Microblading blonde eyebrow tattoo: how to choose colour, shape and technique - techniques for a flawless result

At first glance, it seems that the complexity of creating microblading eyebrows for blondes and brunette women is the same. However, in reality, that is not the case. Cosmetic tattoo for blondes requires experience, knowledge of colour and understanding of the peculiarities of the choice of the shape of the eyebrows. A limited choice of pigment shades is suitable for brunettes, whereas, for blonde beauties, the colour palette is enormous. In this article, we’ll tell you about the peculiarities of microblading tattooing for blondes: how to get permanent makeup in Melbourne and in what technique not to be disappointed in the result.

Microblading Blonde Eyebrows: Is It Possible?
Microblading for blondes
Combro microblading and powder brows for blondes

How to choose the colour of the pigment?

There is a generally accepted rule for the choice of pigment shade for blondes – it has to be 2-3 shades more profound than the natural colour of the eyebrows. But as our practice shows, in reality, this rule is subject to change. After all, there are many shades of blonde natural and coloured hair, so in some cases, a difference of 3 shades might not be enough. In this case, the colour of the eyebrows and hair will merge, which looks awkward and ugly. Owners of very light hairs can also opt for darker pigment shades, which is a great choice. In this case, the eyebrows will accentuate the fair skin and correctly highlight the eyes. Therefore, the 2-3 tone rule only works for hair owners in wheat, honey-gold and bright gold shades.

When selecting the colour pigment, the master is guided by the colour of the hair, eyes and skin, trying to find a balance of colours and choose the suitable pigment by mixing several shades. Most often, depending on general factors, these shades are chosen:

  • For ash blondes, grey, graphite shades are more often chosen. For owners of this hair colour, excessively dark tones are prohibited, as they will stand out too much on the face, making the image pretentious;
  • Blondes with a soft wheat shade can safely choose a light brown pigment palette. It will accentuate the brow arches and set the right accents on the face;
  • A chestnut palette is perfect for blond-haired beauties;
  • For fair-haired, brown-eyed girls, it is best to go for brown shades. The graphite palette should not be chosen as it doesn’t suit the eye colour;
  • Green-eyed blondes choose soft brown tones for a beautiful hair and eye colour ensemble;
  • Owners of blonde hair with a rich wheat shade can choose among copper, gold, brown, chestnut pigment in the appropriate shade;
  • Blue-eyed girls should opt for golden shades;
  • For blondes with black eyes, the artist recommends choosing a chocolate shade of pigment.

This is a tentative list of shades and their combination with hair colour. The master will choose the most suitable pigment variant to create harmony in the image only after seeing the girl.



Choose the shape of the upcoming Microblading tattooing.

When choosing the shape of the eyebrows, the master focuses on the oval of the face. This is accentuated by the selection of the brow arch and its length. Black and dark hair colour visually reduces the size of the face, while light hair, on the contrary, makes it more significant. In this case, a few essential rules come into play:

  • For a perfect balance between hair colour and face shape, the eyebrow should be as long as possible;
  • Avoid permanent eyebrow shaping techniques that feature a raised eyebrow with sharp edges (such as microblading);
  • Those who have a large face shape may opt for a comprehensive set of eyebrows, while narrower ones are best suited for a slim face;
  • The ponytail of the eyebrow should point towards the temple;
  • The eyebrow’s curve depends on the shape and fit of the eyes and the oval of the face. The curve of the eyebrow depends on the shape of the eyes and the shape of the oval of the face.

The choice of the permanent makeup technique for blondes

The choice of the permanent makeup technique for blondes

The final decision on the choice of permanent makeup technique is up to the client. But not always the desired technique suits the client’s appearance. We recommend blond young ladies to choose brow tattoo techniques with a more natural effect. For example, powder eyebrows.

The matter is that the combined technique, microblading and other modern techniques of permanent stipulate precise borders of the form that highlights the eyebrows on the general background. In some cases, this may not be the optimal choice.

Powder eyebrows are suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of hair colour or shade. The technique involves shading the pigment, giving the impression of a false eyebrow with shadow. There are no straight edges or essential transitions. Everything is smooth and natural. The technique is also ideal because it can be used with colours of different intensities. It is actual for blondes not to make the eyebrows too eye-catching and prominent on the face.
If powder eyebrows are not suitable for some reason or you do not want to, you can choose the hairline technique.

Why should a blonde woman get an Microblading tattoo?

In most cases, natural blondes and those who look good in this hair colour have blonde eyebrows that blend in with the face and are not visible. Girls have to dye eyebrows with makeup daily to complete the look and add aesthetics to it. It is therefore worthwhile for a blonde to get Microblading tattooing and solve several dilemmas at the same time:

  • There is no need for makeup, as the eyebrows will always have an expressive colour that perfectly highlights the face;
  • If the colour of the eyebrows tattoo for blondes is chosen correctly, then it is possible to dye the eyebrows in different shades. In this case, the eyebrows will look beautiful provided the hair shade will not be radical from the previous one;
  • You don’t have to worry about your eyebrows in summer when blondes get sunburned quicker;
  • One can be self-confident, with the eyebrows looking good at any time, in any situation.
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Post-procedure care

Skincare after blonde eyebrow tattoo procedure for needs to be more thorough than for dark-haired girls. It’s because blonde skin is more delicate and vulnerable. The care procedures and recommendations do not differ from the standard ones. Still, it is recommended to use sun-protection cream with high SPF-factor constantly to protect the skin and pigment and cover the eyebrows with a hat or glasses.

However, suppose you opt for permanent makeup in the powder eyebrow technique. In that case, it is advisable to systematically dye or henna your eyebrows to blend in with the background created during the permanent eyebrow tattoo. The technician will explain more about eyebrow care after the procedure, relying on the individual case.

Post-procedure care

Microblading blonde eyebrow TATTOO as a panacea

If you decide to have lip cosmetic tattooing, eyeliner or any type of brow tattooing you automatically save time, nerves, and money on purchasing cosmetics and their daily use. This is a huge bonus for blondes, as they are more likely to need eyebrow makeup.
But remember, the choice of technique, shape and colour needs to be handled rationally. Eyebrows should not stand out too much on the face and look vulgar. Therefore, be sure to consult a permanent makeup artist and take the time to choose a pigment colour and work out a sketch.

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