Feather Eyebrows is a safe fashion technique with imitation of natural hair growth, perfect eyebrows of the correct shape, density and thickness. Moreover,  feather tattooing allows you to bring the incomplete eyebrows order, give them colour, the required thickness, and correct the shape. Thanks to this technique, you will feel confident every day. Now it doesn’t matter your plans: going to the pool or having a party until the morning, you no longer need cosmetics for your eyebrows. You look charming every minute. And those around you will notice it. 

The greatest strength of the hair technique lies in its ability to hide any imperfections in the brow region effectively. Also, You no longer need to frantically in the morning to paint over gaps in the eyebrows, bald patches with a pencil or shadows, paint on eyebrows if they are too thin, sparse, light or not at all. Moreover, the hair technique will help recreate the missing hairs in their natural direction of growth, width, thickness and colour, visually raise the grave arches without using injections, and change the shape of the eyebrow, making it harmonious. A hair tattoo will make the eyebrows flawless, and you will be more attractive, feminine and fashionable.

feather eyebrow tattoo procedure in Face Figurati Studio


Get rid of asymmetry

You will forget about the discomfort that your eyebrows caused for you: irregular shape, hair growth, fractures. You just get rid of them with the help of a hair technique.

Get rid of templates.

You will be able to hide gaps and small areas of the skin where hair does not grow. From now on, your brows have a natural and natural density along their entire length.

Hide defects

Scars, scars, acne and other facial imperfections in the eyebrow area will become invisible, hiding under beautiful, regular eyebrows.

Visually raise the brow ridges.

You will be able to visually raise the eyebrows, the arcs of which previously made the image “heavy”. You will accentuate your eyes for a lighter and more playful look.

Emphasize your image

You will find a new, stylish and modern look that you have long dreamed of.

Look spectacular

With thick, beautiful eyebrows of the correct shape in a natural shade, you always look impressive, wherever you are and whatever you do.

How much does FEATHER EYEBROWS cost?

The price for tattooing depends on the level of the master and the place and technique. For example, shading is a little cheaper than a hair shading technique. When shading, the master paints the outline without clear boundaries and thus creates an eyebrow pencil. The hair technique costs a little more because it is more detailed work. In this technique, the master draws fine lines and makes the missing hairs. Read the cosmetic tattoo prices page to know more about what include in microblading and other methods.

Olha Pokatilova
Anastasia Petkov
Microblading Maniple Technique (blade rather)1,5 hour599 AUDnone
Microblading Nano – Touch (digital machine)1,5 hour499 AUDnone
The Mixed technique (microblading + powder brows)1,5 hour549 AUDnone
Eyebrow Feathering – Father-touch Nano Strokes (digital machine)1,5 hour49 AUDnone
Eyebrow Feathering Father-touch Nano Strokes (maniple)1,5 hour599 AUDnone
Correctionhour50% from price50% from price 
Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio1,5 hour+150 AUD to the procedure price+150 AUD to the procedure price
Cover old tattoo1,5 hour+100 AUD to the procedure price+100 AUD to the procedure price
Retouch up to 1 year1,5 hour80% from the first procedure80% from the first procedure

Eyebrow feathering Artist

Olga Pokatilova, certified master of permanent makeup and tattooing, head of the studio Face Figurati.

I am glad to welcome you to the website of the Face Figurati beauty studio. My name is Olga. I am a certified master of permanent makeup and microblading. I guarantee that having done just one tattoo in our beauty salon, you will want to give up decorative cosmetics forever. It’s beautiful, convenient and practical! The best masters of the city work in the studio, and we create the best cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne studio Face Figurati. See for yourself!

Girls who have decided to have eyebrow cosmetic tattoos or lip tattooing write reviews about all sorts of pitfalls encountered along the way.
They often complain about ‘awkward’ craftsmen who mess up the shape of eyebrows, choose the wrong dye colour (each can interact differently with various skin types) or treat the surface unevenly. Many people find it difficult to tolerate the pain during the treatment and the first few days of healing. There are complaints that such eyebrows can migrate colour to blue or blue-green and generally look like an old tattoo over time.

Therefore, the advice given in the reviews boils down to one thing: the choice of the cosmetic tattooing master is the key to a successful procedure and getting precisely the kind of eyebrows that will delight the client. Check out our reviews of Face Figurati permanent makeup studios in Melbourne and Brisbane. In addition, we always suggest that you read the terms and conditions page before you seek any tattoo treatment.

Feather eyebrow tattoo technique: thick eyebrows with a hint of naturalness

The feather technique in Melbourne and Brisbane gained its popularity due to the unique opportunities to hide the imperfections of the eyebrows and imitate their growth. No other method will help to recreate hairs if they are absent. This technique comes in blended and works well with powder for a stunning effect. Hair tattoo can be an independent technique because, with its help, you can get a luxurious look: focus on your advantages and hide flaws.

Features of the feather cosmetic tattoo technique

Feathering eyebrows tattoo performed with a classic vibrating machine for permanent make-up. It becomes a critical difference between this technique and microblading, which uses a maniple. A master with a thin needle up to 1 mm deep under the skin injects pigment, drawing hairs. It’s how an imitation of their growth performed. And the direction, thickness, width and even colour are dictated by the chosen technique of hair tattooing. For example, there are two of them:


Take a closer look at your eyebrows, and you will notice that your natural hairs grow erratically. Some are shorter. Some are more saturated in colour. The Eastern technique reproduces a similar growth of follicles and their appearance. They can be of different lengths, widths, saturations – just like they grow in a woman. This technique helps to recreate the eyebrows in a more natural form and becomes optimal if your eyebrows fall out, are very thin, light or entirely absent;


The complete opposite of the oriental one is more suitable when the eyebrow needs only partially to fill with hairs. For example, it is a bald spot or a scar due to which the eyebrows do not grow in a particular place. Also, this technique is suitable if you need to correct the shape of the eyebrow partially. For example, to sharpen the boundaries, raise the pecking tip, or change a broken eyebrow. The European method of tattooing the hair technique provides for drawing hairs of the same length, width, thickness, and colour.

Technique advantages

For instance, the technique has valuable advantages:

  • Firstly, it’s entirely painless. The needle inserted into the upper layers of the dermis, therefore, only superficially injures it. In addition, the master uses pain relievers in the process, which together creates comfort without pain;
  • Secondly, it is entirely safe. No excessive secretion of lymphatic fluid, no blood, no scarring or scarring;
  • Thirdly, fast skin recovery. Slight trauma to the skin allows it to heal quickly and painlessly with proper care.

Besides, Hair technique allows you to forget about the need to use decorative cosmetics for two years. Throughout this period, the eyebrows always look neat and tidy. They do not need to be tinted or combed. The maximum effort required of you is to pluck out the extra eyebrows every few weeks, maintaining the shape previously created by the tattoo.

Answers to popular questions FEather eyebrow tattoo

The technique of feather eyebrow tattooing and microblading has the same effect and the final look of the eyebrows. However, the two procedures are performed in different ways. Microblading performed by hand by a master. A master with a tool with a blade at the end cuts in the skin in hairs and injects pigment into them. Although the incisions are only superficial, a large area of the tattoo area is injured. Because of this, there are risks and complications. For example, long-term healing of the skin, loss of the shape of the eyebrows, and more. The hair technique involves imitating the growth of hairs but performed with a traditional machine with a needle. A thin needle is much less traumatic to the skin. It heals faster without possible negative consequences. In conclusion , the result is a similar effect to microblading, but the procedure itself is safe.

The technique is suitable for absolutely everyone who dreams of beautiful eyebrows. But it is often recommended to choose it if: 

  • Firstly, natural hairs are sparse, light, partially or absent;
  • Secondly, it is necessary to create or correct the shape of the eyebrows, makes them more comprehensive, thicker, changes the break of the form; ➡ I want to remove asymmetry, create the correct location of the eyebrow arches relative to each other;
  • Thirdly, it’s necessary to hide minor defects: scars, age spots; 
  • Also, natural eyebrows grow in an ugly or unnatural manner;  
  • In conclusion, “I want to create a shape that is beautiful, fashionable and suitable for the face”. 

Most importantly, when choosing this technique, remember that with its help, it is impossible to achieve naturalness in the image due to the gaps between the drawn hairs. The tattoo is striking. It is noticeable that the eyebrows are not natural. If you want the brow arches to look natural, it is better to choose another tattooing technique.

Unlike its “brother” microblading, the hair technique does not hurt. The difference between the two procedures is excellent since they performed with different instruments, and the effect is identical. That is why most professional masters are against microblading and recommend hair tattooing of eyebrows if necessary or if you want to imitate hairs. Hair permanent performed with a traditional clipper and needle. The pigment injected into the upper layers of the skin, so its trauma is minimal, as well as pain. Besides, during work, the master uses an anaesthetic, which completely removes pain and discomfort. Microblading cannot boast of such a thing since it involves skin incisions.

Minimal trauma to the skin has a beneficial effect on its healing. In 5-7 days, it is completely tightened and restored. It will take another 2 weeks for the pigment to settle and create the final result of the tattoo ultimately. The healing process takes place without problems and complications.

 Maintenance is minimal but necessary.

 Timely fulfil the following requirements: As the lymphatic fluid is released, remove it with a cotton swab dipped in chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine is an affordable and effective drug with a low cost, but if desired, another pharmacy with antibacterial properties can use instead. The lymph should wipe off as often as possible to avoid drying it out. On the first day after the session, this should do every 15-20 minutes, the next day – as you perform.The use of chlorhexidine is the only requirement for skincare after the procedure. There is no need to use healing ointments, and without them, the skin heals quickly. But if you want to apply lotions, apply them in a thin layer no more than 4 times a day during the first days after tattooing, and after that – 2-3 times a day. 

Also, the requirements for quick healing of the skin include the exclusion of cosmetic procedures over the eyebrows.

  • Do not paint, do not pluck, do not scrub, do not apply masks, do not perform lamination until the dermis completely healed and restored;
  • Do not visit the pool, sunbathing, do not steam the skin. It is forbidden to go to the bathhouse, to lie in the bathroom for a long time;
  • For the first 5 days, do not touch your eyebrows with your hands, do not try to get rid of crusts on your own.

    Following simple rules will help to get proper skin healing without complications.


Permanent make-up using the hair method lasts 1.5-2 years. However, the duration of the effect is influenced by several factors: 

  • Firstly, how oily skin is. The fatter, the less the product; 
  • Skin age. On young skin, the effect is shorter due to the accelerated metabolism than older women; 
  • Also, the quality of skincare after tattooing; 
  • In  addition, whether correction has performed. The correction prolongs the effect by reintroducing the pigment and enhancing the colour. 
  • In conclusion, Individual characteristics of the skin and the body. It is possible to shorten or lengthen the impact due to certain features. For example, the body’s perception of pigment.