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Before the procedure, many ladies feel anxiety and doubt the correct choice. I only welcome a responsible approach to tattooing, so I tried to collect the most complete list of common questions. I present to your attention the professional answers to them. I hope this will help you better understand the very essence of permanent makeup and learn how to prepare for the procedure and understand what awaits you after it.

Permanent makeup and tattooing have no difference. these are two names for the same procedure, be it lip, eyebrow, or eyelid tattooing. the question of pain is the question of your pain threshold. in our work, I use the most modern on the stacks in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you. Sometimes my clients fall asleep. The time of the procedure, because lying for two hours with closed eyes and not falling asleep is very difficult, in the absence of unpleasant sensations. In any case, you must try empirically.

The procedure takes 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, it turns out to make beautiful eyebrows.

The consumables of my studio: needles, caps, needle tips, gloves, caps are exclusively disposable. I do not reuse these materials in my procedures. All consumables that I work with have the necessary certificates of conformity.

3-5 days after the procedure, slight peeling appears on the skin, which lasts about a week. The general appearance of this practically does not suffer from this, therefore, permanent makeup does not create obstacles to leaving home and work both in Melbourne and in Australia.

When carrying out the primary permanent make-up with subsequent correction, the result will last for about a year. That is, you need updates about once a year. For girls who have already made several updates, the permanent tattoo sometimes lasts longer: from 1 to 2 years. In all cases, it is impossible to determine in advance how long the tattoo will last. It depends on the correct care, and on the metabolism, and on the lifestyle. For example, those who often sunbathe in the sun will likely need an update much earlier. If the renewal is not done, some permanent makeup marks can remain for years (sometimes up to 3 years). Permanent make-up that lasts a lifetime does not exist. However, this gives you freedom of choice and the ability to periodically change the image!

After this time, only traces or remnants of the tattoo may be visible. The only way to prolong its life is to inject the pigment very deeply. But the tattoo will look unnatural at the same time, usually, it is blue eyebrows and eyeliner. I do not use such methods of prolonging the life cycle of permanent makeup, as they are at the expense of aesthetics. We recommend that you look at the photos of my studio’s work and make a reasonable choice between an artistic tattoo, which will emphasize the dignity of natural beauty, or blue eyebrows, which lasts longer but worsens your image.

Correction of other people’s mistakes is quite often impossible – you need to remove old makeup. If you want to redo your permanent make-up, done poorly, Contact me by filling out the form on the website or by calling 0434 424000. Best of all, if you send us your photos, we will show you what options are possible in your situation.

We hear this question very often, although, in fact, there is nothing to worry about. Probably, it occurs due to the many photos of eyebrow tattooing in clients with alopecia (complete loss of eyebrows). It is clear that with such a disease, permanent make-up is a necessary measure of the point when carrying out eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne. I pluck and trim only those hairs that go beyond the desired shape, trying to preserve the natural density of the eyebrows and aesthetics to the maximum.

This happens in about 5% of my clients and successfully copes during the correction. There have been no cases of complete removal of pigment even after correction in my practice, also because we explain in detail and clearly how to take care of the skin after the procedure, which is directly related to the successful result.

No. This is just a myth. The needle does not touch the hair follicle (they are located deeper) and, accordingly, do not damage them. But often after the procedure, the eyebrows begin to grow more rapidly and become thicker. This is due to the active renewal of skin cells after tattooing, accelerating the metabolism of its upper layers.

Tattooing is allowed no earlier than 6 months after the injections. but we recommend that you first make a tattoo, and after its healing, a lip augmentation procedure with gel or hyaluronic acid.

Light hairs will need to be periodically dyed with special eyebrow dye. The paint can be applied after the complete healing of the tattoo. the task of the master is always to choose the color of the pigment to match the color of your face and hair.

None other than an allergic reaction to lidocaine! Anesthesia will not harm you, and without it, we do not perform tattooing. Otherwise, due to painful sensations, the Client will often flinch, and the master will not be able to control the whole process and achieve compliance with the desired shape.

The so-called refresh is a complete tattoo procedure. The cost of permanent make-up, performed both the first time and any subsequent time, is almost the same. To save money, just follow my promotions and discounts! If the word update means fixing poorly performed makeup, then please note: I do not always undertake such work. In most cases, it is simply impossible to correct mistakes without completely removing the tattoo. Therefore, firstly, try to initially choose an experienced master. And, secondly, if you are still disappointed, send me your photos: I will see what can be done in a particular case, and I will definitely give a reasoned answer.

Procedures during pregnancy are contraindicated, as it may be small, but still, stress for the body. Wait until your baby is born to be 100% sure that the procedure is safe.

The range of problems and their manifestations on the skin is quite wide, so I recommend that you consult with a dermatologist before getting a tattoo.

This is exactly how much time it takes for the complete process of tissue regeneration, which takes place both on the surface of the skin and in its layers hidden from the eyes. Correction made prematurely will result in the rejection of most of the pigment. In addition, it is impossible to re-injure the skin that has not yet completely healed, this can complicate the healing process.

Permanent tattooing is applied with a needle and a machine, which is more painful and has a long healing period. Microblading (manual makeup) is less painful, heals faster, and has a more natural result. Our craftsmen have extensive experience in conducting and teaching micro-pigmentation.

This happens with the wrong selection of shades and low-quality pigments and when it deeply embedded in the skin surface. Therefore, I only work with pigments that have been tested for years and only with certified ones and also test them on myself. When a master uses, for example, only brownish-red colors, the permanent makeup can then turn red. In fact, these colors need to be added one or more drops to mix. Deep black turns into blue (except for the eye area, the pigment turns into a dark graphite color). The pigment is not suitable for working on the face. An excessively bright tattoo is also a big mistake, because, unlike insufficient brightness or width of the eyebrows, this cannot be corrected during the correction. In extremely rare cases, the pigment unexpectedly significantly changes color after the procedure, but only a few persons from thousand of them encounter this.
In my many years of practice, there has not been a single case with a change in pigment shades, so choose the right masters for cosmetic tattooing. After all, a face is the first thing a person looks at when communicating.

This happens sometimes, but it is impossible to tell in advance whether your hairs are blurry. Therefore, you need to follow my recommendations after a cosmetic tattoo. Then younger the client, and the oily her skin, the more likely it is. In about 80% of cases, the hairs retain their clarity, and in 20 percent, the effect of using an eyebrow pencil is created.

Permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoo) will gradually become less saturated. The process often begins after 1 year – 1.5 years, but the timing is always individual. The beginning of such changes signals the need to renew cosmetic tattooing. The skin is constantly regenerating, therefore such a need is quite natural. how eyebrow tattoo looks like in a year you can see in our article.

После процедуры вы получите подробную инструкцию и список всех рекомендаций. Не нужно экспериментировать и использовать другие средства, иначе вы рискуете получить плачевный результат. С рекомендациями по уходу после процедуры вы можете ознакомиться в этой статье.

Sure! I always discuss in detail with my client the future result. The master draws a sketch and coordinates it with you. sometimes it is possible to quickly find the ideal shape, sometimes it takes more time to sketch, but for me, this is not a problem. Sign up for a preliminary consultation, we will discuss the details and make an eyebrow, eyeliners, or lips sketch for you free of charge.

It is not an absolute contraindication, but it complicates the procedure. In work of the master interferes with the blood protruding in the process of introducing the pigment. with the usual arrangement of blood vessels, no. However, I use modern anesthetic drugs, which include adrenaline, which constrict blood vessels, therefore, if desired, tattooing is possible.

yes, and it is the tattoo that often becomes “salvation” for those whom nature has endowed with thick eyebrows.
After all, it is difficult to independently shape such eyebrows and maintain their symmetry. Just sign up for a preliminary free consultation, and we will definitely find the ideal eyebrow shape for you!

This is a normal healing process. Around the third week, you will see the pigment. recovery takes place in stages, and the result can be assessed only after 1-2 months. You can find out more about the healing period by reading the articles on our website.

I focus on the natural appearance of the eyebrows And I make sure that others could not understand that you were doing the procedure. According to the unique features of your face, I will suggest the necessary technique or combinations thereof. at the same time, some artists use trendy names, including “3D effect”, to attract customers, although, in fact, it is difficult to say what they mean by “3d”. I can make the eyebrows visually more voluminous, but only when it really is necessary (for example, owners of very light hairs) using a mixed technique.

Eyelashes will have to be removed before permanent makeup This will ensure the expected result.

It is preferable that the eyebrows are not painted. But, as a last resort, I will remove the pencil before the procedure. It is also very important not to use henna a month before the cosmetic tattoo, as henna can change the color of the pigment. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on makeup.

This is will change by correction. Even in one person, the skin on different parts of the face may not react in the same way to pigment. That is why the main rule of a good master is not to overdo it in the first session. It is better to leave the work a little imperfect at first but to understand the characteristics of the client’s skin and take them into account during the correction.

Sign up and come for a consultation! we will select for you the ideal shape and shades of future cosmetic tattooing. You will be able to get a clear idea of the result and dispel doubts.

Yes of course! I take responsibility for hygiene. the master must be in a medical mask that protects you from airborne infections, gloves, special clothing. You can be calm because I am no less interested in you both in a successful result and in safety. The procedures are carried out in a medical office that has a medical license and is subject to rigorous checks every month and by the relevant authorities.

The tattoo will gradually lose its original saturation, and then completely disappear. Renewal is a voluntary procedure. Of course, most girls do it, because you don’t want to go back to regular makeup after permanent makeup. Just being perfect in any situation is very nice!

Unfortunately, this method does not help. Rather, it can help you get two or three-colored eyebrows that will upset you even more than the existing ones. Most likely, you will have to remove the unsuccessful tattoo, wait for complete healing, and only then do a new one. At a distance, it usually takes 3 to 6 months.

Yes, menopause is not a contraindication. However, tattooing can cause hot flashes. In this case, it is important to blot the forehead with a paper towel in a timely manner, excluding contact with the eyebrows. You can familiarize yourself with all the contraindications in my article.

Yes, as a rule, tattooing hides all the scars. For a more accurate answer, consult the master. Taking into account the condition of your lips, you will be offered the most reasonable and successful solution based on many years of experience.

The features of care depend on the technique of permanent makeup. The master will advise you in detail either, you can call us or write a question on our website.

Before the procedure, consultation with the selection of a sketch is free. The cost of a consultation without a procedure is also free.

Yes. The procedure is safe for nursing mothers. We use anesthetic gel approved for use during lactation. the drug is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream and does absolutely no harm to your health and the health of the baby. Breastfeeding also does not affect the success of the procedure.

The Artist will help you choose an eyeliner that will emphasize the beauty of your eyes, make your eyes more open and effective. Before the procedure, the master will draw a sketch with a cosmetic pencil. If the selected shape does not suit the sketch, you can change it. It usually takes 30-60 minutes to select the shape.

Yes, this is the best solution. Moreover, tattooing using the hair technique will look very natural and aesthetically pleasing.

You can remove the tattoo with a neodymium laser or a chemical way – remover. However, the latter is not used for eyelid tattoo removal. A remover is sometimes used in conjunction with a laser to remove lip and eyebrow tattoo. Sign up for a consultation with the master to find the best way.

You can remove substandard permanent makeup only after the healing process is complete. you will have to wait at least a month after the tattoo procedure.

On the first day after laser removal, slight swelling and redness may occur, which lasts up to 3 days. the hairs are often discolored, but after 2 weeks the natural color returns. sometimes several procedures are needed to completely remove the tattoo.

This is a lip tattooing technique to get as close to the natural color as possible. At the same time, a very delicate, light shade of pigment or several shades is selected. Such a tattoo makes the lips seem to shine from the inside, It looks uniform, has no clear contours. We recommend the aquarelle technique for young skin.

Yes, but only in the presence of the parent’s consent.

It happens, but very rarely in about 4 5% of cases, one tattoo procedure is enough.

Yes. If during the operation the eyelids are not affected, then there is no need to wait for the complete healing of the tattoo before it is carried out.

Unfortunately, tattooing will not make your lips paler. We do not recommend experimenting in this direction, as it will not be possible to obtain a natural and harmonious color.

Tattooing is contraindicated in people with insulin-dependent diabetes. In milder forms of diabetes, the procedure is possible, but only after obtaining permission from the attending physician. We never carry out the procedure if there are contraindications. If you decide to hide the disease from us, you are fully responsible for the consequences.

It is necessary to wait until the eyebrows acquire a natural color, otherwise, the master will not be able to choose the ideal shade of the pigment. If you make a tattoo on dyed eyebrows, then after it comes off, you may be in for a not very pleasant surprise.

This is the newest method of eyebrow architecture – a real breakthrough in the field of beauty.This technique is based on creating the finest hairs in the brow area.The master of the eyebrow artist of our salon makes a drawing of each individual hair.
First, the future shape is determined, excess hairs are removed. The periobral area is treated with local anesthetic. Next, the master draws the hairs with a special tool along the drawn contour.
The master selects the color of the pigment individually, taking into account your phototype and skin and hair color, and of course your wishes. Assistance in the selection of good color for the type of face.
The work is carried out only on premium materials Lik Super Nude and Permablend – it is the leader in cosmetics among top eyebrows. The composition of the dyes is absolutely hypoallergenic and has all quality certificates.

The result of micropigmentation lasts from half a year to two years, depending on the type of skin and its care. Stays on dry skin longer.

Permanent tattooing is applied with a needle and a machine, which is more painful and has a long healing period. Microblading (manual makeup) is less painful, heals faster, and has a more natural result. Our craftsmen have extensive experience in conducting and teaching micropigmentation.

The micropigmentation procedure is not recommended during your period. Contraindications: any skin diseases; hypersensitivity of the skin; pregnancy; lactation; diabetes; poor blood clotting; HIV; Hepatitis; oncology; epilepsy; bronchial asthma; ARI and ARVI.

The procedure can be done without anesthesia, but it is painful.
To find out if you are allergic to a pigment, we recommend that you come to us for an allergy test. We will apply pigment to your skin in the area behind the ear, after 24 hours you will evaluate the skin reaction. If there is no reaction, then you are not allergic to the pigment.

Some drugs (antibiotics) are excreted from the body for more than a day. As a rule, after taking antibiotics, the body’s immune system is weakened, which can affect the healing of permanent makeup. That is why it takes some time to recover the body for the successful healing of permanent makeup.

Taking hormonal contraceptives does not affect the quality of permanent makeup.

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