Lip Shading Tattoo

What is Lip Shading tattoo?

Lip shading tattoo is semi-permanent, perhaps one of the tattooing methods to achieve an expressive lip shape volume appearance, saturation, and harmonious volume without decorative cosmetics’ daily use. The shading (lip blushing) method of introducing pigment implies the total filling of the entire lips with the selected shade. Besides, it allows you to recreate natural overflows and, at the same time, slightly correct natural imperfections.

Drawing the contour with shading is not necessary – the sponges are expressive and appetizing even without it. However, the contour will be very useful if you fill them with pigment and correct obvious shape defects. A combination of the two techniques will allow you to cope with any imperfections, giving your mouth a perfect appearance. Additional, the contouring tone is darker than the main one. However,  the rule may vary depending on the characteristics of the client’s appearance and individual wishes.

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    Combined picture of lip shading tattoo before and after the procedure. A huge difference on the first lips without shape and faded natural colour. Second lips increased volume and impressive dark rose colour
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    spectacular lip SHADING technique - no makeup

    lip shading tattoo

    Lip shading or monochrome is one of the permanent makeup varieties that allows you to achieve the perfect shape and colour of your lips while maintaining their natural charm. Most importantly, the complete filling of the space performs with a pigment as close as possible to the natural shade. However, if desired, the colour can vary by 1-2 tones lighter or darker – it all depends on the sponges’ initial state and the problems that should level with cosmetic tattooing.

    In some cases, monochrome can perform with a bright pigment. Still, such a decision should be 100% deliberate and weighed: the bright shade obtained as a result of the session will remain for 1-2 years, and during this time, it can get bored or go out of fashion and overlap the saturated tone of the makeup will be pretty tricky. Therefore, when choosing “evening” tones, it is worth weighing everything several times, taking into account the individual features of appearance and be sure to consult with the master – perhaps he will be able to find compromise options that will allow you to maintain a natural tone, adding only a slight touch of sexy brightness to it. Moreover, the broad palette of Perma Blend makes it easy to choose the desired pigment, starting with nude options that are fashionable this season and ending with bright scarlet and burgundy colours for connoisseurs of luscious looks.

    Distinctive features of lip shading

    This technique is fundamentally different from other methods of introducing pigment not only in a more expressive result but also in other nuances:

    1. Shading is universal: the pigment variability allows you to give your face a magical charm of naturalness or recreate the image of a fatal seducer – it all depends on your desires.
    2. When feathering, a thicker needle used than when drawing a contour – this allows you to make the lines smooth and harmonious. And the different length and direction of the strokes recreates natural overflows and visually evens out the lips’ micro-relief.
    3. Additional contouring is not necessary but possible, especially if noticeable roughness needs to be corrected.
    4. Pure monochrome is not the best option for dramatically increasing lip volume. This technique focuses on the shade and reference shape of the mouth, and for extra plumpness, you can additionally “highlight” the lips using the Lip light method.
    5. Full shading requires utmost patience and perseverance from the master. For the pigment to lay evenly, you should carefully draw each area, including the folds and curves on the lips – only, in this case, the result will look neat and natural.
    after lip tattoo
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      Recommendations of cosmetologists


      Lip tattooing will be real salvation if you need a long-term and radical solution to the following problems:

      • dull or uneven natural colour, the presence of hyperpigmentation and light spots on the lips;
      • lack of seductive curves or expressionless mouth shape;
      • drooping of the corners of the lips
      • age-related hypopigmentation;
      • the appearance of a mesh of facial wrinkles around the mouth;
      • disproportionate lips;
      • existing scars, scars and other defects.
      Lip shading tattoo Melbourne

      Lip cosmetic tattoo, like any other type of tattoo associated with minor invasion, in which the integrity of the skin of the lips is disturbed. Therefore, the procedure has several contraindications:

      1. The pigment’s introduction is prohibited in the presence of decompensated diabetes mellitus, cancer, immunodeficiency and mental disorders.
      2. It is worth postponing a visit to the master during an exacerbation of chronic diseases, with an acute course of an infectious process or a cold.
      3. Herpes, dermatitis and other skin pathologies in the mouth can adversely affect the pigment’s engraftment. Therefore, the lips should care first, and only after that the tattoo should plan.
      4. During pregnancy and lactation, the female body is unpredictable and highly vulnerable. Therefore, expectant and young mothers should postpone a visit to the salon.
      5. People prone to allergic reactions may experience irritation to certain ingredients in the dye composition. Therefore, you should either choose hypoallergenic shading products or conduct an allergy test in advance.

      Perma Blend pigments contain eco-friendly hypoallergenic ingredients that do not cause irritation, rashes and inflammation, so they are safe for skin of any type and sensitive.

      5 steps to the perfect lip shading tattoo


      The sponges should carefully introduce the colouring composition so the shading can lie evenly and neatly. Two weeks before the procedure, take care of deep moisturizing and nourishment of the skin, gently cleanse the lips from keratinized scales with a soft peeling and protect them from adverse effects with the help of special balms.

      If you are prone to the appearance of herpes sores, it is worth drinking a course of vitamins and antiviral agents – this will strengthen the immune system and prevent painful blisters formation. And a couple of days before the scheduled visit to the master, limit the use of energy drinks, strong coffee and tea, alcoholic beverages and blood thinners – this way, you will reduce the likelihood of an inflammatory reaction.


      A careful study of the sketch guarantees a predictable result, which will surely please the future owner of gorgeous seductive lips. Tell the master in detail all your wishes, clarify the critical nuances and rely on his professionalism – together, you can achieve a reference effect from the procedure that will correspond to your ideas.


      If additional contouring is required, it did first, and then the sponges are shaded to a natural and even result. Total filling takes quite a long time, so tune in to a cheerful wave and relax as much as possible during the session. And to reduce the likely discomfort, the master will treat the lip area with a special anaesthetic cream. At the end of the procedure, the inflamed areas treat with a soothing and antiseptic composition, which prevents infection and stimulates repairing of damaged tissues.


      The first couple of hours after lip shading or aquarelle lips tattoo may look atypically bright and swollen. The inflammation will subside normal – after 2-3 days. In addition, the pigment will release fully. At this time, it is better to limit sunbathing, and bathing procedures – this way, the regeneration will take place faster and without pain.


      You might require a retouch tattooing session in 2-4 weeks after the skin of the lips becomes restored. Master will bring the shading to perfection, neutralize minor roughness and even out the tone of the pigment.

      Lip Tattoo Artist in Brisbane Studio Face Figurati

      Anastasia Petkov

      Anastasia is a certified and licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Artist who has brought Brisbane her European experience in lip liner tattoo treatment and powder brows.
      Her passion is to enhance natural beauty, revealing each woman’s uniqueness using Cosmetic Tattoo’s art.
      “I put all of my heart and soul into my work, providing you with luxury comfort and ensuring you get the results that exceed your expectations.
      I believe that each face is unique and beautiful. Emphasize your beauty by providing you with all cosmetic tattoo benefits, choosing the perfect shape and colour.
      Face Figurati studio is filled with a friendly, relaxing atmosphere providing you with the highest standard services”.
      Anastasia keeps up with modern technologies using the most innovative and advanced industry techniques and the best equipment.

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        What effect of Lip Shading tattoo can be obtained?

        • Experience of Artist - 50 %
        • Quality of pigments - 20 %
        • Quality of needles - 20 %
        • Type of skin - 10 %

        You don’t need to spend the money you earn to buy expensive lipstick cosmetics. The lipstick lip tattoo with advances of technological and unique cosmetic pigments, tattoo artists can correct lips in any shape. Also, to give them the desired shade, bringing the effect of ombre lips to perfection.

        Nude lip tattooing treatment 2 hours duration and used by two different LIK pigment Rasberry 30% Kardinal 70%

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