how long does microblading last

Are you considering getting microblading done? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Microblading (feather brows) is an incredibly popular procedure that gives you beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows. This procedure can help create a more polished look and boost your confidence.

But how long does microblading last? Let’s take a closer look at microblading and what to expect from the procedure.

Factors Affecting MIcroblading Results

Anyone who wants fuller and better-shaped eyebrows should consider micro blading as an option. It’s especially beneficial for those with sparse brows or who have trouble drawing symmetrical brow shapes with makeup or have difficulty keeping them in check all day due to an active lifestyle

The main draw of microblading is that it creates natural-looking brows that last much longer than traditional makeup or tinting procedures. So how long do microbladed eyebrows last? The results of microblading eyebrows can typically last anywhere from 8 months up to 2 years, depending on various circumstances.

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Some factors that affect how long your results will last include the following:

  1. Skin Type
  2. Pigment Quality
  3. The skill of the Microblading Artist
  4. Age
  5. Proper Skincare

Let us examine each of these factors.

Skin Type

The length of time it takes to achieve the desired effect depends mainly on the individual’s skin type. Dry, rough skin tends to retain micro-blade strokes better than oily skin, meaning microbladed eyebrows may last longer on people with drier skin.

On the other hand, warm facial temperature and oil production associated with oily skin can cause microblade colour output to subside more quickly. Knowing your skin type before getting microblading done can help you better understand the process and plan accordingly.

Pigment Quality

While microblade can produce wonderful results, many factors will determine its success. Chief among these is the quality of the pigment used in microblading permanent makeup. High-quality pigments ensure that the final product has brilliant colour, a long-lasting look and a natural feel.

Poor quality pigments may produce inconsistent colour and a short lifespan which results in a less desirable result. To get the best microblading (eyebrows feather tattoo) experience possible, you should ask your service provider about the brands they use before committing to this process.

microblading feathering

Skill of the Microblading Artist

The skill of your microblading artist plays a vital role in achieving the desired result. Even the best microblading technique, tools and pigments cannot provide consistently superior results if a highly-skilled microblading artist is not there.

Factors such as skin type, age or a few health conditions may affect microblading results; however, these can all be managed with an experienced microblading artist.



Younger women tend to have more active skin metabolism, which produces a shorter-lasting microblading effect. This doesn’t mean microblading isn’t suitable for younger ladies – on the contrary, microblading still provides very effective results regardless of age as long as proper microblading aftercare instructions are followed.

microblading eyebrows before and after


Taking the time to prep and maintain your microbladed brows will help ensure lasting and aesthetically pleasing results. After microblading, keeping the area clean and moisturised helps prevent infection, encourages micro-cuts healing, and prevents pigment from fading too soon. Additionally, sunscreen on your brows can protect them from UV rays which can help stop micro-cuts from becoming more noticeable over time.

We recommend going over our page about the healing process of microblading for a more detailed guide.

Microblading at Face Figurati with Olha Pokatilova

Microblading Artist Olha Po
Olha Po

One of the main factors that affect microblading results is the skill of the microblading artist. It is essential to choose a cosmetic tattooing artist with proper credentials and certification, as eyebrow tattooing is an intricate process which requires precision and care.

Inexperienced microblading artists may not be able to provide the exact shaping of eyebrows desired by clients, or may cause uneven colouring, scarring, and other undesirable effects. Additionally, microblading artists must also have a good eye for detail to be able to create natural-looking brows which are flattering for each individual face shape.

If you are looking for a cosmetic tattooing studio in Melbourne that can meet all of your requirements, then Face Figurati is the best place to go!

A talented team of artists, headed by Olha Po, will work with you to create the perfect look. To assure your safety, we only use the best pigments and needles, and we always take care to reduce any discomfort during the treatment.

You can look at our portfolio of microblading before and after photos. If you have more questions, you can contact us to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to help you achieve your dream look!



No, do not pluck your eyebrows before your microblading session. It is best to not traumatise the skin before any kind of eyebrow tattoo procedure.

One month after the first treatment, the microblading artist will check and adjust the colour and arch shape of your brows. After 8-10 months, it is advisable to get another touchup to maintain the desired colour.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique used for creating fuller eyebrows. It involves using tiny needles to create fine lines that mimic natural hairs in the brow area. The result is natural-looking brows that last up to two years.

Microblading involves the manual application of pigments using a microblading pen. Powder brows tattooing, on the other hand, uses a different tattooing device. Those who like a more intense make-up look will most likely prefer powder tattooing.

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