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Are you tired of makeup every day? Makeup takes too long, and is buying good decorative cosmetics hitting your budget? Visit the studio of cosmetic tattoo by Olha Pokatilova – an international master makes permanent professional makeup in Melbourne using materials proven over the years and premium class.

Eye tattooing is a unique way to highlight and open your sight. It does not blur. Unlike a pencil or eyeliner, it will not erase by an accidental touch of the hand; it will not fail at the most crucial moment in life.

How do they tattoo eyeliner?

In general terms, the procedure carried out as follows: a specialist, most often an experienced artist, introduces a colouring pigment into the uppermost layer of the skin. Tattooing performed using a sterilized vibrating needle that slips into the skin and leaves the dye in the dermis’s upper layers. 

Permanent eye tattoo done by experienced craftsmen will provide a flawless appearance and bring specific practical benefits.

The studio equipped with modern equipment, there is a cozy atmosphere in the office, and the staff does everything to make the client comfortable.

The procedure is carried out in compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements, guaranteeing an impeccable final result.

What will your permanent eye makeup look like: light translucent shadows, even arrows or a thick lash effect?

The lash line is made in the upper part of the eye with black colour pigment. The work is very painstaking and requires high experience. Mostly done for girls who do not want to spend a lot of time on everyday makeup.

The procedure of cosmetic tattoo of eyeliner  carried out with professional, low-traumatic equipment. However, it must be borne in mind that the skin around the eyes is quite thin and delicate, and after the procedure, slight swelling of the eyelids may occur. Do not worry, the swelling will go away within 2 days. But it is worth considering when planning your affairs after the end of the procedure.

classic eyeliner

Helps to make the appearance nobler, creating a soft, discreet effect. Shading is also suitable for the upper eyelids. It can complement the classic arrow or use separately.

Clients often choose this type of permanent make-up with mimic wrinkles or sagging eyelids since the traditional dark contour can only emphasize age-related changes.

Shading technique

That kind of eyelid tattoo allows you to forget about the need to bring your eyes every morning for a long time. A line is drawn over the eyelashes. Its thickness may be different, so you should discuss the desired result with the master in advance.

The contour, created with the help of permanent eye makeup, will make you irresistible even in those moments when you have just woken up and have not slept enough to go to the beach or the pool.

lash line tattoo

This type of permanent eye makeup involves drawing a contour line along the lash line. The line thickness can be from 1 mm to the ciliary contour’s thickness. Thanks to this method, eyelashes appear thicker, and the look is expressive.
In combination with the outer contour application, the tattoo between the eyelashes allows you to correct the eyes’ shape and enhance the natural effect.

what effect of eyeLiner Cosmetic tattoo can be obtained

the effect of the classic arrow, the line runs near the upper eyelid above the eyelashes and goes to the lower part of the eye with an arrow towards the temple

Desired Contour
(eyeliner effect )

Tattooing helps to resolve minor aesthetic problems or age-related changes

correction of minor aesthetic problems or age-related changes

a tattoo between the eyelashes helps to visually increase the volume of the eye to emphasize the natural beauty and increase the density of the eyelash row

Effect of thick eyelashes
(inter-eyelash makeup)

eyeliner tattoo is done with shading with a light dusting and a gradient from the center of the eye to the edge towards the Temple

Shadow effect

eyelid shading tattoo helps to do evening make-up and solve the problem with everyday makeup

Colour Eyeliner Shade

Preparation for the eyeliner Cosmetic tattoo Treatment

Eyeliner tattoo is expressive eyes, without daily makeup and applying eyeshadows

do not pluck out eyelashes before eyeliner tattooing
do not take aspirin before and after tattooing with eyeliner, it may cause bleeding
don't take sparkling and energetic drink before Eyeliner cosmetic tattoo
do not drink coffee before the eyeliner tattoo procedure, it may affect the pigment resistance and the longevity of the tattoo
You are kindly requested to remove the lenses before the tattoo eyeliner procedure, pigment can ruin your lenses
We kindly ask you not to drink alcohol before tattooing the eyeliner as this may affect the quality of the tattoo and the pigment residue

The day before the procedure does not use alcohol, coffee, carbonated energy drinks, black tea, paracetamol, aspirin, so as not to increase blood pressure and thin the blood. If you have eyelash extensions, remove them a few days before the procedure. If you wear contact lenses, take a liquid container for the course as the lenses will need to remove.

Eyeliner tattooing is not performed during the period of acute diseases (for example, conjunctivitis). You can find out about all the contraindications to the procedure by clicking on the link.

Eyeliner Tattoo Artist

Top Artis of Studio Face Figurati in Melbourne

Olha Pokatilova

International lip tattoo artist. Olha is the head of the studio’s cosmetic tattooing school teacher. Also, provides expert seminars for skilled artisans. She uses a unique author’s techniques based on years of experience.

Olha has been two years as an amateur before got into a professional cosmetic tattoo in 2017. She is a specialist with a delicate approach to every element. Her style emphasizes the individuality of each image. You can quickly tell about her, that she is a creative person strives for excellence in his work. The motto is an art, a hobby, a profession and a way of life should be at the same time in your life.

Are you still looking for the right eyeliner cosmetic tattoo artist in Melbourne? You are on the right track. Olha is the best artist in this business.

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      How much does eyeliner tattoo cost?

      About 300 ladies every day in Melbourne they are looking for this question ” We decided to find the right answer for you!


      Every day, 1,100 girls are looking for the excellent artist eyeliner tattoo in Melbourne according to statistics from Ahref.com. It would seem, why not do it early in the morning when leaving for work. But our everyday life has become so busy. And no one wants to spend 15-20 minutes on eyeliner every day. And in a year it’s just nothing 90 hours. 

      According to scientists from the UK, an average woman spends 91 hours a year applying makeup. Thus, with an average life expectancy of over 70 years, a woman spends 43 weeks on cosmetics alone. 

      However, the researchers emphasize, these are public figures that differ if we consider women from different countries. Southerners have to spend more time on makeup than northerners. 12% of women living in warm countries spend 45 or more minutes a day just applying cosmetics. Among northerners, only 8% of them. Nearly a third of those surveyed said they would like to reduce their time on makeup. And only 13% dare to go out without any makeup at all. At the same time, 9% would never leave the house without makeup, and 1% put on makeup even before going to the gym. An increasing number of women are using the internet for facials. So, 30% regularly look at their photos on social sites to assess which makeup is worth using and which is not. 


      The eyeliner tattoo’s average Price is 400 AUD in different Victoria areas. The cost of the eye tattooing procedure depends on the technique you choose. Thinking about how much the eyeliner tattoo costs. Pay attention and consider what materials are in front of you, the equipment used. How qualified the artist is. 

      Today, Melbourne has become easier to make inexpensive tattooing of the eyeliner. Compared to when it was just inception. Prices have become more democratic, and the service is affordable and widespread. For example, if you choose to only tattoo lash line, it cost you 219 AUD in our Face Figurati studio. Traditional eyeliner tattoo at the moment only 249 Aud. The Price is low and just because we opened a few months ago. 

      If we take the AU $ 400 eyeliner cost, it will last over 18 months and divide it 30 days a month. Will get the Price of 0.74 AUD of how much cost looks a perfect each day. Add how much time you spend on eyeliner instead of having a cup of coffee in the early morning. I hope we have developed the right answer about the Price of tattooing. We hope to see you in our studio and change your life to better time spending.

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