Lash Line, Eyelash Tattoo in Melbourne

Lash Line Cosmetic Tattoo in Our Studio

How easy will it be to get up in the morning, freshen up, cheer up and rush to work without wasting time on makeup? With Eyelash Tattoo or  Lash Line tattooing in Melbourne studio Face Figurati, this has become possible. It is enough to sign up for the №1 Cosmetic Tattooing Studio  Face Figurati, and our masters will make you look expressive, enchanting and mysterious without using decorative cosmetics.

One of the services provided by our tattoo studio is lash line tattooing. This technique makes it possible to darken the light areas of the skin between the hairs.  Which makes it possible to emphasize the eyes, visually increase their size and effectively mask slightly aesthetic defects. 

Our masters are fluent in various techniques for tattooing the space between the eyelashes. We use only high-quality materials and help clients choose the form of the cosmetic tattoo technique following the style and image.

You can sign up for a procedure or consultation with Artist by phone or through the form. Moreover, in the lower right corner, you will find a messenger where you can contact 24/7 us.

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Features of the LASH LINE TATTOO technique

eyeliner tattoo in Melbourne before and after

Any woman can make a permanent eyeliner tattooing, but the procedure is especially contraindicated for the following categories of people:

  • With increased physical activity
  • With increased sensitivity to chemicals present in decorative cosmetics.
  • For diseases that cause alopecia
Eyelash line tattoo is perfect for women who lead a dynamic lifestyle have an individual restriction on the use of cosmetics. There are no age restrictions for the procedure – if you are already 18 years old. You can safely sign up for our Artist.

Lash Line Photo before and After

lash line tattoo Melbourne
The lash line is made in the upper part of the eye with black colour pigment. The work is very painstaking and requires high experience. Mostly done for girls who do not want to spend a lot of time on everyday makeup.
the tattoo fills the eyelash growth line well and increases the volume of the eyelashes, the work is done in a dark colour with shading above the lash line
the tattoo fills the lash line well and increases the volume of lash, work is done in dark colour
eyelash tattoo before and after with small tiny line start on 75% of eye size
the lash tattoo is done on the upper part of the eye neatly and thinly and in a dark color

Also our work, as a result of which you will forget about cosmetics for 2 years

Lash Line, Eyelash Tattoo Artist

Olha Pokatilova

Over 6 years of experience specialist in eyebrow tattoo, lip tattoo, microblading and cosmetic eyeliner tattooing.  The head of the ideological mastermind of the studios. Teacher of basic education, conduct expert workshops to qualified masters both in Australia and abroad. When performing the procedures, unique copyright techniques are used.

In professional tattoo Olha since 2018. Olha is a specialist with a delicate approach to each element, able to emphasize the individuality of each image. A creative person striving for excellence in their work, for whom tattooing is an art, a hobby, a profession, and a lifestyle at the same time.

Eyelash, Lash Line tattoo 349 AUD / Duration 1,5 hour

Advantages of Lash Line Tattoo

 Lashline tattoo is a cosmetic treatment that can only be entrusted to an experienced artist. The difficulty of drawing lies in its need for high accuracy since one wrong movement can ruin the image.

But if you have trusted a professional, the end result will certainly please, because eye tattooing in this technique has a lot of advantages:

  • Eliminates the need to do makeup every day
  • Makes it possible to save time and money on the purchase of decorative cosmetics
  • Does not require additional correction for a long time
  • The result of the procedure lasts up to several years
  • Lash line cosmetic tattoo does not cause allergies and has a limited number of contraindications
the lash tattoo is done on the upper part of the eye neatly and thinly and in a dark color

A woman with a high-quality eyelash tattoo looks flawless 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without applying or correcting makeup for a long time. Made in such a procedure, you can forever say goodbye to dark spots, stripes, blurred eyeliner. Cosmetic tattooing gives confidence in its own irresistibility. don’t believe me? Sign up for a consultation with our Artist. Study the photos of real works and then you can make the right conclusion.

The procedure of cosmetic tattoo of eyeliner is carried out with professional, low-traumatic equipment. However, it must be borne in mind that the skin around the eyes is quite thin and delicate, and after the procedure, slight swelling of the eyelids may occur. Do not worry, the swelling will go away within 2 days. But it is worth considering when planning your affairs after the end of the procedure.

Preparation for the eyeliner Cosmetic tattoo Treatment

Eyeliner tattoos is expressive eyes, without daily makeup and applying eyeshadows

do not pluck out eyelashes before eyeliner tattooing
do not take aspirin before and after tattooing with eyeliner, it may cause bleeding
don't take sparkling and energetic drink before Eyeliner cosmetic tattoo
don't drink coffee before eyebrow tattoo
You are kindly requested to remove the lenses before the tattoo eyeliner procedure, pigment can ruin your lenses
We kindly ask you not to drink alcohol before tattooing the eyeliner as this may affect the quality of the tattoo and the pigment residue

The day before the procedure is not used: alcohol, coffee, carbonated energy drinks, black tea, paracetamol, aspirin, etc., so as not to increase blood pressure and thin the blood. If you have eyelash extensions, remove them a few days before the procedure. If you wear contact lenses, take a container of liquid for the procedure as the lenses will need to be removed.

Eyeliner tattooing is not performed during the period of acute diseases (for example, conjunctivitis). You can find out about all the contraindications to the procedure by clicking on the FAQ Page.

Lashline, Eyelash Tattoo Pricing

Eyeliners are the most prevalent eye tattoo technique. They can be classic or shaded – and they cost the same.

Procedure Time Price in Melbourne Olha Pokatilova Price in Brisbane Anastasia Petkov
Classic Eyeliner Tattooing 1,5 hour 399 AUD 399 AUD
Shaded Eyeliner Tattooing 1,5 hour 399 AUD 399 AUD
Lash Line Tattooing 1,5 hour 349 AUD 349 AUD
Eyelash Tattooing 1,5 hour 349 AUD 349 AUD


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