How long does microblading last?

Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows every day is every woman’s dream. Modern cosmetology opens up ample opportunities for fashionistas, one of which is permanent makeup. Many are interested in how long microblading lasts After all, it is this procedure that today is one of the most popular in beauty salons.

What affects the duration of the result
On average, the result of microblading will please about two years. But the durability of the pigment depends on many factors. You should know that a month after the first procedure, correction is necessary in most cases. Often the pigment is pushed out of the skin by the lymph, so some areas of the eyebrows will lighten a few weeks after the procedure. This is the norm.

The durability of the microblading result depends on the following factors:

  • individual characteristics of the skin;
  • pigment quality;
  • the professionalism of a cosmetologist;
  • the age of the woman;
  • correct skincare.

If the depth of pigment injection during the procedure is chosen incorrectly, you should not count on a long-term result. An experienced craftsman will select the optimal depth depending on the skin type. If you’ve entrusted your appearance to an amateur, the result can be unpredictable.

Cheap dyes from dubious manufacturers can lighten or significantly change their shade over time. A good master works only with proven pigments that will retain their original color for a long time.

In young girls, metabolic processes in the skin are more active than in middle-aged and older women. That is why the effect will last less for young women. Owners of oily skin should not count on a long-term result. The pigment is gradually pushed out of the dermis along with the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Skincare is also important. In women who use fatty creams, they are in the sun for a long time without the use of protective agents, they actively remove the crusts formed after the procedure, a significant part of the pigment is removed from the epidermis.

If you choose an experienced permanent Artist and follow all his recommendations, you can forget about daily makeup for 2 years and enjoy beautiful, perfectly straight eyebrows with a natural texture. Microblading is the perfect solution for women looking after their appearance.