Powder Brows Melbourne - Benefits, Risks, and Maintenance

Powder brows are one of the most common Melbourne permanent makeup techniques used today. It gives you an effortless look of fullness and definition that lasts up to two years.

By creating a soft microshading effect around your natural eyebrow line, powder brows tattooing offer a more subtle alternative to traditional eyebrow tattooing methods. Plus, they’re less painful than other brow procedures and require minimal aftercare and powdering styling is the perfect solution for oily skin type. 

What’s even more excellent is that powder brows are suitable for all skin types!

Powder brows tattooing (touch-up included)1,5 hour699 AUD
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What are Powder Brows?

Brow powdering involves using a specialised R1 needle to implant pigment into the top layers of skin. This creates the look of perfectly drawn eyebrows—like you just finished filling them in with a pencil or makeup.

The process of creating intricate designs using a combination of small dots , strokes (combo brows) and gradients is the reason why cosmetic tattooing is gaining popularity. This method enables the creation of highly detailed designs, a range of textures and colours, and stunning visuals that stay for years.

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Who Can Benefit From Powder Brow Tattooing?

Powder brow tattoos are a great way to enhance your look and cover up imperfections. If you have bald spots, scars, asymmetry, or sparse hair growth in your eyebrows, this technique can give them a beautiful, natural-looking shape and colour.

It’s also a good option if your eyebrows are too thick but need some filling in, or if they are too light and fade in the sun. Powder eyebrow tattoo can help you achieve a more polished, put-together look without having to spend time on make-up every day.

Here are more advantages:

a sketch of a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in a sophisticated form
  • Powder tattooed aims to create a look that is both polished and youthful. This offers a way to get a neat and aesthetically pleasing makeup look. It will give you a stylish and chic appearance.
eyebrow definition sketch
  • You can choose from the most essential, shaded, and sharpest outline options. Thus, dramatic make-up is pronounced and unique.
sketch of density variation tattooing
  • With this eyebrow tattoo powder technique, you can choose from our shaded and sharp outline options. Embrace a dramatic transformation with a bold.
  • Pixel brow tretment allows you to choose the best density for your brows, giving you a bright and can cover imperfections. The technique involves applying pigment in a powdery manner, resulting in a soft and subtle effect that enhances your natural beauty.
  • No longer will you have to rely on makeup and wax to give your brows more definition – you can achieve fullness! And you don’t have to put in the effort of doing it every day.
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Get Your Facts Right: What to Expect During the Procedure

If you’re considering getting pixel brows, it’s important to know what to expect during the procedure. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Initial Consultation. This involves choosing the right colour, filling level, and technique with your artist. You will also discuss your face shape, eye colour, hair, and skin to determine the best look for your brows.
  2. Sketching. During the session, your eyebrow powder tattoo artist will draw the perfect shape for your new brows. They will keep adjusting it until you’re satisfied with the result.
  3. Numbing. At the start of the tattooing process, anaesthetics are used to reduce pain and prevent infection.
  4. Actual Procedure. A small digital machine with a tiny needle is used to deposit pigment into the upper layer of your skin. This creates a smoky and shadowy look.
  5. Post Care. After the procedure, the brow powder tattoo artist will apply Vaseline gel and give you tips on how to take care of your new brows. They will also schedule a follow-up appointment for a touch-up in about a month.
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Save Time and Get Perfect Brows with Eyebrow Tattoos - Here's How Long It Takes

combo eyebrow tattoo

The entire procedure of getting powdered eyebrows typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, which already includes selecting the colours for your brows and waiting for the anaesthetic to take effect.

The actual process of depositing the pigment into the skin takes around an hour.

The best part is that you can enjoy perfectly shaped ombre brows for at least a year or two, saving you the daily hassle of applying make-up for 30 to 45 minutes!

8 Important Aftercare Tips to Ensure Perfect Healing

  1. Keep the skin moisturised to promote faster healing.
  2. Use chlorhexidine to disinfect the area. Your hybrid brows tattoo artist will give you the instructions.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or special lotion to keep the skin moisturised.
  4. Wait 2-3 hours before washing off the healing agent.
  5. Gently wash the area with baby soap, blot with a soft cloth, and reapply petroleum jelly.
  6. Don’t use any other ointments besides petroleum jelly or what is prescribed..
  7. Let the skin heal naturally without interference. Don’t touch your new brows!
  8. Avoid water exposure for the first 2-3 days to prevent bacterial infection.
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Why Is brow powder tattoo so important?

At Face Figurati Studio, we specialise in permanent make-up and offer a range of services to help you achieve the perfect look. One of our most popular techniques is powder tattoo eyebrows. This technique involves implanting pigment into skin for soft finish.

Unlike eyebrow feathering—which is another form of eyebrow tattooing—powdering eyebrows produces an even coat of colour with no visible strokes or discrepancies. The results are more subtle than other types of cosmetic tattoos, making them ideal for those who want to enhance their natural beauty without looking too over-the-top.

If you’re looking for a subtle, soft look that mimics the appearance of real eyebrow hairs, this method of cosmetic tattooing is perfect. With its ability to create a fuller and more defined shape, it’s no wonder powdered eyebrows are so popular.

Here’s what you need to know about this technique:

  • Powdering is done by using a special machine that deposits pigment into the skin in a feather-like motion. This creates a softer, more diffused effect than traditional microblading.
  • The results give off an incredibly naturalistic look that can last up to two years with proper touch-ups. Plus, since there’s less trauma involved than other forms of permanent make-up, the healing process is much quicker and easier.
  • The best part about powdering is their versatility. You can customise your desired look from light and natural to bold and dramatic. And if you’re not sure which route to take, your technician will be able to provide advice based on your individual features and preferences.

Key benefits:

  • 1. A more blended, feathered look
  • 2. Long-lasting results
  • 3. Minimal down time
  • 4. Ability to customise the intensity
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We believe that powdered eyebrow tattoo is one of the best ways to get beautiful eyebrows that will last. Our team of experienced technicians have professional experience for over 5 years, so you can trust us to give you the perfect set of brows.

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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Tattooist

Olha Pokatilova

Face Figurati Studio, located in Melbourne, offers the highest quality powder brow tattooing services. Our highly skilled and trained artist has been recommended for their passionate work and expertise in Europe. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and professional experience at our clean clinic.

At Face Figurati Studio, we believe in embracing your individual look and accentuating your unique beauty. That’s why we specialise in creating powdered brows – a semi-permanent technique that creates the most realistic looking eyebrows possible.

Using high quality pigments, our passionate artist will carefully craft you custom brows that perfectly frame your face and bring out its best features. We’ll take into account the shape of your eyes and face as well as skin tone and hair colour to create a set of brows that are truly yours.

Not only does powdering brow tattooing last longer than other types of eyebrow tattoos, but it also gives you a more subtle look that mimics the effect of wearing make-up without having to draw on your brows every morning. Achieving a natural look with brow powdering is easy!

At Face Figurati Studio, we strive to provide natural-looking results that will enhance your beauty and make you feel confident. With years of experience and attention to detail, we guarantee that you'll love the outcome!

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We at Face Figurati Studio are passionate about giving our clients the best experience when it comes to cosmetic tattooing. Our head artist is highly skilled and trained in Europe, so you can trust that your work will always be perfect.

We’ve been recommended by many and have a reputation for being clean and professional – so you know you’re in safe hands with us!

Plus, we take genuine beauty seriously, so you’ll always get incredibly realistic results.

So come down to Face Figurati Studio, and show us why we’re the best choice for all your needs!

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Powder brow tattooing is a semi-permanent makeup technique that gives brows a soft, powdery finish. It’s designed to mimic the appearance of freshly applied makeup.

Powder eyebrows can last up to 18 months, depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

Absolutely! We’re highly skilled and trained in Europe, and our clinic is hygienic and sterile. We take safety seriously and use the highest quality equipment and products.

You can book an appointment by contacting us directly or by visiting our website. We look forward to helping you achieve the perfect brows!