Combination Brows

Features of Eyebrow Tattooing in Combo Brows Technique
(microblading + powder)

 The Combination Brows it’s a combination of two cosmetic tattoo treatments Microblading eyebrows and Powder Brows. The method’s essence is a precise drawing of fine lines that imitate natural hairs, plus the soft filling of the entire eyebrow contour with pigment, like everyday makeup with shadows or a soft pencil.

The mixed technique of eyebrow tattooing is the apogee of art. Possibility to create exceptional eyebrows in their natural form. No one will even understand that they made using the tattoo technique! After all, the correct selection and combination of shades only favourably emphasize the eyebrows and not pretentiously highlight them.

Combo Brows
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What is combo brows?

Illustration of three techniques: Microblading, Shading and combination of them Mixed method. Work perform on silicon mat for training.
  • Firstly, the selection of the correct shape of the eyebrows. The Artist selects the most suitable form based on the client’s type. The style and shape of the eyebrows are discussed and corrected.
  • Secondly, choosing the selection of the colour of the pigment. Based on looks and accents that create a complete look. One or more dye shades are selected to create the perfect eyebrow colour.
  • Thirdly, the Artist is applying anaesthesia (lidocaine) on the eyebrows. The Master uses anaesthetic twice (primary and secondary) to reduce pain.
  • Fourth. The Artist should always start with Microblading since this technique requires the careful and manual drawing of the hair. The Artist uses special needles u18 or u19 intended only for the maniple technique’s craft manual.
  • Above all, an artist can start spraying the Microshadingstyle when the microblading eyebrows technique was finished and the shape has acquired volume and density. To begin applying pixels, the Artist uses a “pen” tattoo machine. Where uses needles R1 or R5. This technique’s peculiarity lies in the fact that the inner part of the eyebrows is closer to the face’s centre is sprayed with a rare amount of pixels. Meanwhile, to emphasise the eyebrows’ outline shape, the artist sometimes can increase the contrast by spraying more pixels in the lower part of the eyebrows. It’s giving the eyebrows an ombre style.
  • In conclusion, consultation and registration for a retouch. Upon completing the procedure, the Master applies a wound-healing preparation, advises on any issues and writes up for a retouch. 

How much is Combo Brows?

 The price of a combination eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne ranges from 450 to 1,500 AUD per session. Strong recommendations before signing up for a master. Always look at his portfolio. Take a look at the portfolio as well. Self-respect, the artist will never use Photoshop to process his work. If you see any work processed with Photoshop, This is the first sign that the artist has either stolen this work or is trying to hide something wrong. Even though he will be in a costly salon, this is not an indicator of meeting the permanent makeup criteria.

 In conclusion, as you can see, this technique requires a high level of skill from the artist. In our experience, the artist should have at least one hundred clients’ in the past in other techniques. Besides, this master requires a special needle, pigment, and different equipment types for this procedure. That is why not many studios in Melbourne can boast of this procedure. Also, this procedure is more expensive as it requires more attention and experience in the cosmetic tattooing industry. 

Examples of eyebrow tattoo technique done on special silicon mat: Microblading, Shading and Mixed

How to find the right Eyebrow tattoo artist?

Main recommendations for choosing an artist:

  • The first and primary rule, always to look at the portfolio.​
  • Respecting self artist never processes his photographs.
  • An expensive salon will not always bring you results since experienced artisans not still there hired.
  • Experience specialist continuously self-employed. ​
  • Pay attention if the artist has certificates for pigments and how many years he has been using them. Every permanent makeup artist is confident in his stains' collage for tattoos she has used for years.
  • Hygenic and disposable equipment must-have.
  • Experts with extensive experience can always offer several techniques and different shapes of a tattoo at once.
  • Pay attention to the reviews that you will find on the Internet. They will tell you everything about the future tattoo.
  • An experienced artist is always busy, and it is not easy to get to him for the procedure.
Do you have any questions?

In practice, such a solution allows you to draw clear thin lines, imitate hairs, as if it were not a tattoo, but your natural hair strands with ordinary makeup applied with a pencil or well-chosen shadows. However, it is not enough to apply specific techniques to make the result look natural. It would help if you had a high level of performer’s skills, the use of the latest professional equipment.

The level of complexity and responsibility of such work is comparable to medical procedures. Therefore, Face Figurati Cosmetic Tattooing Studio employs only professionals with more than four years of experience and 500 courses. If you are interested in this service, welcome to the Cosmetic Tattoo Studio in Melbourne.

Photo Combo Brows

powder eyebrow tattoo did for a blond girl with special combine triple pigment colour fudge + espresso + forest brown. The technique for oily skin and does as the best result for the stewardess Helena.
Powder eyebrows before after
cost of eyebrow tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Olha Pokatilova

Olha Po is a certified cosmetic tattoo artist in Melbourne. She is also a certified master trainer with over 7 years experience in the professional tattoo industry.

Olha has all the necessary certificates and qualifications in permanent make-up and tattooing.

“In my work I use only high-quality certified materials from proven manufacturers. I work on the best professional equipment. Compliance with all necessary sanitary regulations is an integral part of my professional activities.
My work is aimed at creating a unique individual image based on the structural and architectural features of the client’s face, because high-quality permanent make-up is a guarantee of self-confidence.”

Today, permanent make-up with close-to-natural contours and colours is taking a leading role in the beauty industry. It is ideal for those who are not prepared to spend a lot of time on make-up or who are prone to allergic reactions to cosmetics. Modern technology makes it possible to achieve unparalleled results in lip tattooing, eyebrow contouring, eyeliner tattoo and eye colouring, as well as emphasising the expressiveness of the eyes.

Our cosmetic tattooing price is very dependent on the individual. Below you’ll find a rough suggestion of our prices. A consultation is required for more detailed pricing.

Our Pricing

ProcedureTimePrice in Melbourne
Olha Pokatilova
Price in Brisbane
Anastasia Petkov
Microblading1,5 hour499 AUD none
Feathering Eyebrows1,5 hour499 AUDnone
Feather Stroke1,5 hour499 AUDnone
Feather Touch1,5 hour449 AUDnone
Powder brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Pixel Brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Eyebrow Shading Tattoo1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Mixed Technique (Microblading + Powder)2,5 hours559 AUDnone
Ombre Brows2 hours499 AUD449 AUD

Retouch or Correction

1,5 hour

50% from price

50% from price

Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio

2,5 – 3 hour

+150 AUD to the procedure price

+150 AUD to the procedure price

Cover old tattoo

1,5-2 hour

+100 AUD to the procedure price

+100 AUD to the procedure price

Retouch up to 1 year

1,5 hour

80% from first procedure

80% from first procedure

Who is suitable for eyebrow tattooing in mixed technique?

Professional tattooing with a combined method is a universal technique. It allows you to solve several problems at once. For example, to eliminate the noticeable asymmetry of the eyebrows, to correct their shape. You can achieve a beautiful curve, a visual magnification, or a clear and beautiful outline. similar actions are relevant to many clients. Here are just a few simple examples:

Powder eyebrows before after
  1. The complete absence of eyebrows or partial hair loss. Damage to the skin point It is necessary to mask the areas where hairs cannot grow.
  2. Eyebrows are naturally rare. To make them thicker. Visual volume is created.
  3. Hairs grow sloppy. Tired of wasting time styling.
  4. An active lifestyle, constant face contact with water, leads to the fact that even the most persistent makeup does not hold. An alternative solution is needed. Relevant for athletes, people who spend a lot of time in the pool. Or there is simply no time to do makeup every day.
  5. The client has light or almost invisible eyebrows. In order not to have to constantly dye them, you can use this eyebrow tattooing technique.
  6. To procedures will draw more attention to your eyes. Moreover, you can even change your facial expression by choosing the correct shape of your eyebrows.
An experienced master will tell you exactly how to implement your idea using this mixed technique.

Disadvantages of the "microblading and shading" technique.

Of course, any procedure has its own set of limitations and features. The mixed tattooing technique is no exception. Here are some important nuances that you should know before contacting a specialist in a tattoo studio:

  1. Immediately after the procedure, the tattoo will look bright enough. Accordingly, to do it in the morning so that in the evening you will not get a date with flawless makeup. Therefore, a visit to the master must be scheduled. Do not forget that the applied pigment is done by piercing the leather. The complete healing process takes from 1 to 1.5 months.
  2. If your skin is oily, with large pores, this option may not work for you. In some cases, the line can be interrupted, transforming from a beautiful natural pattern into separate points. Consult with a specialist to make sure the technique is right for you.
  3. The work must be done by a professional. Only he can guarantee that the pigment will be applied to the right depth. In this case, the tattoo will last up to one and a half years. The correct selection of pigments is also important. Professionals use only high-quality and safe materials that do not contain potential allergens.
  4. When carrying out work of this level of complexity, it is important to have professional and safe equipment. Only in this case, it is possible to achieve the required accuracy when making small parts.

What are the pigments? How long is the procedure for mixed eyebrow tattooing?

Returning to the topic of materials, let us clarify that several different pigments are used to perform permanent tattooing. Having different shades of the same colour should have approximately the same characteristics. Only in this case the artist will create neat and thin lines, effectively making shadows. In Face Figurati studio, we use only certified tested for years pigments.

This is a time-consuming and challenging job. On average, a specialist needs almost 2 hours to perform his task flawlessly. We do not consider the creation and subsequent approval of the created sketch nor the preparatory process.

You should also consider the pain threshold of clients. Therefore, it is necessary to use special drugs for local anaesthesia. The selection of anaesthetic is always individual, taking into account the presence of contraindications, allergic reactions

As you can see, the procedure is quite laborious, requiring complete dedication and a high level of professional training from the master performer. These requirements are reflected in the cost of the work performed.

You can find out more about everything directly in our posts or by contacting the master through the feedback form and phone. Order a free callback, and we will tell you about everything in detail.

We understand the importance of proper aftercare for your brows, and our team of experts are here to help you heal properly and prevent any complications. In addition, Face Figurati cosmetic tattoo studio wants to get eyebrow tattoo aftercare advice. Please follow the link to learn more.

Combo Brows FAQ

When you want to get the most natural tattooing effect, the master recommends doing a mixed technique. It is a universal technique that includes two permanent makeup methods – microblading feathering eyebrows and powdery shading. Pixel dusting (powdery eyebrows) creates a background, visual density without precise shapes and edges. Microblading adds a natural look and texture to the eyebrows, mimics the natural growth of hairs, corrects asymmetries, and hides imperfections. This combination of techniques creates a fantastic result – the eyebrows look natural, without pretentiousness and excessive glamour. It appears to have been used with decorative cosmetics applied by the hand of a professional.

The key feature is the use of multiple shades of pigment. To draw the hairs, the artist uses a lighter shade. Besides, for the background – darker pigments. The combination creates a harmonious look and perfectly complements the face and image.

When choosing shades, the master is guided by the client’s wishes and the rules of colour, choosing colours that match each other. The colour type of girl is also of great importance: the hair, skin, eyes. As a rule, shades in brown and black are chosen to create a beautiful result, but shades of red (chestnut, red) can also use if such colours suit the girl. Before the procedure, the master advises the client, and together the optimal shades are selected.

On average, the effect remains visible for up to 2 years. But the term is quite individual and depends on several factors.
When creating permanent makeup, unique modern pigments on a biological basis are used. Their advantage lies in the fact that they are well accepted by the body, give maximum sediment and gradually dissolve and become invisible. This natural process takes, on average, one and a half to two years. Moreover, depending on the type and age of the skin, the chosen colours, and the organism’s characteristics, the effect can be either more or less.

For example, on oily and youthful skin, the effect may be shorter due. And on the age, on the contrary, longer. Dark pigments are visible longer than lighter ones. The perception of dye by the body is also essential. The immune system can actively fight it, actively releasing lymph, which will “wash out” the pigment and shorten the duration of the effect.

Choose a mixed eyebrow tattoo technique if:

  • It is necessary to recreate the eyebrow due to its complete or partial absence;
  • There is a tendency to hair loss;
  • There are noticeable flaws in the form of scars, gaps;
  • Their eyebrows grow in a chaotic direction, and there is no desire to lay them every day;
  • Your eyebrows are too thin or thin;
  • There is strong asymmetry;
  • The shape of the eyebrows is wrong;
  • Its eyebrows are too light, barely noticeable or quickly fade in the sun;
  • There is no time and desire to tint eyebrows daily;
  • You lead an active lifestyle (visit the pool, often go to the sauna, go in for sports), and the decorative cosmetics cannot withstand and flow;
  • I want to look more convincing.
    All these problems are solved by a mixed eyebrow technique, making your image complete and beautiful and your look attractive.

The mixed technique of permanent eyebrow makeup is suitable for all women, regardless of age and skin type. Besides, she:

Looks spectacular and natural at the same time;
Hides any flaws, up to and including the absence of his eyebrows;
Helps to create any shape, make eyebrows visually thicker, more expansive, darker;
Suitable for any woman;
Emphasizes the image, highlights both the eyebrows and the eyes, but not excessively;
Allows you to look luxurious and flawless every day under any circumstances.