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Striving for beauty is a natural desire for any woman. Among the many “want” so familiar to each of us, there is a beautiful, and most importantly – persistent lip makeup. Therefore, to solve this issue once and for all, a technique created for performing lip liner tattoo technique, which you can afford in Melbourne, imitates a pencil and shaded lipstick.  So that you don’t have to be afraid every time that all your labours will go to dust after a cup of coffee, a kiss, or bad handling of a paper napkin. However, whatever promises in cosmetics advertising, it does not give you any guarantees. You can lightly brush your lips on a white blouse, and you will have to go to another.

The possibilities of this method are much broader. Using pigments of natural shades, the master can imitate makeup and visually change the lips’ volume, making the line of the mouth clearer.

Are You looking for a professional lip blushing studio that offers a wide range of services to help you achieve the perfect pout? Cosmetic Tattoo Studio Face Figurati’s talented team of artists are experts in lip blushing and can create any look you desire, from natural and subtle to bold and glamorous.


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How much does Lip liner cost?

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Lip tattoo in contour technique before and after
One of the best technique to enhance your natural beauty of your lips it's to make lip contour tattoo. As an independent technique, this technique is suitable for owners of a beautiful and naturally symmetrical lip shape, as well as those who want to make their outlines more pronounced.
Lip Contour Tattoo

Also our work, as a result of which you will forget about cosmetics for 2 years

Lip Tattoo Artist

Olha Pokatilova

Olha Pokatilova, a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in Melbourne, specialises in lip cosmetic tattoo. She is a Certified Master Trainer with over five years of the professional tattoo industry.

“In my work, I use only high-quality certified materials from trusted manufacturers. I work with the best professional equipment. Compliance with all necessary sanitary standards is an integral part of my professional activity.

“The purpose of my work is to create a unique individual image based on the structural and architectural features of the client’s face because high-quality permanent makeup is a guarantee of self-confidence.”

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    Who is suitable for lip contour tattooing

    The technique allows you to expand several important tasks for women at once:

    • Firstly, eliminate existing asymmetry.
    • Secondly, outline the contour, make it more contrast, select the lips.
    • Thirdly, change too pale by nature tone.
    • Most importantly, save a lot of time, which is spent applying regular make-up point.
    • Besides, you can easily hide scars, scars, skin defects.


    lip liner tattoo before and after

    What is the Lip Liner tattoo?

    In the Melbourne Studio Face Figirati by Olha Pokatilova or Brisbane with Anastasia Petkov, you will receive a full range of services and advice about lip liner tattoos. Experienced artists work here, who will tell you about all the technique’s nuances, the materials used and dyes. They will give you helpful guidance to help you make your final decision.

    There are several options for applying the liner, followed by a lip shading tattoo. The master can make it extremely clear and highly close to nature. Here the client makes the decision. If you wish, during the procedure, the contour will highlight the outline in colour. So he will highlight the line of the lips, then moving into a smooth shading. Its width does not exceed 5 mm.

    This tattooing method is suitable because it allows you to forget about eaten lipstick or dirty things for a long time. You can put on sweaters blouses over your head without fear that bright, noticeable traces will remain on their surface.

    “Looking for a Lip Tattoo in Melbourne? Look no further than Face Figurati. We are experts in Lip Tattoos with over 7 years experience and can create the perfect look for you. Whether you want a natural look or something more dramatic, we can help. Contact us today to book your consultation.” – Olha Po

    lip liner tattoo

    There are two main ways of work when performing lip contour creation in Melbourne, Brisbane studio Face Figurati:

    1. We create an image from scratch, coordinate all the details with you. Then a qualified master conducts a lip contour tattooing session with shading.
    2. The client comes to us who has previously applied to another salon and is dissatisfied with the result or wants to correct the procedure a long time ago.
     The master’s work is based on sophisticated lip colouring techniques. As a result, you get additional visual volume, brightness or natural, effective transition from saturated colours at the edges to more natural in the middle.

    We highlight the natural beauty released by it. This work is similar to diamond cutting and requires the precision of an Artist and modern equipment.

    High-quality, safe pigments are used to make your lip tattoo design look spectacular and beautiful.

    The technique used in the cosmetic tattoo technique by Olha Pokatilova is contouring permanent makeup with soft and smooth shading. The lip line is slightly corrected, and the colour is used exclusively natural. But the effect is visible to the naked eye.

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    How is the lip contour procedure with shading from
    Olga Pokatilova

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    As with any other procedure, there are also contraindications to permanent lip makeup. The cosmetic tattoo artist will not require you to undergo a medical examination, but he will undoubtedly ask about your health status and give a warning that you cannot tattoo your lips:

    • Firstly, diseases of the circulatory and cardiovascular system
    • Secondly, existing neoplasms of an oncological nature
    • Thirdly, lowered immunity (including HIV infection)
    • Besides, type 1 diabetes mellitus
    • Most importantly, epileptic seizures
    • In conclusion, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Ombre Lip tattoo can be dangerous for people with allergies and asthma. If there are benign neoplasms (papillomas, nevi) on your skin, they should not touch by tattooing. Be that as it may decide on whether to tattoo lips, preferably with your treating doctor.

    Worth it if you want to enjoy a beautiful lip tint without using lipstick, gloss and pencil. The tattoo will perfectly hide the cyanosis, visually correct the asymmetry, and give the lips volume.
    However, lip tattoo will reveal all the advantages only with strict adherence to the rules and recommendations regarding the preparation for the design, skincare after it, and the performer’s choice.
    Trust the work of professionals and discover all the advantages of permanent lip makeup.

    With the help of lip tattooing, you can hide imperfections in the area: faded skin colour, scars, traces of acne, herpes. The procedure will help to visually enlarge the lips, even out the asymmetry, work out one of the zones: the upper or lower lip, if one of them is much thinner. Also, tattooing eliminates the need to use lipstick, gloss or pencil. Lip colour lasts for about 1.5 years. Throughout this period, you can not use decorative cosmetics and always have well-groomed, beautiful lips.

    Many people are worried about whether it hurts to do permanent makeup. The painfulness of the procedure depends on several reasons. There is a psychological aspect. If the client trusts the specialist, it will be easier to relax, and the process will be less painful. Unpleasant sensations can be associated with the use of inappropriate equipment that not intended for tattooing lips, eyelids, eyebrows. Therefore, it is sad to do it. The cause of increased pain may be a low pain threshold of sensitivity in humans. An inappropriate or weak pain reliever is also a common cause of pain during the procedure.

    Application features

    A lipstick tattoo uses a tool with a metal needle is used, which pierces the epidermis to a depth of 2 mm. In cosmetic tattoos, deep punctures are not needed. Rotary machines are used, and when asked if it hurts, you will get a negative answer. Provided that anaesthesia was used. The skin pierced only to a depth of 0.5-0.8 mm.

    To understand whether it is painful to do inter-eyelash tattooing and arrows on the eyelids, you need to consider the procedure’s features. The area of the upper and lower eyelids of the eye is susceptible. Therefore it is necessary to use anaesthesia, which a specialist must correctly select. Consult a professional. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage due to too deep exposure to the needle.

    The dye used to fill the space between the hairs and achieve a natural look for expressive eyes. Feathering can create a shading effect. The execution technology here is more complicated, so you should only contact an experienced master. When choosing arrows, they achieve the appearance of thick eyelashes and an expressive look. The line, in this case, is continuous. The form is selected individually.

    Types of anaesthesia

    Only in the presence of high-quality anaesthesia can the cosmetologist correctly inject the pigment under the skin. To reduce pain during the procedure, two types of pain relief used:

    1. Primary – performed at the preparatory stage, the product is applied to intact skin;
    2. Secondary – carried out after the procedure for the introduction of pigment.

    Anaesthetics can be in the form of injections and applications. When injected into the dye site, an infusion made with an anaesthetic. This technique is most relevant for eye and lip tattooing. The procedure is associated with unpleasant sensations since there are many nerve endings in these zones. If anaesthesia not given, the procedure will turn into an ordeal. At the same time, eyebrow tattooing does not always imply anaesthesia since this area is less sensitive.

    Among the benefits of injection anaesthesia:

    1. Quick effect (after 5-6 minutes);
    2. No need for secondary processing;
    3. Preservation of the effect for 1.5-2 hours.
      The application method widely used; it used for different types of tattooing. Anaesthesia penetrates to a sufficient depth but not into the blood. In this case, muscle deformation does not occur. Pain relief does not interfere with controlling the depth of needle insertion. You can start applying paint in 10-15 minutes. The duration of the action is 4 hours.

    Over time, it fades, but whether the colour will come off depends entirely on the metabolic rate and many external factors. On the lips, the tattoo lasts on average from a year to 2 years, the colour fades over time, sometimes unevenly, but this is not striking. The professional cosmetic tattoo can easily be removed with a laser – without a trace.

    Therefore, for those who are not ready to walk with an arrow for many years or do not want to remove it with a laser but want to make eyelid tattooing, I recommend only the lash line, which creates the effect of thick eyelashes.

    The duration of the effect depends on the chosen technique and the shade of the pigment. In general, the period is 1.5-2 years. But depending on the colour saturation, the effect may vary. For example, watercolour lips last for about a year and a half due to nude tones, which become invisible faster when the pigment comes out and lightens it. Permanent makeup in this technique can last less, as it uses less pigment.

    Lip makeup using the shading technique can last for about three years due to a more saturated shade, which lightens more slowly.
    Also, the effect’s duration influenced by the lifestyle, individual “behaviour” of the body and even habits. Lip biting lovers should expect a shorter time of lip tattooing.
    It is essential to perform the correction. If it is carried out 30-45 days after the first session, the effect will last, as the retouch helps to saturate the lips with colour.  

    To do a lip contour tattoo in Melbourne or Brisbane’s studio, we always recommend following the aftercare instructions.

    Yes. It is the essence of permanent makeup. Lip tattoo will go away over time within one and a half to two years. The pigment applied to the upper layers of the dermis to a depth of 0.8 – 1 mm. Therefore, the natural property of the body is to push the pigment outward. And to expect that permanent lip makeup will last 5-10 years is a lie. Following our experience, we recommend renewing your tattoo every one and a half to two years.

    Also, after the first pass of lip tattooing, correction is needed precisely one month later. Based on our experience, the balance can be 30 or 40% after the singing tattoo procedure. As a rule, lips acquire the ideal shape, visual volume and the desired colour during the correction.

    After the first tattoo procedure, you will have 30% of the remainder. after correction, the balance will be 70-80%. Subsequently, as a rule, the maximum effect that lip tattooing with permanent makeup can achieve is 1.5 years. But an exception follows, given the metabolism and characteristics of the body. On an older body, lip tattooing lasts much longer, as the renewal of the upper layers of the skin is much slower.

    Lip tattooing is more complex than eyebrow and eye tattooing, so the price is higher.

    Lip tattoo price depends on the area, that is, on how plump and large your lips are.
    There are several techniques: contour with shading, watercolour, lipstick effect, lip blush, and others. Therefore, the prices usually are the same.

    On average in Melbourne and Brisbane, lip tattooing costs from 499 AUD to 1000 AUD, depending on the technique and experience of the master
    our studios of Melbourne and Brisbane price for permanent lip makeup from 499 AUD