Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading eyebrows is a cosmetic tattoo treatment that uses a maniple pen tool to create hair stroke lines in the eyebrow zone. The strokes create by injecting pigment into the upper layer of skin, giving the eyebrows a fuller, more defined appearance. Microblading helps fill in sparse or thin brows, achieve a symmetrical brow shape, or enhance the natural shape and brow colour. The result can last 12-18 months; however, it may require touch-ups to maintain the desired look.

microblading eyebrows

If you are considering microblading eyebrows, you’re likely wondering what the entire process entails and what kind of results to expect. You might even confuse it with microneedling, which is a totally different treatment procedure! So, we will give you all the information you need to make a clear decision on whether or not eyebrow microblading is right for you.

Semi-permanent makeup answers all your beauty trend worries, especially if you are very particular about your flawless brows. For instance, microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure that results in natural-looking eyebrows that last for years, not months! The cosmetic tattoo artist will use a handheld blade to implant pigment into your skin, giving you realistic hair strokes that blend beautifully with your natural ones.

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what is Microblading?

While it might sound intimidating, microblading is quite simple. Also known as eyebrow feathering, hair stroke eyebrow tattooing, or cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, it is a type of cosmetic tattooing that creates hair-like strokes on your skin. Brow artists can use this technique to fill out sparse brows, enhance or reshape eyebrows, and shade them to create an illusion of fullness.

The term microblading comes from the procedure itself. Your microblading eyebrow technician will use a maniple, a micro pen-like tool, to draw each hair stroke. It scratches the skin like a tiny blade, leaving space for the ink pigment to set in.

Microbladed eyebrows are easy to maintain: you won’t have to shape and fill your brows daily! Just make sure to choose an experienced stylist with a good reputation, and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

What is Microblading Eyebrows Tattoo

How Does Microblading Work?

Microblading is the best way to get incredible-looking beauty perfect eyebrows effortlessly. The process allows brow artists to precisely replicate the direction and style of your natural eyebrow hairs with ink pigment.

At Face Figurati, we use our own microblade eyebrow maniple technique. This special pen helps artists draw delicate strokes to mimic the growth of natural brow hairs. Depending on your preferences, we can make your brows look thick and full, light and expressive, or just fill them out to make them look natural.

It’s important to remember that the results of micro blading eyebrows would look different for everyone: the style or brow shape you see in a celebrity may not look good with your facial structure.

how does microblading work?

But no need to worry, that’s okay! An experienced brow stylist would be able to show you what style works best to enhance your features.

10 Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why clients come to us for microblading. These include correcting blemishes in certain areas of the eyebrows, cleaning up the shape of their brows, or wanting a complete and radical brow transformation. Remember that you can customise your eyebrows exactly the way you want them:

  • Save time. Forget doing your eyebrows every morning because they already look amazing!
  • Save money on regular makeup and cosmetics
  • Improve the expressiveness and brightness of your eyes
  • Make your eyebrows look symmetrical
  • Correct the colour and shape of your eyebrows
  • Make your eyebrows look fuller or thinner – it’s up to you!
  • An excellent alternative for people who are allergic to makeup products
  • Get perfect beautiful eyebrows in a single one-and-a-half-hour session
  • Effortlessly look incredible every day of the week
eyebrow microblading before and after

Does Eyebrow Microblading Hurt?

micro blading

It can be painful when not performed by an expert. Even though the blade will only cut the skin’s surface, the skin area that will be affected is quite large. Therefore, your tattoo specialist should only perform microblading after applying the right amount of numbing cream. This anesthetic gel will reduce pain and discomfort to almost zero.

We do not recommend eyebrow microblading procedures to pregnant and lactating women.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

The cost of microblade eyebrow tattooing depends on the skill of the brow artist, the location of the studio, and the microblading technique used. A guaranteed good microblading treatment at Face Figurati costs around $499 AUD – $599 AUD.

Other eyebrow treatments like powder brows, microshading, hybrid brows tattooing, ombre brows, combo or require different techniques and command different pricing.

See our cosmetic tattoo prices page to learn more about eyebrows microblading treatment of Melbourne Studio Face Figurati.

microblading eyebrows before and after
Name Time Price Melbourne Olha Pokatilova Price Brisbane Anastasia Petkov
Microblade Maniple Technique (blade rather) 1,5 hour 599 AUD none
Microblade Nano – Touch (digital machine) 1,5 hour 499 AUD none
Combo Brows (feathered + powder brows) 1,5 hour 549 AUD none
Eyebrow Feathering – Father-touch Nano Strokes (digital machine) 1,5 hour 499 AUD none
Brow Powder 1,5 hour 449 AUD 449 AUD
Touch Up hour -50% -50%  
Correction after another tattooist/ 1,5 hour +150 AUD to the treatment +150 AUD
Cover old tattoo 1,5 hour +100 AUD +100 AUD
Retouch up to 1 year 1,5 hour 80% from the first session 80% from the first session

What do Microbladed Brows Look Like?

Here are some microblading before after photos of actual clients who went through eyebrow micro blading procedures.

How Long do Microbladed Eyebrows Last?

how long does microblading eyebrows last

On average, microbladed eyebrows last anywhere between 8 months and 2 years. Over this time, the colour will not change, but the pigment will gradually fade. Your brows may appear thinner, eventually returning to how they initially looked.

When this happens, you need to have your micro blading redone. However, getting a touchup before the color pigment disappears is faster (and cheaper!!) as your brow artist would be able to trace their original work.

The result mainly depends on your efforts. Following fundamental but straightforward rules before and after the tattooing will help you achieve the result you dreamed of! Read the regulations and recommendations of care.

Factors Affecting Your Microbladed Brows

The results of what is brow microblading might stay on the skin longer or shorter than expected.
If you’re wondering how long does microbladed eyebrows last on you, you need to consider these four factors.

Skin Type

Having oily or overly sensitive skin can shorten the life of microbladed brows. Thick skin can absorb more implants pigment than thin skin, and oily skin types releases pigments faster than normal skin.


As a rule: the younger you are, the faster the microshading eyebrow tattoo pigment dissolve. This is because skin cells renew faster in younger people.

Skin Care

You should be extra careful in the first three weeks after your first treatment. Keep the brow area clean and moisturised so the pigment stays in place! Don’t forget to use sunscreen outdoors because direct sunlight can also cause fading.

Touch ups

We recommend getting touch-ups from time to time so that the results last as long as possible. Once a year is ideal, but your eyebrow specialist will give you more information on your consultation.

How to Make Your Microbladed Brows Last Longer

As long as you follow the recommendations of our expert brow artists, your permanent makeup eyebrow blade tattoo will last for a considerable time.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Remember to take proper care of your eyebrows during the healing period. Gently remove all of your makeup before cleansing, avoid scrubbing your micro blade eyebrows, and do not use strong cleansers to wash your face.
  2. Do not go to saunas and baths the first week after the tattooing because hot, humid air can cause dyes to loosen quickly. It would be best to allow the pigments to take hold of the skin.
  3. When you have your eyebrows microbladed, don’t go overboard with sunbathing or tanning beds.
  4. Do not get cosmetic surgery like lifts or botox on the microbladed eyebrow area.

For more tips, we strongly recommend reading our article “Microblading Aftercare“.

eyebrow microblading

Eyebrow Microblading Artist

Olha Pokatilova

Olha Po is an experienced Melbourne eyebrow tattooist and our Face Figurati Cosmetic Studio expert.

Since 2016, Olha has been providing cosmetic tattoo services in Europe. She is a specialist with a delicate approach to every element and uses unique techniques to achieve incredible results. Her style emphasises the individuality of each of her clients, giving them natural results they can be proud of.

She is creative and passionate, always striving for excellence in her work.

Are you still looking for the right Tattoo Makeup Artist? You are on the right track. Olha Po is the most reputable artist doing cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne!


Is Microblading Right For You?

As with every permanent makeup procedure, there is always a risk that you might not get the look you are trying to achieve. However, if you choose a professional and highly-rated artist, you basically can’t go wrong. Never Play with your luck. Always look first at the reviews and cosmetic tattoo before after portfolio!

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What Microblading Pigments Do We Use?​

The skill of your stylist plays such a huge part in the success of the procedure. Drawing individual natural hair strokes is painstaking work, requiring a steady hand and a keen eye for detail.

Aside from putting the pigment on the skin, there are so many factors that your artist needs to consider. For example, choosing the right colour is crucial as it can change the vibe of your look.

In a brow microblading procedure, strokes must have the right thickness and length. They must also be pointing in the right direction and placed at the right distance. All these to avoid making the whole brow look strange.


what is eyebrow microblading

Your microblading brow stylist will plan the process when you come to your microblading appointment. You will discuss what kind of brows will best fit your face, the thickness and shape of the brows, and the colours that will match your individual hair and skin tone. Anything else that could affect the micro bladed eyebrows, like a possible allergic, will also be considered.

microblading brows

At Face Figurati, we have a full-proof technique to achieve satisfying results. While many stylists will use the same colour or pigment across your entire brow, our microblading technician will combine two, three, or even four shades of pigment! Moreover, it might also make a stylish and morden combo brows technique. Our goal is to give you fuller eyebrows that look entirely natural.

We guarantee the resulting eyebrows are a work of art and will surely make you happy when you look in the mirror each morning. It is the reason why we refer to our stylists as artists!

What to Expect About the Pigment

At Permanent Makeup Studio Face Figurati Melbourne, we use only high-quality products from leading brands, including Permablend, Lik Super Nude Eyebrows, Lik Colorful Eyebrow, and IColor.

All dyes we use are hypoallergenic, meaning there’s a low risk of an allergic reaction. We also review our supplies to ensure they are certified in Australia.

brow microblading

No Washing of Eyebrows, Really?

We get this question a lot from those considering microblading for eyebrows. The requirement to not get your eyebrows wet is one of the biggest challenges our clients face during recovery and healing.

When you get your eyebrows tattooed, a crust forms on the skin. This crust keeps the pigment in the skin, helping it sink in and stay. Of course, you can damage this crust by rubbing it or putting on clothes, but the main danger is moisture. Washing your eyebrows will also remove the pigment, which will not make the procedure effective.

when I can wash my eyebrow tattoo

The Healing Process

eyebrow blading

Usually, the microblading healing process will takes 1 to 2 weeks. During this time, you mustn’t get your eyebrows wet! Make sure to keep an eye on the area throughout the healing time.

After the redness from the initial feathering session has gone down, the crust will begin to form. This generally happens after a few days; after 7-10 days, they will start peeling off.

Don’t panic! Peeling is normal, and it just means your body is healing. Once this is over, the process is complete, and you’ll be free to take showers, hit the beach, jump in the pool, or do whatever you feel like!

healing process of microblading

Permanent Makeup Removal

microblading eyebrow

If you find you don’t like your micro bladed brows, the good news is it is reversible. The bad news is that it can take some time.

You will get your original eyebrows back naturally when the pigment from the microblading session completely fades. Again, the duration depends on different factors but expect to wait at least eight months.

If you’re not a fan of waiting that long, many studios offer tattoo removal services.

One method for removing the tattoo is using an “acid” remover. It is the cheapest way to accelerate the fading process. However, it also has its drawbacks.

The healing process will take up to 6 weeks, and the removal process is not suitable for everyone, especially for those with sensitive dry skin.

Another option is to overlap the old brow tattoo with a new one. This is the method we recommend for most of our clients that come in looking to remove lousy micro-blading from other salons.

Because fixing is more complex than applying tattoos, it can get pretty expensive. However, we can usually fix it and make things look good again.

Other options are also available, and we can discuss them thoroughly when you book an appointment with us.

Where to Get This Service

Do you want to improve your appearance with perfectly defined eyebrows? There’s no better place to get what is microblading brows done than our studio.

Our highly skilled and experienced team will work with you to create a custom brow design that suits your unique facial features. Moreover, we only use the highest quality pigments and needles to ensure optimal results.

We understand that the decision to microblade eyebrows can be a big one, and we want you to feel confident and comfortable with your choice. That’s why we offer a free consultation with every microblading service.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and answer any questions you have about the procedure. We’ll also go over the aftercare instructions, so you know what to do after the treatment.

Booking an appointment is easy —- simply call us or book online. We look forward to helping you achieve your desired look!

blading eyebrows


Microbladed brows is a manual tattooing procedure that imitates hairs on the skin. It gives a natural shape to the eyebrows and gives the effect of fuller-looking brows. The pigment is placed under the skin in the eyebrow area to a depth of 0.2 mm using a special pen with nano-needles.

It would help if you had a special acid remover or a specialised procedure to fade eyebrow tattoos. In any case, do not try to get rid of tattooing at home. As we described in our article, we advise you to contact our studio and get a free consultation and help from our leading experts.

There are three main ways to remove microblading: get neodymium laser removal, use acid remover “Reverse”, or apply a new tattoo. Ask our artist at Face Figurati for more information.

No, it is unnecessary to correct the eyebrows before the permanent makeup treatment. The artist will pluck the excess eyebrows themselves after the sketch of the eyebrows shape has been drawn up.

  • It is a semi permanent eyebrow tattoo that lasts from 8 months to 3 years. It always depends on many factors such as:
  • Metabolism
  • Skin type
  • Lifestyle
  • Pregnancy
  • Skin age