Microblading Eyebrows Tattoo in Melbourne


Microblading is (micropigmentation, imitation of natural hairs, hyperrealism) eyebrows tattoo is the most natural procedure that allows you to correct the brows’ shape in our Melbourne Studio Face Figurati. The artist “draws” the missing strands using a special maniple “pen” with the most delicate needle and injecting pigments into the upper layers of the dermis. 

This procedure appeared in the list of beauty services and immediately became famous in Australia’s different parts. Moreover, the reason is not in the word’s sonority, but in effect, it provides. In Melbourne, The microblading technique has existed on the market services for several years. Every second client asks about it. However, not everyone knows what lies behind Anglicism microblading eyebrows. We have collected the most important and interesting facts about this procedure, which will help you understand if it is correct. Moreover, we offer to introduce you to this technique and dispel myths that negatively affect the result. And, why do most girls in Melbourne choose the microblading eyebrows approach?

Eyebrows before microblading with Leonardo de Vince frame on the top and below after done microblading eyebrow tattoo

How does microblading work?

Microblading technique done only by maniple pen, lines with high precision and volume well-done work

Usually, when a woman wants to get the most natural appearance of the brows, they choose microblading eyebrows. This method allows you to precisely repeat the direction of growth and natural hairs’ relative position – effect of natural hairs of brows. 

The permanent makeup artist uses a multiple-needle maniple pen approach technique. It helps to create large and fine strokes. Depending on the client’s request, you can make a discreet, light tattoo, and expressive, bright.

The hair method gives many possibilities. First, you correct blemishes in certain areas of the eyebrows. Secondly, to a radical transformation. Besides, remember the main rule – what looks good on your friend will not necessarily suit you. Most importantly, match your expectations and individual features of the face. 


Unfortunately, many new cosmetic tattooists, not considering all the "pitfalls" of eyebrows tattoo with the microblading method, position it as simple and suitable for everyone, without exception.

Unfortunately, many new cosmetic tattooists, not considering all the “pitfalls” of eyebrows tattoo with the microblading method, position it as simple and suitable for everyone, without exception. Artis cannot achieve such effects without knowing the eyebrow tattoo method’s hairs’ nuances. For example, if you have oily skin, we do not recommend this technology. Because of the risk of getting a blurred pattern and merging in a couple of months. Even if, at first, it seems clear and neat.

Top 10 Benefits of Microblading eyebrows:

  • You get the shape and shade of your eyebrows that you dreamed of;
  • Forget about pencils, shadows and drawing for a long time;
  • Save time on makeup and cosmetics.
  • Increasing the expressiveness and brightness of the image;
  • Elimination of the asymmetry of the eyebrows, lips, eyes, and eyelids;
  • Correction of the colour and shape of the eyebrows of the lips, eyes, and eyelids;
  • Increase/decrease the size of the eyebrows of the lips, eyes, and eyelids;
  • Reducing the harm from the use of decorative cosmetics (allergies).
  • Minimal skin trauma and a fast healing process.
  • A well-performed procedure will convince others nature has awarded you with impeccable eyebrows.
microblading before and after , high level work with only hand made maniple pen

Permanent makeup in the “hair” microblading eyebrows technique lasts for a long time. Style can combine with other types, which we will discuss below. At least every second client asks about microblading. Therefore, we offer to introduce you to this technique and dispel myths that negatively affect the result. Usually, if a woman wants to get the most natural appearance of the eyebrows, she chooses microblading or feathering style. This technique allows you to precisely repeat the direction of growth and natural hairs’ relative position. It creates both large and fine strokes. Depending on the client’s request, you can make a discreet, light tattoo, and expressive, bright.

The result mainly depends on your efforts. Following fundamental but straightforward rules before and after the procedure will help you achieve the result you dreamed of! Read the regulations and recommendations of care.

Also, our work,
as a result of which you will forget
about cosmetics for 2 years.

How much does microblading cost?

The price for tattooing depends on the level of the master and the place and technique. For example, shading is a little cheaper than a hair shading technique. When shading, the master paints the outline without clear boundaries and thus creates an eyebrow pencil. The hair technique costs a little more because it is more detailed work. In this technique, the master draws fine lines and makes the missing hairs. Read the cosmetic tattoo prices page to know more about what include in microblading and other methods.

PocedureTimePrice Melbourne Olha PokatilovaPrice Brisbane Anastasia Petkov
Powder Eyebrows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Microblading eyebrows1,5 hour499 AUD499 AUD
Mixed  technique1,5 hour549 AUD549 AUD
Eyeliner Tattoo1,5 hour399 AUD399 AUD
Lip tattoo1,5 hour499 AUD499 AUD
Correction1 hour50% from price50% from price 
Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio1,5 hour+150 AUD to the procedure price+150 AUD to the procedure price
Cover old tattoo1,5 hour+100 AUD to the procedure price+100 AUD to the procedure price
Retouch up to 1 year1,5 hour80% from first procedure80% from first procedure

Microblading how long does it last?

Period of wearing microblading eyebrows tattoo

The procedure is semi-permanent since the pigments disappear faster than other similar methods. They are at a very shallow depth under the skin, over time in the process of renewing the epidermis. The paint comes out entirely with the lymph.

No one will give an unambiguous answer to the question of how long microblading lasts. The result depends on many factors, which we will discuss below. Based on our practice, we note that the initial effect’s duration varies from 8 months to one and a half years. The pigment itself does not change colour over time but only fades, so they are afraid of blue, green and pink eyebrows. After about eight months or later, you can safely come to the renewal procedure to freshen up your lightened eyebrows.

Factors affecting the duration of microblading eyebrows

The length of time you wear your eyebrows after microblading depends on proper care, as well as your age and skin type. The pigment is removed earlier on young girls because their cells renew faster. With age, the metabolic process slows down. Therefore, after 35 years old, older ladies will delight eyebrows with colour and shape much longer.

The tendency of the skin too oily matters. The sushi dermis, the longer it retains the pigment. The hairs will disappear much faster on oily skin since some of the dye remove along with the sebaceous glands’ natural secretions.

Important eyebrow care recommendations affect how long microblading and powdery eyebrows last. After all, fair peeling off the crusts, frequent peeling and scrubbing of the skin in the eyebrow area, unprotected tan promotes the rapid release of pigment. The colour brightens faster in girls who have not passed the correction. After all, the repeated procedure is recommended to colour and consolidate it.

How to prolong the effect?

Everything is effortless – follow all the recommendations of the permanent makeup master. Take proper care of your eyebrows during the healing period. It doesn’t matter when you have microblading eyebrows and were done in Melbourne. The question of how long the pigment lasts by almost all girls who decide not only on eyebrow tattooing but also on lip tattoo.

Stylists delight both those and others with the answer: up to a maximum of one and a half years. For some, this means you don’t have to worry about makeup for long. If they decide to change the shape of their eyebrows or lips, the latter will have this opportunity. At the same time, it will not take long to wait for the complete removal of pigments.


  1. The first week after the procedure, do not go to saunas and baths. It would be best to allow the pigments to take hold of the dermis.
  2. Minimize the use of scrubs and peels in the microblading area: rubbing will speed up washing out the pigment.
  3. Don’t go overboard with sunbathing or tanning beds.
    Refuse cosmetic surgery on the area treated with pigments (do not make lifts and Botox injections).
  4. Refuse cosmetic surgery in the area treated with pigments (do not do braces and Botox injections).
  5. Pigmentation lasts longer on dry skin.

Microblading eyebrows Tattoo Artist in Melbourne

Olha Pokatilova

Olha is an eyebrow tattoo artist and the head of the Microblading studio Face Figurati.
Since 2017 Olha has been an amateur for two years before going into a professional cosmetic tattoo in Europe. She is a specialist with a delicate approach to every element and uses unique author’s techniques based on years of experience. Her style emphasizes the individuality of each image. You can quickly tell that she is a creative person who strives for excellence in his work. The motto is an art, a hobby, a profession, and a way of life should be at the same time in your life.
Are you still looking for the right MIcroblading cosmetic tattoo artist in Melbourne? You are on the right track. Olha is the best craftsman in Melbourne cosmetic tattooing business.


What determines the success of the Microblading procedure?

Of course, from the experience and qualifications of the artist. Drawing each hair is painstaking work. It would seem that it is enough to apply strokes of the desired colour to the skin. But each of these strokes-hairs should have a particular thickness and length, be located in the right direction, be at a certain distance from each other. For example, we recommend drawing lines of a tattoo of medium thickness for brunettes with thick enough hairs. During the procedure, the specialist needs to solve several problems entirely accurately. One cannot do without the proper experience, skills, and even spatial Imagination.

You have come to the salon, and you do not hear clarifying questions. And a specialist, having a glance at you, claims that the hair technique is precisely right for you. Spend a little more time, but find a qualified and attentive master as specialists who remove an unsuccessful permanent. We have seen many examples of failed “hairs” point. It is a rather sad picture.

There is another vital secret to the microblading eyebrows tattooing method’s success. It is necessary to combine 2-3 shades of pigment. Helps to maintain the visual volume of each hair. When using only one shade, the work disappears after complete healing of the skin, and the eyebrows look as if they fill with colours.


Do you want microblading, but have several questions?

Anticipating them will try to answer a number of the most probable ones.

  • Microblading is not a tattoo in its direct meaning; therefore, over time, the eyebrows will not change their shade to bluish or pink – they will become paler.
  • If in doubt, whether it is worth doing the procedure. Always look at the master. Photo before and after. Otherwise, the video will allow you to see the process more clearly.
  • If you are afraid of pain, do not worry, since the manipulations carried out under local anesthesia (the wolf is not so terrible as painted).

Where to get microblading eyebrows in Melbourne

Melbourne offers microblading eyebrows relatively recently, and only experienced masters perform the procedure well. Therefore, carefully choose a salon, ask for reviews about the master, take a closer look at his workplace yourself – any detail can become a hint about the correct choice.

Price should not be the last argument: compare the price tags in several beauty centres. If many salons operate with approximately the same amounts, and somewhere they perform micro tattoo almost free of charge, do not risk your health and beauty.

If you cannot find a suitable salon, come to FaceFigurati salon: beautiful microblading at a reasonable price – we guarantee

What microblading pigments do we use for?​

The work is carried out only on premium materials Permabland, Lik Super Nude, and Lik Colorful, IColor – it is the leader in cosmetics among top eyebrows. The composition of the dyes is hypoallergenic and has all the quality certificates.

The Artist selects the colour of the pigment individually. They are taking into account your phototype and skin and hair colour. The main target is to assist in choosing the right colour. And of course, your wishes.

Microblading FAQ

Microblading (“micro” – small, “blade” – blade) is manual tattooing that creates an imitation of hairs on the skin. The master makes it by hand, not with a typewriter. The procedure performs with nano-needles: the master hammers the pigment under the skin in the eyebrow area to a depth of 0.2 mm. The result lasts for 1 to 1,5 years. Microblading gives a natural shape to the eyebrows and gives the effect of visibility to almost every hair. And it’s an excellent way to take away the hassle of daily eyebrow makeup using your usual tools – eyebrow pencils and eyeliners.

The only way to get fade of microblading is using a unique Reverse Remover Tattoo that helps to rid the tattoo of this technique.
Huge advice, in any case, do not try to get rid of tattooing at home. As we described in our article, we advise you to contact our studio and get a free consultation and help from our leading experts.

This subject worries everyone who thinks about eyebrow tattooing. The requirement “not to wet” is possibly the most crucial inconvenience of the recovery period.
Why not? The answer is manageable: the crust formed on the skin after the procedure keeps the pigment in the skin, helping it take root. If you remove it, most of the stain will come out with the lymph due to the work of the immune system. That is why the main thing in after procedural concern is to be very concerned with the crusts. Sure, the crusts can be damaged in a dream, putting on clothes and so on, but still, the main danger is moisture.

After microblading, it is impossible to wet the eyebrows, how long the healing method will take, and the “dry period” based on the organism’s characteristics. It usually lasts 7 to 14 days.

To know how long you can wet your microblading eyebrows, you need to observe the tattoo area during the healing period. Immediately after the tattoo, there will be slight redness and swelling. On the third day, crusts will appear on the eyebrows, and on the seventh or tenth day, slight peeling, a normal reaction of the body to invasive intervention. After the peeling process is over, you can safely take showers and visit the pool and sauna without restrictions!

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