What is the features of manual microblading Eyebrow technique?

The essence of the microblading technique is to simulate the hairs in the eyebrow area. The technique creates using a hand-made filigree tattoo. The artist carves a Microline into the skin to simulate naturally growing hair. With the help of a special scalpel “maniple pen” with the thinnest (micro-small) disposable blade, a 0.18 mm thick U18 needle. Besides, during the procedure, the artist applies a pigment of a special composition. Moreover, designed for microblading manual technique only! By rubbing the pigment into the dermis’s upper layers, the visualization of the hairs form.

Additional, since only the upper layers of the dermis affect the use, it is possible to draw thin, precise strokes. However,  somewhat tricky to distinguish from natural hairs – they are visible only upon close, careful examination.

The hand holding maniple, to use for to drawing feather stroke on the areas of the brows

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  • We use only certified worldwide and tested over the year’s pigments.
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  • Moreover, our dyes never migrate in another colour like blue, grey, pink, red.
  • We use unique pigments design only for manual microblading technique.
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  • All our pigments designed with resistant to UV.
  • 20+ technique in Melbourne
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Needles R1 for the handle of the maniple next to the nail for comparison

The work is very delicate, filigree, almost jewellery. In other words, it requires many skills and abilities from the master, thoroughness, and patience. Therefore, it is not for nothing that this technique in Europe means “eyebrow embroidery”.

Above all, the Face Figurati Studio offers European Cosmetic Tattooing style to create conventional makeup, including lip, eyebrow, and eyelid tattooing. Besides, the selection of colours carried out exclusively on an individual basis and invariably gave results that close as possible to the natural shade. Tattooing solely performs under anesthesia of lidocaine.

How long does microblaing eyebrow technique last?

The stability of natural pigments can maintain for a period of one to five years. The exact timing depends on the degree of saturation and the place of tattooing. Subsequently, after the specified period, the pigment disappears without leaving even the slightest trace.

After the procedure, as a rule, there is no edema, and healing occurs relatively quickly. The final result and colourfully develop in about a month. By this time, the crusts will come off, and the skin’s complete regeneration will occur in the treated areas. Then the wizard will determine if microblading correction is needed. As a result, manipulations are performed strictly between 30 and 45 days after the first session and created with manual filigree tattooing.


The eyebrows on the bottom are after one month of healing. Top brows after second session correction
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