Powder eyebrow tattoo: all the pros and cons of the trending technique

Powdered brows are by no means a dye-filled brow arch. It is a procedure that involves the gentle and minimally traumatic piercing of the upper layers of the dermis with a special needle. Treatment allows you to spot inject the pigment, allowing you to get a stunning effect of shading in the end. The eyebrows look natural and very effective, giving the impression of freshly applied make-up with pencil or shadow.

Every woman who wants to look attractive and well-groomed has heard about the traditional technique of eyebrow tattooing. The procedure is quite adequate. It perfectly hides imperfections in the eyebrow area, making them expressive. But tattooing is a painful procedure that cannot give a natural look to the eyebrows and has several disadvantages (colour change with an exit to an unnatural blue comma, green and even red) whether it’s a powder eyebrow tattoo technique. A modern, almost painless procedure with a fantastic effect. We’ll talk about what a powder eyebrows tattoo is in this article.

Powder Eyebrow before and after

What are powder eyebrows?

Powdery Brows – is a state-of-the-art microshading micropigmentation technique that allows you to achieve a natural-looking brow. Today you can find many epithets symbolizing this procedure: nano-spraying, velvet, pixel, point, shadow spraying.

tattooing done in espresso and fudji colour done by Anastasia Petkov
after eyebrow tattoo

In performing the procedure, the master of the upper layers of the skin injects the pigment, shade it, “stretching” it. An imitation of makeup created as if shaded pencil carefully and gently applied to the skin of the eyebrows. For such a beautiful “smoky” effect, the powder brow tattoo technique has gained its popularity and today is a favourite among the fair sex, especially in Europe and Australia. The result of the procedure is fantastic. Eyebrows look neatly groomed naturally. There are no precise forms and boundaries, as is typical of classic tattooing or microblading brow. And most importantly, the comma, this technique is suitable for absolutely everyone and has no age restrictions.

to whom is the powdery eyebrows tattoo technique recommended?

With the help of powdery eyebrows, You can give your image a finishing touch and effectively hide flaws. It can be small bald spots, asymmetry scars, rare or chaotic hair growth. All bald areas can beautifully be hidden, giving the edges beautiful outlines and colour.

Based on the capabilities of the technique, it recommended making powder eyebrows if:

  • Your eyebrows are too thick, comma, but there are bald spots in some areas
  • Brows are too light, and you need to give them colour
  • Eyebrows quickly fade in the sun
  • Moreover, if your eyebrows grow chaotically, you want to provide them with a more neat and beautiful shape.
  • Also, if you have congenital disabilities in the eyebrow area, scars
  • In conclusion, you don’t want to waste time on makeup every day

Firstly, the main advantage of micropigmentation is that with its help, you can forget for a long time about the need to tint your eyebrows with decorative cosmetics. During the day, without worrying, it has not worn off or flowed. Therefore, powdery eyebrows are ideal as always and everywhere under any circumstances. 

before and after eyebrow tattoo in powder technique (pixel technique, shading technique)

Pros and cons of powdery eyebrows

In addition to the natural aspect that the procedure gives, the eyebrow tattoo with a powdery effect has the following advantages.

  • Minimal skin trauma The needle is inserted into the uppermost layers of the skin to a depth of 1 mm. thanks to this, its recovery is quick and painless, and the procedure itself eliminates severe pain;
  • Fast procedure – about one and a half hours;
  • Hides flaws;
  • Suitable for women aged 18+
After Lip Tattoo and Powder Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo in Melbourne. Enhance natural beauty

The disadvantages include only the relatively high cost of the procedure. On average, in Melbourne and Brisbane studios, a powder eyebrow cosmetic tattoo will cost 600 AUD plus 50% for correction, which is mandatory one month after the procedure. Cheaper to use the service not recommended since too low a price may indicate the incompetence of the master or savings on pigments, equipment or sterility, which may entail corresponding risks. It’s hard to say that a cheap service will result in a 100% positive or negative result. But as our experience shows, clients who made a permanent tattoo for less than $ 200 regretted this dash.

The consequences of the work of inexperienced masters were prominent. At least in such cases, correction required. On the one hand, a comma is a minus a comma, since it is necessary to repeat the procedure and spend this money partially, the correction usually costs 50% of the cost of permanent makeup, on the other side of the – “+”, since the sentence will most likely help eliminate the shortcomings.

How is powdery eyebrow dusting done?

The procedure for powdery eyebrows perform in stages:

  1. Since a woman’s appearance depends on the selected sketch, colour, and shape, the master conducts a consultation. Everything is discussed: the shade of the pigment, its intensity, filling, the “pulling” technique (for example, it is now fashionable to introduce dye from a light to a dark shade, the shape of the eyebrows, and so on. the master can suggest options based on the condition of the face, the colour and shape of the eyes, hair, skin;
  2. A sketch created. Eyebrow correction performed, excess hairs plucked out, the shape corrected. The master discusses the drawing with clients and updates it to a full agreement;
  3. The next stage is dash antiseptic treatment and pain relief. For this, various ointments, gels, or spray used. For pain relief, lidocaine or another drug based on it can use. Even though powdery eyebrows refers to the procedure with minimal injury to the skin, its damage cannot avoid, as well as pain. To minimize all discomfort, the master applies painkillers twice. The first time before the start of the procedure, the second time during it.
  4. Flew the execution of the procedure point The procedure itself involves creating micro dots through which the pigment injected. It is done by using a particular machine with a thin R1 needle at the end of the. Thanks to which it obtains a shadowy smoky effect. Teri pigment lays down softly and smoothly.
  5. At the end of the procedure, the master applies a disinfecting and healing cream, advises on care after the course, and writes down for the mandatory correction, which should do about a month after the first visit to the permanent makeup studio.

contraindications of powder eyebrow dusting

The technique has a considerable number of advantages, but, unfortunately, not for everyone. There are several contraindications – diseases, having which it is impossible or not recommended to perform tattooing. These include :

  1. Hypersensitivity;
  2. Tendency to allergies. To avoid an allergic attack, you can start taking antihistamines a week before the procedure;
  3. Diabetes mellitus – people were taking insulin.;
  4. Viral disease;
  5. Various kinds of infections;
  6. Poor blood clotting;
  7. Severe acne;
  8. HIV.

Relative contraindications include pregnancy and lactation due to changes in hormonal levels occurring in a woman’s body at this time. The master cannot guarantee that the pigment will take on the correct residues. Therefore, in this period, clients do micropigmentation at their peril and risk. It also recommends choosing a different type of permanent make-up if there are many grey hair or bald spots on the fringes. Powdery eyebrows can only partially hide such imperfections, provided that the grey hairs painted over.

How powdery eyebrows heal ?

After a powdery eyebrow procedure, the healing process and restoration of the skin do not differ from the process that occurs after another permanent makeup technique. In the first hours, swelling and redness may appear – this is a normal skin reaction to numerous punctures. As soon as the skin begins to heal, the comma may be flaky. If the peeling is minimal, this means that the healing process is proceeding correctly. If the crusts are rough, raise the blood or from the side, you need to see a doctor. It is strictly forbidden to remove the crusts from the skin yourself.

 When healing the dermis, a slight itching may appear; the point is not to scratch the eyebrows, but if you want a comma, you can gently walk along the brow zone with the help of an ear stick. It should help. The healing period of the skin is about 5-7 days. Skin wholly restored and renewed in a month, provided that the eyebrows are adequately cared for after the procedure.

When healing the dermis, a slight itching may appear; the point is not to scratch the eyebrows, but if you want a comma, you can gently walk along the brow zone with the help of an ear stick.

Eyebrow care after powder spraying

Proper eyebrow care after permanent makeup using the shadow spraying technique is the most critical factor determining how correctly and beautifully the pigment will lay down.

skin care after powder tattooing

Lady treat her skin after powder tattoo

I should not dry skin that has injured so that the resulting crusts are soft in the future. Do it is necessary to treat the skin with chlorhexidine and, if necessary, apply emollients to the skin as recommended by the master. Ideal, in this case, is petroleum jelly or another special cream, ointment. It must gently apply to the skin with a thin layer with light movements.

Importantly! After the procedure, you must wait 2-3 hours and not wash off the healing agent. After that, wash it off with baby soap, soak the comma with a soft lint-free cloth and apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Later, petroleum jelly or any other ointments can not use at all. The skin will heal on its own without problems and complications. In the first 2-3 days, contact with water should avoid introducing bacteria through open wounds. It is also not recommended to use any cleanser.

What facial procedures should be avoided

For the skin to heal quickly without negative consequences, it is necessary to exclude the application of various kinds of cosmetic products to it: any cream, oil, or powered serum, and so on. That would help if you did not do peeling or scrubbing to pluck an eyebrow. It is better to postpone any cosmetic procedures above the eyebrows for the first seven days, except those recommended by the masters. It is possible to scrub and peel the skin only a month after the skin fully restored.

what not to do during skin healing

Scheduled trips to the sauna and bathhouse postpone for later. And don’t forget to wear a wide-brimmed hat if you plan on being in the sun for a long time. Direct sunlight can negatively affect the condition of the injured skin. Besides, when it heals, before going out in the sun, it is recommended to apply sunscreen.

 Most importantly, the aspect is preparation for the procedure. The point about this is also essential to know.

How to prepare for powder eyebrow tattooing?

The correct preparation for the micropigmentation procedure determines the reaction of the body to a foreign substance, as well as how the pigment will take root. so that the result does not disappoint expectations, the comma is necessary:

  • It is advisable to stop drinking alcohol and energy drinks a week or at least a few days before the procedure;
  • A few days before the procedure, stop taking medications that thin the blood, antibiotics and other drugs based on them;
  • Do not perform eyebrow correction, do not pluck hairs or colour them.

How long does powder eyebrow last?

The effect lasts 1.5 – 2 years. The full term is impossible to predict the comma as it is individual and depends on the organism. For such a short time, the effect is due to the use of mineral-based pigments. During the period, the dye gradually absorbed. Descent for several years. It will completely dissolve.

 On the one hand, this is a big plus since, after a short time, you can perform the procedure again, changing the shade, the shape of the comma saturation, or trying another type of permanent makeup. The disadvantage of such a period is the procedure only for those who wish to get a more prolonged effect.

It should understand that there are several factors on which the pigment will brighten somewhat quickly. These include :

  •  Firstly, skin type and its specifics. Oily and porous skin loses pigment much faster;
  •  Secondly, the specificity of the immune system. The higher the immunity of the comma, the higher the likelihood that the removal of the stain will occur more quickly;
  •  Thirdly, age. The older the woman, the slower the pigmented point lightens.

Correction of powdery technique

In almost 100% of cases, after the first procedure, the master records the client for correction. This is a mandatory additional procedure that:

  • Prolongs the period of the effect of powdery eyebrows during the correction, the pigment is re-introduced, due to which it is better than the quotation marks “fixed” quotation marks under the skin;
  • Eliminates the imperfections formed in the process of skin healing (gaps in the pigment, lightening of the pigment shade, changes in the shape of the eyebrows, etc.)

The first procedure for powdery eyebrows can be called an acquaintance with the skin. It is absolutely unknown how the body will react to a foreign substance, how it will perceive it. That is why it is not always possible to immediately get the result that we would like. However, correction in an instant solves this problem. With its help, it is possible to even out the colour, eliminate defects, correct the shape and bring the result to the ideal.

powder eyebrows before and after in Face Figurati Studio

Can powdery technique overlap traditional tattoo?

Due to the peculiarities of powdery eyebrow dusting, it is rarely possible to cover the classic tattoo. Sometimes the masters undertake such work, but no one will guarantee one hundred per cent result. In addition, several adjustments will likely need to make to achieve the desired result. Therefore, in this case, it is easier to remove the tattoo using laser correction and then perform the procedure of powdery eyebrows. 

The difficulty of overlapping lies in the depth of the water pigment under the skin. When performing classic tattooing, dyes are injected to a depth of 1.5 mm. The technique of powdery eyebrows assumes here the tint to a depth of 1mm. Therefore, the shade of the pigment introduced when making delicate eyebrows may not be visible. If the stain entered deeper than the comma, then there is a high probability that the colour may eventually acquire an unexpected shade: red, blue and even green. But this is not a fact. Everything is individual and depends on the characteristics of the skin and the body as a whole.

powdery eyebrows - stylish , modern and aesthetically pleasing

Cosmetic Tattoo using powdery eyebrow technique is a real “boom” in the Beauty sphere. This micropigmentation technique, like no other, makes it possible to create the most natural look of the eyebrows. It is for this that this tattooing technique is highly valued. The main thing is to listen to the recommendations of specialists and trust your master to choose a professional executive, and the result will not disappoint you.

the technique for a blond girl with special combine triple pigment colour espresso 10% fudge 40% forest brown 50%

Answers to popular questions about powder eyebrow tattoo

It is not without reason that the procedure of powdery eyebrows is called the most painless compared to other existing techniques for permanent makeup of eyebrows and other areas. Because the method involves introducing the pigment pointwise into the uppermost layers of the skin, the point is that due to minimal trauma, the procedure can carry out without using an anesthetic. Hence the plus for pregnant and lactating women, the dash procedure is ideal for them. Most of our clients claim that creating powdery eyebrows is the feeling of plucking out the hairs of the eyebrows.

We strongly recommend not to do any tattooing during pregnancy, point my advice to do only after childbirth and the end of breastfeeding.

The total time of the procedure is about 1.5 hours. This time includes discussions, drawing a sketch, if necessary, the work itself and consultation.

The powder coating technique is indeed the most popular due to the advantages and effect that permanent makeup gives in this technique. Powdery eyebrows make them look natural, exclude sharp edges, and light shading helps to frame the eyebrows and eyes beautifully. The method is suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of age. Powder eyebrow can do even on oily skin.

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