Powder Eyebrow Tattoo
in Melbourne

POWDER EYEBROW Tattoo most Popular technique in Australia 2021

Having appeared relatively recently, this novelty has become a real hit 2021 after a long lockdown. We are talking about a powder eyebrow tattoo, which opened a new era of cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne. But understanding the essence of this technique is often eluded by loud advertising slogans. Some girls are even surprised when they find out that powdery eyebrows are a kind of permanent. I propose to understand in detail the features of the technology! So that you can decide if it is right for you.

Permanent Makeup, which is better known as powder eyebrow cosmetic tattoo or shading or gradient or pixel. Involves the spraying of pigment into the upper layer of the skin. Involves the spraying of pigment into the upper layer of the skin. As a result of which it lies in tiny dots “pixels” and creates the effect of a light, delicate tone. Due to not deep penetration into the dermis, the healing process comes quickly and painlessly. This technique is often chosen by European girls, while Australian girls prefer microblading (hair technique, feathering technique).
The peculiarities of pigment application determine the effects that can be achieved with the help of powder eyebrow tattooing.

Photo of Powder Eyebrow Tattoo

Also our work, as a result of which you will forget about cosmetics for 2 years.

Effects of Powder Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo

a sketch of a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in a sophisticated form

To betray a refined but at the same time fresh natural appearance. . Powder cosmetic tattoo gives the effect of a neat and harmonious decorative makeup. Makes the face well-groomed.

eyebrow definition sketch

Choose the degree of clarity of the outlines, from the most important, shaded Yes, pronounced, characteristic of dramatic makeup.

sketch of density variation tattooing

Vary the density of application, under an almost transparent till, confident bright. With the help of tattooing, you can choose the most suitable desired option.

Make eyebrows visually thicker. You free yourself from the need to use eyeshadow or wax every day.

The result largely depends on your efforts. Following simple but very important rules before and after the procedure will help you achieve the result you dreamed of!

Read the recommendations and rules of care.

Unfortunately, many novice artists, not taking into account all the “pitfalls” of eyebrow tattooing using the powder technique. Position it as simple and suitable for everyone, without exception. But without knowledge of the nuances of permanent eyebrow makeup in the powder technique, such effects will not work. For example, for owners of oily skin, I do not recommend this technology. Because of the risk of getting a blurred and merged pattern in a couple of months. Even if at first, it seems clear and neat.

Powder Eyebrow Tattoo Artists in Melbourne.

Top Artis of Studio Face Figurati

Olha Pokatilova

An international-level specialist, the head of the ideological mastermind of the studios. Teacher of basic education, conduct expert workshops to qualified masters both in Australia and abroad. When performing the procedures, unique copyright techniques are used.

in professional tattoo Olga since 2017. Olga is a specialist with a delicate approach to each element, able to emphasize the individuality of each image. A creative person striving for excellence in their work For whom tattooing is an art, a hobby, passion a profession, and a lifestyle at the same time.


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    How are the treatments for powder eyebrow tattooing?

    Some of the steps for working on powder eyebrow tattoo are similar to other techniques. A preliminary assessment by the Artist of the condition of the eyebrows and skin is mandatory. A detailed discussion of the client’s wishes and the nuances that may arise during the healing period. When the Artist has collected enough necessary information, he proceeds to create sketches, and then to the selection of a shade. As before applying permanent makeup using other technologies, local anaesthesia in the form of a gel is applied.

    At the main stage of powder eyebrow tattooing using the finest needles for pigment. The technique is considered gentle, so the procedure takes a maximum of an hour, but usually, 40 minutes are enough. That is why it became popular for busy ladies in Melbourne. In the following weeks, the skin regenerates, and during this period it is very important to follow the recommendations of the master. The final result will depend on the correct care.

    Why is powder eyebrow tattoo in vogue of Melbourne? the answer to this question lies in a plane much broader than cosmetology. naturalness after recent years has remained a trend in many areas, including the Fashion industry, design, architecture … In the age of scientific and technological progress, more and more often one wants to be a little closer to nature, to rethink the true values of her creations.

    powder eyebrow tattoo did for a blond girl with special combine triple pigment colour fudge + espresso + forest brown. The technique for oily skin and does as the best result for the stewardess Helena.

    Powder tattoo is one of the tools that flawlessly emphasizes the natural features of the face. With its help, it is easy to create the so-called “makeup without makeup”, relevant for both evening and business everyday looks.

    But like any cosmetological intervention, powdery eyebrow tattoo has its own nuances and contraindications. Due to the shallow location of the pigment in the skin, such permanent disappears faster than those made, for example, by the shading method.

    This is negatively perceived by those clients who previously had an experience of other types of tattooing. And were not warned about its features before powder. Therefore, I always inform each girl who comes to me about the procedure in detail, so that she can make an informed decision based on her priorities.

    Be sure to keep in mind that shading sputtering eyebrows require a careful approach, care, and, of course, the presence of artistic taste from a specialist. to make sure that you are in good hands, ask to show you a photo of the work performed on the selected technique. Pay attention to the experience and reputation of the master, you may be able to find reviews about him. do not neglect intuitive feelings: human trust and disposition play no less role, even than the most impeccable professionalism. Finding “your” specialist, you will definitely win in the future. After all, sputtering a tattoo, like any other, does not affect one visit to the salon. You should be sure of further opportunities to get advice or just an answer to a question, for example, Going for new makeup and to maintain its fresh, neat appearance – make the timely correction.

    Can powder eyebrow tattoo combine with other techniques?

    How can you take advantage of different tattoo techniques to achieve a flawless result?

    Depending on the desired effect, the artist can to perform first with a microblading technique, and then powder.. The hair method of the permanent makeup in this case allows you to create a particular color of the image and make it more voluminous. This combination helps to maintain the result for a longer period. Hair tattoo can also be applied only on certain areas of the eyebrows, where there are significant voids or own hairs grow unevenly.

    The combination of technologies looks highly individual. This is the choice of those who are ready for the most daring transformation and invariably strive for ideals in matters of appearance

    A play of shades, accents are correctly placed, delicate performance is the key to a successful combination of powdery eyebrow tattooing with other methods. The most modern tools for creating impressive with their naturalness and uniqueness of images in the hands of a professional allows you to be always unique in the eyes of others.

    Eyebrow tattooing and mixed techniques free your cosmetics from all kinds of shadows, lipsticks and gels, which are widely advertised, but give only a temporary and sometimes fleeting effect

    And remember, if a proven, experienced cosmetic tattoo artist actively discourages you from sputtering tattooing. And he offer other options, there may be only one reason. A professional Artist  can notices moments that cannot be traced in itself. If you are in the mood for productive work and a truly impressive effect. You should trust the person from whom you expect a harmonious and worthy result.

    May your eyebrows always delight you and captivate others!