Lip Tattoo Melbourne


Lip Tattoo Melbourne

The idea of Cosmetic Tattooing is intimidating to some. Still, the reality is that permanent lip tattoo is now so complex and precise that results range from small corrective lines to complete facial changes. Advances in semi-permanent makeup technology are why cosmetic lip tattoo Melbourne salons are gaining popularity. This technology improves colour, corrects asymmetry, adds volume, and even reshapes.

The modern interpretation of the best lip tattoo is fundamentally different from the treatment performed in the 90s when the procedure started in Melbourne. Named permanent makeup or Aussies called cosmetic tattoo has a new principle. 

What Is a Lip Tattoo?

Cosmetic lip tattooing does perform with a pen tattooing machine. The needle penetrates the pigment into the upper layers of the skin to a depth of 0.8 mm. Unique pigments have special formulas for cosmetic tattoos and are mineral-based. Lip tattooing pigments are light in texture, contain natural components, have fine sediment, easily absorb the body, and do not cause allergic reactions. The main advantage of such dyes is their gradual and smooth release from the body.
There are many different types and names of lip blend tattoo techniques:  lip blushing, contouring, shadow, nude, powder, pixel, 3D, and shading. Each of these involves the introduction of a particular colour pigment under the skin. The artists work with a unique tattoo machine at a lower speed and frequency than traditional tattooing equipment. The ultra-thin R1 or R5 needles gently stain the entire lip area using different techniques. Let’s take a look at each of them.

What Is a Lip Tattoo?

Most popular Lip Colour Tattoo

Lip Blush

lip blush tattoo

Lip Blushing delivers a delicate blend of natural lip colour and pigment. It’s possible to combine several shades, resulting in exciting and unusual solutions. In addition, the lip tattoo makeup looks discreet, transparent and straightforward. Particularly suitable for young beauties, but can successfully apply at any age.

Lip Liner

Lip Contour Tattoo

Lip liner tattoo is a self-contained technique and is suitable for those who have beautiful and naturally symmetrical lips and wish to enhance their contours. In this case, a shade similar to the natural lip shade is used.

Ombre Lips

ombre lips tattoo

Ombre Lips – unique feature of the technique is the distribution of the colouring pigment with a smooth transition from the darker area to a softer, lighter area. The pigment is applied to the lips in a gradual gradient transition, including 2 to 5 completely monochromatic shades. Usually, the contours are more saturated, and the central part is tattooed in lighter tones. This approach can simulate a natural shade with the visual effect of puffiness.

Aquarelle Technique

Aquarell cosmetic tattoo technique done with gradient red color

Aquarelle or watercolour is semi permanent makeup lips that uses gradient colour. The lips in the aquarelle technique look natural, the whiteness, blueness disappears, the colour becomes homogenous with a slight gradient from contour to the inner lip area, with perfect shape. They are voluminous, juicy and have a slight sheen. Most young millennials love this type of cosmetic tattoo with a gradient colour. Watercolour tattooing is Europe’s No.1 choice in 2021


tattoo lipstick

Lipstick tattooing is a popular treatment that eliminates the need for lip make-up and gives an attractive look. In this case, the tattoo does not bleed or fade. It does not have to be refreshed after dining, drinking or smooching. It gives the impression that the girl is wearing quality lipstick.

Lip Shading

Lip shading tattoo Melbourne

Lip shading is a semi-permanent lip tattoo using a digital machine (on a low setting) and water-based ink. The result is similar to lip blush tattoo in that your lips will look slightly fuller simply by surrounding and enhancing the pigment. But the shade won’t change the shape or feel of your lips. Instead, you’ll just get a soft, muted colour.

Who Is the Right Candidate for a Lip Cosmetic Tattoo?

The main advantage of cosmetic lip tattooing is durability. It will not smudge or bleed at the most inopportune moment. You can take a shower or a bath in peace of mind and don’t have to wear make-up every day for up to two years.

Permanent make-up is a cosmetic procedure that offers the best solution:

  •  for those who attach a lot of importance to their appearance but are already tired of daily make-up;
  • Those who are allergic to traditional make-up but don’t want to give up their make-up;
  • Those who want to look beautiful and confident without spending too much money on quality cosmetics.

Who shouldn't have Permanent Lipstick Treatment?

  • under 18 years of age
  • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • have haemophilia
  • experiencing chemotherapy.
  • Severe heart or pacemaker problems.
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure.
  • diabetes (consult your doctor, it is possible)
  • rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, or other skin conditions
  •  have an autoimmune disease (should confer your doctor)
  • cold sores
  • anaemia (pigment doesn’t stay very well)
  • keloid scars history or hypertrophic scars
  • taking blood-thinning medication
  • use Accutane or steroids
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Can I Get a Lip Tattoo If I Have Lip Fillers?

Can lip augmentation and tattooing be combined, and when is it necessary?
Lip augmentation and tattooing can combine, however it must have a specific order. The reason for the combination may be severe asymmetry, thin lips, pale or blue skin, blurred borders or simply a desire to have voluminous lips of beautiful colour on a long term basis.

What to do first: Full lip tattoo or augmentation?

There is no categorical prohibition on the sequence of procedures. One must act according to the situation, based on individual needs. But more often, the masters of tattooing and cosmetologists recommend making permanent makeup first and after the increase. And here’s why: 

  1. Lip tint tattoo is a filigree job. The master draws the contour with utmost precision in order to achieve flawless edges;
  2. The tattoo lasts much longer than the augmentation effect. If the augmentation is done before the tattoo, after the hyaluronic acid has dissolved and the volume is gone, a very noticeable asymmetry can occur.

But, having decided to get a tattoo first and then augmentation, keep in mind a few nuances: By augmenting the lips with the filler, the skin is stretched. If you perform the procedure after the tattoo, be prepared that the shade of the lips may become lighter; During the lip augmentation natural lip border becomes more invisible. This is especially true if you have previously had a tattoo done in a contourless technique. Most likely, there will be a need for correction. In the lip gloss tattoo, there is one very important advantage – almost everything can be corrected with the correction. In other words, if the result of the tattoo has changed after the augmentation effect has been passed, it can always be corrected.

lip cosmetic tattoo before and after

Is the Cosmetic Lip Tattooing treatment painful?

Lip tinting tattoo can be classified as a painful procedure. Therefore, the procedure is always performed with an anaesthetic gel. Without an anaesthetic, tattooing is not recommended, and the service is, therefore, contraindicated for pregnant women and breastfeeding young mothers.
If an anaesthetic is used, the pain is minimised. However, the pain threshold and the client’s individual sensation is important. In some cases, even with the use of an anaesthetic, a girl may feel a slight tingling sensation during the process of tattooing. On the plus side, the procedure takes no more than 1.5 hours.

About the lip tattoo treatment

What Does the Lip Color Tattoo Treatment Look Like?

In order to have permanent lip makeup done, you first have to create a sketch and choose a pigment colour. The sketch is then fixed. This is done without anaesthesia with small strokes. Usually, the outline of the sketch is slightly larger than the contour of the lips. After fixation, anaesthesia is applied with special gels, and micropigmentation is performed. All devices used for micro-pigmentation must be sterile to avoid infection. After micro-pigmentation, a specialist will give you initial care and explain the healing process.

Benefits of Lip Tattooing

Quality and the aesthetic result of the procedure depend on pigment colour choice. The colour choice lip tattoo tint depends on many factors, and above all on the type and colour type of female appearance, the shape of the lips, the oval of the face, age and even occupation, and fashion trends. Chosen adequately by the colour pigment using different tattooing techniques, will allow the master to: correct the shape of the lips, hide the unevenness of the natural pigment of the lips and give them an even colour, shade and hide scars on the lips.

Expert opinion

To avoid disappointment caused by faulty pigmentation, reputable aesthetic tattooing professionals recommend trusting your choice of an artist-craftsman to perform the procedure. Why? There are at least two reasons: The permanent makeup artist did training in the theory of makeup and colour techniques. During the training, artists learn the selection methods and the effect of pigments, the nature of their interaction with a particular type of skin. This knowledge allows the colourist to connect to the ideal pigment for each client seamlessly. Each one has blends that are specific to a different colour type. Only an aesthetic beautician can identify it correctly.

Lip tattoo before after

How to Choose a Permanent Lip Color

In addition to the fact that you have a lip light that will not fade and blur, professional tattooing determines the shape of the lips and, depending on the technique, can make them more voluminous. If you have uneven lips, there are apparent asymmetries. Asymmetries can correct it with a permanent. The advanced methods used in our salon and high-quality materials will help restore the lips’ shape and make them symmetrical.

The benefits of cosmetic lip tattoo include the following:

increasing the contrast of the lips is like increasing the contrast of the phone screen in bright weather
creating a sharper lip contour
Lip Tattoo Be always gives contrast to your face outline
giving lips visual volume
Lip coloring in any shade is becoming quite popular in Melbourne. By choosing the intensity and color in advance, you will always look irresistible.
Lip colouring in any shade. Having selected, in advance, the degree of intensity.
restoration of colour loss as a result of age-related changes
restoration of colour loss as a result of age-related changes
correction of imperfections
Giving lips natural, permanent colour. If you will get a lip tattoo, no one will even guess that you do not use cosmetics and this is not your natural colour
giving lips a natural, permanent colour

Lip tattoo will help women who are allergic to chemicals contained in lines and lipsticks, which is also an obvious plus of the procedure.

Besides, Permanent MakeUp is suitable for women of all ages and lifestyles. Moreover, the treatment can be beneficial for women who have lips that tend to fade with age. In principle, any woman can make a permanent lips tattoo (if her age is over 18).  All models problems and wishes will be discussed in personal consultation with our studio’s experienced Artist.

Want to get a TATTOO lips?

Reasons to get lips or brows at the studio Face Figurati in Melbourne :

  • We work only with European 100% certified pigments from a professional world brand for permanent makeup – Lik Super Nude Pigments.
  • Olha Pokatilova an international certified and trained Artist in Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarussia.
  • We choose the step-by-step method of permanent makeup. After the lips’ surface has healed in 4-6 weeks, we recommend undergoing a touch up to achieve the desired ideal appearance of colour and contour.
  • The procedure on the lips is carried out with super-thin needles. Due to this, the procedure’s painfulness is reduced, and for the maximum comfort of our clients, we apply anaesthesia in the form of a cream.
lip tattoo before and after

Lip Tattoo Artist

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Melbourne
Olha Pokatilova

Master of cosmetic lip tattooing. Olha is the head and teacher of the cosmetic tattoo school. She also conducts expert seminars for experienced artists. She uses unique author’s techniques based on many years of experience.
Olha was an amateur for two years before entering professional cosmetic tattooing in 2017. She is a specialist with a delicate approach to each element. Her style emphasises the individuality of each image. You can quickly see from her that she is a creative person who strives for perfection in her work. Her motto is that art, hobby, profession and lifestyle should be at the same time in your life.
Are you still looking for the right eyebrow microblading, eyeliner tattooing or cosmetic lip cosmetic tattooist in Melbourne? You are on the right track. Olya is the best craftsman in the business.


Six most popular lip permanent makeup techniques

Aquarell lips tattoo before and after done by Olha Pokatilova

Attractive lips are an adornment of the whole face. Therefore, when creating an image, women focus on their lips in makeup. Our lips are attracted to others’ attention whenever we speak, so their ideal shape and colour emphasize personality and speech.

Please think of how much time every morning and then during the day it takes you to put lipstick on your lips and make them look perfect. Full Lip tattoo is a great opportunity to save time on makeup and, at the same time, always look your 100%.
Permanent makeup or lip tattoo can also help balance out the lips’ asymmetry, highlight blurry lines or correct imperfections caused by trauma or cleft lips. Another plus of this makeup is the ability to increase the lips visually. The procedure always preceded by a consultation and a sketch of your future lips.
Make sure each lip tattooing technique is applied individually based on the characteristics of the client’s face and wishes for the desired result.

Lip Liner tattoo

Our clients, especially after 40 years old, are faced with the problem of a fuzzy, blurred lip liner tattooing. For such women, a suitable technique will emphasize their own lip shape. The master, together with the client, will choose the colours for the tattoo.

 Of course, dim, natural shades are more appropriate, which should match the lips’ natural skin colour because you will have to go with this colour all the time. The contour will only emphasize the already beautiful lips, making them even more seductive.

Lip Tattoo before and after

Lip Feathered contour tattoo

With its help, they visually increase the lips’ volume and make them brighter. Visually, contouring with shading resembles the effect of slightly worn lipstick, since the middle of the lips is not stained with pigment.

The contour of the lips is drawn with dark paint, the closer to the inner edge, the more the pigment needs to be shaded. Usually, the colour of the contour and shading is selected depending on the client’s wishes. This technique looks good at any age.

Lip Contour Tattoo

3d Lips

Such a 3D lip tattoo involves the use of several shades (most often 5). The master achieves 3d volume by highlighting the contour with a darker pigment, and the entire surface with a lighter tint. This procedure is considered difficult and can take even more than 3 hours.

Thanks to the three-dimensional effect, it is possible to mask various aesthetic imperfections, particularly lip line asymmetry, sloppy contour, insufficient or excessive fullness, and pallor. Sometimes, performing permanent lip make-up using the 3d technique takes two sessions. On the first, the lips’ outline is indicated, and during the second, the entire surface is filled.

After feathering lip tattoo technique used by Lik Rose 50% Rasberry 50%. This tattooing was at home to mam with 3 kids. We always can bring beauty to some busy family. feathering lip tattoo technique used by Lik Kardinal 50% Rasberry 50%. This treatment was at home to mam with 3 kids. We always can spot some busy family

Aquarelle or Watercolour technique

The Aquarelle technique of permanent lip tattoos is contourless and is aimed at an ordinary change in the colour of the lips and their correction while maintaining naturalness. The colour pigment in natural, muted shades blends across the lips to create a high-gloss finish, so there are no markers or bold transition.

Aquarelle or Watercolour lip tattoo is a new technique that makes it possible to acquire an even tone with a natural shade, selected by a professional exclusively for your colour type. People around you may think you put on glitter or a slightly pink balm. Suitable for women of all ages who want to decorate too pale lips with a more juicy shade.

Aquarell lips tattoo before and after done by Olha Pokatilova

Lips Tattoo in Natural technique

This option is suitable for emphasizing the merits without a significant change in shape, volume, and colour. The surface of the lips is made as close as possible to natural. Therefore the master performs the work with natural shades’ pigments with an invisible contour.
The paint shade is applied close to the base, so the intervention remains invisible to others. Such a tattoo is suitable for clients who want to correct slight irregularities in colour, make their lips slightly more expressive and brighter, without changing their natural shape. Get a natural and discreet colour.

Juicy, plump, seductive and natural - these are the sponges that all, without exception, the fair sex dream about. Fortunately, the capabilities of the modern beauty industry allow you to achieve this effect regardless of the initial external data! The tattoo, performed in watercolour technique, makes the lips more voluminous, textured and at the same time absolutely not striking, only slightly emphasizing the natural perfection, seductiveness and grace of a woman's face.

lipstick technique

Lipstick lip tattoo likes women who seek to change the shape entirely and their natural shade of lips. The pigment selection is always based on your usual colour, and the master fills the entire surface of the lips, creating applied lipstick. With the right colour, lips become plump and inviting.

Thanks to this permanent makeup tattooing, you no longer have to use lipstick every day.

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