser-treated area when going outside in direct sunlight.

      The artist will tell you more about the care, depending on the body’s reaction to the laser after the first execution.

      Microblading or powdery eyebrows: differences
      The reason for many controversies is often the question of which is better: microblading or powdery eyebrows. Each of the techniques has its characteristics, advantages and differences. Let’s take a closer look at how these popular permanent tattooing techniques differ:

      • Microblading involves drawing hairs and powdering – the effect of shadow colouring of eyebrows;
      • Moreover, microblading is ideal for dry skin types, while the powdery tattoo is suitable for all skin types;
      • Besides, microblading involves manual tattooing using a special pen – a manipulator.

      Powder spraying performed using an apparatus;
      microblading, in contrast to powdery tattoo, is less bright. For lovers of more affluent makeup, a powdery tattoo is better suited.
      In addition to differences, these techniques have standard features. Both procedures are pretty lengthy: up to 2.5 hours. It is also expected that the eyebrow, powdery tattoo and microblading eyebrow look equally natural and natural. The absence of clear lines, unnatural contours is an excellent advantage of both tattoo techniques. We hope we helped you find the answer to the question, which is better – microblading or powdery eyebrows. Both tattoo techniques are noteworthy and have their advantages.

      We wish all the girls beautiful and graceful eyebrows!

      It is essential to know how long the eyebrow tattoo lasts to decide on its user’s necessity and expediency. At the same time, on the one hand, there will be time savings on daily makeup and the cost of purchasing decorative cosmetics. On the other hand, discomfort during the application, some health risks, the need for regular correction.

      Of course, the result of the procedure is not permanent. Human skin is constantly renewed and exfoliated. On average, the period of tattooing is 1-3 years. But depending on what type of skin the girl has, how she takes care of herself, this period can increase and decrease.

      How to increase the term?

      1. It is crucial to choose the technique that will last the most. The hair method and the soft shading technique are preferable. It gives the most prolonged effect.
      2. The colouring pigment tends to fade in the sun, so avoid direct sunlight.
      3. When visiting a solarium, you should use special protective creams.
      4. Do not use bleaching products.
      5. The term eyebrow tattooing can extend if you refuse to scrub and peel in this area.

      What reduces the term?

      1. Improper care will lead to the fact that the eyebrow tattoo will reduce the duration.
      2. If you do not follow the advice of the master, wet your eyebrows after tattooing, use inappropriate means, the effect of the procedure will be short-lived. If you choose cheap treatment, low-quality paints will not give a durable result.
      3. Trusting an inexperienced artisan can lead to additional problems. Here you will have to worry about how long the eyebrows’ permanent makeup lasts and how to get rid of negative consequences or fix a curved line. Savings, in this case, can result in additional costs and unjustified risk.

      One more parameter affects the period of eyebrow tattooing, and it does not depend on correct or incorrect actions since it is due to each organism’s natural characteristics. It is the type of skin. Girls with dry skin are a little more fortunate – they will wear eyebrow tattoo longer, while oily skin owners will have to do the correction a little more often. The last thing worth mentioning is the climate of the region. In hot, humid climates, the tattoo lasts less, and in dry and cool climates – much longer. In other words, the answer to the question of how long the eyebrow tattoo lasts has many features, without which you will not get a reliable result.