Lipstick Tattoos: The Easiest Way to Achieve Effortless Beauty

lipstick tattoo

Are you a lipstick junkie but looking for a low-maintenance beauty routine? Maybe you love sporting full lips but don’t want the hassle of having to reapply lipstick all day long. Lipstick tattoos might just be the answer to your prayers!

A lip tattoo with a lipstick effect is a popular cosmetic lip enhancement treatment that eliminates the need to correct your makeup constantly.

Lip Blush Tattoo2 hour449 AUD
Touch Up in 30 days2 hour225 AUD

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What is a Lipstick Tattoo?

Cosmetic lip tattooing is the process of depositing colour pigments into the dermis of the lips. This is usually done using a small needle, and the colouring pigment is placed in the uppermost layer of skin. The effect of the lip tattoo will last for several months or years before it begins to fade.

There are different types of cosmetic lip tattoos: lip blush, aquarelle technique, lip liner, lip shading, and lipstick tattoo. You can create various looks, from natural-looking lip colours to bold and dramatic designs.

A cosmetic lip tattoo with a full lipstick effect is an excellent solution for girls who want to give the impression that they are always wearing high-quality lipstick.

lipstick tattoo

The Lipstick Effect: This Technique Can Give You Instant Fuller-Looking Lips

Lipstick smudges and fades, especially when you talk, eat, and drink. At some point, it gets tiring having to reapply makeup from time to time. The lipstick technique of lip tattooing solves this problem as special pigments are applied and can now stay on your lips for years.

It is a great way to add colour to your lips without worrying about smudging or wearing off. There are many different colours and shades of lipstick to choose from, so you can find the perfect shade to complement your skin tone.

Who is it best suited for?

This type of permanent make-up is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their lips and cover up any imperfections. It works well for all ages, especially for those who love having fuller lips at all times.

How does a lipstick tattoo differ from other lip tattoo techniques?

lip tattoos before and after

You may have heard of the popular Lip Blushing technique. It is another permanent makeup tattoo that creates a beautiful and natural hue for the lips. You will love this technique if you are crazy about lip tints. Lip blush is perfect for those who want a more natural lip colour tattoo.

The lipstick technique differs from other lip tattooing options because it requires a more extensive pigment filling to achieve a richer effect. To do this, the tattoo artist performs a dense shading lip tattoo. You can expect a more pronounced contour when you choose this technique.

In both techniques, permanent lip tattoo colors can be customised to the client’s wants.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Before and After Photos

lip tattooing before and after
before and after lip tattoo
tattooed lips before and after
cosmetic lip tattoo before and after
full lip tattoo
tattooed lipstick
cosmetic lip tattoos
lip tattoo before and after
lip tattoo lipstick
lip color tattoo

What Happens During a Lip Tattoo Makeup Procedure

Lip Tattooing takes about two hours from start to finish. The treatment consists of four main steps:

  • Colour selection. The tattoo artist will help you find a lip tattoo colour that is perfect for your face and preferences.
  • Sketching. Sketching is an essential step in the lip-lining process to avoid uneven lips. After cleaning the lips with an antiseptic, the artist will use a cosmetic pencil to draw the outer lip shape, outlining them in preparation for permanent lip color application. Local anesthesia will be used if necessary.
  • Shading. The next step involves filling the area with pigment and shading the lips completely. Lip colouring is repeated until the desired lip tattoo makeup is achieved.
  • Consultation. The cosmetic tattooist will provide you with their recommendations for possible further treatment.
lip colour tattoo

After about a month, the client must return for necessary corrections. The artist will correct away imperfections and adjust the tone saturation to get it just right!

What are the advantages of lipstick tattoos?

Here are the benefits of getting your lips tattooed:

  1. Long-lasting. The tattoo will last for one to three years before beginning to fade! That’s why it is a great idea to get this done if you want your lips permanently stained with colour.
  2. It covers your flaws. Many people get these to cover uneven pigmentation and to mask lip asymmetry, paleness, or scars.
  3. Tattooed lips enhance your beauty. A lip tattoo can give additional volume to your lips. It is also a perfect way to express yourself by using bold lip tattoo colors to make you stand out in a crowd.
  4. Low-maintenance. It is a great way to eliminate the need for constant lipstick application and makeup correction.
  5. Substantial savings. One of the best things about getting semi permanent lip makeup on lips is that you save money by never needing to repurchase another lipstick!
  6. Affordable: Lipstick tattoos are more affordable than traditional cosmetic procedures, such as lip injections or surgery.
  7. Safe: Lipstick tattoos are considered safe when performed by a licensed and experienced professional.
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permanent lip color
lip colouring
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Transformation Photos

Full lip tattooing can create a bold and stunning look. The healing process can take anywhere from 3-5 weeks, and the transformation is amazing! You may notice that in this period, the colour looks much more muted and natural than what the lips look right after the procedure. This is because 40-60% of the pigment will naturally fade during healing.

lip tattooing before and after

The photo shows how the pigment is now evenly distributed and can be seen on lips. Visually, the lip colour created by the tattoo looks the same as when you apply expensive lipstick.
The pigment still looks intense and freshly applied even a year after the semi-permanent lip tattoo procedure.

permanent lip tattoo before after

Care tips

Lip tattooing damages the upper layer of the epidermis. It can cause swelling, minor pain, and redness after the procedure. But there is no need to worry!

After just 2-3 days, the body will naturally restore your skin integrity. During this period, the treated area will start to itch and peel. You must fight the urge to scratch. Remember that the skin must come off by itself.

Do not remove or touch the lip area while the skin is peeling. Why? To avoid crust formation on the skin around your lips. This will affect the final result of pigmentation and might even result in uneven lip colour. Worse, you might get scars from too much scratching.

The cosmetic tattoo artist will prescribe a disinfecting ointment for faster healing. Bepanthen or Depanthenol is usually used, which should be applied to the skin every 3-4 hours a week.

It is also important to disinfect the area with Chlorhexidine and wash it with water and antibacterial soap.

The final result can be seen after a month. At about this time, you are advised to go back to your lip tattoo specialist for a mandatory correction procedure.

  • To extend the longevity of lip tattoos, we recommend the following:
  • Do not use cosmetics with high alcohol content or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Avoid ultraviolet light. Use sunblock, a cap, and an umbrella when going out.
  • Do not go to the swimming pool or sauna after the session.
  • Do not scratch the skin.
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How to Get the Perfect Lipstick Tattoo? ChooseThe Best Lip Tattoo Artist in Melbourne!

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Melbourne

Olha Po is a Master of Cosmetic Lip Tattooing and Microblading Eyebrows. With over seven years of combined experience in the makeup industry, she heads a cosmetic tattoo course and conducts seminars for experienced artisans.

Olha is a specialist with a delicate approach to every element. She values her clients and wants to emphasise each person’s individuality through her work. She is a creative person who always strives for perfection.

Her motto is, “Art, hobby, profession, and lifestyle should coexist in your life.”


Get Ready For Your Full Lip Tattoo Appointment

Are you still looking for the best permanent eyeliner, microblading or cosmetic lip tattoo in Melbourne? You are on the right track! Olha Po is the best artist in the business, and Face Figurati Cosmetic Studio is proud of her unique tattooing techniques. We only use mineral-based premium pigments to ensure safety and quality.

Or are you looking for an ombre lip tattoo, another type of cosmetic tattooing that can enhance your lips’ natural colour and shape? Our skilled artists use the latest techniques and equipment to provide beautiful, long-lasting results. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment for your first consultation.

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Here at Face Figurati, we specialise in lip blushing, lipstick, and lip liner tattooing. Besides, our aquarelle lips technique is perfect for those who want to add a little colour to their lips without having to wear lipstick all the time.

Our lip tattoos are also great for those who have cosmetics allergies or simply want to avoid the chemicals found in many lipsticks. We only use natural pigments that are safe for all skin types.

If you are looking for a cosmetic lip tattoo that will last for years, look no further than Face Figurati Cosmetic Studio. Thanks for choosing us!

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“Lip Tattoo Lipstick ” is a tattoo technique that involves applying vibrant colours in a dense layer without an outline. In this technique, the dye is introduced relatively densely. The visual effect resembles matte lipstick, which can be enhanced with glitter in the case of an evening out.

Many people wonder if it hurts to get permanent lip makeup. With the proper anesthetic and the right skill of a specialist, you won’t feel a thing. Many female clients say girls can even fall asleep during the session, as modern anesthetics are so effective.

The colour on the lips lasts from one to three years. It all depends on the technique, the body’s individual characteristics and timely correction.

Lip tattooing will allow: you to stay painted in all conditions to make the contour of the lips more precise. If it been damaged by a cold sore (herpes), visually make your lips a little more voluminous.

Lipstick tattoo⏰ 2 часа499 AUD
Touch Up in 30 days⏰ 2 часа249 AUD
Touch Up in 12-15 month⏰ 2 часа459 AUD