Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne

What is eyebrow tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoo became very popular in the last few years in Melbourne. What is especially in this procedure, and why it is in demand in Australia 2022?

A brows tattooing is a procedure during which hypoallergenic pigment is injected under the skin to correct the eyebrows’ shape, thickness, and colour.

In general terms, the procedure carries out as follows. A specialist, most often an experienced artist, applies a colouring pigment to the skin’s uppermost layer. Most important, treatment performed using a sterilized vibrating needle based on the hand’s reciprocating movement. It’s slipped into the skin and leaves the dye in the upper layers of the dermis. Above all, this procedure helps to create any shape and even draw individual hairs. 

eyebrow tattoo was done in Melbourne studio Face Figurati by Olha Pokatilova

How is eyebrow tattooing done?

Eyebrow tattoo in powder technique. Done by Artist Olha Pokatilova. She used Forest Brown pigment for eyebrow tattoos to better match hair, eye and eyebrow colour.

A couple of days before the permanent eyebrow makeup procedure, it recommends refusing to visit the solarium, drinking alcoholic and energy drinks. The course itself takes place in several stages:

  • Firstly, cleansing and disinfection of the skin.
  • Secondly, eyebrow shaping.
  • Thirdly, local anesthesia is optional.
  • Fourth, marking the future shape of the eyebrows.
  • Fifth, choice of dye shade.
  • Most important, pigment injection under the skin.
  • In conclusion, treatment with disinfectants and sedatives.


Eyebrow tattoo how long does it last?

Over time, a permanent makeup fades, but it happens very slowly – usually over several years. In conclusion, disappears at all. Above all, it replaces the everyday application of decorative cosmetics, which saves time. There is no need to invest your hard-earned money in buying expensive eyebrow pencils to help you get the right shape and colour. Cosmetics are a temporary solution. The effect of which does not last long. Thanks to the latest advances in cosmetology, there are no products to ensure long-term results. On the other hand, it is challenging, long and unpleasant to correct an unsuccessful outcome. Before deciding on a permanent eyebrow makeup procedure, you should find a good artist of permanent makeup.

The permanent makeup procedure is safe and helps women look well-groomed for an extended time. Since nothing is permanent, the effect of such a decision lasts from 1 to 2 years. The permanent makeup  has long attracted attention, but recently it has become available to many women. 

However, the long lasting result always based on quality of  eyebrow tattoo aftercare.

Feathering eyebrow cosmetic tattoo after treatment in Face Figurati Studio


Craftsman do a microblading eyebrow tattoo

The deeper the pigment inject, the more painful the sensation. Therefore, tattooing is painful and unpleasant. The release of lymph and blood accompanies the procedure. Permanent makeup, on the other hand, does not imply any discomfort. The use of a thin and tiny needle, which insert only superficially, guarantees complete painlessness. It becomes a massive advantage for cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Of course, artisans use pain-relieving creams or ointments to calm their clients. But they are not needed. Based on our experience, I can say that during the procedure, many clients fell asleep. If the client is suspicious, refers to a low pain threshold or is very worried, anaesthesia can be applied two times: before and during the procedure.

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When can I wash my face??

The woman is washing your face with a smile

When can I wash my face after an eyebrow tattoo?
Therefore, this question worries everyone who thinks about permanent eyebrow makeup. The requirement “not to wet” is perhaps the most significant inconvenience of the rehabilitation period. Why not? The answer is simple: the crust formed on the skin after the procedure retains its pigment, helping it take root. If you remove it, most of the dye will come out with the lymph due to the immune system’s work. That is why the main thing in post-procedural care is to be very careful with the crusts. Of course, the crusts can be damaged in a dream, putting on clothes and so on, but the main danger is moisture.

Most importantly, after tattooing, it is impossible to wet the eyebrows. How long the healing process will take, and hence the “dry period”, depends on the organism’s characteristics. It usually lasts 7 to 14 days.

To understand how long you can wet your eyebrows, you need to observe the area during the healing period. There will be slight redness and swelling immediately after the tattoo. On the third day, crusts will appear on the eyebrows, and the seventh or tenth day, slight peeling, a normal reaction of the body to invasive intervention. In conclusion, after the peeling process is over, you can safely take showers and visit the pool and sauna without restrictions!

How much is eyebrow tattoo cost?

This service is quite expensive. However, the permanent makeup price depends on several factors. Firstly, what kind of treatment will you choose. For example, microblading eyebrows, in which the master manually draws each hair, can cost AUD 600 and more. Powder dusting – pricing from 500 and mixed technique from 800. It is worth remembering any technique requires correction, which is recommended to be performed one month after the first procedure. Secondly, the penalty is paid separately and, as a rule, costs 50% of the full-service cost.

Although the question of price is very relative, the studio and the experience of the master are of great importance. Above all, the highly qualified master can set the price several times higher due to their name and brand. The cost will also include the consumption of materials, the salon’s rental, and employees’ salary. If the pigments are high class, then they are not cheap. This means that the expense should pay off. In some salons of the capital, the cost of a permanent eyebrow tattooing can reach 1000 AUD or even 2000 AUD. However, the eyeliner tattooing in CBD can start from 300 AUD  Everything is entirely subjective.

Happy model next to cosmetic tattoo artist after eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne studio Face Figurati

How to find the right Cosmetic Tattoo Artist?

Some Cosmetic Tattoo Artists works at home. Affected by the covid restriction in Victoria, it’s tough to pay high rent for all eight months of lockdown. Logically, the service of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing in such conditions is much cheaper. Monitoring the market in Australia, we managed to price from 450 AUD for a well-done eyebrows feather permanent makeup style. Besides, the lip tattooing in Melbourne can start from 450 AUD and up to 1500 AUD.

However, You should always check the portfolio of artisans to reach your desire result. However, affordable services are always a risk. In conclusion, women should understand the experienced craftmaster will fit the safety concept and have at 3 to 5 years background.


The excellent artist always treated all surfaces with an antiseptic. Equipment disinfected, and disposable consumables used. Make sure that all sterility requirements met. As a result, there is a risk of various infections if the master is not qualified. Besides, the master’s experience is also questionable. Rest assured, the highly qualified artist is always in demand. So they may accept clients at private properties.

But there is also a “golden mean”. The Artist Olha Pokatilova from Face Figurati studio has moved from Europe. Recently opened is not yet so famous, but already trust many customers. She asks for small sums for the service. An example of this is the permanent makeup in the our studio. The artist’s ambitions and desire to expand the client base are the motivators for high-quality services. Here, the prices are adequate (from 450 AUD), and the quality of services is high.

Well, which salon and which master to choose is up to you. We do not recommend saving on the procedure’s cost by selecting a proven artist.

Eyebrow Tattoo Pricing in Face Figurati

ProcedureTimePrice in Melbourne
Olha Pokatilova
Price in Brisbane
Anastasia Petkov
Microblading1,5 hour499 AUD none
Feathering Eyebrows1,5 hour499 AUDnone
Feather Stroke1,5 hour499 AUDnone
Feather Touch1,5 hour449 AUDnone
Powder brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Pixel Brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Eyebrow Shading Tattoo1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Mixed Technique (Microblading + Powder)2,5 hours559 AUDnone
Ombre Brows2 hours499 AUD449 AUD

Retouch or Correction

1,5 hour

50% from price

50% from price

Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio

2,5 – 3 hour

+150 AUD to the procedure price

+150 AUD to the procedure price

Cover old tattoo

1,5-2 hour

+100 AUD to the procedure price

+100 AUD to the procedure price

Retouch up to 1 year

1,5 hour

80% from first procedure

80% from first procedure

Most popular eyebrow permanent makeup

Even though there are more than ten different eyebrow techniques in our studio, We will introduce you to four modern eyebrow tattooing techniques that very popular in 2021. They have proven themselves well among masters and clients.


Microblading is a new salon procedure that allows you to correct the eyebrows’ shape. The stylist “draws” the missing hairs using a special scalpel-“pen” with the most delicate needle, injecting pigments into the upper layers of the dermis.A procedure called “eyebrow microblading” appeared in the beauty services list recently but immediately became popular…

Powder, Shading

The technique allows you to emphasize the natural shape and place the necessary accents, such as strengthening the bond, lengthen the eyebrow, or making it more expressive at the base. With the help of shading, You can also give the desired shade to the already drawn eyebrows, which is especially important if you need to correct the previously…

Feathering Eyebrows

Feathering Eyebrows is a procedure for dyeing the eyebrows using a blade that injects pigment under the skin. The technique appeared in antiquity: pigment tattoos done by Cleopatra and even ordinary inhabitants of Ancient Egypt. In China and Japan, they painted on bodies by hand. This technique has a similar approach as microblading but different styles of hair strokes.

Fethering Eyebrows

Permanent eyebrow make-up is evolving more and more famous every year, and no wonder, as you can overlook about daily touch-ups after the treatment! We tell you all about such a cosmetic tattooing technique as micro shading.

Combination technique

The mixed technique is perhaps the most detailed and challenging way to draw eyebrows. However, the result is also impressive with its naturalness and aesthetics. Point the name of the technique speaks for itself: hair after hair. Simultaneously, the natural density of the eyebrows achieved, and in the chosen shape, it looks as organic as possible.

Ombre Brows

Eyebrow ombré – also known as eyebrow powder ombré with the dark gradient pigment line on the bottom to the top of the brow. Treatment refers to a semi-permanent treatment of shading eyebrows to enhance their shape and fill imperfection areas creating a gradient effect.

Eyebrow Tattoo Artist

Olha Pokatilova

Olha Pokatilova is a Certified Master Trainer with over seven years of the professional tattooing industry.

She has all the advanced necessary certificates and qualification diplomas in permanent makeup and tattooing.

“In my work, I use only high-quality certified materials from trusted manufacturers. Compliance with all necessary sanitary standards is an integral part of my professional activity. I work with the best professional equipment.

“The purpose of my work is to create a unique individual image based on the structural and architectural features of the client’s face because high-quality permanent makeup is a guarantee of self-confidence.”


Face Figurati Booking Table

What effect of brow tattooing can be obtained?

  • Expiriense of Artist - 50 %
  • Quality of pigmnets - 20 %
  • Quality of needls - 20 %
  • Type of skin - 10 %

You don’t need to spend the money you earn to buy expensive eyebrow cosmetics. Thanks to technological advances, special cosmetic pigments, artists can correct brows in any shape, give them the desired shade, bringing the effect of microblading eyebrows to perfection.

Artist prepare pigments to do an eyebrow tattooing

What is the difference between Microblading and tattooing?

1. Application area

Let’s start with the fact that both microblading and tattooing are permanent makeup techniques that allow you to achieve the effect of bright eyebrows for a long time. However, there is a difference between these concepts. Tattooing can be different and do on the eyebrows and the lips and space between the eyelashes, but microblading is done exclusively on the eyebrows. Salons offering lip microblading usually mean tattooing or variations – powdery technique or spraying. Read on for the reasons for these limitations in microblading areas.

2. Microblading never left scars

The Microblading technique consists of applying micro cuts on the skin filled with pigment. Many micro cuts appear on the skin, which resembles hairs when filled with the correct tint. The master applies these micro-cuts to the skin at random for a natural effect, creating carelessness inherent in natural eyebrows. With the proper implementation of the microblading technique, the masters manage to achieve the most natural result. This technique is suitable for girls with thin or naturally thin eyebrows.

However, during the procedure, many things can go wrong: 

  • from the wrong selection of pigment
  •  to too thick “hairs” may draw by artist

So essential to choose a good one. Study his portfolio and, if possible, look at the work before and after the procedure and after several months. Another fake story is that new hairs will not grow at deep cuts since the hair follicles have been damaged.

3. Permanent makeup is a tattoo

The connection between permanent makeup and tattoos becomes clear immediately from the name. Even though there are many techniques, and the final result and the naturalness of the image will differ depending on the chosen method, the artist’s principle is simple: the upper layers of the epidermis will be tattooed, in our case, in the form of eyebrows. If the artist tries to work in the skin’s deeper layers, then the artist will stay on the surface without going deep into the epidermis. As a result, the tattoos looks exactly like a drawing with pigment distributed on the skin, but it is not easy to draw individual hairs with a tattooing machine.

The powdery tattooing technique, in which the colour of the eyebrows is not so intense, is suitable for girls who want to add brightness to their eyebrows and make them visually thicker

4. Persistence

Cosmetic tattoos and microblading differ in durability and durability. Believed that microblading lasts about a year, and tattooing lasts for several years. The durability of permanent makeup tattooing depends on the chosen technique, the artist’s professionalism, and the pigment used. Over time, after the microblading procedure, the dye may fade and even disappear from the skin.

The durability depends on how deep the paint inject into the skin in tattooing. It is worth saying that deeper does not mean better with a tattooing. Usually, the work of a master in the deep layers of the skin turns into unpleasant consequences for girls, which we have already written about here.

5. Effects

The unpleasant consequences of permanent makeup and microblading are also different. In the case of microblading, there are fewer of them. The worst that can happen is the artist’s lousy technique and a vague tattooing with cheap pigments. Microblading is more comfortable to remove from the skin, as the pigment does not penetrate too deep into the epidermis with this technique.

But with tattooing, if it performs incorrectly and the pigment is selected, there are usually much more troubles. Changing the eyebrows’ colour to blue or red is the most common complaint of girls. Unfortunately, not certified and cheap pigments used, especially the black ones, take on a blue tint over time – this often happens with old tattoos. More information about contraindications and advice you read on the FAQ page.

Permanent eyebrow makeup is harmless to your hair! The pigment penetrates only into the skin’s uppermost layers without touching the hair follicle – they are located much more in-depth.

The needle located in the upper layer of the epidermis, schematically shown in the picture with the symbols and demonstratively indicates that the follicle grows much lower than the penetration of the needles and pigment


Eyebrow Tattooing (Permanent makeup) can be called a follower of tattooing. Besides, it is a new technique for injecting pigment, which differs from tattooing in the principle of execution, the duration of the effect, and its appearance.

How is an eyebrow tattoo done?

The critical differences between semi-permanent and regular tattooing in the traditional sense are the pigment used and insertion depth. For tattooing, a conventional pigment is used, which also used for tattooing. Such dyes are pretty dense, have a chemical composition and are practically unaffected by the body. For PM, unique, more modern pigments used. They are made on a mineral basis and have a natural composition. Therefore, the body quickly breaks down and removes them.

The fundamental difference between permanent and permanent tattooing lies in the depth of pigment injection. During tattooing, the pigment injected under the skin to a depth of one and a half millimetres. In this case, there is a risk of affecting the hair follicles. It is often possible to see how women with tattoos do not have their eyebrows. When performing a permanent, the pigment is injected only into the uppermost layers of the dermis. No deeper than one millimetre. At the same time, the risk of affecting the hair follicles eliminated – your eyebrows grow without any problems.

The difference in effect duration

Due to the difference in the pigment form and its insertion depth, there is a big difference in the duration of the effect. Eyebrow tattooing can remain for life because the body is unable to cope with the pigment. The immune system constantly tries to break down the stain but eventually only partially removes it. The result is a considerable change. That is why the old eyebrow tattoos is blue, grey, red or any other unnatural shade. 

The effect of eyebrow tattooing lasts no more than 3 years. And this is subject to the peculiarities of the skin. For such a long time, the result is visible only on aging skin or skin prone to dryness. On young and oily skin, the effect is visual no more than 1.5-2 years. By this time, the body completely breaks down and removes the pigment, which forces you to turn to the master again and do the PM again.

Difference in pain

The deeper the pigment injected, the more painful the sensation. Therefore, tattooing is painful and unpleasant. The release of lymph and blood accompanies the procedure. Eyebrow tattoo, on the other hand, does not imply any discomfort. The use of a thin and tiny needle, which inserted only superficially, guarantees complete painlessness. It becomes a massive advantage for the PM. Of course, masters use pain-relieving creams or ointments to calm their clients. But they are not needed. Based on our experience, I can say that during the procedure, many clients fell asleep. If the client is suspicious, refers to a low pain threshold or is very worried, anaesthesia can be applied two times: before and during the procedure.

Difference in effect

The difference in appearance between tattooing and permanent makeup is enormous. Tattooing cannot look natural a priori. With this technique, the eyebrows look like one continuous arc: dense, overhanging, hammered. The tattoo is immediately noticeable. With permanent makeup, you can create a light, airy and relaxed look for your eyebrows. Now it is fashionable. The eyebrows look neat and natural. They adorn a woman, emphasize her virtues and hide her flaws. Therefore, Eyebrow Tattooing (Permanent Makeup) is famous today, and tattooing has become a relic of the past.

The most popular permanent makeup techniques are microblading, powdery brows and mixed media.


Artists can do Microblading in two ways:

  1. Maniple Pen ( an Artist should have high experience and talent based on this technique’s ages). The master takes a special blade needle with 5 needles in a row, scratches the upper layer of skin, then applies the pigment on top of the skin’s surface chosen before.
  1. Hardwear machine – The artist injects the pigment in the form of hair, choosing the thickness, colour saturation and length. Microblading allows you to hide bald spots, scars, or scars and brings the eyebrows closer to their natural appearance.

 Powdery eyebrows

The technique creates a spray effect as if the eyebrows can tint with great shadows or a pencil. The eyebrows look very natural and natural. It is an excellent option for those who do not like contoured eyebrows but want to give them colour and saturation.

Mixed media

The best option for those who have problems with hair growth. The technique allows you to make the eyebrows visually thick and voluminous, rich but neat and natural. It involves a combination of microblading and powder coating.

Eyebrow Tattoo in Face Figurati Studio guarantees 100% satisfactory results to each client!

The result of a permanent eyebrow tattoo depends on the quality of preparation and care. In order not to cause negative consequences, before the procedure, you must:

  • Firstly, for 2-3 days, ultimately limit alcoholic beverages. Energy should also exclude. All this affects immunity and the general condition of the body;
  • Secondly, for 3-4 days, stop taking antibiotics, hormonal and blood thinners;
  • Thirdly, for 2 days, start taking medications for allergies, if there is a tendency to it;
  • Also, during the week before the procedure, do not pluck eyebrows, peel, scrub, or dye eyebrows with paint or henna.

Care after the permanent eyebrow makeup procedure is required. If you take proper care of your skin, it will recover quickly and without problems, and the effect will be correct and beautiful. High-quality and effective care is as follows:

  • Daily use of moisturizers and healing products at least 3 times a day. Helps to avoid the formation of thick crusts and dry skin;
  • Besides, hand hygiene. All procedures should carry out only with clean hands;
  • Finally, wipe eyebrows only with paper towels or natural lint-free cloth.

At the same time, not recommended:

  • Firstly, rip off the crusts on your own, scratch your eyebrows if itching appears;
  • Also, carry out cosmetic procedures within a month after the process;
  • Moreover, sunbathe or stay in direct sunlight for a long time;
  • Besides, visit the steam room;
  • In addition, visit the pool for the first week;
  • In conclusion , do not engage in active sports to avoid excessive sweating.

You can read more about leaving here.

Recall that swelling and redness of the skin in the first hours after a permanent makeup session is a norm. After a while, they will ultimately pass. The formation of peeling after the crusts come off, and the darkening of the pigment is also the norm.

Retouch is the second stage of permanent eyebrow makeup. In the first session, the shape, thickness, visual and l density creature ed, and refinement was carried out in the second masters recommended doing the correction a month after the first procedure. The skin was wholly restored during this period, the pigment sediment fixed, and all the imperfections appeared.

What causes disadvantages?

Most often, due to the characteristics of the body and the immune system, which react differently to pigment. Sometimes the body typically perceives the colouring, and the effect of PM after the healing of the skin remains without flaws. Often, the immune system manages to overcome the foreign substance that perceives the pigment. The sediment either remains partially, leaving gaps or does not settle at all, leaving only a light shade. All these and other shortcomings are easily covered by correction. In addition, with retouching, the effect’s duration will increase due to the repeated injection of the pigment under the skin.

It is up to you to decide whether to correct or not. If the decision deliberately made you not do the correction, you need to notify its master. The correction price is half the cost of the selected technique.

Old permanent makeup is, as a rule, the deeply injected pigment that has lost its colour. It has grey, blue or red paint, which can only cover with repeated tattooing. If you want to hide the old tattoo, it is better to remove it by choosing one of these methods and making a permanent one.

Due to the difference in the depth of pigment injection and the duration of the effect, permanent makeup cannot wholly hide or camouflage an unsuccessful or old tattoo. Even if you choose a powder coating technique and make your eyebrows a bright and saturated colour, then after 2 years, when the PM effect has passed, the tattoo will be visible. The only way out is to make corrections and saturate the eyebrows with colour constantly. However, this is inconvenient. It is much easier to remove permanent makeup.

Face Figurati Studio guarantee 100% safety of your health, as we are fully responsible for the sterility of instruments, workplace and consumables. All consumables are disposable. They are used only for one client, and they are disposed of at the end of the session. The clipper needles are printed at the client’s location to confirm sterility.

All instruments are triple treated with disinfectants, dry heat and an ultraviolet lamp—the permanent make-up machine wrapped in film before the client arrives. Besides, the film is removed and disposed of at the end of the procedure.