Do you have to pluck or shave your eyebrows during or after tattooing?

Every woman understands how important the shape of the eyebrows is. After all, the correct shape emphasizes the features of the face, frames the eyes beautifully and accentuates the oval of the face. That is why correction and colouring become the only solution for a beautiful shape.
Cosmetic Tattoo becomes a real escape for women who are tired of painting and plugging their eyebrows. The permanent makeup procedure makes it possible to avoid these cosmetic procedures for 1.5 to 2 years. It leads our clients to a logical question: should the eyebrows be plucked after the permanent makeup or before it? Let’s find out whether the eyebrows should be plucked or shaved and what you should do with the brow hairs before and after the eyebrow tattoo.

Today’s cosmetic tattoo techniques do not involve the creation of an entirely new eyebrow shape, especially when it comes to the most popular treatment, microblading eyebrows or powder brows. The main aim of permanent makeup is to create a neater, tidier and more beautiful shape to the existing eyebrows and add colour.

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 Therefore, the master must see the shape and colour of the natural eyebrows before proceeding. Therefore:

  • It is not necessary to pluck the eyebrows before the tattooing procedure. It is advisable not to pluck the eyebrows two to three weeks before the tattoo treatment. Moreover, it’s ideal if the brows pluck as much as possible. After the sketch has been drawn up and approved, the specialist will remove any excessive hairs using tweezers. In this way, the master can select a more harmonious and trendy eyebrow shape.
  • Important! If you have thick, dark eyebrows and do not want to walk around with an overgrown form for a long time, you can remove excessive hair yourself 3-5 days before the procedure. But these should be hairs that will not be involved in the design and shape. For example, those that grow below or above the main form.
  • In 3-4 weeks, do not colour your eyebrows with dye or henna. Firstly, the dye penetrates the skin pores, damaging the cosmetic tattooing residue. Secondly, the colour of your eyebrows should be natural so that the master can see it and pick up the right shade of pigment.

Also, don’t do—any cosmetic treatment on the eyebrows before the tattooing procedure. In particular, lamination, Botox, long-lasting styling, etc. Preparing appropriately for the permanent makeup procedure is essential to get the desired result. Even if you have hardly any eyebrows because of illness or personality, partial eyebrows that have fallen out or are drooping, there is no need to shave them off before the treatment. This way, you will make the craftsman’s work more accessible, and you can expect to create the most correct and beautiful shape. Therefore, the answer to whether you need to shave your eyebrows before tattooing is an unequivocal no. The same applies to the laser tattoo removal procedure. It is not allowed to traumatize the skin before the removal. Pluck extra hairs can go only after fully recovered skin 3-4 weeks after the session.

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Should the eyebrows be plucked or not before tattooing?

Do I have to pluck my eyebrows after getting tattooed?

A permanent makeup procedure such as feathering eyebrows, irrespective of the technique, does not affect the hair follicles of the eyebrows. As a result, the hairs will continue to grow back in the usual way. Therefore, the needle with the pigment is only introduced into the upper layers of the skin, not affecting the hair follicles. Therefore, it is necessary to pluck the hairs to maintain the shape of the eyebrows created by the master.

Do I have to pluck my eyebrows after getting tattooed?

Important! It’s allowed to pluck eyebrows not earlier than a month after the permanent makeup procedure. If correction is planned, then there is no need to pluck. During the correction period, the technician plucks hairs that have grown back on their own. If the correction will not occur or has already been done, wait until the period passes and then proceed to the plucking of unnecessary hairs. The point is that the skin needs to recover, and the pigment needs to be fully absorbed. If you pluck the hairs earlier than 3-4 weeks after the tattooing procedure, the skin will be re-traumatized. It can affect its regeneration process and prolong the healing eyebrow tattoo and recovery time.

How to pluck eyebrows after cosmetic tattoo

It is imperative to self-correct the shape after an eyebrow tattooing treatment in time to maintain its appearance. Therefore:

  • Remove hairs that disturb the tattoo line or smudge its contours;
  • Pluck hairs that are growing haphazardly stick out or that you think might be detrimental to the overall appearance of the eyebrows. But don’t overdo it so that no visible gaps are left. If the eyebrows are growing correctly and the shape created by the craftsman has been maintained, there’s no need to pluck them.
  • You can reshape eyebrows at any time, whenever you feel it’s time to remove those quirks. It depends on your natural hair growth rate. Generally, it’s every two weeks, but you can choose any frequency.

Do I have to shave my eyebrows before my eyebrow tattooing procedure?

Under no circumstances should natural eyebrow hairs be shaved off! Even if there are gaps in the area or most of the eyebrows are missing, leave everything as it is. The master will find the shape and correct the situation himself.

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Typically, microblading results will last 6-18 months. However, everyone’s skin is different, so your mileage may vary. The lifespan of your microblading can also be affected by factors such as sun exposure and how well you take care of your brows. Learn about factors that affected eyebrow tattooing in the next article “How long does microblading last?

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Eyebrow Tattoo Preparation FAQ

After the eyebrows tattoo, the artist will apply a thin layer of vaseline to the tattooed area. The skin should rest for the first two hours, so do nothing else. Apply a thin layer of vaseline twice a day for the next three days. Do not wet your eyebrows for the next seven days

The cosmetic tattoo treatment, regardless of technique, does not affect the hair follicles of the eyebrows. It’s because the needle with the pigment is only injected into the upper layers of the skin, not affecting the hair follicles. The hairs will therefore continue to grow back as usual.

The eyebrow tattoo aftercare recommendations consist of using several unique products indicated by the specialist and the observance of instructions for the strict exclusion of several specific activities. A list of prohibitions after the application (both primary and secondary, correction) of eyebrow tattooing:

  • Exclude decorative cosmetics for eyebrows.
  • Don’t peel off crusts (crusts). It’s dangerous in terms of the lack of result, “holes” in the cutout, and terms of bleeding and subsequent inflammations and infections.
  • Do not use self-administered remedies outside the recommendations of the artist. It can lead to a lack of and reduced quality of the work performed and a change in health conditions.
  • Use of several blood-thinning medications.
  • To apply ice to the eyebrow area in its “pure” form. 
  • Do constantly blot the bleed during the first three days—the recommendation is to do it only twice a day.
  • Don’t visit the sauna and the solarium.

To prolong the effect of the microblading or powder eyebrow tattoo, it is worth enquiring about special sunscreens that every beautician knows about. The first six months are a vital stage determining both the extent and duration of the permanent makeup.