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Trends in the world of make-up change quite often, but this is not the case with eyebrows. The trend right now is for fairly wide, bushy, properly shaped eyebrows. Of course, girls with good natural features only have to make a few adjustments to their eyebrows. But if you’re not one of them, consider getting a procedure called microblading eyebrows. Below, we’ll take a look at all its features.

What is microblading eyebrows?

For a long time, girls had permanent eyebrow tattoos, which was rather noticeable in the future. Now there is a new, unique technology called microblading. Unlike the previous version, it allows you to draw very fine hairs, which are almost impossible to distinguish from natural ones. This is done by a special apparatus, which looks very much like a pen with a thin blade on the end. Moreover, the machine does not vibrate, which gives maximum clarity.

Microblading also allows you to correct a pronounced asymmetry and fill the space with a few hairs. Even small scars or scars can be concealed by a good craftsman with this procedure. You’ll agree, it’s great.

microblading before after

Microblading is a form of eyebrow tattooing that creates the illusion of fuller, more defined brows. The “before” picture is taken before the initial treatment and the “after” picture is taken after the final touch-up. Microblading can last up to 18 months, depending on skin type and how well it holds the pigment.

Overall, microblading is a great way to achieve fuller, more defined brows without having to commit to permanent makeup. However, it’s important to note that there will be some discomfort during the treatment as well as some redness and swelling afterwards. Microblading is also not recommended for those with sensitive skin or who have a history of keloid scarring. If you’re considering microblading, be sure to consult with a qualified aesthetician or dermatologist beforehand to ensure that it’s the right treatment for you.

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As a result, the eyebrows look very natural and as natural as possible. All the space is filled in, and the hairs will have the most suitable position and direction. After the treatment, you won’t need any pencils or shadows for a long time to emphasise them. The advantages include the longevity of the result. Over time pigment changes its colour, but gradually loses its intensity. In that case, it is possible to correct it, to regain the desired effect.

During the microblading healing process will appear much darker than they will in the long term. This is normal and can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on your individual healing process. To help your brows heal as quickly as possible and maintain their beautiful shape and colour, it is important to follow certain tips and guidelines during this time.

Microblading Eyebrows: stages of the procedure

before after microblading

A good master always starts with a conversation. This is a crucial stage, as you should explain your wishes as accurately as possible or show a photo. After that, the master will draw a suitable shape with a pencil. At this point, you must look at yourself in the mirror. If everything fits, the master will remove any extra hairs. That’s why don’t pluck your eyebrows before the eyebrow tattoo.

Depending on the desired result, the master will offer you variants of pigment techniques. The shadow technique allows you to create a natural but, at the same time, rich eyebrow shade. Such an effect is obtained through shading combined with shading pigment. This technique is used when the eyebrows are relatively sparse in most cases. 

The hairline technique is suitable for almost everyone and enables one to increase the density and thickness of the hairs. It is suggested to be tailored to suit individual eyebrows to fill them well with pigment.

The procedure itself is done in two stages. The first involves the application of a layer of hair dye. As a result, the eyebrows look very bright and have a darker colour than you want. It’s a temporary effect. After just two days, trim crusts can appear on the eyebrows, quickly going away.

In a month, you should certainly come for correction. The doctor sees how well the pigment is kept during this procedure and fills the necessary space. When crusts come off for the second time, the final result is ready to last for a year.

If you’re a blonde, microblading can help give you the brows you’ve always wanted. At Face Figurati, our expert technicians are skilled in microblading for blondes and can help create natural-looking, beautiful brows that complement your hair colour.

Before and after the treatment

It’s worth considering the shape and colour of your eyebrows before visiting a professional. This is very important, as you will not be able to change anything immediately after the procedure. During the consultation, a good eyebrow specialist will ask you a lot of questions about what you want. That is, the shape, the colour, the curve line, etc. If you have a scar, be sure to clarify whether you want to hide it. This is the only way for the expert to suggest the best option for you.

Regarding the limitations, the masseur always gives individual recommendations. However, there are also some general recommendations that should be adhered to. You should stop taking antibiotics at least two days in advance if you are taking them. You should also not drink alcohol during this period. It has quite a strong effect on the body and can interfere with your work even after a few days.

Microblading before after

The next thing to avoid is going to the solarium. The fact is that this procedure makes the skin less susceptible to pigment. Also, you should avoid getting treatment during your menstrual period and two to three days before that period.

And of course, you should not have your eyebrows adjusted before the procedure. This should be done by the specialist just before the microblading. As far as eyebrow care after the procedure is concerned, it is necessary to follow all the rules very strictly. It depends on it, how long the result will last. On the first day, it is very important not to wet the eyebrows and not to touch them with your hands. Cosmetics should not be used in this area. Also,,, take care to avoid exposing your eyebrows to sunlight for the first few days.

When it comes to microblading eyebrows aftercare, there are a few key things that you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is important to keep your brows clean and moisturized at all times. This means gently washing your face with a mild cleanser and applying a good quality moisturizer as needed.

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