Ombre Brows: Why This Brow in Melbourne Trend

What is Ombre Brows?

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Natural beauty always attracts the eye and captures the heart. However, beautiful sex often wants to correct their appearance to achieve perfection. If this is your case, it’s time to get cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne. Permanent make-up in the eyebrows ombre technique is suitable for setting accents. It is a smooth transition from a darker shade to a lighter one and vice versa. The highlight of the method is the absence of saturated colours that catch the eye.

The technique’s performance is essential to blend the pigment and achieve a natural effect. Gradient makes a more expressive and mysterious look while keeping the eyebrows natural beauty. Ombre tint eyebrows is a widespread technique where the start is lighter than the central part of the eyebrow. It’s also popular to darken the lower border while the upper one does gently and softly shaded. 

Procedure Time Price
Ombre Brows 2 hours 449 AUD
what is ombre brows

What is the Difference between Ombre eyeBrows & Powder Brows & Microblading?

New names for cosmetic brow tattoo techniques are constantly emerging in the tattooing world. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that sometimes there are different techniques behind this diversity. But more often, it’s a marketing ploy. We offer you a description of several similar methods for permanent eyebrow tattoo. The artist applies the dots of pigment, and the result and the final shade depend on their location density.


ombre brows


  1. Tailored, natural-looking eyebrows
  2. A trendy and stylish look
  3. Permanent effect
  4. Minimal recovery time.


ombre powder brows before and after

Eyebrow Microshading – the name of micro shading (or pixel technique of eyebrows shadowing) comes from two words: micro – “small”, shade – “shade, shade”. The essence of the treatment lies in the fact that the technician uses an apparatus for permanent make-up to make tiny dots on the eyebrows. The basis of micro shading is smooth transitions and thorough shading. By applying them with a specific frequency, the cosmetis tattooist doesn’t aim at filling in the contour completely but changes the intensity of the pigment during the procedure, thus achieving a natural effect. 


Eyebrow Microblading (permanent makeup eyebrows in a “eyebrow feathering” technique; “spraying” technique) are also a feathering technique but originate from the “pixelwork” tattooing technique. It’s pixeling dot style of tattooing treatment and the volume effect achievement with varying the distance between the beads and the number of layers.

The result is a very light, translucent eyebrow without any clear borders or outlines, which looks like an eyebrow that has been tinted with a shadow or highlighted with a soft pencil.


Powder Brows

Powder brows

Powder brow tattoo are characterisation by a spray-on brow head and a no-contour shape. The pigment in the ‘powdered eyebrow‘ technique is applied superficially and transparently. The colour injection does into the skin’s top layers, so the style is atraumatic and promotes faster powder brows healing period and a slight release of colour. With spraying, it is possible to achieve different results, from a transparent haze to a more prosperous, denser colour.

The pigment introduction by spraying it in 2-3 passes. The colouring matches as closely as possible to the natural hair colour or the regrown roots of the hair. A good residue and a clear pattern may have more expectations with synthetic pigment, as glycerine pigments “rub off” into the skin.

Ombre Powder Brows Tattoo

Ombre Shading Eyebrows or Ombre Powder Shading Brows is a smooth colour transition that adds depth and saturation to the eyebrows. Earlier, the ombre tattoo eyebrows approach was associated only with hair colouring. Still, nowadays, the masters in the field of cosmetic tattooing are improving this procedure to make the final result look as natural as possible.

The ombre tattoo eyebrows use two shades for a smooth transition from lighter to darker colour at the tips of the eyebrows.

microbladed ombre brows
ombe powder brows

Does Ombre Powder Brows Hurt?

The procedure is relatively painless for Ombre powder eyebrows but can be moderate for Microblading eyebrow. Some people feel slight discomfort, and some go through the process easily without an anaesthetic cream. If you don’t like not taking risks, we offer an anaesthetic to all our clients!

brow ombre
ombre powder eyebrows

On Average, How Long Does Ombre Brows Last?

Brow Ombre is a cosmetic tattoo that doesn’t have to be applied every morning and washed off at night. It is a big plus of procedure (you don’t need to spend time on daily make-up), and at the same time, its disadvantage is that a bad eyebrow tattoo result cannot be erased and washed away, and a successful outcome can become out of fashion or just bored. Of course, it will fade over time, but it won’t happen that quickly. So before the visit to the eyebrow specialist, it is better need to know how long the permanent makeup lasts and what determines its durability.

How long does an eyebrow tattoo last?

As a rule, the answer to this question, the master voiced a figure of 1 to 3 years. The interim periods are approximate, and the spread between them is considerable. Why are there no specifics? The thing is that the durability of the injected dye is due to several factors. On this list:

ombre eyebrow

Pigment type and quality

Organic pigments provide good colour fastness and deep, saturated colour, but they fade quickly. Mineral pigments are highly resistant but give pastel colours.

The body will absorb high-quality pigments. It precipitates well, decays unnoticeably and gradually does eliminats over time. The behaviour of poor-quality dyes is difficult to predict; they can cause an allergic reaction, wear off too quickly, change to a different shade, and not be absorbed by the body at all.

how long do ombre brows last

Colour penetration depth

Based on achievement for long-lasting colouration without damaging the hair follicles and capillaries. The optimal depth for the introduction of microneedles is 0.3 mm to 0.8 mm. In this case, the healing is quick, and the micropigmentation procedure is painless and uncomfortable.

A deeper injection of pigment can cause a change of colour to yellow or green. Moreover, such a permanent result will be difficult even for laser tattoo removal. And if the colouring substance injects at a depth of less than 0.3 millimetres, this tattoo will not last more than six months.

powder ombre eyebrows

Pigment shade

With an identical shade and setting depth, the dark colours of the permanent colour pigment palette are more resistant than the light colours. Shades of beige and brown will fade more quickly, while darker colours only slightly lighten in the same conditions.


powder ombre brows

Ombre Brow technique

Ombre eye brows tattooing last on average from 1 to 1.5 years. After that, the procedure needs a touch up appointment. The powder fill coating gets off in about two years, and the eyebrows still look natural-looking even after the pigment has worn off—also, these techniques combo brows for maximum natural staying power.

Skin type

Dry skin accepts the pigment better and holds it longer. Oily skin with large pores eliminates the tint faster with the skin fat. For this reason, feathering brows doesn’t recommend for oily skin types – hair stroke eyebrows can lose their shape and become blurred.

Exposure to UV light

Frequent sun exposure or the tanning bed hurts the durability of the permanent – the colour fades faster. Each pigment combines several shades, the most stable of which are grey and red. As a result, eyebrows can develop a greyish or reddish tint over time due to the effects of UV light.


Regular application of cosmetic products with acids, bleaching creams, exfoliation and scrubbing will also reduce the longevity of the permanent eyebrows.

Speed of metabolism and skin cell renewal

The quicker the metabolism in the body, the more often the Samantha needs to be renewed. Therefore, ageing skin will last longer than younger skin. The eyebrow tattoo comes off more quickly in people who live in an active rhythm and choose regular sports activities. It’s due to the same speed of metabolic processes and accelerated cell regeneration.

What are the Main Benefits of Ombre Powder Brow?

The procedure gives stunning aesthetics to the look, but it also has ‘technical’ perks that you should be aware of:

Due to the effect, the technique is visually suitable for everyone. Age and skin type are irrelevant. Even for women of 45+ years of age with an oily type of skin, the method is ideal;
The technique is the most non-traumatic compared to any other eyebrow remoulding technique. Since the pigment injection in the dots forms, the total skin injury is significantly decreased. During the procedure, there is minimal pain, and the skin heals faster and without any adverse effects;
The procedure lasts only 1.5 hours, and the effect lasts up to 2 years.

Who is a Good Candidate for Brows Ombre?

Contraindications to the cosmetic procedure: 

  • Susceptibility to solid allergic reactions;
  • The presence of a viral or infectious disease;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding  
  • Slow blood clotting;
  • Severe acne;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • Hypersensitivity and skin reactions to external stimuli.

In these cases, the harms of powder eyebrows can exceed the aesthetic benefits, and it is better to give up on spraying. It is also better to postpone it for ladies in the position because due to hormonal changes, there were cases where microdots did not take, or the result was unpredictable. It is necessary to approach the owners of grey hairs carefully, and to make a spectacular haze is worth only with the regular dyeing of inches with a special dye.

ombre brow

Powder Ombre eyeBrows Tattooist

Olha Pokatilova

Olha Po is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic tattooist who offers a range of services to help you enhance your natural looking beauty. She specialises in lip tattooinghybrid brows, eyebrows  feather tattoo  and tattoo eyeliner and can create bespoke designs that are tailored to your individual requirements. With her meticulous attention to detail and passion for perfection, Olha ensures that each and every one of her clients leaves her studio looking and feeling their absolute best. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or a complete transformation, Olha Po is the artist you can trust to give you the results you desire.

“If you are looking for a certified and licensed cosmetic tattooist in Melbourne,  only one stop at Face Figurati. Combo Brows, lip blushing tattooing, you name it – I’ll do it all with precision care and eyebrow tattoo aftercare recomendation. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment today!” – Olha Po


What is the ombre powder brows aftercare like?

Cosmetic tattoo

Ombre Brow Healing process

Immediately after the pigment injection, the skin becomes inflamed, red and swollen, but the next day it subsides. It’s a natural reaction of the dermis to multiple needle punctures. The treatment area may “bleed” slightly, with a bit of treacle secreted. The eyebrow tattoo healing process takes up to 10 days to follow the rules of the recommendations. However, this period is strictly individual. The main thing is to follow the instructions of the specialist who performed the procedure. What is the correct way to look after eyebrows immediately after a tattooing procedure?
After applying semi permanent makeup, the artist will apply a thick layer of Vaseline or another protective ointment on the eyebrows. The skin needs to rest for the first two hours, so nothing more needs to be done.
After two hours, rinse the tattoo area with cool water. Use antibacterial soap to wash off the protective ointment. Do not scrub under any circumstances. It will only traumatise the irritated area more. After five minutes, apply Vaseline to dry skin. 

Permanent lip makeup is a great way to achieve long-lasting, beautiful lips. At Face Figurat Studio, we specialize in cosmetic lip tattoo and can help you achieve the perfect pout.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your lip color needs, contact Face Figurat Studio today. We would be happy to discuss your options and help you find the perfect shade of lip tint tattoo for your needs.” – Olha Po

Make sure, for the first 3-4 days, treat the skin every 2-3 hours. Procedure:

  • With a soft, lint-free, dry cloth, remove any residual ointment without rubbing or pressing the skin;
  • gently (without pressure) wipe with micellar water as recommended by the master;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • apply a thin layer of Vaseline.

Necessary: Do not apply hydrogen peroxide or products containing alcohol to the skin. In the early recovery period, it is not allowed to pluck eyebrow hairs in the area of cosmetic tattooing or scratch eyebrows. Excessive exposure to water, especially from bodies of water, should be avoided, as it can lead to infection. Swimming in a pool is not allowed – water disinfectants can damage the tattoo. Visits to baths and saunas are also to be abstained from.

Swelling is normal. However, it should pass in 1-2 days. If it does not, take an antihistamine.

ombre brows before and after

On average, how much does ombre powder brows cost?

Powder Ombre Brows haven’t been around very long, but it’s become popular cosmetic tattoo. It can be done in many professional beauty salons in Melbourne – on average, from 449 AUD for a single treatment. The touch-up eyebrow tattoo costs 50% of the first treatment.

Procedure Time Price in Melbourne Olha Pokatilova Price in Brisbane Anastasia Petkov
Combo Brows (Microblading + Ombre Powder Brows) 2,5 hours 559 AUD 559
Microbladed Ombre Brows 2 hours 549 AUD 549 AUD
Ombre Brows 2 hours 449 AUD 449 AUD
Retouch or Correction 1,5 hour 225 AUD 225 AUD
Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio 2,5 – 3 hour 699 AUD 699 AUD
Cover old tattoo 1,5-2 hour 699 AUD 699 AUD
Retouch up to 1 year 1,5 hour 80% from first treatment 80% from first treatment

Ombre Brows vs Microblading – What Is the Difference?

Micro blading and ombre brow tattooing are modern permanent tattooing techniques. They are well known and have already gained popularity among many girls who follow beauty trends and innovations. Powder coating and feathering brow tattoo have many advantages. In addition, these procedures differ from each other in many ways. Every modern girl who decides to get a semi permanent eye tattoo, powder coating or microblading eyebrow tattoo, probably asks herself which treatment to choose. This article will reveal all the secrets and subtleties of these tattoo techniques to make it easier for you.

aftercare for eyebrow tattoo

Microblading: features, advantages and disadvantages

what are ombre brows

The procedure is a technique of permanent tattooing, which is performed manually by a master. During microblading, micro incisions cosmetic tattooists make on the skin with a nano-needle. At the same time, eyebrow pigment:

  1. Naturalness and naturalness. Not all girls are fans of bright makeup. A feature of microblading uses is moderate brightness and saturation. And most importantly, eyebrows after this procedure look very harmonious with any makeup.
  2. The durability of the result. Eyebrows after such a beauty procedure do not need to be renewed for up to 12-18 months.
  3. Low degree of traumatization. Compared to hardware tattooing, the microblade eyebrow is performed manually, using a special manipulative pen. With this method of execution, the master independently controls the entire process of the procedure and the depth of pigment injection. There is also no vibration, which significantly reduces the likelihood of injury.

In what cases is the brow microblading recommended? First of all, to correct the shape or shade of the eyebrows. With the help of this procedure, any form of eyebrows can be updated and given elegance and beauty. And with the help of mixing the main and additional pigments, you can get a stunning shade of eyebrows. Microblading masters also recommend this procedure to those who wish to disguise scars, scars and other flaws or visible defects of the eyebrows.

Who is microblading suitable for? Microblading is ideal for owners of dry facial skin. On non-oily skin, microblading is characterized by a long-term effect and preservation of its original appearance. In addition, this technique is suitable for those who have natural eyebrows.

If you decide to do microblading, you should prefer a real professional when it comes to choosing a master. The final result and type of eyebrows depend on the master, his skill, experience and professionalism.

In addition to the advantages, microblading has some disadvantages:

  1. Scars: if the procedure is carried out incorrectly, due to the lack of professionalism of the master, the appearance of scars or scars is possible;
  2. Not suitable for all skin types.

Ombre shading brows: advantages and disadvantages

Ombre tint eyebrows is a hardware-based technique with a particular tattoo tint on the top skin layer. Its peculiarity lies in the performance using a shadow and pixel technique. It helps to create an effect naturally and elegantly on the eyebrows. Permanent makeup, contrary to existing stereotypes, looks quite natural. Powder brow ombre is considered a painless and less invasive cosmetic procedure.

Who can get a powdered ombre brow? Compared to microblading, powder coating is a more vibrant colour on the eyebrows. For this reason, the recommendation for girls who opt for brighter makeup in everyday life. Also, powdered ombre eyebrows are ideal for those who want to add volume to the eyebrows visually. Brow powdering is suitable for all skin types. Girls with oily skin don’t have to worry about their eyebrows losing their original appearance. The procedure has no drawbacks if a professional technician performs it.

Microblading Ombre

Microblading or powdered eyebrows: the differences

ombre powder brow

The reason for many disputes is the frequent question of which is better: microblading or powdered eyebrows. Each of the techniques has its features, advantages and differences. Let’s take a closer look at how these popular permanent tattoo techniques differ:

  • Micro blading involves the drawing of hairs and powder spraying – the effect of shadow colouring of eyebrows;
  • Microbladed brow is ideal for dry facial skin types, while powder tattooing is suitable for all facial skin types;
  • microblading involves tattooing by hand, using a special manipulative pen. Powder spraying performance with the help of an apparatus;
  • microblading, unlike powder eyebrow tattoo technique, is less bright. For those girls who prefer rich makeup, a powder tattoo is better.

We hope we have helped you find the answer to the question of which is better: microblading or ombre powdered eyebrows. In addition to differences, these techniques also have standard features. Both procedures are pretty long: up to 2.5 hours. Also standard is that eyebrows, powder ombre tattoos and eyebrow microblading, hybrid brows look equally natural and realistic. The absence of clear lines and unnatural contours is an excellent advantage of both tattoo techniques. Undoubtedly, both tattoo techniques deserve attention and have their benefits.

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If you follow fashion trends, opt for an ombré eyebrow tattoo! You can try combining several techniques. For example, apply microblading strokes at the beginning of the eyebrows in a lighter shade and use the dot technique to form the arch and tip.

You’ll be pleased to know that ombré eyebrows have a reasonably long lifespan. You can desire them to last between two and three years.

Ombre Brows it’s a permanent tattoo application of pigment to the top layer of the skin. The dye stays in the epidermis for a long time, giving the eyebrows the desired shape.

Ombre is a semi-permanent powder eyebrow treatment for clients who prefer a fuller result than the hair stroke but a very soft one. The brow tails are darker and transition into a lighter brow start, creating the perfect Ombre make-up effect. The effect is water-resistant, smudge-proof and completely looks natural.

Powder eyebrow ombre is suitable for all skin types, unlike microblading, which may not be ideal for those with oily skin. Your eyebrow will look more voluminous, defined and spectacular. Ombre eyebrows last longer than microblading, usually up to 3 years.