If you fall into the hands of a bad tattoo artist and you are looking for an answer to the question of how to fix a bad eyebrow tattoo. You are on the right track to solve the problem.

With the advent of a new permanent makeup technique, a tendency towards a natural and maximally natural effect has taken root. And girls whose tattoo does not meet modern beauty standards feel embarrassed and are looking for improving the look of the old tattoo.

You should know that it is not always possible to fix an old cosmetic tattoo. It’s not a bad skill of the artist you turned. It’s the peculiarities of the pigment applied to you earlier and the depth of its occurrence. To unambiguously answer the question of whether it is possible to improve your tattoo, a permanent makeup artist will be able to see your eyebrow, lip, eyelid. Sometimes it will be enough for him to look at the photo. If not, an artist will invite you for a consultation. But there are still some general patterns for a preliminary self-assessment of the situation.

Permanent makeup artist Olha Pokatilova cover an old tattoo with a new cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

Signs of permanent makeup that can correct:

  • Your permanent makeup is completely pale and barely visible on your skin. In this case you can fix bad eyebrow tattoo.
  • The old pigment on your brow not inverted into another colour.
  • Your arrows and eyebrows did not turn green, blue, purple, pink, red.
  • You are satisfied with the eyebrows or arrows’ width, and you would not want them to be narrower.
  • The tails of the arrows are not down.
If you are lucky and your tattoo fits the above descriptions, then you can safely contact a permanent makeup master for advice with the prospect of signing up for a session. If your master has confirmed the possibility of improving your old permanent makeup at your request, he will certainly warn you about the peculiarities of the upcoming procedure.

What you need to know before to fix bad eyebrow tattoo

happy client after renovated eyebrow tattoo in Face Figurati Tattoo

✅  The new eyebrows/eyeliner/lips will most likely look richer than after the same procedure for girls with clean skin. There are two reasons for this.

– First. You already have pigment under your skin. It has its colour, which will serve as a saturation enhancer for the new coating whether we like it or not.

– Second. If your old tattoo is sufficiently saturated or has a dark colour, to cover it, the artist will have to use an even darker colour and work not so airy but more densely. Otherwise, nothing will come.

Before renewing an old tattoo, all specialists must warn you about what effect to expect.

✅  You won’t have a lot to choose from overlapping pigment shades. The artist himself will be able to determine what colour you can cover your old tattoo. And most likely, there will be one option, a maximum of two. The artist can either “adjust” the new tattoo colour to your old one as much as possible or choose a darker shade to cover it and thereby wholly renew the colour.

✅ Covering the old eyebrow tattoo is always made with a darker colour and never with a lighter colour.

✅ Thin eyebrow strings are out of fashion for a long time. Correcting the unsuccessful shape of the eyebrows is mainly possible by expanding them. You need to be prepared to get used to broader browse for a while.

✅ After the initial procedure for overlapping an old tattoo with a new one, you will most likely need a correction after complete healing. It is not so easy to hide an old permanent with light pood techniques.

✅ You should prepare for the fact that after a period of wearing your new permanent, that is, after a year and a half, the old pigment can retract. Modern tattooing techniques are superficial. Accordingly, the pigment disappears sooner. And your old, deep-set stain stays where it was.

And so, above, we have analyzed the conditions and features of the tattoo correction procedure. But we note that in 80% of requests, it is impossible to fix an old permanent with a new one. We will tell you about what signs of ancient tattooing indicate that it will not be possible to improve it in the next article.
We will tell you about what signs of old tattooing indicate that it will not be possible to improve it in the article “Why it is not always possible to correct old tattooing”.
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