How to remove eyebrow tattoo at home?

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Tired of your tattoo, want to get rid of it for good? Is an old or ugly tattoo ruining your appearance? Get laser removal of permanent makeup or tattoos and forget about discomfort forever. Laser removal is the most effective way to remove the pigment. You can remove up to 95% of the pigment with a picosecond laser. Regardless of its colour and the design size, even in the case of an old deep tattoo, 98% get removed. No other method of removing tattoos or permanent makeup achieves this good result.

Permanent Profy uses a state-of-the-art laser machine, proven to be the best tattoo removal machine on the market. It selectively affects only the dye, destroys the micro-particles and removes them from the body naturally. The skin around the design is not affected and remains untouched. The device’s uniqueness lies in the manual selection of the laser beam length. It is selected depending on the age of the tattoo, pigment shade and depth of its introduction. As a result, you get clearer skin much faster and more effectively.

Benefits of laser removal of permanent makeup and tattoos

The laser can remove unwanted colour on the body and face as well as partially. For example, overlap an old tattoo with a new one. Either option guarantees a flawless result. The service also ensures:

  • Firstly, instant effect. Unlike other existing removal methods, the laser is effective the first time. Afterwards, the result is noticeable. The colour becomes faded;
  • Secondly, it’s absolute safety. The service is harmless to the dermis and health. Derma around the image will not be touched or damaged. Skin in the area where the tattoo or permanent make-up is applied will be slightly swollen and reddened, but these will pass on their own in 1-2 hours after the procedure;
  • Thirdly, minimal contraindications. Laser removal is not allowed in the presence of lesions in the tattoo area, during pregnancy and lactation (due to taking anesthetics), as well as blood diseases and its low clotting. In other cases, the procedure has no contraindications and is allowed for everyone;
  • In addition, it can get rid of any pattern. The laser has no equal when removing dark colours: black, grey, blue, brown and other shades. The beam penetrates to a depth of 5-6 mm and destroys the dye of any shade. Even if it’s introduced deeply;
  • In conclusion, it is painless. An anaesthetic must apply to the bleaching area before and during the service. It reduces any sensations to a minimum. People with a low pain threshold may experience a tingling sensation. Otherwise, the process is unnoticeable.

It is important to note that the service has two significant drawbacks:

Removal of permanent make-up and tattoos is quite painful without professional anaesthetics. Therefore, their use is mandatory;

The laser is ineffective in removing light colours: yellow, white, and flesh colour. In this case, it is better to choose another method of bleaching the design.

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How is pigment was removed under the influence of a neodymium or picosecond laser?

The laser beam removes the permanent makeup pigment applied using the photomechanical method. The machine generates a laser pulse that selectively affects only the dyes, causing them to break down into nanoparticles. These particles then enter the bloodstream and are eliminated naturally through the lymph. During a session, the laser beam quickly strikes the dye through the dermis. The dermis doesn’t have time to heat up in a fraction, and a pigment disintegrates instantly. Therefore, the service excludes burns, scars and other damage to the skin.

The term complete withdrawal of a drawing depends on its type: size, colour, insertion depth, and even the type of dye. Tattoo inks fade longer, permanent pigments – faster. After each session, the fading process continues for a month. Therefore the final result is not visible immediately, and the subsequent treatment must be carried out no earlier. Depending on the characteristics of the tattoo or permanent makeup, it can take 3-12 months to get rid of it, and the number of sessions may exceed 5-6, up to 8.

microblading eyebrows aftercare

Essential nuances of laser tattoo removal


The rate of pigment disintegration during laser removal influenced the quality equipment and master and metabolism professionalism. Therefore, during the period of dye removal, it is recommended to accelerate your metabolism. It recommended to do this with a selected diet of proper nutrition, playing sports, visiting the pool.

The master will indicate the number of sessions required for complete laser removal. He will evaluate the work result after the first session and show how long it will take to obtain the desired effect.


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Skincare after tattoo removal or tattoo removal

After each treatment, the skin turns red – a normal reaction to the laser beam. In rare cases, there may be swelling (individual response). The redness and swelling go away independently after 1-2 hours.

To avoid any adverse skin reactions there are laser tattoo removal aftercare:

  • Do not touch the crusts that have formed (if any), and do not try to peel them off. Try not to wear tight clothes, which can cause crusts to peel off;
  • Do not steam the skin. Do not go to a swimming pool, sauna or solarium;
  • If it itches, try not to scratch the area to avoid inflammation;
  • When going outdoors in direct sunlight, apply a high UV protection cream to the laser-treated area.

Your technician will tell you more about the care depending on your body’s reaction to the laser after the first treatment.

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