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About Aquarelle Watercolour technique

Aquarelle Lip tattoo is a technique that does not imply the creation of a precise contour and is performed by layer-by-layer application and shading of pigment. Moreover, it’s always delicate, predominantly nude, light, pastel and delicate. For example, colours are pink, peach, and nude shades of colouring. In other words, it helps to create a natural look for lips with smooth tints of colour. As a result of micropigmentation, the sponges look natural, gain volume, an updated look, look beautiful and very stylish. Moreover, the Aquarelle Lip tattoo the most top technique that most women choose in Melbourne, Brisbane 2021.

Meanwhile, even though the Aquarelle or Watercolour technique not intended to hide imperfections, it does not lose position. Besides,  all thanks to the fact that watercolour lips look like fashion and natural as possible. The result of this technique allows you to get juicy, slightly voluminous lips. They do not emphasize the face, but they look fresh. The effect does not burden and not force the application of cosmetics on the face. However, at the same time, the lips look neat and well-groomed.

Lip Tattoo Photo Aquarelle Technique

Watercolour or Aquarelle lips are a type of permanent makeup that involves using a watercolour technique. Thanks to layer-by-layer application, shading and selection of natural pigments, it turns out to create a natural shade, without a contour.
Aquarelle lip tattoo technique done by Olha Pokatilova in Cosmetic Tattooing Studio Face Figurati with lip tattooing experience over 5 years. This Technique is great to any age and type of skin. To achieve a high-level result is require only certified permanent makeup pigments
Lip tattoo in contour technique before and after
Also our work, as a result of which you will forget about cosmetics for two years

Face Figurati studio invites everyone who wants to improve and enhance their beauty. Also, get rid of lipstick’s need for a long time. Therefore, We provide a wide range of services, including aquarelle lip technique, lip blush tattoo in Melbourne and Brisbane. Moreover, in the studio, you can meet International Artist Olha Pokatilova, with extensive practical experience fluent in this technique.

Our studio provides comfortable clients with a spacious and cozy office, modern equipment, and friendly staff. Meanwhile, our Experts work with high-quality materials in compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements. Together with the professionalism of the Artist, this allows you to achieve an impeccable accurate result.

The result largely depends on your efforts. Following simple but very important rules before and after the procedure will help you achieve the result you dreamed of!
Read the recommendations for the rules of care

Top Lip Tattoo Artist in Melbourne studio Face Figurati

International lip tattoo artist. Olha is the head of the studio’s cosmetic tattooing school teacher. Also, she provides expert seminars for skilled artisans. Moreover, she uses a unique author’s techniques based on years of experience.

Olha has been two years as an amateur before got into a professional cosmetic tattoo in 2017. She is a specialist with a delicate approach to every element. Also, her style emphasizes the individuality of each image. You can quickly tell her that she is a creative person who strives for excellence in her work. The motto is an art, a hobby, a profession, and a way of life should be at the same time in your life.

Are you still looking for the right lip cosmetic tattoo artist in Melbourne? You are on the right track. Olha is the best artist in this business.

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    Features of Aquarelle (watercolour) lip tattooing technique

    Aquarelle (watercolour) technique has contourless permanent lip makeup. The peculiarity of the procedure is the use of several pigment shades and the absence of a clear outline. The result is a natural tone, volume and shine.

    The procedure carried out in stages:

    1.  Consultation – the artist talks about the peculiarities of the aquarelle technique and answers clients’ questions.
    2.  Sketch – a specialist selects colour, shades and draws areas that need attention.
    3. Pigment injection – performed by micro-injections with the most delicate needle R1. Therefore, since the pigment injects into the top layer of the skin, the point of tissue injury minimized. However, the artist recommends not using anesthesia, as this will avoid edema and deformations of the tattoo.
    4. Treatment of pigmented lips – when the pigment fixation completed, the specialist performs a freezing procedure using ointments and gels, which has an anesthetic effect.
    5. Applying the next layer of pigment is a multi-layer procedure. Therefore, after the freezing stage, the master re-injects the paint and can use a different shade.
    Aquarell cosmetic tattoo technique done with gradient red color

    Aquarelle lip tattooing carried out with a particular tattooing “pen machine” equipped with the most delicate needle R1. The puncture depth is individual since the skin is different for everyone. The thickness of the thin skin dermis of lips differs from the thick porous skin’s thickness. Therefore, the exact depth of the puncture injects cannot be said. However, the tattooing artist should add pigment to the upper layer of the dermis. It depends on the practice’s experience and purity, whether the master will determine the required puncture depth.

    Benefits of aquarelle lip tattooing

    Aquarelle (watercolour) lip tattooing is a gentle technique that allows you to achieve a stunning visual effect without the need for deep tissue injury. Its benefits include:

    1. Hide minor flaws.
      Lip contour tattoo will correct and hide visible defects in the lip area: scars, asymmetry, cleft lip, the effects of herpes. 
    2. Give your lips volume.
      Thin lips will visually become more voluminous due to the saturation of the colour and the overflow of shades.
    3. Make your lips shine.
      The layered shading creates a shimmering effect on the lips. Also, Aquarelle gives the impression that a natural-coloured gloss has just applied to the lips.
    4. Correct the outline.
      Watercolour tattooing will align the contour. Besides, visually raise the corners of the lips. Moreover, make it more transparent and more defined. Likewise, returning swelling and brightness to the lips.
    5. Save on cosmetics.
      Colour fastness helps you forget about the need to tint your lips periodically. Also, purchase expensive lipsticks, pencils or gloss.  In conclusion, it becomes a good budget-saving.
    lips still sore after tattooing

    Prices for Aquarelle lip tattoo in Melbourne and Brisbane

    The studio employs specialists of two categories. TOP masters with 3+ years of experience, holders of international diplomas in cosmetic tattooing. Master Trainer is a certified coach, an expert in permanent makeup, 5+ years of work experience.

    10% discount on the service when booking a prepaid time

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      recommendations and precautions for cosmetic lip tattoo

      Since lip tattooing is a cosmetic procedure involving the introduction of pigment by micro-puncturing the upper layers of the skin. Experts recommend taking certain precautions before going to the studio.

      In particular, you cannot:

      • Firstly, drink strong alcoholic drinks one day before the procedure.
      • Secondly, eat spicy food three days before the tattoo.
      • Thirdly, if necessary, take a course of anti-herpes drugs before and after the process.
      • Fourthly, for 15 days after the permanent, do not visit baths and saunas. Also, with less sun exposure.
      • Fifth, to do cosmetic procedures, traumatic tissue-scrubs peels one month after tattooing.

      In conclusion, I would like to remind you that using a particular technique or combining them is best discussed when you first visit the studio. Like a permanent lip makeup in aquarelle (watercolour) technique, remember: these are just tools to achieve the desired goal. In conclusion, one cannot ignore the recommendations for the care of permanent makeup and restrictions during the healing period – there are few of them, but they play a decisive role. 

      Suppose you follow the recommendations of the permanent makeup Artist in Melbourne or Brisbane studio. , the Aquarelle (watercolour) lip tattoo will last up to 3 years. This is also a big plus of the procedure. Therefore, we highly recommend booking free consultation our 

      Choose Technologies for your beauty wisely and be always attractive!

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