Lip tattoo with lipstick effect dense filler technique

tattoo lipstick

Lip tattoo with a lipstick effect is a popular treatment that eliminates the need to constantly correct your makeup and helps you look attractive even without makeup. It gives the impression like the girl has high-quality lipstick. The tattoo will not bleed or smudge and doesn’t need a refresh after eating, drinking or kissing.

What are the differences from other types of tattoo

Lip Blushing tattooing in the lipstick technique involves filling the entire lip surface with pigment. To get a saturated tone, the specialist uses a single colour.

It differs from most other tattooing techniques in that it requires a more extensive pigment filling to achieve a richer effect. In doing so, the master performs a dense shading lip tattoo with a broad and pronounced contour.

The pigment colour can be anything. It all depends on the wishes and colour type of the girl. For a realistic simulation of the lipstick effect, the shade must be different from the natural pastel shades. The choice falls on deep but not too bright colours in most cases. Catchy colouring tires quickly and is not always appropriate in everyday life. However, the master can do a lip tattoo with a natural effect, easily overlapped by this lipstick of a different shade.

Total lip tattooing treatment takes about 2 hours and consists of 4 main steps:

  • Tone selection. A skilful artist will help define a suitable colour taking into account the client’s appearance and wishes.
  • Sketching. After applying an antiseptic, the sketch is transferred onto the face with a cosmetic pencil. If necessary, a local anesthetic is used.
  • Filling the area with pigment and shading.
  • Giving recommendations for further treatment.

The photo shows the result of the master’s work immediately after the procedure. 

After about a month, the client has to come for necessary correction. Artist will correct away imperfections and adjust the saturation of the tone.

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tattoo lipstick

Advantages of the lip tattoo lipstick procedure

  1. Long-wear period – on average 1 to 3 years;
  2. possibility of masking aesthetic flaws – asymmetry, pallor, scars, fuzzy contour;
  3. Giving additional visual volume and expressive colour;
  4. creating a harmonious appearance;
  5. eliminating the need to apply constantly and correct makeup;
  6. Substantial savings on makeup products.

Who is best suited for

A lipstick tattoo is suitable for different types of appearance. It looks appropriate for female customers of any age, favourably emphasizing the advantages and hiding flaws.

tattoo lipstick melbourne

Lipstick lip tattoo photo.

See visually how different the look before and after full lip tattooing is. Healing takes from 3 to 5 weeks. During this time, leave about 40-60% of the pigment, making the colour more muted and natural.

lipstick tattoo before after

The pigment is evenly distributed, and the skin shows a saturated colour. Visually, the result of the lipstick effect is difficult to distinguish from the product created by expensive cosmetics. And even a year after the procedure, the pigment is still intense, and the result of the artists’ work allows you to enjoy a well-groomed appearance every day without unnecessary cosmetics.

In the photo below, lip tattoo immediately after the second treatment one month later. The result will look as intense as possible.


lip tint tattoo
lip tattoo after procedure

Care tips

Pomade tattooing damages the upper layer of the epidermis. It can therefore cause swelling, minor pain and redness after the procedure—no need to worry. After just 2-3 days, the body will restore the integrity of the skin. A protective reaction will be less pronounced.

During this period, the treated area will start to itch and peel. Skin must come off by itself, peeling must not be removed, and crusts must not be touched. If you adhere to the master’s recommendations, you can prevent the formation of crusts that adversely affect the final result of pigmentation, disturb the evenness of colour and provoke the appearance of scars.

The master will undoubtedly prescribe a disinfecting ointment to heal tattooing with a pomade effect. Usually, Bepanthen or Depanthenol is used, which should be applied to the skin every 3-4 hours for a week. It is also important to disinfect the area with Chlorhexidine and wash it with water and antibacterial soap.

The final result will be visible after a month. At about this time, a correction should be performed.

To maximize the wearing period of the whole lip tattoo, experts recommend:

  • not to use cosmetics with high alcohol content or hydrogen peroxide;
  • avoid ultraviolet light, and use protective equipment;
  • do not go to the swimming pool, sauna or solarium after the session;
  • do not scratch the skin.

Proper care will facilitate the entire healing period, prolong the wearing time of the lip tattoo with the lipstick effect and allow you to get an attractive result.

Lip Tattoo Artist

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Olha Po is a Master of cosmetic lip tattooing and microblading eyebrows. Moreover, she is the head of cosmetic tattoo courses with over seven years of experience. Olha also conducts expert seminars for experienced artisans. Face Figurati studio use unique author’s techniques with only mineral-based premium pigments.
Olha was an amateur for two years before joining the professional permanent makeup industry in 2017. She is a specialist with a delicate approach to every element. Her style emphasises the individualism of each image. It’s instantly apparent that she is a creative person who strives for perfection in her work. Her motto is that – “Art, hobby, profession and lifestyle should be at the same time in your life.”
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