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Every woman dreams of being beautiful, stylish, well-groomed. However, they use so many cosmetics. But what if you give up makeup in the traditional sense in favour of permanent makeup?

Cosmetic tattoo is a modern method that involves injecting coloured pigments under the skin. To correct and highlight facial features. Unlike traditional tattoos, extraordinary colouring compositions use for permanent makeup, delineate by hypoallergenic and duration of the effect. They are harmless to health and come in a massive selection of shades.

One of the most popular areas of permanent makeup is lip tattooing. The main techniques are lip makeup with blush, shading, aquarelle (watercolour, nude) technique and lip contour filling technique.

This procedure carried out using hardware tattooing pen machine.  It is less potent. However, Since extreme care must be taken to inject paint under the skin on the face. Pigment approach only the upper layer of the dermis.

photo of lip blush tattoo

Juicy, plump, seductive and natural - these are the sponges that all, without exception, the fair sex dream about. Fortunately, the capabilities of the modern beauty industry allow you to achieve this effect regardless of the initial external data! The tattoo, performed in watercolour technique, makes the lips more voluminous, textured and at the same time absolutely not striking, only slightly emphasizing the natural perfection, seductiveness and grace of a woman's face.
lip tattoo in blush technique. This tattooing was 2 hours in Face Figurati Studio by specialist Olha Pokatilova
Aquarell lips tattoo before and after done by Olha Pokatilova

Also our work, as a result of which you will forget about cosmetics for 2 years

indications for lip tattooing with shading

The procedure for applying permanent makeup allows you to improve the natural beauty of the lips, correct asymmetry, add clarity and volume. With this method, you can reduce age-related changes in the skin, as well as make the contours brighter. The color is chosen individually for each client, so you can be sure that the desired effect will be achieved.

indications for the procedure

If your lips are asymmetrical, lip tattoo is the best solution to give the correct shape
for pale and without contour lips, a better solution would be to get a lip tattoo. This will help to add colour and improve the natural beauty
the presence of postoperative scars
lip tattoo helps to solve the problem for girls who have postoperative or congenital scars
decreases in natural volume
associated with age
Often when age-related changes lead to a decrease in lip volume. Lip tattoo is the best solution to increase volume with colour and highlight shapes
improper proportions of the upper lip in relation to the lower
irregular proportions of the upper and lower lips are easily solved with lip tattooing. As soon as the master makes the correct contour of the lips, you will see the asymmetry and expressiveness of the forms

The result largely depends on your efforts. Following simple but very important rules before and after the procedure will help you achieve the result you dreamed of!
Read the recommendations for the rules of care

Despite the many benefits of permanent tattoo lip with shading, care should be taken when choosing shades as colour going beyond the natural outer edge can lead to unwanted results.

advantages of lip tattooing with shading

Lip permanent tattoo with shading is an excellent solution for women who are allergic to decorative cosmetics. Also, this technique is suitable for those who have poor eyesight, impaired motor function, who find it difficult to apply makeup. Other benefits of treatments include the following:

  1. Safety – for the procedure, a hypoallergenic pigment is used, which is introduced only to the top layer of the skin.
  2. Fast healing – since there are no incisions in the skin, it takes about 4 weeks for the complete external restoration of the lip skin
  3. The ability to eliminate all cosmetic defects – the shading technique allows you to effectively mask various aesthetic imperfections.
  4. The duration of the effect – the result of lip tattooing with shading lasts about 2-3 years

If you want to do a professional permanent lip makeup with shading in Melbourne then sign up for the procedure in our studio. We have experienced Artist who own various techniques, including this one.

nude lips before and after done by permanent make up artist Olha Pokatilova

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