Microblading Melbourne

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure that is carried out by our expert technicians using a special handheld microblade. Each eyebrow stroke is manually shaped and blended into the client’s natural brow hair which results in a more natural look.  

Wake up and face each day with perfect eyebrows, effortlessly. Microblading is the hottest new way to get the eyebrows you’ve always wanted. It’s styling, filling, and colouring all in one, giving you gorgeous, long-lasting brows after a single appointment. 

Put away the eyebrow pencils, gels and brushes. Our artists carefully place each and every eyebrow hair to give you Instagram-ready brows!

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    Eyebrows before microblading with Leonardo de Vince frame on the top and below after done microblading eyebrow tattoo
    Check our work, as a result of which you will forget
    about cosmetics for 2 years.

    What is Microblading?

    While it might sound intimidating, Microblading is really quite simple. Also known as eyebrow feathering, hair stroke eyebrow tattooing, or cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, it’s a type of semi-permanent makeup that creates hair-like strokes on your skin. Technically it’s a tattoo, but a detailed, semi-permanent one. Using this technique, brow artists can achieve incredibly realistic looking results, filling out your eyebrows and leaving them looking natural and perfect. Cosmetic tattooing enhances eyebrows, fills out thin eyebrows, and can even reshape your natural brows with natural-looking results. 

    The term microblading comes from the way it’s done. Your eyebrow artist will use a maniple, which is a pen-like tool, to draw in each individual hair. It scratches the skin like a tiny blade, leaving space for the ink pigment to set in and create that semi-permanent result.

    Microblading has been used in Australia for years, and is a very popular and well known technique. There are definitely some microblading horror stories out there, but with improvements in technique and technology in recent years, the chances of getting bad results with microblading are incredibly low. Just make sure you choose an experienced stylistwith a good reputation and you won’t be disappointed!

    How Does Microblading Work?

    Microblading is the easiest way to get incredible looking eyebrows with almost zero effort. The process allows brow artists to precisely replicate the direction and style of your natural eyebrow hairs with ink pigment, achieving a natural-looking result. 

    At Face Figurati, our artists use a multiple-needle maniple pen technique. It helps us create large and delicate strokes, achieving a realistic-looking balance of different “brow hairs”. Depending on your preferences, we can make your brows look thick and full, light and expressive, or fill them out to make them look natural.

    There is a wide range of reasons clients come to us for microblading. These include correcting blemishes in certain areas of the eyebrows, cleaning up the shape of their brows, or a complete and radical brow transformation. It’s important to remember that microblading looks different for everyone. A style you see in a magazine may not look good with your style, and vice versa. An experienced brow stylist can take a style you like and apply it to your features to get the best possible result.

    Read more about how it’s done in our article “How microblading is done?

    Microblading technique done only by maniple pen, lines with high precision and volume well-done work

    Is Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Right for Me?

    eyebrows microblading

    Unfortunately, many new cosmetic tattoo artists claim that eyebrows tattoos using the microblading technique is simple and suitable for everyone, without exception. The truth is everyone is different, so if you meet a brow stylist that claims they can achieve a specific result without understanding their client’s brows, you should probably look elsewhere. 

    For example, certain types of oily skin can dramatically reduce the effects of microblading, or ruin the look completely. Microblading will not last as long on oily skin, and in some cases can result in blurry, messy brows. Even if they look great on the day they’re done. It’s reasons like this we recommend all our clients get a checkup a few weeks after their initial appointment, to make sure they’re completely happy with the results.

    While microblading is largely effortless, getting the best, longest-lasting results will still require a bit of work. Taking care of your eyebrows after getting microblading is incredibly important and will make sure your results last for as long as possible. Your artist will tell you how to take care of your brows and give you any information you need to know.

    10 Benefits of Microblading Eyebrows

    Customise your eyebrows exactly the way you want them

    • Save time. Forget doing your eyebrows every morning!
    • Save money on makeup and cosmetics
    • Increasing the expressiveness and brightness of the image
    • Make your eyebrows look symmetrical
    • Correct the the colour and shape of thin eyebrows
    • Increase/decrease the size of your eyebrows
    • Great for people who are allergic to makeup
    • Get perfect eyebrows in a single one and a half hour session
    • Effortlessly look incredible every day of the week

    To read more information and benefits about more “Features of Microblading Eyebrow technique”

    microblading eyebrows before and after

    The result mainly depends on your efforts. Following fundamental but straightforward rules before and after the procedure will help you achieve the result you dreamed of! Read the regulations and recommendations of care.

    How Much Does Microblading Cost?

    The cost of microblade cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is determined by the artist’s skill, the location of the work, and the technique used. General brow shading, for example, is less expensive than a hair shading method.

    When shading, the artist paints the outline of the brow, marking the eyebrow shape in the way you’ve chosen. With hair shading, your brow stylist will draw each individual hair into your brow, which not only takes more time but a steady and skilled stylist. This achieves a far more natural brow look, one that will last longer and look better overall. For this reason, hair shading eyebrow tattooing will cost a little more, regardless of where you get your eyebrows done. 

    See our cosmetic tattoo prices page to learn more about what include in microblading and other methods.

    Olha Pokatilova
    Anastasia Petkov
    Microblading Maniple Technique (blade rather)1,5 hour599 AUDnone
    Microblading Nano – Touch (digital machine)1,5 hour499 AUDnone
    The Mixed technique (microblading + powder brows)1,5 hour549 AUDnone
    Eyebrow Feathering – Father-touch Nano Strokes (digital machine)1,5 hour499 AUDnone
    Powder Brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
    Correctionhour50% from price50% from price 
    Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio1,5 hour+150 AUD to the procedure price+150 AUD to the procedure price
    Cover old tattoo1,5 hour+100 AUD to the procedure price+100 AUD to the procedure price
    Retouch up to 1 year1,5 hour80% from the first procedure80% from the first procedure

    How Long Does Microblading Last?

    how long does microblading last?

    Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, which will last much longer than makeup, but isn’t completely permanent and will fade over time. While it’s technically a tattoo, the marks are made very shallow, sitting just under the skin. 

    Most of the time, the results from microblading will last between 8 months and 2 years, depending on the skill of the artist and the type of skin you have. Over this time, the pigment will gradually fade, meaning you will have to have your microblading redone. However, getting it redone before it fades completely is faster (and cheaper!!) as your stylist can trace their original work. 

    The colour doesn’t change over time, so at no point will it look unnatural. However, your brows may start to look thinner, eventually returning to how they looked initially.


    Factors Affecting the Duration Of Eyebrow Microblading

    There are a number of factors that can affect how long microblading lasts, such as age, skin type, and skincare. Here are 4 of the most important factors.

    Skin Type

    If you have thick, oily, or overly sensitive skin, this may reduce how long the results last. Thicker skin can absorb more pigment than thinner skin, and oily skin releases pigments faster than other types. Check with your brow stylist for advice regarding your skin type.


    Typically, the younger you are the faster microblading pigments fade, as skin cells renew faster when you’re younger. Typically, from our experience, women over 35 year of age see longer-lasting results, but not by much.

    Skin Care

    After your first microblading session, it’s essential to take extra care of your skin for up to three weeks. The area should be kept clean and moisturized, so the pigment stays put! Remember always to use sunscreen when you go outside because sun exposure can cause fading as well.

    Touch up

    We recommend getting a refresh every so often, ensuring your results last as long as possible. It’s usually every year or so, but your brow artist will provide you with more information and give you a recommendation.

    How Can I Make My Microblading Last Longer?

    As long as you follow the recommendations of our expert brow artists, your microblading will last as long as possible. Here are our top tips for increasing the life of microblading:

    1. Take proper care of your eyebrows during the healing period. This means no scrubbing them and washing your face with water only. If you need to cleanse, make sure you remove all of your makeup first before cleansing and rub your eyebrows carefully. 
    2. The first week after the procedure, do not go to saunas and baths. It would be best to allow the pigments to take hold in the skin. Hot, humid air can cause pigments to loosen quickly. 
    3. Don’t go overboard with sunbathing or tanning beds.
    4. Don’t get cosmetic surgery on the microbladed area. This means no lifts or botox.

    Microblading Eyebrows Tattoo Artist in Melbourne

    Olha Pokatilova

    Olha is an experienced eyebrow tattoo artist and our Microblading expert here at Face Figurati.

    Since 2016 Ohla has been providing cosmetic tattoo and microblading services in Europe. She is a specialist with a delicate approach to every element and uses unique techniques to achieve incredible results. Her style emphasizes the individuality of each of her clients, giving them natural results they can be proud of. She is creative and passionate, always striving for excellence in her work.

    Are you still looking for the right Microblading cosmetic tattoo in Melbourne? You are on the right track. Olha is the best craftsman in Melbourne cosmetic tattooing business.

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      How Do I Know My Microblading Will Look Good?

      When it comes down to it, there’s always a risk of microblading not looking as good as you want it to. However, if you make sure you choose a skilled and highly rated stylist, you basically can’t go wrong. 

      The skill of your stylist plays a huge part in how the final result will look. Drawing individual hair strokes is painstaking work, requiring a steady hand and a keen eye for detail. At first glance, you might think placing each stroke in the right place is all it comes down to, but there is a lot in the planning as well. Choosing the right colour is incredibly important, as the wrong colour can change the look of your whole face. Additionally, each and every hair stroke needs to have the right thickness and length, pointing in the right direction, and need to be the right distance from each other, or you risk making the whole brow look strange. 

      When you first come in, your brow stylist will plan out the process, working out what kind of brows will best fit your face shape, the colour of your hair, the thickness and shape of your natural eyebrows, your skin tone and anything else that could affect how the end result will look. This way, they can ensure you’ll get the result you’re looking for. 

      The end result is a work of art, something for you to be proud of when you look in the mirror each morning. It’s also why we refer to our stylists as artists!

      Any eyebrow feathering and cosmetic tattoo artist who claims to be good at what they do should be able to do this. If you go to a stylist and they don’t take the time to work out what you’re looking for, or can’t give a professional opinion on why they’ve chosen a specific style for you, it might be time to find a new cosmetic brow tattooing stylist…

      At Face Figurati we have a secret technique we use to achieve the best possible results. While many stylists will use the same colour or pigment across your entire brow, our artists will combine 2, 3 or even 4 shades of pigment to give your brows a completely natural look. Your eyebrows will look more full and more natural than you ever thought was possible. 

      What Microblading Pigments Do We Use?​

      All our eyebrow cosmetic tattooing is done using high quality products from leading brands, including Permablend, Lik Super Nude, and Lik Colorful, IColor. All dyes we use are hypoallergenic, meaning there’s low risk of having an allergic reaction, and each is certified for use in Australia. 

      As for the colour, your artist will choose the colours for your brows personally. They look at a range of factors, such as the type and colour of your skin, the colour of your hair, and the natural colour of your eyebrows. And of course, if you have a particular style you’re looking for our brow artist can help you achieve it.

      When Can I Wash My Eyebrows After Microblading?

      Everyone who considers getting eyebrow tattooing is concerned about this topic. The requirement to not get your eyebrows wet is definitely one of the biggest challenges our clients face during the recovery period.

      When you get your eyebrows tattooed, there is a crust that forms on the skin. It’s this crust that keeps the pigment in the skin, helping it sink in and give you the results it’s supposed to. Washing it away will wash the pigment away with it, and all the money you spent on microblading. Of course, this crust can be damaged by rubbing it or putting on clothes, but the main danger is moisture.

      How Long Does It Take for Your Microbladed Brows to Heal?

      Usually, the microblading healing process will take 1 to 2 weeks, depending on how fast you heal naturally and your skin type. During this time, it’s really important that you don’t get your eyebrows wet! Make sure to keep an eye on the area throughout this time. 

      After the redness from the initial microblading session has gone down, the crust will begin to form. This generally happens after a few days, and after 7-10 days they will start to peel off. Don’t panic! This is normal and just means your body is healing. Once this is over, the process is complete and you’ll be free to take showers, hit the beach, jump in the pool, whatever you feel like!

      microblading healing process day by day

      Can I remove cosmetic eyebrow tattooing if I don't like it?

      If you find you really don’t like the results of microblading, the good news is it is reversible. The bad news is that it can take some time. All microblading is semi-permanent, meaning it will revert back to your original eyebrows in time. If you’re not a fan of waiting that long, many microblading studios offer removal services, where they will be able to accelerate the fading process or remove the cosmetic tattooing entirely. 

      One method for removing microblading is “acid” Remover. It will accelerate the fading process, however, it also has its drawbacks. 

      The healing process will take up to 1-1.5 months, and the removal process is not quite suitable for everyone. But it is the cheapest and the best way to remove microblading.

      Your other option is to overlap the old tattoo with a new one. This is the method we recommend for most of our clients that come in looking to remove bad microblading. Because fixing microblading is more difficult than applying it, it can cost more than the original cosmetic tattoo. However, we are usually able to fix it and get things looking good again. 

      When it comes down to it, our artists will assess your situation and tell you which method is best for you. Book an appointment today to get your brows tattooed, or call us now to talk to one of our stylists.

      Ask Us About Out Other Permanent Makeup Services

      As well as professional eyebrow feathering services, we offer a range of cosmetic tattooing services, including lip tattoo and upper and lower eyeliner tattooing. Talk to our team today for more information on cosmetic tattooing Melbourne, or view our services on our website and discover what we can do for you.

      Microblading FAQ

      Microblading (“micro” – small, “blade” – blade) is manual tattooing that creates an imitation of hairs on the skin. The master makes it by hand, not with a typewriter. The procedure performs with nano-needles: the master hammers the pigment under the skin in the eyebrow area to a depth of 0.2 mm. The result lasts for 1 to 1,5 years. Microblading gives a natural shape to the eyebrows and gives the effect of visibility to almost every hair. And it’s an excellent way to take away the hassle of daily eyebrow makeup using your usual tools – eyebrow pencils and eyeliners.

      The only way to get fade of microblading is using a unique Reverse Remover Tattoo that helps to rid the tattoo of this technique.
      Huge advice, in any case, do not try to get rid of tattooing at home. As we described in our article, we advise you to contact our studio and get a free consultation and help from our leading experts.

      This subject worries everyone who thinks about eyebrow tattooing. The requirement “not to wet” is possibly the most crucial inconvenience of the recovery period.
      Why not? The answer is manageable: the crust formed on the skin after the procedure keeps the pigment in the skin, helping it take root. If you remove it, most of the stain will come out with the lymph due to the work of the immune system. That is why the main thing in after procedural concern is to be very concerned with the crusts. Sure, the crusts can be damaged in a dream, putting on clothes and so on, but still, the main danger is moisture.

      After microblading, it is impossible to wet the eyebrows, how long the healing method will take, and the “dry period” based on the organism’s characteristics. It usually lasts 7 to 14 days.

      To know how long you can wet your microblading eyebrows, you need to observe the tattoo area during the healing period. Immediately after the tattoo, there will be slight redness and swelling. On the third day, crusts will appear on the eyebrows, and on the seventh or tenth day, slight peeling, a normal reaction of the body to invasive intervention. After the peeling process is over, you can safely take showers and visit the pool and sauna without restrictions!

      There are three main ways to remove microblading eyebrows: use neodymium laser removalacid remover “Reverse”, or apply the new tattoo.


      One of the ways to remove microblading is with a special neodymium laser. The most painless, simple tattoo removal. However, the method is not always effective since the laser can’t remove shades like pink, lilac, light blue, and purple.

      Neodymium Laser remover is far from the best solution. The laser procedure can be from 5 to 15 times, with the price each time 200 AUD. Moreover, you still will not get the expected result. Most of the time laser is not able to remove colour tattooing and old pigments.


      The second method is acid “Remover”. It’s the best method for removing microblading. However, it also has its drawbacks point. 

      The healing process will take up to 1-1,5 months, and the removal stage is not quite suitable for all girls. But it is the cheapest and the best way to remove microblading.

      Overlapping the old tattoo with a new one In most cases, Face Figurati studio recommend covering the old tattoos with applying a new one. However, the master should have an excellent background, which will cast more than the regular price. It is impossible to say which method is suitable for you. In conclusion, always have a consultation to look for the best solution point. 

      You can also find hundreds of different ways to remove microblading at home. However, it is just a crazy idea to hurt your body to do by yourself.