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Permanent makeup lip contour with shading

Striving for beauty is a natural desire for any woman. And among the many “want”, so familiar to each of us, there is a beautiful, and most importantly – persistent lip makeup. So that you don’t have to be afraid every time that all your labours will go to dust after a cup of coffee, a kiss, or bad handling of a paper napkin. However, whatever promises in cosmetics advertising, it does not give you any guarantees. You can lightly brush your lips on a white blouse, and you will have to go to another.

To solve this issue once and for all, a technique was created for performing lip contour tattooing with shading. She imitates not only a pencil but also shaded lipstick. The possibilities of this method are much wider. Using pigments of natural shades, the master can not only imitate makeup but also visually change the volume of the lips, make the line of the mouth more clear.

Photo of lip contour tattoo with shading

Aquarell cosmetic tattoo technique done with gradient red color
We Melbourne based Cosmetic Tattooing Studio. Our service is to provide high-quality European cosmetic tattoo: Microblading,Feather Stroke Tattoo, Ombre Brow, Powder Eyebrow or Shading Tattoo technique, Mixed Technique.Visit our Permanent Makeup Artist 24/910 Canterbury Road Box Hill South 3128

Also our work, as a result of which you will forget about cosmetics for 2 years

Permanent Make Up Artist

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Top Artis of Studio Face Figurati

Olha Pokatilova

An international-level specialist, the head of the ideological mastermind of the studios. Teacher of basic education, conduct expert workshops to qualified masters both in Australia and abroad. When performing the procedures, unique copyright techniques are used.

in professional tattoo Olga since 2018. Olga is a specialist with a delicate approach to each element, able to emphasize the individuality of each image. A creative person striving for excellence in their work, for whom tattooing is an art, a hobby, a profession, and a lifestyle at the same time.


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      Who is suitable for lip contour tattooing with shading

      The technique allows you to expand several important tasks for women at once:

      1. Eliminate existing asymmetry.
      2. Outline the contour, make it more contrast, select the lips.
      3. Change too pale by nature tone.
      4. Save a lot of time, which is spent applying regular make-up point.
      5. You can easily hide scars, scars, skin defects.

      The procedure has many positive effects. For example, your face looks younger, your appearance becomes brighter and visually attractive. You save time and money on daily care. There are no marks on your and your companion’s clothes.

      With the correct implementation of permanent make-up using the Lip contour technique with shading, the effect lasts from 3 to 4 years. Calculate how much you would spend on lipsticks, pencils and other lip products over this period. If you use quality cosmetics, then the benefits become obvious.

      Finally, it’s a great way to make changes to your look. Do you want to like yourself in the mirror without complicated and expensive medical procedures? permanent makeup lip contour with shading is a great way to change a lot in your life for the better.

      Studio Face of Figurati No. 1 in Melbourne by Olga Pokatilova is a place where the client’s time is valued and the reputation is valued. You can easily find reviews on the work of our master on the net. Also, the site contains contacts for consultation. Request a FREE CALL BACK to learn more about this permanent makeup technique.

      How is the Lip contour procedure with shading

      In the Studio Face Figirati by Olha Pokatilova, you will receive not only a full range of services but also an expert’s advice. Experienced Artist work here, who will tell you about all the nuances of the technique, the materials used and dyes. They will give you helpful guidance to help you make your final decision.

        There are two main ways of work when performing lip tattooing:

        1. We create an image from scratch, coordinate all the details with you. Then a qualified master conducts a lip contour tattooing session with shading.
        2. The client comes to us who has previously applied to another salon and is dissatisfied with the result or wants to perform a correction if the procedure was carried out for a long time ago.
         The master’s work is based on sophisticated lip colouring techniques. As a result, you get additional visual volume, brightness or natural, effective transition from saturated colours at the edges, to more natural in the middle.

        We highlight the natural beauty released by it. This work is similar to diamond cutting and requires the precision of an Artist and the use of modern equipment.

        High-quality safe pigments are used to make your lips look spectacular and beautiful.

        The technique used in the cosmetic tattoo technique by Olha Pokatilova is a contouring permanent makeup with soft and smooth shading. The lip line is slightly corrected, and the colours are used exclusively natural. But the effect is visible to the naked eye.

        There are several options for applying the contour, followed by shading. The master can make it extremely clear and extremely close to nature. Here the client makes the decision. If you wish, during the procedure, the outline will be highlighted in colour. So he will highlight the line of the lips, then moving into a smooth shading. Its width does not exceed 5 mm.

        This method of tattooing is good because it allows you to forget about eaten lipstick or dirty things for a long time. You can put on sweaters blouses over your head without fear that bright, noticeable traces will remain on their surface.

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        How is the lip contour procedure with shading from
        Olga Pokatilova

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