Powder Brows

Powder brows are a cosmetic tattoo treatment that involves a gentle and minimally traumatic puncture of the upper layers of the dermis using a special R1 machine tattoo machine with an R1 needle. This method allows the pigment to be injected in a point-by-point manner, resulting in a stunning pixel shading effect. The eyebrows look natural and very effective, giving the impression of freshly applied pencil or make-up shadows. Today this procedure is denoted by many epithets: nano-powder, velvet, pixel, stroke, gradient, dusty, dot or shadow. The technique of powder eyebrow tattoo has gained its popularity and has become a favourite among the fair sex in Melbourne. Powder eyebrows are better known as .

  1. All that you need to know about Powder Brows
  2. Who Are Powder Brows For?
  3. Effects of powdery brows Cosmetic Tattoo
  4. Who Shouldn’t Opt for the Powder Brows Procedure?
  5. Microblading VS Powder Brows
  6. What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Powder Brows?
  7. Hardware tattooing
  8. What Are the Pros of Powder Brows?
  9. Can Microblading Be Combined with Powder Brows?
  10. About Powder Brows Treatment
  11. How long does the procedure take?
  12. What Does the Powder Brows Treatment Look Like?
  13. How to Choose the Right Powder Brows Artist
  14. How to find the right tattoo artist?
  15. Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
  16. Do Powder Brows Hurt?
  17. Is the Treatment Safe?
  18. Are There Any Cons to the Procedure?
  19. What Should I Know Before the Treatment?
  20. What Should I Know About Powder Brows Aftercare?
  21. When Can I Wear Makeup After Powder Brows Treatment?
  23. How Long Does It Take for Your Powder Brows to Heal?
  24. Powder brows fading
  25. What Can Cause Powdered Brows to Fade Faster?
  26. When Should You Get a Powder Brow Touch Up?
  28. How Long Do Powder Brows Last?
  29. Powder brows touch up.
  30. Can I Remove the Results of the Powder Eyebrow Treatment?
  31. Are there any side effects of powder brows?
  32. Is there any chance of infection and how to prevent It?
  33. Can you be allergic to pixel brows?
  34. Powder brows price
  35. How Much Do Powder Brows Cost?
  36. Powder brows – main takeaways
  37. Contraindications of pixel eyebrow dusting
  38. Is it possible to do powdery brows during the period?
  39. How long does one procedure of powder eyebrows last?
  40. Why are shaded eyebrows considered the most popular technique?
  41. Colour development after eyebrow tattooing

All that you need to know about Powder Brows in 2022

Some stages of the powder eyebrow tattooing treatment are similar to other techniques. A preliminary assessment of the condition of the eyebrows and skin by the artist is mandatory—a detailed discussion of the client’s wishes and nuances that may arise during the healing period. When the artist has gathered enough information, they will create sketches and choose the shade. As with another cosmetic tattoo style, a local anaesthetic gel is applied before the eyebrow tattooing is applied. In this method, the thinnest needles are used to introduce the pigment. The technique is considered gentle, so the procedure takes one hour, but 40 minutes is usually sufficient. This is why this method has become famous among busy ladies in Melbourne. During the following weeks, the skin recovers, and during this period, it is necessary to follow the master’s recommendations. The final result will depend on proper care. Why is the powder eyebrow tattoo technique popular in Australia? The answer lies on a plane much wider than cosmetology. Naturalness has remained a trend in many areas, including the fashion industry, in recent years. 

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Who Are Powder Brows For?

  • With the help of powdery eyebrows, You can give your image a finishing touch and effectively hide flaws. It can be small bald spots, asymmetry scars, rare or chaotic hair growth. All bald area can beautifully be hidden, giving the edges beautiful outlines and colour. Based on the capabilities of the technique, it recommended making powder eyebrows if: 

    • Your eyebrows are too thick, comma, but there are bald spots in some areas.
    • Brows are too light, and you need to give them colour Eyebrows quickly fade in the sun.
    • Moreover, if your eyebrows grow chaotically, you want to provide them with a more neat and beautiful shape. 
    • Also, if you have congenital disabilities in the eyebrow area, scars.
    • In conclusion, you don’t want to waste time on makeup every day.
Also our work, as a result of which you will forget about cosmetics for two years. ​

Effects of powdery brows Cosmetic Tattoo

a sketch of a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in a sophisticated form

To betray a refined but at the same time fresh, naturalistic appearance. Powder cosmetic tattoo gives the effect of neat and harmonious decorative makeup. It makes a face well-groomed.

eyebrow definition sketch

Choose the clarity of the outlines, from the most important, shaded Yes, pronounced, characteristic of dramatic makeup.

sketch of density variation tattooing

Vary the density of application, under an almost transparent till, confident bright. With the help of tattooing, you can choose the most suitable desired option.

Make eyebrows visually thicker. You free yourself from the need to use eyeshadow or wax every day.

The result largely depends on your efforts. Following fundamental but straightforward rules before and after the procedure will help you achieve the result you dreamed of!


Unfortunately, many novice cosmetic tattoo artists do not consider all the “pitfalls” of eyebrow tattooing using the powder technique. Position it as simple and suitable for everyone, without exception. But without knowledge of the nuances of permanent eyebrow makeup in the powder technique, such effects will not work. For example, for owners of oily skin, I do not recommend this technology. Because of the risk of getting a blurred and merged pattern in a couple of months. Even if, at first, it seems clear and neat.

Who Shouldn’t Opt for the Powder Brows Procedure?

Powder brow tattoo has many advantages, but unfortunately it is not suitable for everyone. There are several contraindications for which tattooing is not allowed or recommended. These include:

  • Hypersensitivity; 
  • Susceptibility to allergies. To avoid an allergic attack, you can start taking antihistamines a week before the procedure;
  • Diabetes mellitus – people taking insulin; 
  • Viral diseases; 
  • Various types of infections; Poor blood clotting; 
  • Severe acne; 
  • HIV. 
Left side shading cosmetic tattoo after treatmnet , on the right side sketch Leonardo da Vinci form

Relative contraindications include pregnancy and lactation due to changes in the hormonal background in the woman’s body at this time. The master cannot guarantee that the pigment will take up the correct residue. Therefore, clients during this period do micropigmentation at their own risk. Opt for another type of permanent makeup is recommended if there are many grey hairs or gaps in the eyebrows. Powder eyebrows can only partially cover such imperfections as long as the grey hairs are painted over.

Microblading VS Powder Brows

What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Powder Brows?

combo eyebrow tattoo

Cosmetic tattoos (microblading, micropigmentation, micro-blading, feathering) – are the long-term application of tattoo pigments into the upper layer of the epidermis skin. Tattooing has been divided into manual (microblading and microshading) and hardware. In other words, manual use the handle of a maniple with a needle only by the hands of a master. However, hardware tattooing using a special apparatus powered by electricity. To understand the difference between tattooing with a machine and microblading, you first need to know how one and the other procedure for micropigmentation of the skin occurs. So what is microblading and cosmetic tattooing? We will try to tell you in more detail and thoroughly below. since many girls confuse two different terms, connecting them.

“If you are interested in learning the main difference between microblading and powder eyebrow coating in cosmetic tattooing and read our separate article?”

Hardware tattooing

Hardware tattooing is a method of injecting pigment under the skin using a particular electric micropigmentation machine. In the procedure, use the thinnest needles 1RL (single or welded into bundles or rows). The movement of the machine is translational. It takes 60 to 140 skin punctures per second. The method originates from tattooing. At the very beginning, pigments used for the procedure and a tattoo machine is the same. 

Accordingly, the depth of injection of the dye was the same as that of the classic tattoo. However, it turned out that pigments were removed from the skin in different ways in different colours of tints. And deeply injected dye leaves an orange, purple, grey or blue colour on the skin. On the other face, this method is unacceptable.

What Are the Pros of Powder Brows?

In addition to the crude aspect that the procedure gives, the eyebrow tattoo with a powdery effect has the following advantages:

  • Minimal skin injury 
  • The needle is inserted into the uppermost layers of the skin to a depth of 1 mm. 
  • Fast recovery and painless, and the procedure itself eliminates severe pain; 
  • Fast procedure – about 1-1,5 hours; 
  • Hides flaws;
  • Suitable for women aged 18+

Can Microblading Be Combined with Powder Brows?

How can the benefits of different tattoo techniques be used to achieve a flawless result? Depending on the desired effect, the artist can perform the microblading technique first and then the powder brows technique. The hair method of permanent make-up allows for a specific colour of the image and makes it more voluminous. Combination brows help to maintain the result for a longer period of time. Microblading tattooing can also be applied only on the individual eyebrows, where there are significant voids or where the own hairs do not grow evenly. The combination of techniques looks very individual.

eyebrow tattooing


How long does the procedure take?

How long does it take to get an eyebrow tattoo? The entire process takes 1.5-2 hours, of which around 15 minutes is colour selection and another 15-20 minutes for the anaesthetic to take effect. It takes at least 1 hour to apply the pigment.  Isn’t it amazing that instead of spending 30-45 minutes every day applying decorative make-up, get your eyebrows tattooed and the effect will long last for at least a year or two.

What Does the Powder Brows Treatment Look Like?

powder brows aftercare
powder eyebrow tattoo Melbourne

The eyebrow treatment has a few stages. Since a woman’s appearance depends on the chosen sketch, colour, and shape. Everything needs to discuss: 

  1. Firstly, the shade of pigment, the intensity of the filling, the “broaching” technique (for example, it is now fashionable to introduce pigment from a lighter to a darker shade, the shape of the eyebrow). 
  2. The artist can offer options, based on the shape of the face, colour and eyes form, hair and skin; 
  3. Secondly, it’s a sketch drawing. The eyebrows have to be adjusted, pluck excess hairs, and correct shape. The master discusses the sketch with the client and changes it until the client is delighted; 
  4. The next stage is antiseptic treatment and anaesthesia. Various ointments, gels or sprays are used for this. The most popular is lidocaine or another drug based anaesthesia. Although brow powdering involves a procedure with minimal trauma to the skin, skin damage is inevitable, as is a painful sensation. The professional artist always applies twice an anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. The first time before the procedure, the second time during the treatment; 
  5. The next step is the procedure. The procedure itself involves the creation of micro-points pigment injections through the upper dermo layer of the skin. The powder eyebrows technique involves a particular digital machine with a thin needle on end. This process creates a shadowy, smoky effect by “depositing” the pigment smoothly and gently;
  6.  After the procedure, the tattooist applies Vaseline gel, gives eyebrow tattoo aftercare recommendations, and makes an appointment for a touch-up session. Usually, it takes about a month after the first visit to a cosmetic tattoo salon.

How to Choose the Right Powder Brows Artist

Pixel spraying does with an apparatus’s help, but the technique is also significantly different from the microblading cosmetic eyebrows, shading or eyebrow feathering technique. They apply the pigment in the upper layer of the epidermis using a pen tattoo machine – without a solid coarse fill. It looks as if the eyebrows tint with a tiny pencil or shadows – they become voluminous and delicate. This technique is especially relevant for blondes eyebrow tattoo.

How to find the right tattoo artist?

Be sure to keep in mind that shading sputtering eyebrows require a careful approach, care, and, of course, the presence of artistic taste from a specialist. To ensure that you are in good hands, ask me to show you a cosmetic tattoo before and after of the selected technique’s work. Pay attention to the experience and reputation of the cosmetic makeup artist. You may be able to find reviews about him. Do not neglect intuitive feelings: human trust and disposition play no more minor role, even than the most impeccable professionalism. Seeing “your” specialist, you will win in the future. After all, sputtering a tattoo, like any other, does not affect one visit to the salon. You should be sure of further opportunities to get advice or just answer a question. For example, Going for new makeup and maintaining its fresh, neat appearance – make the timely correction.

the technique for a blond girl with special combine triple pigment colour espresso 10% fudge 40% forest brown 50%

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Top Artis of Studio Face Figurati

Olha Pokatilova

Olha Po is an certified and licensed recognised specialist and inspirational studio leader. A primary educator, she runs expert workshops for the qualified artist in Australia and overseas. When performing procedures, she uses unique semi-permanent author techniques.
A creative person striving for perfection in her work, for whom tattooing is an art, a hobby, a passion, a profession and a lifestyle at the same time. Olga is a specialist with a subtle approach to each element, emphasising the individuality of each image.

“When it comes to eyeliner tattoo in Melbourne, there is no better place to go than Face Figurati. We are experts in the field and can give you the perfect eyeliner tattoo that you have always wanted.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of having a permanent eyeliner tattoo, which is why we offer a range of different options. We can provide you with a natural-looking eyeliner tattoo that will last for years, or we can provide you with a more dramatic look that will make your eyes stand out.

No matter what your preference is, we are confident that we can give you the perfect eyeliner tattoo that you have always wanted. Contact us today to book an appointment and see for yourself how we can help you achieve the perfect look.” – Olha Po


Do Powder Brows Hurt?

In comparison to lip tattoo, eyelash or eyebrow tattoo treatment virtually painless. It requires no anaesthesia, but everyone has an individual sensitivity threshold, and the anaesthesia is adjusted accordingly. No swelling occurs after the procedure, and you can go straight back to your everyday lifestyle.

Is the Treatment Safe?

Yes, the procedure is safe! During performing cosmetic tattoo, all hygiene requirements for these procedures are observed. Only hypoallergenic, certified products are used in the studio.

Are There Any Cons to the Procedure?

The traditional eyebrow tattoo technique is known to every woman who wants to look attractive and well-groomed. The procedure is quite effective and perfectly conceals imperfections in the eyebrow area, making them more expressive. However, tattooing is a painful procedure, which cannot give a natural look to the eyebrows and has several disadvantages (colour change with the appearance of unnatural blue, green and even red).
It’s a different matter to the powdered brow technique. A modern, virtually painless procedure with stunning effects.

Powder Eyebrow before after

What Should I Know Before the Treatment?

Before eyebrow tattoo, it’s not necessary to correct the shape of the eyebrows or remove any hairs that have grown back. The last self-correction should be done at least one week before the treatment. It makes it easier for the master to determine the eyebrows’ natural shape, density, and raw curvature. According to expert recommendations, before permanent eyebrow make-up, one should not: do face cleansing, peeling, injections of Botox, Dysport into the face, contour plastic surgery, eyebrow colouring.


What Should I Know About Powder Brows Aftercare?

Don’t let the traumatised skin dry out so that the resulting crusts will be better later on. Therefore, treat skin with chlorhexidine and apply an emollient on the skin. Vaseline or other special creams, ointments are ideal in this case. Apply only light and soft, thin layer.

Important: Wait 2-3 hours after the procedure and do not wash off the healing agent. Afterwards, clean it off with baby soap, blot with a soft, lint-free cloth and apply petroleum jelly in a thin layer. Don’t use petroleum jelly or any other ointment later. Let the skin heal on its own without any problems or complications.
Eyebrows aftercare during the first 2-3 days, contact with water should be avoided, not introducing bacteria through open wounds. The use of any washing-up liquid is also not recommended.

what is eyebrow microblading

When Can I Wear Makeup After Powder Brows Treatment?

We highly recommend not wearing any make-up or any cream in the tattooing zone up to wholly healed (until the crusts have completely peeled off).



How Long Does It Take for Your Powder Brows to Heal?

The healing and recovery process of the skin after a powder eyebrow procedure is not different from the process that occurs after other cosmetic techniques. In the first few hours, swelling and redness may occur – this is a normal skin reaction to multiple punctures. Once the skin begins to heal, flaking may occur. Therefore, if the flaking is minimal, it means that the healing process is correct. If the crusts are coarse, bleeding or oozing wounds underneath, you should consult a doctor. It is strictly forbidden to remove crusts from the skin on your own.
Slight itching may occur while the dermis is healing. Itching the eyebrows is not allowed, but you can gently use an ear stick to go over the eyebrow area if you strongly feel like it. It should help. The healing period of the skin is about 5-7 days. The skin fully recovers and renews itself in a month if proper eyebrow care did after the procedure.

Powder brows fading

powder eyebrow tattoo before and after

What Can Cause Powdered Brows to Fade Faster?

There are several impacts effected on tattooing:

  • sauna;
  • sport sweating;
  • metabolism;
  • pregnancy;
  • ultraviolet;
  • food (alcohol, coffee, spicy food;
  • quality of pigments;
  • tattoo technique;
  • type of the skin; 

When Should You Get a Powder Brow Touch Up?

In almost 100% of cases, the technician will book the client in for a correction after the first treatment. It’s a mandatory additional procedure that:

Prolongs the effect of the powdered eyebrows. During the correction, the pigment is reintroduced, making it better “anchored” under the skin;
Any imperfections resulting from the skin healing process (gaps in the pigment, discolouration of the pigment, changes in the shape of the eyebrows, etc.) are corrected.
The first brow patching procedure can be referred to as ‘getting to know the skin’. It is unknown how the body will react to a foreign substance, how it will accept it. It’s why it is not always possible to get the result you would like. However, correction solves this problem in an instant. It can be even out colour, remove imperfections, correct the shape, and bring perfection.

powder eyebrow tattoo before and after for blond hair


ombre eyebrow tattooing

How Long Do Powder Brows Last?

The effect eyebrow tattoo lasts for 1.5 to 2 years. The exact duration is impossible to predict as it is individual and depends on the body. The short duration of the effect is due to the use of mineral-based pigments. During this period, the pigment is getting absorbed and dissolved. After a few years, it is completely gone.
If you have a look, it’s a big plus because, after a short period, it is possible to repeat the procedure, changing the shade, form, saturation or try another type of cosmetic tattoo. The disadvantage of such a short-term procedure is only for those who desire a longer-lasting effect.

It is worth realising that several factors affect how quickly the pigment lightens. These include:

Skin type and skin specificity. Oily and porous skin loses pigment much faster;
The specificity of the immune system. The higher the immune system, the more likely it is that pigment loss will occur faster;
Age. The older a woman is, the slower the lightening of pigment.

Powder brows touch up

Can I Remove the Results of the Powder Eyebrow Treatment?

If you’re unhappy with your tattoo and don’t want to wait for the pigment to fade, there are several ways to fix and remove powdery eyebrows to start with. The easiest way to remove tattooing is to sunbathe frequently and wash your face in a sauna.Alternatives to tattoo removal are acid remouver or laser removal

Of course, the best solution is to have the procedure performed by an experienced craftsman and try to have it corrected.

Are there any side effects of powder brows?

Cosmetic Tattooing is a complicated procedure. Sometimes, instead of long-lasting beauty, a woman gets an error that screams in her face. So what are the side effects, and how can they be corrected? The main reason do your cosmetic tattoo are: 

  • Don’t waste time with makeup in the morning and sleep a little longer. 
  • Always look perfect without makeup.

 Such prospects are tempting for many women! That’s why services are so popular. But, unfortunately, many take advantage of it and who regret it. Not a very well-thought-out decision. Chasing cheapness. A superficial choice of a master and a salon. The reasons can be different. Sadly, today it is no less common for poor-quality tattoing to be repaired and removed than it is for it to be done. The more salons offer services, the greater the chance of running into a non-professional and low-level rendering of the service. Our advice to those who are going to do permanent makeup: familiarize yourself with the possible mistakes. Arm yourself with information so that you are not sold a substandard service. And for those who, unfortunately, are already in the ranks of the dissatisfied, we will tell what the ways of correction are. It’s difficult to correct but possible.

powdery brows

Is there any chance of infection and how to prevent It?

Always ask the technician to show the needles that they will use for the procedure on your face. They must be packed in disposable sterile packaging; all objects that the technician touches during the procedure must be wrapped in disposable film (table, lamp, chair, surface of the machine). Only this will allow the “disposable” surface rule to be adhered to. Disinfecting liquid products can not always fully secure the surface because disinfecting liquids can not be applied to the equipment and cannot be kept for 15 minutes or an hour, as the rules of use require; protective equipment for both master (gloves, mask, cap) and client (cap, cape) is mandatory; after the procedure, the master must dispose of used needles in a particular container;

Can you be allergic to pixel brows?

In tattooing, the beautician injects the colour pigment into the layers of the epidermis. Causes of allergic reactions are as follows: individual responses use poor quality pigments. Many people wonder if they are allergic to permanent eyebrow make-up applied with good-quality pigments. Yes, even organic dyes can have side effects in the form of rashes, itching and swelling. These symptoms can occur in combination or one at a time. The more sensitive your body is to a specific irritant, the more severe the allergic reaction. Slight itching and swelling can be a reaction to a permanent make-up procedure unrelated to product intolerance. A typical response is as follows: Slight swelling and itching. It’s reddening for several days—slight thickening of the skin in the application area. The pain gradually decreases as it heals. Recovery time depends on the speed of skin regeneration and usually lasts about a week. If redness, pain and itching persist after this time, consult a doctor. Signs of allergy:

  • purulent blisters;
  • marked redness in tattoo area;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • generalised weakness;
  • headache; nausea.

Powder brows price

When looking for a cosmetic tattoo master, studio, clinic or salon, you analyse the prices of permanent makeup tattoo services. You have probably noticed that the price range is extensive. You can find the same service with a price difference of 10 times. Of course, a lower price will interest you. But don’t be in a hurry to apply for a cheap procedure. The cost of permanent make-up depends on many criteria, including the experience of the specialist and the reputation of the studio where he works.

ProcedureTimePrice in Melbourne
Olha Pokatilova
Price in Brisbane
Anastasia Petkov
Microblading1,5 hour499 AUD none
Feathering Eyebrows1,5 hour499 AUDnone
Feather Stroke1,5 hour499 AUDnone
Feather Touch1,5 hour449 AUDnone
Powder brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Pixel Brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Eyebrow Shading Tattoo1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Mixed Technique (Microblading + Powder)2,5 hours559 AUDnone
Ombre Brows2 hours499 AUD449 AUD

Retouch or Correction

1,5 hour

50% from price

50% from price

Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio

2,5 – 3 hour

+150 AUD to the procedure price

+150 AUD to the procedure price

Cover old tattoo

1,5-2 hour

+100 AUD to the procedure price

+100 AUD to the procedure price

Retouch up to 1 year

1,5 hour

80% from first procedure

80% from first procedure

Our cosmetic tattooing price is very dependent on the individual. Below you’ll find a rough suggestion of our prices. A consultation is required for more detailed pricing.

How Much Do Powder Brows Cost?

When choosing an artist, the first and foremost criterion is the price of the procedure. By choosing cheap services, you risk getting a novice or an inexperienced technician trying to lure clients and expand the client base with a low price. Quality permanent makeup can not cost cheap a priori. Plays a role in a lot of factors:

  • the cost of renting the space that the master rents; the cost of equipment, consumables that need to be paid back; 
  • the cost of training, which the master also wants to recoup; 
  • Reputation, time – all influence the final price. 
  • Price for the treatment is 2-3 times less than the final price.

On the other hand, a surcharge includes the aspects mentioned above and the craftsman’s desire, his perception of pricing. It is fair to say that there are studios and specialists offering services at exorbitantly high prices. Here one has to choose following one’s budget and possibilities. Knowing the cost of the procedure, conclude for yourself whether it is worth overpaying. Quality always dictates the price. A good result cannot be too cheap. Therefore, choosing an artist, you should aim for a price within the range of 500-1000 AUD, depending on the chosen technique and zone

Powder brows – main takeaways

powder eyebrow tattoo did for a blond girl with special combine triple pigment colour fudge + espresso + forest brown. The technique for oily skin and does as the best result for the stewardess Helena.

Contrandications of pixel eyebrow dusting

The technique has a considerable number of advantages, but, unfortunately, not for everyone. There are several contraindications – diseases, having which it is impossible or not recommended to perform tattooing. These include :

  • Hypersensitivity;
  • Tendency to allergies.
  • To avoid an allergic attack, you can start taking antihistamines a week before the procedure;
  • Diabetes mellitus – people were taking insulin.;
  • Viral disease;
  • Various kinds of infections;
  • Poor blood clotting;
  • Severe acne;
  • HIV.

Relative contraindications include pregnancy and lactation due to changes in hormonal levels occurring in a woman’s body at this time. The master cannot guarantee that the pigment will take on the correct residues. Therefore, in this period, clients do micropigmentation at their peril and risk. It also recommends choosing a different type of permanent make-up if there are much grey hair or bald spots on the fringes. Powdery eyebrows can only partially hide such imperfections, provided that the grey hairs are painted over.

Is it possible to do powdery brows during the period?

We strongly recommend not to do any tattooing during period, pregnancy, point my advice to do only after childbirth and the end of breastfeeding.

How long does one procedure of powder eyebrows last?

The total time of the procedure is about 1.5 hours. This time includes discussions, drawing a sketch, if necessary, the work itself and consultation.

Why shaded eyebrows are considered the most popular technique?

The powder eyebrows technique is the most popular due to the advantages and effects that permanent makeup gives. Powdery eyebrows make them look like their own, excluding sharp edges, and light shading helps frame the eyebrows and eyes beautifully. Pixel eyebrow tattooing treatment can do even on oily skin. The method is suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of age.

Colour development after eyebrow tattooing

Powder eyebrows before after

Day 1-3 – there is swelling and redness, and asymmetry of the eyebrows may be visible due to skin trauma. The Colour during this period is bright and dark due to vascular reaction. 5-10 days – the colour intensity decreases when the top layer of skin stops peeling, and the tattooed area becomes lighter. 15-30 days – complete healing and discolouration after the tattoo. You should consider that every person has different pigmentation and depends on the body’s defence reactions. Therefore tattoo looks different. If, after 28 days, the Colour is not sufficiently visible, you may address it to the specialist for correction. The specialist will add Colour and correct the shape. An additional procedure is compulsory, and without it, the tattoo is considered unfinished. During the correction, the colour saturation and symmetry of the eyebrows is finalised. Many people are agitated when the Colour is too bright at first, but a week later is almost invisible in contrast. Wait for the final healing and stabilisation and visit your technician, who will correct if necessary.