Permanent makeup: what do you need to know about it?

Makeup in the form of a lip or eyebrow tattoo does not need to be washed off at night. And also – reapply early in the morning. Permanent makeup lasts from several months to several years. We will tell you more about this procedure and show the results in the photo.


Permanent makeup is, one might say, a make-up tattoo: during a particular cosmetic tattoo procedure, pigment is “laid” in the upper layers of the skin. As a result, a kind of indelible makeup is formed on the face.

Beauty trends are constantly replacing each other, but which eye makeup is right for you? A short test will help you figure it out.

Over time, as the skin renews, it will fade, but this will happen very slowly – in some cases, the effect lasts up to 5 or 6 years. This is both a big plus (saving time on the morning makeup) and an undoubted minus of permanent makeup: an unsuccessful result cannot be washed off with micellar water, but a successful one can get bored. The fashion for it will pass. Therefore, before the procedure, you will have to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

All types of permanent makeup are different. For example, tattoo arrows are considered a more practical solution than permanent eyebrows. What do beauticians offer?

permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo before and after
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Permanent makeup artist Olha Pokatilova cover an old tattoo with a new cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

In essence, tattooing is precisely the same procedure for creating permanent makeup. But many do not know about the differences between cosmetic tattooing and tattoos, which creates confusion.

Tattoos are forever: they are usually brought together with incredible difficulty. The thing is that in creating a tattoo, unique alcohol-based chemical pigments with large colouring particles use, which penetrate deep into the skin and are fixed at a depth of 1–1.5 mm, forming a kind of capsule with colour.

During tattooing, micropigmentation occurs at a level of approximately 0.5 mm from the skin surface. Here is the reason why creating permanent makeup is less painful than working on a tattoo. Another thing is that susceptible areas of the skin are processed: lips, eyelids, eyebrows. The basis of many dyes for tattooing is glycerin. Thanks to this, the procedure is less traumatic: glycerin dissolves in the tissues.



Thanks to permanent makeup, you can refuse many types of cosmetics and no longer spend half a morning drawing arrows, tinting lips. You don’t have to wash off the makeup either – this saves time even more.


The result after a visit to a cosmetologist lasts 2-3 years. It will take only a few trips to the salon for correction.

the beauty

A well-done permanent makeup looks natural and enhances natural beauty: eyebrows appear thicker, lips appear luscious, and eye contours appear sharper.

But there is also a significant risk of getting a low-quality tattoo. Much depends on the master – you need to look for good ones by studying recommendations, examples of work, information about education. There are other downsides as well. For example, the pigment may not behave as you would like under the skin. It so happens that fabrics react to the dye in an atypical way, and the colour ultimately becomes defective. In this case, the durability of the tattoo turns into a minus – the unsuccessful result cannot be erased. In addition, it will take time. Additional expenses will be needed to remove the pigment.


The downside is that permanent makeup is not a procedure for everyone. She has contraindications. It cannot be carried out in case of inflammatory diseases, diabetes mellitus, problems with blood clotting. Pregnancy and lactation, the recovery period after operations (less than seven months), can also become obstacles to tattooing. If there are scars, moles and various neoplasms (warts, papillomas) in the place where the tattoo is planned to be done, they will not undertake the procedure either.

The list of contraindications is quite extensive, so it is worthwhile to consult with a specialist separately and determine whether it is possible to do permanent makeup specifically in your case.


Lip tattoo

Painted lips with a well-defined contour every day is the result obtained after a high-quality lip cosmetic tattooing. But it would help if you did not do it because it allows you not to paint your lips with lipstick again. This procedure intends for those who need to correct the shape of the lips, giving them more volume or definition of a blurred contour. In a word, tattooing allows you to correct natural imperfections.

Finally, we would recommend reading all information about permanent makeup treatment and most frequently ask questions.

lip shading (blushing) before and after

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