Lip tattoo with lipstick effect dense filler technique

Lip lipstick tattoo is a popular technique that does away with the necessity of permanent lipstick makeup and gives an attractive look. In this case, the tattoo will not bleed or fade. It does not need to be refreshed after eating, drinking, or kissing. It gives the impression that the girl is wearing quality lipstick.

What are the differences from other types of tattoo

Lip tattoo in the lipstick technique involves filling the entire lip surface with pigment. To get a saturated tone, the specialist uses a single color.

It differs from most other tattooing techniques in that it requires a more extensive pigment filling to achieve a richer effect. In doing so, the master performs a dense shading with a broad and pronounced contour.

The pigment color can be anything. It all depends on the wishes and color type of the girl. For a realistic simulation of the lipstick effect, the shade must be different from the natural pastel shades. The choice falls on deep but not too bright colors in most cases. Catchy coloring tires quickly and is not always appropriate in everyday life. However, the master can do a lip tattoo with a natural effect, easily overlapped by this lipstick of a different shade.

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Total lip tattooing procedure takes about 2 hours and consists of 4 main steps:

  • Tone selection. A skillful artist will help define a suitable color taking into account the client’s appearance and wishes.
  • Sketching. After applying an antiseptic, the sketch is transferred onto the face with a cosmetic pencil. If necessary, a local anesthetic is used.
  • Filling the area with pigment and shading.
  • Giving recommendations for further treatment.
  • The photo shows the result of the master’s work immediately after the procedure.
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