Tattooing is a versatile way to emphasize natural beauty, make the shape of the lips, eyebrows or eyes brighter and more expressive, and save time on make-up and money on purchasing decorative cosmetics. Every woman can do tattooing; there are no age restrictions. But there are contraindications. These include pregnancy and lactation.

Can tattooing be performed during pregnancy and lactation? Pregnant women in such a beautiful period experience emotional stress due to external and hormonal changes. Therefore during this period (and even during labour), a woman wants to look gorgeous and irresistible, considering a semi-permanent tattoo on her eyebrows and other areas. 

Tattooing during pregnancy and breastfeeding: is it possible?
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Why is there a desire to get tattooed during pregnancy?

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Pregnant women often come to the cosmetic tattoo studio to get feathering eyebrows. The reason for such a wish is not accidental. There are reasons for this:

  • During pregnancy, women change their hormonal environment, which directly affects the perception of others and themselves. Pregnant women often have complexes about their appearance due to weight gain. Therefore there is a desire to change oneself to make it more attractive;
  • During pregnancy, facial features may change: the nose or lips may become more extensive, the oval may vary, and even the shade of eyebrow hairs may change. It leads to a desire to change oneself through tattooing;
  • A woman on maternity leave has a lot more time on her hands than before. Therefore, she decides to do something she didn’t have time for early;
  • Because “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time”.
  • Of course, it is individual, and there can be many reasons why one wants to make a tattoo during pregnancy. But the reasons for wanting cosmetic tattoo are not as crucial as the contraindications during pregnancy and lactation.c
tattooing during pregnancy

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Is it dangerous to perform tattoos for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers?

is microblading safe while breastfeeding

When a pregnant woman goes to a tattoo studio, the masters refuse. And because there is a chance that the result will not please the mother-to-be. It’s a matter of hormones. The organism in this period can react unpredictably, and a tattoo’s effect cannot appear so desirable. However, this is relative and individual. More often than not, it turns out to be what is intended – perfect.

Pain sensation

Modern tattooing techniques involve the superficial introduction of pigment into the skin and are minimally traumatic and painless. Often an anaesthetic may not even be used during the procedure (which is a plus for pregnant women, as lidocaine-based medications might contraindicate). But this issue is relative. Some people feel only a slight tingling sensation and compare it to eyebrow plucking, while for others, it is ‘unbearable pain’.

can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding

Allergic reaction

High-quality pigments are hypoallergenic, so the chance of an allergic reaction is negligible. However, there is a risk that beginners may use inexpensive pigments. In this case, the response cannot be ruled out. It’s, therefore, necessary to go to a professional permanent make-up studio for eyebrows and other areas that are interested in quality tattoo results and health, and then only for a profit.

Risks and injuries

can you get a tattoo while pregnant

To save money, women often turn to novice cosmetic tattoo artists or work in “makeshift” conditions. For example, at home in a room with no equipment, etc. It leads to certain risks. First, there’s the risk that the treatment can be e poorly. The result is an unsightly effect that must be corrected with another method or removed with a laser. Secondly, the skin during the tattoo is traumatized and becomes an “open gate” to various infections. If the artist uses non-sterile consumables, there is a high probability of disease entering the bloodstream, leading to swelling, suppuration or more severe consequences.

Semi Permanent Tattoo Artist

Olha Pokatilova

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Most salons in Victoria don’t even have a simple permit from a council to run their business.

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Prohibitions of the gynaecologist

Get gynaecologist should be consulted about the individual tolerance of the tattoo procedure during pregnancy before visiting a PM artist. If there are complications during this period, it’s better not to take risks and postpone the procedure to later.

No one artist can give a 100% guarantee the quality and expected result of permanent makeup performed during pregnancy. Moreover, the hormonal background will directly affect an organism. Pigment may only be partially taken up During pregnancy, and its colour may not be as it should be. Often the body does not accept the pigment and the effect of the tattoo is invisible.

microblading while pregnant

When it is better to get tattooed during pregnancy

when is the best time

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most important. During this period, the foetus is formed, which is why the pregnant woman has to protect herself and, therefore, the foetus from harmful environmental factors. Unfortunately, most miscarriages occur in the first three months of pregnancy. Therefore, the mother should avoid as much stress and negative emotions as possible. That is why tattooing treatment was contraindicated during this period.

In the third trimester, when the foetus is already formed, the risk of miscarriage decreases due to stabilising the emotional background of the pregnant woman. However, you should know that after the first permanent makeup treatment, the brows need a correction, so it is essential to adjust the timing of the permanent makeup, so you can have the correction done before the baby is born. Also, one should realise that the procedure lasts for about 1.5-2 hours, and pregnant women should lie motionless on the back during this time, which is not easy to do with a big belly.

Does it hurt cosmetic tattooing

Does it hurt to get an eyeliner tattoo?

Tattooing of eyebrows and other areas is a rather painful procedure, including the skin’s traumatism. Considering that the sites on the face are sensitive and pregnant women are vulnerable, in terms of sensations during the process, a woman may feel a lot of pain. Consequently, this can lead to uterine contractions (tonus) and the adverse effects that they cause. However, permanent makeup techniques might do on pregnant women without worrying about pain. Powder eyebrows, for instance, it’s such a low-traumatic procedure that it can be done without anaesthesia and is entirely painless.

To be on the safe side and happy with the result, it is better to get your eyebrows and other permanent makeup done six months after your child’s birth. Hormones gradually settle in, the nervous system stabilises, and the woman feels as she did before the pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman considers tattooing very important during pregnancy, it is best to opt for the modern permanent makeup techniques: powder eyebrows or microblading. There are pigment needs tattoed up to 1.5 mm deep into the skin. It means that the procedure is less painful for women. Cosmetic tattooing artist doesn’t inject the dye more than 1 mm deep, compared to classic tattooing.

Can powder brows or microblading during pregnancy and in case of pregnancy?

Microshading (powder brows) is a unique permanent makeup technique. The principle is the introduction of pigment to a depth of 1 mm under the skin – the uppermost layers. Therefore, pregnant women can use powder coating without fear of pain or other adverse reactions and consequences. Another advantage of this technique is that thick crusts rarely form during the healing process, only slight peeling. For the pregnant woman, this is another plus – she will look her best.
Powder or ombre brows are a completely safe technique that can be performed even when breastfeeding. It has some advantages and minimal disadvantages. We have already written about it in more detail here.

Can powder brows or microblading during pregnancy and in case of pregnancy?

Is there a difference in the tattoo procedure for the lips, eyelids and eyebrows during pregnancy and its consequences

The differences in permanent makeup for the lips, eyelids and eyebrows are minor. They lie in the pain sensations. It is less painful to perform brow tattooing than the lips or eyelids. Therefore, it is best to avoid tattoo eyeliner and lip tattooing during pregnancy.

Can tattooing be performed during breastfeeding?

powder brows while pregnant

The lactation period is a significant change in the young mother’s organism. Hormones can present a natural barrier for the pigment sediment, rejecting it. The risk of getting a bad result in the first 1-2 months of lactation is exceptionally high. The chances of a reasonable and expected permanent makeup result increase by about six months after labour. But 100 per cent result cannot be guaranteed by the masters. The ideal variant is to get a tattoo of eyebrows before pregnancy and lactation to get a beautiful effect.

Are there any dangers of tattooing during breastfeeding?

There is no consensus about whether or not tattooing is allowed during breastfeeding (lactation). Some paediatricians say not. Others assert that permanent makeup does not affect breastfeeding (quality, quantity of breast milk etc.), as the pigment does not pass into the milk.
However, there is a consensus that cosmetic lip tattooing should not be done during breastfeeding. Because this procedure can cause herpes inflammation, to avoid it, the masters recommend taking antihistamines a few days before the session. A woman cannot take these drugs if she is breastfeeding, as they are not compatible with lactation and can get into the milk and, consequently, into the child’s body. Eyelid tattooing is possible but not desirable, as the procedure is quite painful.

eyebrow tattoo breastfeeding

Painful feelings can affect lactation. It is worth mentioning that during breastfeeding and lactation, the pain threshold of a breastfeeding mother may decrease due to hormonal changes. Based on this, the permanent makeup procedure during breastfeeding can be painful in principle.

Permanent makeup during pregnancy: Can I do or can't I do it?

Whether or not cosmetic tattooing treatment is allowed during pregnancy and lactation can only be made by the woman herself. She alone is responsible for her health and the life of her baby. We can, however, recommend against getting eyebrow tattooing if:

  • There are any rashes, wounds or scratches in the area to be tattooed;
  • High blood pressure;
  • An allergy to dyes has been diagnosed, or the mother-to-be is allergic;
  • Has been diagnosed with uterine tensions or is at risk of miscarriage;
  • There are complications during pregnancy;
  • The woman has a low pain threshold;
  • In the first three months of pregnancy.
can you get microblading while pregnant

We do not recommend visiting a home-based practitioner who does not properly care for the area where the procedure is being performed. It is essential to pay attention to the tools and needles that the handyman will use. The instrument should be treated with antiseptic, and the needles should be disposable (ideally, individual modules should be used). The handyman must also open disposable consumables in front of you, put on gloves, a mask, a cap and give you a disposable cap. After the treatment, it is essential to stick to the care instructions – the masseur should tell you about this. Most importantly, don’t take any risks. If you feel any abnormalities in your health, see a doctor immediately.

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