What Are Microblading & Powder Brows tattoo?

This treatment is in incredibility demand by people with skin inclined to allergic rashes from decorative cosmetics. It’s a modern technique that allows you to emphasize the shape and colour of your eyebrows. The characterization method by a long-lasting effect helps hide aesthetic flaws in appearance. The pigment is injected into the surface layer of the skin, creating a smoky effect. Eyebrow Tattoo with proper care lasts up to 2 years, the dye does not wash off with water, and the contour remains clear under all circumstances. The service allows not to use cosmetics for several years.

powder brows aftercare

How Long Does eyebrow tattoo Aftercare Last?

Everything is individual (the quality of preparation for the procedure also matters). But you should know the main thing – the established pigment shade is not an indicator of healed skin. On the contrary, older skin needs more time – at least 4-5 weeks. Therefore, if the pigment has given the final sediment after two weeks, remember that the recovery process is still ongoing, and there is no need to rush for correction.

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What Are the Basic Rules of Microblading Aftercare?

microblading aftercare

The skin heals quickly and without any problems. There may be a slight amount of lymph during the first twenty-four hours. Remove it with micellar water and a cotton pad. Unlike other techniques, the crusts after the powder eyebrow procedure look very light peeling. However, it would be best not to try to remove it either. It is necessary to let the skin drain on its own. During the regeneration and recovery of the skin, do not go to the sauna tanning salon. It would be best if you would not visit swimming pools until the skin healed utterly, as chlorinated water can cause damage by getting into the injured dermis. During the week, you should choose to exercise moderately to avoid getting a sweat on your still-healing eyebrows. Also, to prevent sweating, exclude prolonged stay in hot rooms. It’s not recon to drink alcohol during the first four days, as it suppresses the immune system, thereby increasing the chance of catching the virus. As soon as the crusts come off, all prohibitions cancel.

Which Ointment Should I Use for eyebrow tattoo aftercare?

After the microblading eyebrows or powder brows, the artist needs to apply a thick layer of Vaseline. The skin should rest for the first two hours, so do nothing else. After two hours, wipe the tattooed area with micellar water on a cotton pad. After five minutes, apply Vaseline to dry skin. Necessary: If you use Vaseline abundantly, you can create a “greenhouse effect” that will hurt the condition of the eyebrows and cause discomfort. Procedure: during the first 7-10 days, the skin should be treated 2-3 times a day.

  1. Remove the remains of the ointment with a cotton pad, without rubbing the skin and without pressing;
  2.   Gently (without pressure) wipe with micellar water; 
  3. Wait 5 minutes;
  4.  Apply Vaseline in a thin layer. Necessary: Do not apply hydrogen peroxide or products containing alcohol.
eyebrow tattoo aftercare ointment

How Do I Know What eyebrow tattoo Aftercare Type Is Right for Me?

Aftercare recommendations for all skin types after cosmetic tattooing: 

  1. Avoid contact with water until the wound surface has healed, at least until crusts have fallen off. 
  2. Do not use a towel in the eyebrow area. Remove moisture from the face with non-woven cloths, using gentle blotting motions. 
  3. The first two weeks should postpone exercise, and visits to a sauna swimming pool should delay. Otherwise, the healing area can get wet. Swelling and redness can increase if the site is steam up. 
  4. Using decorative cosmetics in the Cosmetic Tattoo zone is not recommended for agents with an aggressive principle of action – alcoholic ones, soaps, scrubs, peelings, and hormonal preparations in the first two weeks. Refrain from the use of oils and masks. 
  5. Should be postponed removal of excess hair until the crusts fall entirely off. It is a very traumatic procedure, which may increase the adverse effects. 
  6. It is not recommended to dye eyebrows with permanent dyes – dye and henna – before the process of tattoo correction, even if after the acclimatisation of pigment is low and you think that eyebrows look a little pale. 
  7. It will help if you refrain from visiting a solarium. Should be avoided exposure of the eyebrows to direct sun rays. Under ultraviolet light, it can destroy the pigment; therefore, the eyebrows might have appeared much lighter than you expected. Further on, to preserve the dye, it is advisable to use sunscreen permanently. 
  8. It is essential to protect the pigment injection area from cold. 
  9. It’s not recon to take any antibiotics during the recovery period. That’s why get your doctor’s consultation for any action previous.
microblading eyebrows aftercare

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Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare for Oily Skin

Usually, oily skin removes pigment much faster than dry or normal skin. On the first day after the procedure, the top layer of the epidermis becomes inflamed and swollen. It’s a natural reaction to the multiple injuries caused by the needles. The redness and swelling go away the next day, as the depth of damage are minimal. But everyone’s body is different, and terms can be other. The complete healing process, with proper care, takes 14 days to a month. In the first days, the eyebrows look much brighter and more unnatural, but as it heals, the pigment will go away but 60% and the eyebrows will become lighter. Do not try to mask this process in any way. It can harm and worsen the condition of the skin. The first week after the tattoo treatment, it’s a contraindication to do sports. It is better to avoid vigorous physical activity. For the same period, it is better not to use decorative cosmetics in the area where cosmetic tattoos to prevent getting an infection. – As for sunbathing: you should not sunbathe for 21 days! After 21 days, you can go to a solarium or sunbathe, but you should use sun-protection cream with an SPF of 35 units. Any pigment tends to burn out (absolutely any brand and country of production). The first month after the cosmetic tattoo procedure is to refrain from visiting baths, saunas and swimming pools. The fact is that the skin is steaming, the pores dilate, and the pigment can “escape” through the enlarged pores. – If the cosmetic tattoo area has dry skin, moisturise it with vaseline: – Do not abuse the different creams. – Vaseline on the skin no more than twice a day with a thin layer. – Remove the excess to prevent “steaming”. And most importantly, the area of the cosmetic tattoo should not be scratched, rubbed or in any other way removed crusts!

eyebrow microblading aftercare

How Do I Clean My Eyebrows?

In the first three days, three times a day, the client needs to treat the cosmetic tattoo area. Procedure: 

  1.  Moisten a cotton pad with micellar water (not too much) and Gently (without pressure) wipe the eyebrows and the growth of hairs; 
  2.  Wait two minutes until the eyebrows are completely dry, and apply a thin layer of vaseline; If you feel dryness on the eyebrows after the convergence of the crusts, it is allowed to lubricate lightly with petroleum jelly once a day.

Powder Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare: Day by Day Overview

There are specific rules of care for the Powder Brows area that guarantee quick healing of the dermis and its recovery. We recommend strict adherence to them for a good result.

Day 1-2

Immediately after the session, the skin will be swollen and red. Once the body’s initial reaction has passed (about 1-2 hours), the injured skin will begin to secrete (lymph), which you need to get rid of immediately. Get rid of the lymph with a remedy that your artist recommended. If you do not wipe off the lymph in time, keeping the skin moist, the skin will become dry, and the lymph fluid will dry out, turning into a thick, rough and ugly crust. The best option is micellar water. Micellar water can purchase at the drugstore. Wipe the area with a cotton swab. A cotton swab soaked in micellar water should be gently worked into the skin, pressing lightly on the spot. Do not rub too hard – you can further traumatize the already thin dermis. Alternatively, you can use a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. This simple procedure should be done as often as possible for the first few hours without letting the lymph dry out. Typically, it’s every 15 to 20 minutes. The frequency will decrease as the skin begins the healing process, so less lymph is released. While the lymph fluid is active, you should not wash your face. Use micellar water in the brow area. The master recommends the additional use of other products (petroleum jelly) and naming the optimal products for revitalization. Often no other ointments are required. However, if they still recon, they should be applied in a weak layer and not too often (no more than three times a day). A thick layer of thick ointment will clog pores and slow down the skin’s healing process. It also needs to follow the instructions when using the product.

Eyebrow Aftercare Day 1-2 ​

Day 2-3

A day later, the eyebrows will become darker on the second day because of pigment adaptation and mixing the colour with the lymph secreted during the night. The lymph is usually no longer perspired during this period, but if this happens. It must remove according to the previous scheme. The care should follow the Artist’s recommendations. If the specialist indicated that respect is unnecessary, you should not engage in “self-medication” to apply the skin independently selected products. If the Artist suggests a specific healing ointment, don’t use it more than 3 – To 4 times a day. The cream should be applied thinly for 2 hours and then gently wiped with a wet cotton swab. During this period, try not to wet the skin, not use hot water, and not steam the area. Therefore, lying in the bathtub and going to the pool are prohibited. It is also strictly forbidden to use decorative cosmetics for eyebrows and conduct any cosmetic procedures over them.

Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 2-3

Days 3-7

On the third day, crusts begin to appear. It’s difficult to say what they will be, and it depends on the body’s reaction and the quality of care of the dermis in the previous two days. Brows can be thick ( it’s infrequent), but more often than not, especially in powder eyebrows treatment, the crusts are slightly peeling. In any case, whatever the crusts are, you should not try to tear them off, speed up the process of their departure. Dead skin should come off without your help. If the process of skin detachment is not disturbed, it will happen within 2-3 days. The formation of itching indicates the healing of the skin, which is a proper and regular process. You should not scratch the area, but if the itching is severe, you can relieve the irritation by pressing your fingers near the tattoo. You can also use a cotton swab, pressing lightly along the eyebrows (above them). Washing with water is allowed, but you can use it at warm or room temperature. You can wash your face with baby soap or micellar water. During this period, there is a distinct feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin in permanent makeup. If the crusts are rough, they can be softened and moisturized with the help of ordinary petroleum jelly, which you can find and buy in every drugstore. The fastest way to descend tough crusts is moisturized skin. If they are thin, you do not need to do anything like a film. Such peeling indicates that care was perfect correctly, and the effect of permanent makeup will be closest to the ideal.

Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 3-5
Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 5-7

Days 7-14

By the end of the first week, the crusts gradually come off. They should still not be touched, as this can cause damage to the skin, pigment coming out and uneven distribution. After the crusts are entirely gone, the pigment shade will become lighter, but within a short time (a day or two), it will darken slightly again. The amount of residue and the pigment shadow are individual, but the shade can change. Skincare is over. Once the scabs are completely gone, you will no longer be able to use Vaseline or moisturisers that you used before. But in the future, if the tattoo area is too dry, then apply petroleum jelly in the morning and evening before going to bed, while the care product should use in a thin layer.

Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 7-10

Day 14-28

After two weeks, the skin heals, but the process of recovery, settling of pigment and determination of the final result continues. During this period, it is still forbidden to steam the skin. It is strictly prohibited to scrub the skin in the area of the eyebrows, peeling or any other cosmetic procedures associated with skin trauma. It is also not recommended to use decorative cosmetics. It’s not recon to expose the skin to direct sunlight. If you plan to be outside for a long time, apply sunscreen to the skin and cover your eyebrows with a hat or glasses. If you did a tattoo in the winter, try to cover it with a hood. For 28 days, while the skin is regenerating, the final result of the permanent is determined. It may be perfect, or there may be slight imperfections in the form of gaps or irregularities. The shade of the eyebrows may become lighter or even go out. After 28 days, correction is possible. It will eliminate all imperfections, saturate the tattoo with colour, and prolong the effect. The correction price in our studio is 50% of the cost of the chosen procedure.

Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 10-14
Eyebrow tattoo aftercare day 14-21

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When Can I Wash My Eyebrows After Powder Brows Treatment?

when I can wash my eyebrow tattoo

When can I wash my eyebrows after a tattoo? This question worries everyone who is thinking about a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. Why not? The answer is simple: the crust that forms on the skin after the procedure keeps the pigment in the skin, helping it to take root. Most of the pigments dye will come out with the lymph. The main thing in post-procedure care is to treat the crusts very carefully. Of course, the crusts can be damaged in their sleep while wearing clothes, but still, the main danger is getting wet. The “no wetting” requirement is probably the most considerable inconvenience of the rehabilitation period. After the tattoo to wet, the eyebrows can not, and how long it will take the recovery process and therefore, the “dry period” depends on the characteristics of the body. Usually, it lasts from 7 to 14 days. To understand how long it is possible to wet the powder eyebrows, you need to observe the area of the tattoo during the period of healing. Immediately after the tattoo, there will be some redness and swelling. There will be crusts on the eyebrows on the third day and the seventh to tenth day – a slight peeling, the body’s normal reaction to the invasive intervention. After the peeling process is over, you can safely take a shower and go to the pool and sauna without restrictions!

How Long After the Powder Brows Treatment Can I Wash My Face?

Eyebrow cosmetic tattoos should not be wet for 7 to 14 days. It’s important to note that baths, saunas, and swimming pools need to avoid during the healing process. Indeed, the crusts will also get wet in these places, and you won’t notice it. The cosmetic tattoo shouldn’t wet until the crusts are entirely gone. Why can not you wet the tattoo? During healing, cosmetic tattoo forms crusts that protect the exposed skin from dirt and damage, and they also keep the pigment where applied. If the crusts peeled swollen from water, then the tattoo will take root very poorly, or it will not exist.

aftercare eyebrow tattoo

How do I maintain my eyebrow tattoo once healed?

What’s most important when healing eyebrows after a procedure? Let’s summarise the main recommendations for care after the treatment of powder coating of eyebrows: 

  • Where the pigment is injected, under no circumstances should you wet the place until the crusts descend; 
  • Do not scratch the skin or remove crusts; 
  • During the first three days, do not take any medications that affect blood clotting; 
  • To relieve itching, treat the skin with micellar water. 

If you follow these simple rules, you will get precisely the result you expect!.

What If I Mess Up My Powdered Brows?

Your eyebrows were damaged, scratched or erased during healing. No worries, all this could be corrected on the touch up 30 – 40 days after the healing process. Follow all the recommendations of the master, and nothing will happen to your eyebrows. Masters of permanent makeup always recommend doing a correction of powder eyebrows. There are three reasons for this: – The first procedure is always considered a trial, introductory, as it is unknown how the body will behave, how the pigment will settle, and the effect. The dye can come out wholly or partially to become much lighter. Any imperfections can change with touchup. During this treatment, the pigment reintroduces along the entire length of the eyebrow. It’s possible to hide spots and blemishes and saturate the eyebrow with colour; – If desired, it is possible to change the shape and make the eyebrows darker; – Correction prolongs the duration of the effect.

What Do I Do If My Powder Brows Start Fading Too Soon?

Many factors cause your eyebrows to fade quickly. Recommendation to make a retouch every 1,5 years.
Follow the recommendations, and your eyebrows will last 1,5 years.
1. Bright sunlight will hurt the colour of your tattoo. Mainly, use sunscreen in sunny weather.
2. It is categorically forbidden to make skin scrubbing in the area of the eyebrows, peeling or any other cosmetic procedures associated with skin injury.

microblading eyebrows aftercare

Eyebrow tattoo Aftercare – Main Takeaways

aftercare microblading

For properly healed and good looking powdered eyebrows, post-procedure care by day will look like this: 

  1. It is only possible to assess what protocol of action will suit your skin specifically. Therefore, in the care of the eyebrows after the cosmetic powder eyebrow tattoo, you need to prioritize the instructions of your master. After finishing the procedure, the master will apply vaseline and give detailed recommendations for individualized care. 
  2. After 1-2 hours, when the swelling subsides, and the crusting comes through, it should be regularly wiped with a cotton sponge with micellar water without pressing hard. If this is not ready, the lymph will harden into a thick crust, under which the skin will be harder and longer to heal. The whole first day, it is worth wiping the cosmetic tattoo area every 3-4 hours. Essential that you can not dry the skin in this case. If the master has recommended a healing ointment, follow his recommendations and instructions to the medium. Apply them thinly, no more than four times a day for a couple of hours, and wipe them with a wet cotton swab and self-medication is unnecessary. 
  3. The next day you’ll notice that the colour of your eyebrows becomes darker. Do not be alarmed. Just pigment mixed with the lymph: the body needs time to accept the new substance. 
  4. Eyebrow spraying care is the most responsible in the first few days. 
  5. For a week, your main task is to hold on and not touch the crusts, which may appear as they heal. In 7-12 days, they will peel off without intervention. It depends on the technique of introducing the pigments—the artist’s professionalism, the depth of work, and the individual characteristics of your skin. Do not be alarmed if you feel any itching: this is a natural reaction to skin regeneration. It means that the cosmetic tattoo is healing, and everything is going as it should. 
  6. For two weeks, you are prohibited from baths, saunas, steaming of the skin, UV-light (solarium visits, and an extended stay in the active sun). It is essential to wash and clean the cosmetic tattoo area gently but do it with a micellar. 
  7. It is desirable to introduce the habit of sleeping on your back to avoid accidentally damaging the fresh permanent on the pillow at night. When the crusts after the correction of the brow powdering are gone, care according to the unique recommendations is no longer required. If the crusts are thin, no additional treatment is needed. If the crusts have become complex and thick, you can moisten them with petroleum jelly, but try to remove them in no case. 

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