Permanent makeup: what do you need to know about it?

Makeup in the form of a lip or eyebrow tattoo does not need to be washed off at night. And also – reapply early in the morning. Permanent makeup lasts from several months to several years. We will tell you more about this procedure and show the results in the photo.

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Permanent makeup is, one might say, a make-up tattoo: during a particular cosmetic tattoo procedure, pigment is “laid” in the upper layers of the skin. As a result, a kind of indelible makeup is formed on the face.

Beauty trends are constantly replacing each other, but which eye makeup is right for you? A short test will help you figure it out.

Over time, as the skin renews, it will fade, but this will happen very slowly – in some cases, the effect lasts up to 5 or 6 years. This is both a big plus (saving time on the morning makeup) and an undoubted minus of permanent makeup: an unsuccessful result cannot be washed off with micellar water, but a successful one can get bored. The fashion for it will pass. Therefore, before the procedure, you will have to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Permanent Makeup Melbourne

All types of permanent makeup are different. For example, tattoo arrows are considered a more practical solution than permanent eyebrows. What do beauticians offer? 

Difference between Permanent Makeup from Classic Tattooing

Permanent Makeup

In essence, tattooing is precisely the same procedure for creating permanent makeup. But many do not know about the differences between cosmetic tattooing and tattoos, which creates confusion.

Tattoos are forever: they are usually brought together with incredible difficulty. The thing is that in creating a tattoo, unique alcohol-based chemical pigments with large colouring particles use, which penetrate deep into the skin and are fixed at a depth of 1–1.5 mm, forming a kind of capsule with colour.

During tattooing, micropigmentation occurs at a level of approximately 0.5 mm from the skin surface. Here is the reason why creating permanent makeup is less painful than working on a tattoo. Another thing is that susceptible areas of the skin are processed: lips, eyelids, eyebrows. The basis of many dyes for tattooing is glycerin. Thanks to this, the procedure is less traumatic: glycerin dissolves in the tissues.

Did you know that PM can save you 2.5 days a year to apply makeup!
Expert of Cosmetic Tattoo Industry

Meet a Permanent Makeup Artist with over 7 years background

Olha Po is certified cosmetic tattoo artist in Melbourne. She is also a certified master trainer with more than 7 years’ experience in the professional tattoo industry.

Olha holds all required certificates and qualifications in permanent make-up and tattooing.

“In my work, I use only high-quality certified materials from proven manufacturers. I work on the best professional equipment. Compliance with all necessary sanitary regulations is an integral part of my professional activities.
My work aims to create a unique individual image based on the structural and architectural features of the client’s face because high-quality permanent make-up is a guarantee of self-confidence.”

Nowadays, permanent make-up with close to natural contours and colours is taking a leading position in the beauty industry. It is ideal for those who are not prepared to spend a lot of time on make-up or who are prone to allergic reactions to make-up. Modern technology makes it possible to achieve unsurpassed results in eyebrow line design, lip tattooing, eyeliner and eye colouring, and to emphasise the expressiveness of the eyes.



Thanks to permanent makeup, you can refuse many types of cosmetics and no longer spend half a morning drawing arrows, tinting lips. You don’t have to wash off the makeup either – this saves time even more.


The result after a visit to a cosmetologist lasts 2-3 years. It will take only a few trips to the salon for correction.

the beauty

A well-done permanent makeup looks natural and enhances natural beauty: eyebrows appear thicker, lips appear luscious, and eye contours appear sharper.

But there is also a significant risk of getting a low-quality tattoo. Much depends on the master – you need to look for good ones by studying recommendations, examples of work, information about education. There are other downsides as well. For example, the cosmetic tattooing pigment may not behave as you would like under the skin. It so happens that fabrics react to the dye in an atypical way, and the colour ultimately becomes defective. In this case, the durability of the tattoo turns into a minus – the unsuccessful result cannot be erased. In addition, it will take time. Additional expenses will be needed to remove the pigment.

Permanent Makeup Contraindications

The downside is that permanent makeup is not a procedure for everyone. She has contraindications. It cannot be carried out in case of inflammatory diseases, diabetes mellitus, problems with blood clotting. Pregnancy and lactation, the recovery period after operations (less than seven months), can also become obstacles to tattooing. If there are scars, moles and various neoplasms (warts, papillomas) in the place where the tattoo is planned to be done, they will not undertake the procedure either.

The list of contraindications is quite extensive, so it is worthwhile to consult with a cosmetic tattoo artist separately and determine whether it is possible to do cosmetic tattooing specifically in your case.


Lip tattooing

Painted lips with a well-defined contour every day is the result obtained after a high-quality lip tattoo in Melbourne studio Face Figurati. But it would help if you did not do it because it allows you not to paint your lips with lipstick again. This procedure intends for those who need to correct the shape of the lips, giving them more volume or definition of a blurred contour. In a word, tattooing allows you to correct natural imperfections.

How does it work? Using a machine with a needle, the beautician injects dye into the skin to a depth of 0.3 to 0.5 mm. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to work out just the contour or to fill the entire surface of the lips with colour. The tattoo lasts between 4 to 6 years. But the risk is always there: the pigment manifests itself differently on the skin and therefore even very experienced craftsmen cannot predict the result one hundred per cent.

An unsuccessful procedure can lead to the loose pigment in different areas of the lips and lead to many other problems. And they are not easy to remove. That is why permanent lip make-up is only recommended for blemishes.

Lip tattooing
lip tattoo

Eyebrow tattooing

The tinted eyebrows, with their neat, beautiful shape 24/7, that’s what they should ideally look like after this treatment. It all goes wrong: the machine, with the help which makes the tattoo, leaves a solid line, which creates the eyebrows as if drawn with a marker. This lasts for 2 to 3 years. In most cases, it looks unnatural and even vulgar – especially because too often masters pick up the client’s dark pigment for a tattoo that is not suitable for their hair colour.

Hence the number of blondes with black eyebrow tattoo – an example of a bad trip to the master. A word of warning: Microblading is a far more practical solution for those who don’t want to stroke their eyebrows every morning.

eyebrow tattoo melbourne

Eyeliner Tattooing

Tattoo arrows are successful in most cases. In 15-20 minutes (which is how long the eye treatment lasts), you can get either arrow, eyeliner contouring or filling in the space between your lashes.

The latter, by the way, will provide the most natural result: the eyes will appear slightly tinted and the eyelashes will become visually thicker.

If you choose which arrows to draw, we recommend a very thin, and they must be as close to the line of lash growth. This would be a variant for every day. And for the evening makeup, permanent arrows can be made thicker, longer and brighter. By the way, permanent eyeliner tattoo  last up to 10 years.

cosmetic eyeliner tattoo melbourne


Not many people know that permanent make-up can be used to create the effect of a concealer being applied to the skin. This is especially true for those who are tired of masking dark circles under the eyes every morning, first with foundation, then concealer and then powder. In the salon, the master selects a dye that will lighten the skin under the eyes – and at the expense of this remove the blue.

Bruises, it’s true, will remain on the skin for about a week after a tattoo procedure (and serious, visible, as if after a fight), but then you for a long time will find a fresh and cheerful look without a hint of dark circles, and with them – and fatigue. Be very careful with this procedure. The skin under your eyes is very sensitive, so choose your make-up artist carefully.


Beuty Spot

Not many people know that permanent make-up can be used to create the effect of a concealer being applied to the skin. This is especially true for those who are tired of masking dark circles under the eyes every morning, first with foundation, then concealer and then powder. In the salon, the master selects a dye that will lighten the skin under the eyes – and at the expense of this remove the blue.

Bruises, it’s true, will remain on the skin for about a week after a tattoo procedure (and serious, visible, as if after a fight), but then you for a long time will find a fresh and cheerful look without a hint of dark circles, and with them – and fatigue. Be very careful with this procedure. The skin under your eyes is very sensitive, so choose your make-up artist carefully.

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Permanent Makeup Techniques

As you may have realised, permanent make-up is not that easy. To make matters worse, by 2021 there are so many permanent makeup techniques that it will take a long time to find the one that’s right for you. We hope that our comments on each of them will help you decide.

Types of permanent makeup techniques
Before we dive into the world of permanent makeup, we want to emphasize that natural makeup will remain the most in-demand technique in 2021. Make-up artists want to accentuate virtues and conceal flaws as accurately as possible. Of course, permanent make-up is convenient, but it should be done only if there is an obvious need. Many people think that having permanent makeup done will take the hassle out of doing it. Yes, draw the arrows for half an hour and repaint eyebrows, achieving synchronicity, will not have. But there will be new responsibilities, which we’ll talk about below. In the meantime, let’s run through the most common techniques.

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing is most often used in lip make-up: its contour is tinted with one colour, and inside it is densely filled with another pigment, a tone lighter. In our opinion, the result, which is obtained with the help of lip blush techniques, has been irrelevant for several years now. If permanent lip make-up is to be done, it is advisable to achieve a homogenous shade over the entire surface of the lips, including the contour.

Lip Blushing in Melbourne

Powder Brows

After working in powder brows technique, many tiny dots remain on the skin. These are difficult to see, even up close and from a distance, it would appear that the eyebrows have a sharper, more defined definition and richer colour. At the same time, the result is soft and there are no harsh graphic lines as if the eyebrows are traced with a pencil under pressure. Indeed, the masters consider this technique to be quite advanced. Of course, the effect cannot be compared with natural eyebrows and yet it is more reminiscent of the result obtained with the help of decorative cosmetics, rather than permanent make-up (compared to other techniques and subject to high-quality performance). It’s all possible because the pigment is distributed on the spot under the skin. Not surprisingly, the technique has a second name: the pixel technique.

Powder Brows Melbourne

Eyebrow Feathering

Eyebrow Feathering is used in the eyebrow tattoo. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the master applies the pigment by strokes. It guarantees a natural-looking result, with a bushy, wide and full, trendy eyebrow. Previously, during the eyebrows’ tattooing, the contour was simply filled in with colour, so the eyebrows looked as if drawn. Now the approach has changed. If you look closely at this technique, you should know that it is divided into eastern and European. The difference is the length of the strokes. The difference is the length of the strokes. The European strokes are short enough and, most importantly, equal. For oriental, there are no limits to the practitioner’s imagination: the strokes can be different in length or width, and look in different directions. The latter technique (aka Asian technique) is more appreciated in professional circles. But not everyone can perform this procedure well: it requires not only professional skills but also impeccable taste. If you can find such a master, the result will be the most natural and, therefore, unlike a tattoo.

eyebrow feathering


To begin with, Microblading is a method of permanent makeup that resembles tattooing. Using microscopic needles, the pigment is injected under the skin and held there for 1.5 to 2 years. Many people wonder what the difference between permanent make-up and microblading is. It’s simple: the latter is a type of permanent make-up, just like tinting or powder coating. In 2021, microblading has lost some ground compared to its frenzied popularity in 2015. Back then, only the laziest of people wrote about it. If you do end up choosing this technique, ask your beautician to use a pigment that’s a shade lighter than the colour of your hair for a realistic chance of having a plus or minus shaped eyebrows.

Microblading before after

Combo Brows

Combo Brows its mix of powder coating and the hairline technique is more complicated and will therefore cost more to complete. But is it worth the extra cost? Masters say that the effect is much more natural-looking. To begin with, the hairs are outlined using the hairline technique and then tinted as if you were using eyebrow shadow. Over time, 3-4 weeks after the procedure, hybrid brows will become less harsh and look as natural as possible. The main thing is to see an experienced professional, who will find the right shade of dye for you and give your eyebrows the best shape.

Often the techniques of permanent make up are combined. For instance, the hairline technique can be combined with the feathering technique: first, the strokes are created and then the stippling is applied, so that the lines are softer.

Combo Brows Melbourne

Ombre Brows

Ombre Brows technique involves a tattoo with a shading effect. The master uses pigment of different shades: for instance, in permanent eyebrow make-up it is lighter colour at the foundation and darker at the ends. The master also tries to soften the contour of the eyebrows. In this way the master, by pumping in the pigment with the help of a special apparatus, gets an ombré (or gradient) effect that, on the one hand, adds clarity to the eyebrows, and on the other hand allows to soften the effect of the procedure. By the way, with the shadow technique (sometimes referred to as shading), the eyebrows will look lighter than expected for the first few weeks. But after a while, they take on a brighter shade. It is recommended to come for correction of shading results 5-7 weeks after the first treatment. The shaper will be able to slightly correct the shape and stabilise the result.

microshading before after
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Tools and materials for permanent make-up

A permanent make-up machine and disposable needles are the first tools that a technician can use. These can be either single-toothed or, for instance, triple-toothed – just for shading the colour. In addition to the machine is important to have a stock of pigments popular shades – for eyebrows, arrows and lip make-up.

The treatment is also not without anaesthetics. A light ‘freeze’ excludes any pain during the tattoo, so that the make-up can be created in a relaxed and comfortable way. A disinfectant, an antiseptic, is also a must-have.
Some tattoos require the master to create a “rough draft” of the make-up first. This, for instance, is the eyebrow tattoo. So, masters stock up on pencils, rulers and special stencils to first outline their future shape.

Applying anaesthetic

The best advice for skincare after permanent make-up.

There, your ‘new face’ is ready! Now, let’s talk about what to do to ensure that the healing process takes place properly. In addition, it’s helpful to know when to come in for a permanent makeup update. Many people think that once they have the procedure done, they can forget about many of the steps of the beauty rituals. Yes, there will be no need for regular morning makeup (and more), but with permanent makeup, there are new responsibilities. We’ll tell you about them below.

Home care

Special skincare for the tattooed skin can be required only in the first period after the procedure because micro-pigmentation can still traumatize the skin.

A few days after the visit to the beautician, you are likely to spend with swelling and redness. The skin will then begin to peel off, at which point it is important not to do anything about the crust that forms. Wait until it disappears on its own. Do not scratch the skin in the area of the tattoo. Try to avoid any action at all that may aggravate irritation. Allow the skin to recover and help it with healing products.

We recommend disinfecting with chlorhexidine and soothing with dexpanthenol, which also regenerates tissue. Treatments will be needed several times a day; follow the instructions from your beautician to get it right.

after lip tattoo

Touch Up

A repeat visit for a tattoo procedure is always necessary. The fact is that before the first session, the beautician cannot predict with any precision how the skin will behave and how the pigment will be absorbed.

The second time you can correct all the shortcomings, to achieve the shade that one wanted to see initially, to enhance the brightness of colours and generally bring makeup to perfection.

Next, a correction will only be needed when the paint begins to fade and the shades begin to fade.

permanent eyeliner touch up

Removing the tattoo

To get rid of permanent make-up, which is unsuccessful or has already outlived itself, special laser procedures are performed. Cosmetologists use ultra-short laser pulses, which destroy the pigment, literally tearing it into small particles. The skin cells dispose of them, so that within a month after the laser treatment, the pigment is “gone”.

If you’re not ready to get permanent makeup, look at the examples of makeovers done with makeup:

Would you ever decide to get permanent makeup? Tell us in the comments.
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