Eyebrow Feathering

Eyebrow Feathering in Melbourne studio Face Figurati Studio

The feathering eyebrowย hair tattoo technique creates spectacular, perfectly defined eyebrows, emphasizes natural curves, makes the shape expressive, and helps solve asymmetric or thin brows. Modern and fashionable equipment, made by professionals, with rich durability up to 2 years.ย 

Theย eyebrow feathering technique is also named microblading eyebrows in Melbourne and got its popularity due to the unique possibilities to hide the imperfections of the eyebrows and imitate their growth. No other course will help to recreate hairs if they are entirely absent. This method comes in blended and works well with powder for a stunning effect. Eyebrow Feathering Tattoo can act as an independent technique because of its help. Moreover, You can get a luxurious look: centre on your advantages and hide flaws.

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    The feathering eyebrow hair tattoo technique creates spectacular, perfectly defined eyebrows, emphasizes natural curves, makes the shape expressive, and helps solve asymmetric or thin eyebrows. Modern and fashionable equipment, made by professionals, with rich durability up to 2 years.

    Eyebrow Feathering using hair technique is an opportunity.

    For 2 hours

    Firstly, make your eyebrows perfectly defined, thick and beautiful. And save up to 30 minutes in the morning every day.

    24 hours

    Secondly, 24 hours a day to be confident that the shape and colour of your brows are perfect

    2 years

    Thirdly, without using a pencil or eyebrow shadows, look well-groomed and beautiful 24 hours a day.

    Photos before and after the procedure eyebrow hair tattoo

    eyebrow, lip and eyeliner tattoo before and after done in Face Figurati Studio, in powder eyebrow technique
    using a powdery technique, an unusual natural eyebrow image is created the powder eyebrow technique before and after. Eyebrows in this technique helps to emphasize volume colour and natural shape
    feather eyebrow tattoo before and after in cosmetic tattoo studio Face Figurati

    Feathering Eyebrow tattoo in hair method will help you:

    Get rid of asymmetry

    You will forget about the discomfort that your eyebrows caused for you: irregular shape, hair growth, fractures. You just get rid of them with the help of a tattoo hair technique.

    Get rid of templates.

    You will be able to hide gaps and small areas of the skin where hair does not grow. From now on, your brows have a natural and natural density along their entire length.

    Hide defects

    Scars, scars, acne and other facial imperfections in the eyebrow area will become invisible, hiding under beautiful, regular eyebrows.

    Visually raise the brow ridges.

    You will be able to visually raise the eyebrows, the arcs of which previously made the image “heavy”. You will accentuate your eyes for a lighter and more playful look.

    Emphasize your image

    You will find a new, stylish and modern look that you have long dreamed of.

    Look spectacular

    With thick, beautiful eyebrows of the correct shape in a natural shade, you always look impressive, wherever you are and whatever you do.

    Olha Pokatilova is a Feathering Etebrow Tattoo Artist in Melbourne. Also she is certified master of permanent make-up and tattooing, head of the Face Figurati studio

    Feathering Eyebrows Artist

    Olha Pokatilova, certified master of permanent make-up and tattooing, head of the Face Figurati studio

    “We will help you create an extraordinarily charming look with beautiful eyebrows! In our work, we use professional equipment and licensed premium pigments, follow beauty trends and offer exclusively fresh and trendy solutions. Cosmetic Tattoo Studio Face Figurati create the best eyebrows in Melbourne with the help of the best masters, update your appearance, make the image perfect, adding to you a sense of self-confidence”.

    An international tattoo artist is drawing the frame for the future eyebrow tattoo
    Want to fix your old tattoo?

    Every 3rd client comes to us to overlap the old tattoo. Very often, you can do without removal, check with our specialist if it is possible to block in your case.

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    What will you get from eyebrow Feathering procedure?

    Self-confidence in any situation. It doesn't matter if you go to the pool, sauna, party until the morning, or accidentally get caught in a downpour. You will always feel confident knowing that your eyebrows look well-groomed.

    Feeling of fresh and trendy makeup. Eyebrow hair tattoo creates a new makeup effect, making the shape contoured and the colour saturated. Your eyebrows will look like you just painted them on with a pencil.

    A stunning and stunning look. Thick, beautiful and neat eyebrows help create a new look that attracts attention. You will feel attractive, and others will surely see it.

    Happy model after eyebrow feathering tattoo

    Eyebrow Feathering Cost

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    The cost for an eyebrow tattooย in Melbourne depends on the level of the artist and the place and technique. For example, shading is cheaper than a hair stroke technique. When shading, the craftsmen outline without clear boundaries and thus creates an eyebrow pencil. The hair technique costs a little more because it is more detailed work. In this technique, the master draws fine lines and makes the missing hairs. Read theย cosmetic tattoo prices pageย to know more about what include in feathering eyebrows and other methods.

    Procedure Time Price
    Olha Pokatilova
    Anastasia Petkov
    Microblading Maniple Technique (blade rather) 1,5 hour 599 AUD none
    Microblading Nano – Touch (digital machine) 1,5 hour 499 AUD none
    The Mixed technique (microblading + powder brows) 1,5 hour 549 AUD none
    Eyebrow Feathering – Father-touch Nano Strokes (digital machine) 1,5 hour 499 AUD none
    Eyebrow Feathering Father-touch Nano Strokes (maniple) 1,5 hour 599 AUD none
    Correction hour 50% from price 50% 
    from price 
    Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio 1,5 hour +150 AUD to the procedure price +150 AUD 
    Cover old tattoo 1,5 hour +100 AUD to the procedure price +100 AUD 
    Retouch up to 1 year 1,5 hour 80% from the first procedure 80% form
    We give a 10% discount on prepaid time booking
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      Eyebrow feathering technique at Face Figurati is a guarantee that:

      1. It won't hurt

      The technique does not provide for deep penetration of the blade under the skin, eliminating severe pain. And the use of painkillers by the master allows you to forget about any discomfort completely.

      2. It's will be beautiful.

      The shape and shade of the eyebrows are selected based on the natural architecture of the face. As a result, this makes it possible to emphasize the advantages of appearance and reliably hide the previously existing flaws.

      3. Will be sterile

      All equipment used in work goes through 4 stages of disinfection. Moreover, the master always works with gloves. Also ,all work surfaces treated with an antiseptic before each client.

      4. Going to be natural

      The shape and shade of the eyebrows are selected based on the natural architecture of the face. As a result, this makes it possible to emphasize the advantages of appearance and reliably hide the previously existing flaws.

      Procedure steps eyebrow feathering hair tattoo.

      Choosing the shape of the eyebrows. The master, based on the condition of the face and eyes, trends in the beauty industry, selects and recommends future eyebrows, the direction of strokes that is most suitable for the image, determines the hair tattoo technique.

      model front of Permanent make up artist
      Artist prepare pigments to do an eyebrow tattooing

      Selection of the shade of the pigment. Based on the colour of the hair, eyes and skin, the specialist selects one or more pigments, the shadows of which are close to nature.

      Pain reliever application. During the procedure, primary and secondary anesthesia performed using a particular drug that reduces discomfort.

      Applying anaesthetic
      master does permanent makeup in feather technique

      Eyebrow tattooing. The master carefully hand draws each dashed hair, choosing its thickness, length and direction of growth to create the most natural look, according to the selected method of tattooing.

      Consultation. The master applies a healing agent to the eyebrows, advises on home care and writes down for a correction, which must perform after 30 days.

      Master explain the after care requirements

      Answers to popular questions

      It is generally accepted that the hair tattoo method is microblading. It is not the case. Therefore, two differentย permanent makeup techniques. However, the principle of their implementation is very similar. The hair technique is performed with a hardware pen with a thin needle, with the help of which hairs are drawn, simulating their natural growth. The difference from microblading is only in the length and thickness of the inches drawn. As a rule, they are shorter, thicker.
      Although this is all conditional, the master selects such a thickness, length of eyebrow feather stroke-hair, which are suitable in a particular case, so that the result looks harmonious and complements the girl’s face.

      The hair growth effect can help create in two ways: European and Asian.

      Features of the European methodology:

      1. The technique is the creation of hairs in the form of small strokes with an exclusively upward direction;
      2. The hairs are of the same length and thickness;
      3. The tip of each hair directed slightly downward. As a result, the brow is beautifully curved.

      This technique is rarely used and chosen by the master only in individual cases. For example, when there are defects, and you need to hide them. This method is effective in the presence of bald spots. The European technique considered not popular since it does not allow you to create a natural look for the eyebrows.

      Features of the Asian method:

      It is a more complicated method, as it requires a creative approach;
      As in the European technique, the hairs are drawn upwards, but they can have different lengths and thicknesses. In addition, they can get confused with each other, be with different colour saturation. It is done on purpose to mimic natural hair growth as much as possible.

      This technique is more popular and in demand, as it is closest to the natural look.

      One way or another, the permanent makeup hair technique is rarely used as an individual one. It often combined with powdery eyebrows. The hairs become the base, and the feathering becomes the background. When they take together, a stunning effect obtained.

      The technique has no restrictions on age, skin type. Suppose there is a desire to create eyebrows in this particular technique – no problem. But most often, the master recommends this technique if:

      • Your eyebrows do not grow well, and you need to recreate the hairs;
      • There is an asymmetry that other tattoo techniques cannot hide;
      • There are bald spots – prominent light spots that need to covered with hairs;
      • Your eyebrows are very thin or light;
      • It is necessary to give density, volume;
      • There are scars and scars that you want to hide;
      • It is essential to shape the eyebrows.
      It should be understood that the technique does not provide for feathering, so there are gaps between the created hairs. They can show that the eyebrows are not natural. Therefore, in pursuit of naturalness, we recommend doing the hair technique in conjunction with shading. For example, a mixed eyebrow technique.


      Considering that a thin needle injected under the skin to a depth of only 1 mm, the procedure involves only a slight tingling sensation. But in this work, the master uses an anesthetic, which makes the tattoo procedure completely painless.

      In our permanent makeup studio, pain reliever used in two stages. The first time the product applied before starting the procedure, the second time – during it. Thus, we achieve absolute painlessness and discomfort for the client.
      Our clients often fall asleep during the procedure.

      The master recommends doing the correction a month after the first session. When the skin has completely recovered, and the pigment has given complete sediment, imperfections have appeared. Discipline will help to finalize the effect, give the eyebrows colour, correct the shape. Correction price is half the cost of a hair tattooing service.
      Note that correcting is not a mandatory requirement. You can skip it if you are satisfied with the effect after the first procedure. But, knowingly deciding that you do not need a correction, be sure to tell the master about it. It will enhance the colour of the brows to prolong the effect of the permanent makeup.