Eyebrow Tattoo in Melbourne and Brisbane Studio Face Figurati

Modern eyebrow tattoo is an absolutely safe, painless procedure. For permanent tattooing, hypoallergenic pigments are used, which, due to their composition and surface input, are gradually washed out. The effect of permanent eyebrows tattooing lasts, on average, 2 years. During this period, the need for the use of additional cosmetics is eliminated. The eyebrows always look neat, and the shape is corrected. The procedure takes only 1.5 hours. This time is enough to make the eyebrows perfect and you charming. Just choose the right tattoo technique and experience all its benefits.

Spectacular image with perfect symmetry in 1.5 hours in a modern studio:

  • Author’s methods
  • Safe and sterile
  • Premium pigments from leading brands
eyebrow tattoo was done in Melbourne studio Face Figurati by Olha Pokatilova
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Eyebrow tattoo techniques

Permanent Makeup artist doing microblading
3D / 6D Tattoo
Feathering Eyebrows
Artist do microblading with maniple pen for tattoing

after powder eyebrow tattoo
Powdery Brows
Master doing permanent makeup in mixed tedchnique
Mixed media

Grand Artist Olha Pokatilova doing shading tattooing for the model
the artist of permanent make-up makes the shape of the eyebrows using the Leonardo line and with a special ruler for the correct symmetry of the tattoo

Neat eyebrows in a measure of bright colour, impeccable shape, thickness and density are a trend. Permanent makeup will help you find the perfect image, hide flaws, highlight all your face advantages, place accents in places where you need them, and just feel more confident eyebrows tattoo is created to create beauty: modern techniques imitate naturalness as much as possible, give eyebrows brightness and colour, change their shape. Moreover, with permanent eyebrow makeup, you will forget about decorative cosmetics for 2 years, and you will feel 100% under any circumstances. No pain, no unwanted consequences. Only an exceptional and uncompromising result! Permanent eyebrow makeup is performed with an apparatus with a thin needle, which injects pigment into the layers of the skin to a depth of 1 millimetre. 

Grand Master in Cosmetic Tattoo Industry

Eyebrow Tattoo Artist in Face Figurati

Olha Pokatilova

– Founder and owner of the permanent makeup studio Face Figurati

– Experience over 5 years and 500 procedures in various techniques and zones

– Creator of the “Zibra Shading” technique and the unique training program “PM Control”

– Trainer of international level, participant of conferences and masterclasses

Photo of eyebrow tattoo before and after

Eyebrow Tattoo Cost

ProcedureTimePrice in Melbourne
Olha Pokatilova
Price in Brisbane
Anastasia Petkov
Microblading1,5 hour499 AUD none
Feathering Eyebrows1,5 hour499 AUDnone
Feather Stroke1,5 hour499 AUDnone
Feather Touch1,5 hour449 AUDnone
Powder Eyebrows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Pixel Brows1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Eyebrow Shading Tattoo1,5 hour449 AUD449 AUD
Mixed Technique (Microblading + Powder)2,5 hours559 AUDnone
Ombre Brows2 hours499 AUD449 AUD

Retouch or Correction

1,5 hour

50% from price

50% from price

Correction after other tattooist / salon/ studio

2,5 – 3 hour

+150 AUD to the procedure price

+150 AUD to the procedure price

Cover old tattoo

1,5-2 hour

+100 AUD to the procedure price

+100 AUD to the procedure price

Retouch up to 1 year

1,5 hour

80% from first procedure

80% from first procedure

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    The artists are proficient in all modern hardware and manual techniques. We will select the optimal eyebrow tattoo technique for you, develop a sketch and select the most suitable pigment shade so that the result looks natural and harmonious.

    High-quality cosmetic tattooing is not noticeable on the face, but at the same time, it favourably emphasizes all the advantages and hides the disadvantages. With beautiful, neat and well-groomed eyebrows, you will feel more relaxed because you will be sure that your makeup is perfect.

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    Dreaming of flawless eyebrows? Apply permanent makeup

    Eyebrow tattooing has two invaluable benefits. It helps create the look you dream of in its impeccable performance and hides any imperfections. Depending on the colour type, appearance and tasks that permanent makeup must solve, its technique is selected.

    Fashionable permanent techniques

    Each permanent technique, not only to creating beautiful and natural eyebrows, can perform specific tasks. Of all the existing techniques, there are 3 main ones: powder brows, microblading eyebrow tattoo and mixed technique (microblading + powder brows). 

    Powdery eyebrows

    The most popular, painless and safe technique is making eyebrows even for pregnant and young mothers during lactation. However, we don’t do any treatment for pregnant women. 

    This unique technique, by pixel-injecting pigment into the upper layers of the dermis, helps create a shadow-shading effect. The brow arch seems to  envelop in a soft haze: the pigment  shaded, smoothly transitions from a light colour to a darker one, imitating stretching with shadows. The eyebrows look extremely natural. Also, this technique is a perfect option for those who seek to get a natural effect and hide imperfections in the form of small scars. Shadow shading recommended for blondes, owners of light eyebrows. In conclusion,  those whose eyebrows quickly fade in the sun or need to give them smooth outlines without sharp shapes.


    If there are visible flaws in the eyebrow area in the form of incomplete or complete absence of hairs, this technique is the best choice. The principle of its implementation is to stimulate hair growth. Therefore , the artist draws the hairs in the desired direction, choosing the length, thickness and colour for a harmonious look. Besides, the technique allows you to change the shape, make the eyebrows thicker, thicker, darker, create even borders, change the length, break the eyebrow. It can use alone or in perfect combination with shading.

    Mixed Technique

    Do you dream of thick, dark eyebrows of the correct shape but without fanaticism within its borders? Then this technique is what you need. Combines two techniques: micropigmentation and shading, helping to create flawless eyebrows in their natural appearance.

    How the Cosmetic Tattoo service performed

    The master carries out the work in stages:

    • Firstly, incoming consultation. First, the master answers your questions, discusses the chosen technique, its pros and cons. The master prepares the workplace and sets up a positive mood;
    • Secondly, a pigment shade is selected (or several, depending on the technique);
    • Thirdly, a sketch is develop. With the help of a pencil, the master draws a new shape of the eyebrow, observing the symmetry. The sketch is shown to the client and is improved if there are any comments;
    • Also, After the sketch is approved, the wizard proceeds to the main process. An anaesthetic is applied, and after it works, the master injects pigment along the contours of the sketch;
    • In conclusion, after 1-1.5 hours, the master finishes the work, advises you on skincare and signs up for correction.
    Permanent makeup eliminates the need to use cosmetics every day, does not cause allergies, and makes you feel flawless.
    Artist drawing the for of future brows tattooing

    What is the difference between permanent makeup and tattooing

    Permanent makeup eliminates the need to use cosmetics every day, does not cause allergies, and makes you feel flawless.

    • For permanent makeup, unique pigments used, explicitly made for this procedure. Stains have a different composition and texture than those previously used for tattooing. That is why the effect of permanent eyebrow makeup lasts no more than two years and gradually disappears without leaving a trace. Modern pigments are hypoallergenic, do not cause side effects and reactions, are well absorbed by the body and do not turn into another unpleasant, unnatural colour, as was the case with pigments for tattooing;
    • Permanent eyebrow makeup is less painful than tattooing. The point is in the depth of the pigment injection. With a permanent, it is injected at 1 mm or less, with a tattoo – from 1.5 mm. The deeper the pigment injection, the more the skin is injured. Therefore, it hurts more. During both procedures, local anesthesia applied, but even with it, tattooing brought painful sensations, while permanent eyebrow makeup did not;
    • The effect of eyebrow tattooing lasts much longer than a permanent eyebrow tattoo because of the pigments used and the depth of their insertion. But after tattooing, over time, the dye always migrates to grey, red and other colours. With permanent eyebrow makeup, this excluded;
    • The appearance of the eyebrows after tattooing looks rough. The eyebrows have precise contours, unnatural, too noticeable. It is apparent to the naked eye that they made using the tattoo technique. Permanent makeup in modern designs allows you to make your eyebrows neat, delicate with a natural look. Sharp and rough boundaries and abrupt transitions excluded.

    What is the preparation and before care and aftercare permanent eyebrow makeup?

    Permanent eyebrow makeup does not involve severe preparation and care. But it would help if you still heeded the following recommendations:

    • Firstly, if you are allergic, start taking antihistamines 2-3 days before the procedure;
    • Secondly, exclude the use of alcoholic beverages two days before the tattoo;
    • Thirdly, for 2-3 days, do not take antibiotics and drugs that tend to thin the blood. Do not use creams and ointments with antibiotics and vital substances;
    • Finally, exclude any cosmetic and cosmetic procedures for eyebrows: plucking, painting, scrubbing the skin in this area.

    Care after permanent eyebrow makeup involves minimal effort:

    • Get rid of lymphatic fluid that is secreted from damaged skin as often as possible. The first half-day after the procedure, every 15 minutes, later – as the discharge progresses. It should do with chlorhexidine and a cotton pad;
    • If desired, apply a moisturizing ointment or cream with a pronounced antibacterial effect to the skin. But it would help if you did not get carried away with the products, as they have an oily texture, due to which the pores of the skin become clogged, which prolongs the healing period of the skin.
    Due to the superficial injection of pigment and the low trauma of the skin, it is not possible to use auxiliary agents, creams and ointments at all. As practice shows, the skin heals faster without them.

    What you should avoid during skin restoration

    At the same time, during skin restoration, it is prohibited:
    • Peel off skin that is flaking;
    • Carry out cosmetic procedures related to skin injury;
    • Moreover, visit steam rooms, swimming pool;
    • Go in for active sports;
    • Use decorative cosmetics for eyebrows, paint them with paint or henna;
    • In conclusion, stay in direct sunlight for a long time. The brows should cover with a cap, hat or sunglasses.
    Slight swelling and redness in the first few hours after permanent makeup are considered normal. If the node does not go away, it intensifies, there is sharp pain, suppuration is noticeable, you should consult a doctor. 

    Do you need a tattoo correction?

    In the case of powdery eyebrows, correction required. It is the second stage of the procedure. Its necessity lies in the fact that the pigment introduced superficially and pointwise. During the healing of the skin, the eyebrows become lighter and minor imperfections may appear, which will be corrected by the correction. In other techniques, modification is not required but recommended since it can use to:

    • Saturate eyebrows with colour;
    • Partially change or correct the shape of the eyebrow;
    • Eliminate any minor defects that have formed during the healing period of the skin.

    If you have decided in advance not to make a correction, be sure to tell the master about this so that he picks up a darker shade of the pigment. After the skin heals, the shadow will become lighter and more optimal.

    Answers to popular questions about eyebrow tattoo

    Painful sensations depend on the chosen technique. The powder technique is the most painless. However, in any case, the master applies anesthesia twice: before and during the procedure. Therefore, any discomfort is minimized. Even some of our client can sleep in time of permanent makeup procedure

    The price depends on the chosen technique and the preparation of the master who will perform it. In our studio, you can sign up for the procedure to the TOP-master and the Grand-master. You can find the prices for services  Cosmetic Tattoo Cost.

    The difference is in the level of training. The TOP-master has at least 3 years of work experience. The Grand Master has a minimum of 5. The Grand Master is also a trainer and conducts training in our school of permanent make-up.

    We give a 100% guarantee of any procedure, regardless of its type and area of implementation. Also, we use only disposable consumables. Besides, we attach great importance to sterility. All instruments undergo triple treatment: disinfection, heat treatment in a dry heat and ultraviolet treatment.

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