Eyebrow tattooing is a great way to achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows that will last for years. However, it’s important to note that aftercare is essential to the healing process and the overall success of your permanent makeup.

If you’re wondering about the steps you need to follow after your tattoo procedure, don’t worry! We’ll go through the different types of eyebrow tattoos, aftercare essentials, and what to expect about eyebrow tattoo healing stages.

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How Important is Brow Tattoo Aftercare?

Eyebrow tattooing aftercare is crucial for maintaining the tattooed eyebrow’s shape and colour.

Aftercare instructions typically include avoiding water and sunlight, keeping the tattoo clean and dry, and applying a healing ointment. Following these instructions is important because it helps prevent infection and ensures that the tattoo heals correctly.

For example, if you get an eyebrow tattoo and then expose it to sunlight, the tattoo will fade more quickly. In addition, if you don’t keep the tattoo clean, it could become infected.

It is also important to note that the eyebrow healing process varies on an individual basis—the type of tattoo, skin age, etc.

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aftercare for eyebrow tattoo

Again, each individual’s skin will react differently to the pigment. Some people who did the procedure might worry because their newly tattooed eyebrows, after a week, still look darker than normal.

Should you be worried if the brows look dark at first? No. Keep in mind that eyebrow tattoo pigments will usually only lighten up after a few weeks. Be patient and follow your eyebrow tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions to the tiniest detail. This way, you’ll be sure to get properly healed brows and achieve optimal results.

With proper aftercare, you won’t need to apply eyebrow makeup again for up to 2 years!

Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Every person’s skin is unique, so eyebrow tattoo aftercare instructions will vary. Your cosmetic tattoo specialist will provide specific instructions tailored to your needs. However, these are some of the basics that you should know about:

  1. In general, a vaseline ointment will be applied to your skin right after the procedure.
  2. When the swelling goes down, and the crusting starts to show, the skin should be gently cleansed with a cotton swab dipped in micellar water. If you fail, the lymph will harden into a thick crust. This will make the healing process of eyebrow tattoo more difficult and time-consuming to cure the skin underneath. Every three to four hours during the first day, it is necessary to clean the skin area.
  3. You’ll notice that the colour of your eyebrows darkens the next day. Don’t be alarmed: it takes time for the skin to accept the pigment.
  4. For a week after the procedure, you must avoid touching your eyebrows, especially the crusts. They will naturally peel off after 7 to 12 days. If you experience any itching, do not panic; this is a normal reaction to skin regeneration. This only indicates that the cosmetic tattoo is healing properly.
  5. You are not allowed to use baths, saunas, and the like for two weeks. It would be best if you also avoided any activities that will make you sweat or require you to stay under the sun.
  6. You will know that the eyebrows are properly healed when the crusts are entirely gone.
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A Day-by-Day Overview of Your Eyebrow Tattoo Healing Process

Now that we know the basics, here’s what you can expect to happen daily during the stages of eyebrow tattoo healing process.

Day 0: Immediately After the Procedure

It’s normal for your skin to feel a bit swollen and red right after. But don’t worry, your skin will start to recover soon.In the next 1-2 hours, your skin will start to release lymph fluid. This is a natural part of the healing eyebrow tattoo process, but it’s important to wipe it off promptly to help your skin recover faster.To do this, grab the remedy recommended by your artist. Micellar water is a great option and can easily be found at a drugstore. Simply soak a cotton swab or a clean, soft cloth in the micellar water and gently wipe the area. Don’t rub too hard, as this could cause further damage to your delicate skin.Repeat this process as often as possible for the first few hours, typically every 15 to 20 minutes. As your skin starts to heal, you’ll need to do it less often. Just make sure to avoid washing your face while the lymph is active.If your tattoo artist recommends using additional products, like petroleum jelly, use them sparingly and no more than three times a day. A thin layer is all you need to keep your skin moisturised and speed up the healing process. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully, as using too much can actually slow down your skin’s recovery by clogging pores.
Eyebrow Aftercare Day 1-2 ​

Days 1-2

After getting your stunning new tattooed eyebrows, you may notice they appear even bolder the next day. This darkening results from the pigments adapting and mixing with lymph fluid produced overnight. Although the fluid will usually stop being secreted by now, it’s still important to remove it with the steps we discussed earlier.To aid your tattooed eyebrows healing process perfectly, follow your artist’s aftercare instructions to the last detail! If they didn’t suggest specific products, resist the urge to experiment with your own.While you are still healing tattoo eyebrows, it is best to avoid getting the area wet, using hot water or exposing it to steam. So, avoid soaking in the tub or taking a dip in the pool. Also, steer clear of any decorative cosmetics or cosmetic procedures on your brows during this time.
Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 2-3

Days 3-7

On the third day, you may notice some crusting on your eyebrows. Your crusts may be thick, but it’s more likely that they’ll be slightly peeling, especially if you have had powder eyebrows.Whatever the case, resist the urge to pick at the crusts from eyebrow tattoo scabbing. Let your dead skin naturally fall off – it will happen in 2-3 days!If you feel itchy, that’s a sign of healthy healing, but try not to scratch. Instead, press your fingers or a cotton swab lightly on the eyebrows. Washing your face with warm water and baby soap or micellar water is fine, but avoid hot water and steam.You may feel some dryness and tightness, but a little petroleum jelly can help soften rough crusts and moisten your skin. A thin eyebrow tattoo peeling off is a great sign that your care was spot on, and your permanent makeup will look its best!
Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 3-5
Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 5-7

After Two Weeks

To ensure a stunning and long-lasting result, you need to follow a few simple guidelines during the brow tattoo healing process. Here’s what you need to know:Give it time: Your skin needs time to heal, so give it two weeks. Pay attention to changes that happen to your eyebrow tattoo day by day. Avoid harm: During the stages of brow tattoo healing, steer clear of activities that could harm your skin, such as steaming, scrubbing, peeling, using decorative cosmetics, or exposing it to direct sunlight. Stay protected: If you have to be outside, protect your skin with sunscreen and a hat or glasses. The wait is worth it: The final result of your tattoo will take up to 28 days to fully appear but don’t worry if you see some slight imperfections. Correction is available: If needed, a correction can be done after 28 days to refine the final result and make it even better! And, the good news is that the correction cost is usually only 50% of the original tattoo cost.So, take it easy, enjoy the process, and prepare to flaunt your beautiful new brows!If you’re considering getting an eyeliner tattoo in Melbourne, it’s important to find a skilled and trustworthy artist like Olha Po. With so many options available, it can be tempting to choose the first one to offer this service at the lowest price, but not all artists are equally skilled. Take your time researching to find the best artist for the job! Trusting someone with the delicate area of your eyes is a big decision, and you want to make sure you’re in good hands.
Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 7-10
Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 10-14
Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 14-21

Don't Panic If Your Powder Brow Tattoo Needs a Touch-Up

If you notice that your powder brow tattoo has been damaged or scratched during the semi permanent eyebrows healing process, there’s no need to worry. A touch-up session, typically scheduled 30-40 days after the initial healing period, can easily correct any imperfections.

Permanent makeup artists always recommend having a touch-up session for a few reasons.

First, the initial procedure is considered a trial or introductory session, as the body’s reaction and how the pigment settles are unknown. Touch-ups can fix any areas where the pigment has come out or has become much lighter.

The second reason is that touch-ups allow you to make changes to the shape and intensity of the brows if desired. And, of course, correction sessions prolong the duration of the tattoo’s effect.

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When Can I Wash My Face After Eyebrow Tattoo and Microblading Procedures?

when I can wash my eyebrow tattoo
It’s important to avoid getting the tattoo wet during the healing process, which usually lasts from 7 to 14 days.During this time, there may be some redness, swelling, and crusting, followed by slight peeling. Once the peeling process is over, you can safely wash your eyebrows and participate in activities like showers, swimming, and saunas.Observe the tattooed area to determine when it is fully healed and ready for washing. If you are not sure, you can ask your tattoo specialist for confirmation.

Additional Precautions for Those With Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, it’s important to take extra care after eyebrow tattoo procedure to prevent potential complications. Excess oil can clog pores and increase the risk of infection.To minimise these risks, use oil-free products. Make sure to use an oil-free cleanser and moisturiser on the tattooed area to prevent clogged pores.
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In Summary: Key Considerations to Make Your Aftercare for Eyebrow Tattoo Successful

Trust your artist's guidance

Your artist knows best when it comes to tattoo eyebrow aftercare that is tailored to your skin’s needs. You should prioritise their recommendations and follow their instructions carefully.

Temporary darkening

On the second day, the colour of your eyebrows may become darker. Stages of healing eyebrow tattoo can be different for each individual, but if this happens, remember that it is normal.

Micellar water wipes

When the swelling has subsided and the crusting has formed, gently wipe the area with a cotton sponge and micellar water. Repeat this process every 3-4 hours during the first day as part of your eyebrow tattooing healing process.

Avoid touching the crusts

For the first week of your eyebrow tattoo care, resist the urge to touch the crusts that may form as your eyebrows heal. They should peel off on their own within 7-12 days, depending on various factors such as the artist’s technique and your skin’s characteristics.

Healing ointment

If your artist recommends a healing ointment, apply it thinly no more than four times a day for a few hours. Avoid self-medication as it can mess with natural tattoo eyebrows healing process.
eyebrow tattoo aftercare ointment

Sleeping habits

To prevent damaging the fresh tattoo, try to sleep on your back and avoid sleeping on your face.

No soaking or sun exposure

For two weeks, avoid activities that expose your skin to moisture or UV light. These include such things as bathing, saunas, and extended sun exposure. Instead, gently clean the area with micellar water.

Correction appointment

If you experience any issues with your eyebrows during the healing process, your artist can perform a correction appointment 30-40 days after the initial procedure.
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microblading eyebrows aftercare
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microblading eyebrows aftercare

Eyebrow tattoo Aftercare – Main Takeaways

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