Ombre Lips Tattoo

Lip tattoo in the ombré technique

Permanent lip tattoo with the ombré lip effect is one of the most fashionable techniques, requiring a certain amount of skill, inborn taste and talent. A harmonious combination of several shades, gently merging into each other. Artist provides depth, fullness and volume of the lips, and a broad palette of tones allows you to create absolutely any image – both naturally delicate and alluringly striking – it all depends on the desire of the future happy owner of perfect and attractive lips.

What is the effect of ombré?

The technique of ombré is one of the newest methods of lip tattooing, which implies the presence of a smooth gradient between several shades. To create such an effect, up to 5 different colours can be used, harmonizing with each other. As a result, the lips are more expressive and noticeably fuller, and the makeup looks striking and effective.

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Ombré performs as natural shades, close to the lips’ natural colour, and brighter, saturated colours. The choice of pigments will depend on the final result: In the first case, the lips will be more voluminous and precise, but they will look discreet and 100% natural. In the second, the final image will be bright and spectacular.

In addition, this tattoo can be glossy, visually reminiscent of the decorative glass, and matte, imitating the natural state of skin or discreet lipstick – a wide range of modern professional formulations guarantees any desired result. Perma Blend’s versatile and coordinating pigments are available in more than 20 different shades, allowing you to find the perfect combination that will give your lips the depth, volume and fullness you desire.

Types of ombré technique

The gradient can be in different directions. The most common variant is a smooth transition of shades from the contour to the middle of the lip and then over the entire area. The outline is made with a darker shade, which gradually fades into pastel and nude shades. Such a technique provides a noticeable increase in the volume of the lips and can correct almost any existing defects in the mouth area.

However, for owners of the already plump, lips extra volume, which is guaranteed to appear after the application of ombré, may be undesirable because all is well in moderation. However, this is not a reason to abandon the newfangled permanent lip – in this case. The master can perform a gradient from the corners of the lip to the middle. This tattoo is no less popular, as it results in a dramatic transformation of the face and lips that are perfectly symmetrical, expressive and full of appetite. If you like ombre lip tattooing, you might love another popular lip blush technique.

Who is suitable for a gradient lip permanent?

Ombre Lips Melbourne

The effect of ombré may slightly emphasize the natural beauty and can completely change the original look – it all depends on the characteristics of the introduction of the dye and the selected shade. That’s why ombre lips suit almost without exception the fair sex – and those who strive for naturalness and want to attract maximum attention at a glance.

The combination of several harmonious shades allows not only to highlight the existing shape and shade of the lips but also to correct some of the existing defects:

  • Asymmetrical, unimpressive or irregularly shaped lips;
    drooping corners, blurred lip contour;
  • Pigmentation defects, including the presence of light or, on the contrary, pathologically dark areas;
  • Insufficient natural volume;
    cosmetic imperfections in the mouth area (scars, scars, age spots, etc.).

When will I have to abstain from tattooing?

Even minimally invasive procedures, such as lip cosmetic tattoos, have specific contraindications that should be considered before visiting the doctor. These include:

  • immunodeficiency virus;
  • cancer and related chemotherapy treatments;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • anticoagulants, a course of antibiotics and drugs that have the side effect of thinning the blood;
  • birthmarks and papillomas in the mouth area;
  • Herpes, dermatitis, bleeding cracks and other dermatological defects of the lip mucosa;
  • Under 18 years of age;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Step-by-step algorithm for creating an ombré tattoo

1. Preparatory activities

Proper preparation for the tattoo should begin well before the session: it is necessary that the “X-hour” the skin of the lips is in perfect condition. So, specific recommendations should be adhered to:

  1. Start moisturising and nourishing the skin two weeks before the upcoming permanent make-up session. Particular vitamins balms and creams rich in plant oils and nourishing extracts are suitable.
  2. Regularly clean the lips with a gentle exfoliation – this will help remove the keratinous scales, making the nourishing balms are many times more effective, and the pigment will be laid evenly and naturally.
  3. Anti-herpetic prophylaxis is a particular point in preparing for lip tattooing in the ombré technique. Of course, in the presence of blisters master will offer to postpone the procedure. However, what if the seats have appeared after the introduction of pigment but before the complete healing of tattooing? Therefore, immuno-compromised people prone to herpes of the lips should consult a doctor beforehand and take a course of anti-herpetic preparations to prevent the recurrence of a rash.
  4. Not only herpes but also any other skin defect in the mouth area can affect the healing of the pigment. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to protecting the lips against the wind, subcooling, and other negative factors that may traumatise the sensitive skin before the tattooing.

In addition, two days before the planned session should refuse to take anticoagulants, antibiotics, strong coffee, tea, alcoholic and energy drinks. This restriction is familiar to any permanent make-up, including tattooing in the technique ombré.

2. Tattooing session

Before introducing pigments, the master carefully traces and agrees on a sketch of future lips – it is essential that the client is satisfied with the form and the expected gradient. And if the shape in most cases no problems, the choice of shades can be confusing because the saturation of the dye is usually higher than the final result after a full lip. Therefore, it is worth relying on the skill and experience of the craftsman – guided by the desired result. He will be able to select the right shades for rendering a gradient efficiently. As high-quality pigments, such as Perma Blend’s professional formulations, are predictable, this is very easy; high-quality materials predict the final result down to the smallest semitone.

The lips zone has to be treated with an anaesthetic gel (contains lidocaine) and reduces the skin’s sensitivity once all the details have been agreed upon. The artist then fills the lip area with pigments, applying strokes of varying length and thickness to create a unique and striking gradient.

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3. Care of lips after the procedure

Particular attention should have quality care in the recovery period – the uniformity and durability directly depend on it. For this purpose, suitable creams and balms based on Panthenol and vegetable oils accelerate tissues’ regeneration.

In the early days, you should take care of yourself by refusing to use a sunbed, sauna or even a hot bath – any overheating is fraught with increased inflammation. If a film or crust appears on the lips, do not remove it in any case – it must detach itself. Otherwise, there may be depigmented areas on the lips. This process does not take more than a few days with proper care, so it is better to be patient. And after recovery, you should visit the master once again to discuss the need for correction. As the ombré effect requires perfect colour rendering, this tattoo is rarely limited to one session. However, the result is well worth the effort – lips will be mouth-watering, luscious and alluring, and make-up is not needed for at least another year!